Zer01 Hedging Their Bets Against Buzzirk Wireless Failure

Zer01 seems to be hedging their bets against Global Verge’s wireless brand Buzrrik failing to get air under their wireless wings.

Zer01 Mobile

The most current news coming from top Wireless Technology sources and some of Zer01’s most current Press Releases should be warning signs to the top brass at Global Verge, and their Field Leaders.

Twice.com broke the news on July 10th, (just a few short days after the international announcement of the Financial Destination/GI Connect merger), that they would be offering major retailers their own unlimited cellular VoIP and data service under their own name if startup Zer01 is successful.

According to Zer01 CEO Ben Piilani, “Zer01 is already targeting affinity groups, big-box retailers, master agents who sell to wireless stores, and master agents who sell to business, all of whom would market the service under their own brand.” (read the whole article here)

So, although the rumors have flown since day one that Global Verge’s Buzzirk Mobile brand would have the exclusive marketing rights, it seems this is just a rumor.

CNet.com one of, if not the world’s #1 tech site posted this short article after one of their top reporters talked to Zer01 spokesperson Ron Dresner – Zer01 Mobile looks for distributors.

Now the sad thing about this article is not the content, but the fact that in all the spam comments from current Global Verge reps, NONE of them understood what the Zer01 Spokesperson was saying.

FierceWireless.com also broke the news that Zer01 is actively looking for additional distributors above and beyond Global Verge’s Buzzirk Wireless.

Now the good news in this article is the fact Zer01 has inked a deal with NetMovies which 34% owned by Blockbuster, and is run by CEO John Fanning (the founding CEO of Napster.com.)

Which causes me to wonder if Blockbuster will be the next distributor for the Zer01 Technology. Since Block Buster has been losing market share to NetFlick.com over the last few years, this could be a fantastic new revenue source going into the holiday season. “Buy a Block Buster phone for all your movie and music files. Stream your favorite movie or song, and never pay extra form iTunes.

Now for all of you who still don’t fully understand the Technology and what is so cool about it. Watch this short video from the Zer01 CEO Ben Piilani. You can read the whole Press Release Here.

So to all Global Verge reps focused on Buzzirk Wireless/Mobile make sure you get the solid facts from Corporate.

If Zer01 is hedging their bets against Buzzirk failing, then this will be just one more in a long line of frustrations for Global Verge, and could leave the field force flat.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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16 thoughts on “Zer01 Hedging Their Bets Against Buzzirk Wireless Failure”

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  2. A Little time Distributor,

    If I were in your shoes here is what I would do.

    1. I would cancel my autoship until I know for sure, GV is the real thing. If things pan out, you can reactive and start marketing the service. If it doesn’t you are not out any more money.
    2. I would NOT join FDI, at least not for the wireless part of it. If you want to join FDI, then join for what they are good at.

    Now, lets get down to figuring out what you should do. (you do not need to answer these ere.) Just answer to yourself then find the right company.

    1. What do you have a real passion for? Something that if money was not an issue, you would gladly do for free.
    2. Look for a company which offers this type of product or service.
    3. Find out how long the business has been around.
    4. Do some due diligence on the founders/officers.
    5. Contact the founding/master distributor and talk with them. Find out why they joined.
    6. As them if they believe you can replace your current income within the next three to five years, if you commit 10 to 20 hours a week building your business. (now add the number 5 by the amount of time they have been in the business, and you will know how long it may take you.)
    7. Can you make nice part-time income retailing the product or service to customers?

    Once you have those answers, you can determine which company you need to join.

    Never Give Up,


  3. What is a small non political distributor/associate to do? Quit or hang in with GV? Sign up with both GV and FDI? We don’t want to once again promote something that falls apart and lose more friends.

  4. Randall,

    I am not sure what you are referring. I have never made any statements PERIOD, about any ones towers. So, please explain what you are talking about.

    Now, as for high priced attorney’s what do I care? I have no clue who you are or why you need a high priced attorney. However, if you do a little background check on me personally, you will find I am not to concerned about anyone’s attorney… high priced or not.

    Now as for towers… You might want to read more of the tech mags to see what AT&T and T-Mobile are NOT saying about having contracts with Zer01 Mobiel http://blog.laptopmag.com/zer01-mobile-ceo-addresses-scam-and-vaporware-allegations/comment-page-1#comment-21757

    Please fill me in on exactly what you are talking about.

    Never Give Up,


  5. Now Bob be nice 🙂

    FDI is marketing the same type platform Buzzirk is marketing. The only difference is their strategic partner have a 6 year head start. And Buzzirk folks will also have to use less than G3 speed in specific areas within the USA. See Ben’s comments here http://blog.laptopmag.com/zer01-mobile-ceo-addresses-scam-and-vaporware-allegations/comment-page-1#comment-21757

    Never Give Up,


  6. FDI????? That’s funny right there! Who would want to download data over dialup?
    If you join FDI for the “we own the tone” deal then you’re as dumb as the Buzzirk people feel.

  7. Unfortunately,you don’t do your homework enough.You can start here and stop spreading rumors about our company not giving the rights to Zer01 to use our towers. In due time there will be a press release…you do know we have highly paid lawyers,right?


  8. Micah,

    GI Connect, has now merged with Financial Destination, and will be launching their new wireless service under the name Financial Destination International at their annual convention in August (if I remember right).

    We are starting to get more info on the service a little at a time, and will keep everyone posted.

    The big difference that we have been able to find is that GI Connect aka FDI has a workign platform, and ZER01 has not launched theirs yet.

  9. I checked the gi connect site. Looks pretty interesting. But it seems like ZER01 has a little more to offer, but I’m not an expert at all. I think having to find a wifi hot spot to make calls when traveling would be some what cumbersome when expecting a incoming call.

  10. Steve,

    I fully agree with what you wrote.

    If you want to learn more about FDI you might check out the old GI Connect site: http://giconn.com/ All other sites have bene taken down until the official launch. Not sure how long this one will be up now that I made it public.

  11. Hey Troy,

    Thanks for the video. I agree with another post though. You know, people hear what they want to hear, and a lot of reps thought they were hearing “exclusive distribution” — but it was ALWAYS stated (as many times as I listened) that exclusive was for MLM/affiliate programs. It was always obvious that Zer01 was going after retailers for those who bothered to look into it, which was one of my early concerns.

    Success of GV with Buzzirk will depend on competition, of course. If retailers can bring this out at a lower cost, then there will be problems; likewise, if FDI offers better plans, that could be a challenge for GV. But so far, we don’t know enough about what FDI is really offering to know if it’s comparing apples to apples. This is what I’m looking forward to learning more about.

  12. MT,

    See my response under your original comment. I ask you a couple of questions to see if you can give me and our readers a different view on this subject.

    Thanks for following up.

    Never Give Up,

  13. Troy….what’s up?
    I posted comments twice.

    Just wondering what all the fuss is about.
    GV has the rights to MLM….Zero1 has always intended to distribute through operators and dealers. This is just not an issue

  14. Great info Troy. You’re always on top of things. Buzzirkers have been slowly finding these things out. Two of them signed up on my FDI International team last night. What a lot of folks don’t understand is that because we’re partnered with Kuba, even though we’re in pre-launch we are not having a rollout, we will be live in 63 countries day 1 on August 14th. I’m hosting info on my site and will be placing excerpts from our Leadership and training call for you and others to check out. Things are changing daily and info is getting leaked out. Stay tuned. Now the fun begins! Let me know if I can link back to your site. Thanks.
    My hubpage is http://hubpages.com/hub/FDI-International-Revealed

  15. Tom,

    Glad you came by and left a comment.

    You hit it on the head, I am seeing folks who fully understand the power of these two companies merging and what it will mean, not just for the MLM Profession, but for the wireless industry itself.

    My hat is off to you folks, and keep me posted on how things are rolling.

    Never Give Up,


  16. Great video Troy. When someone who has made over $14 Million in MLM gets so giddy like a kid in a candy shop with the announcement of FDI International, they call that something….A CLUE!!! Check out my blog for more info on FDI Int’l’s Pre-Launch.

    Thomas Pachecos last blog post.. FDI International Pre-Launch Info

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