Zeek Rewards Victim Representation, Bidify Compensation Tweaked, MLM Analyst & Attorneys Speak Out RICO Charges Could Be Next

This weekend has been one of the craziest I have ever seen. The information on Zeek Rewards and Rex Venture Group has been growing since the SEC closed them down with the emergency order. Below is the most current info and some resources to help all the former affiliates of Zeek Rewards get their refunds.

Truth & Justice

Attorneys Kevin Thompson & Walt Burton contacted me last night with the following information:

[quote]Our firm is developing an action plan for the victims in Zeek. I recently called Ken Bell, the receiver, to establish a relationship. The receiver in this case is going to be required to deal with over 500,000 people. I think our firm can represent the victims and act as an advocate on behalf of the community. Instead of dealing with each individual, the receiver can deal with our firm and we can communicate effectively on behalf of our people. Calling the AG’s hotline is not going to work for people. [/quote]

MLM Legal

SEC Complaint Against Rex Venture Group, LLC aka Zeek Rewards

SEC Closes Rex Venture Group LLC aka Zeek Rewards For Alleged Pozni Activity

Paul Burks’ Consent For The SEC To Take Control Of Rex Venture Group, LLC aka Zeek Rewards

Paul Burks Consent For The SEC To Take Control of Rex Venture Group, LLC aka Zeek Rewards

BidiFy Makes Fast Moves To Tweak Their Compensation To Make It Complaint In The Wake Of The SEC Actions Against Zeek Rewards.

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43 thoughts on “Zeek Rewards Victim Representation, Bidify Compensation Tweaked, MLM Analyst & Attorneys Speak Out RICO Charges Could Be Next”

  1. If the situations changes and ZeekRewards can pay some afiliates, i think they should start with the people who were not in profits yet.

    Thanks Troy for keeping us informed.

  2. The Only Scam “In The House” is “The House” itself! If they would mind their own business and leave folks alone we would all be better off. 40% tax burden, $60 per tank of gas, over inflated grocery prices, the list goes on. How does the average family make it?? Hmmmmm->> Some of those SEC guys are making 6 figure incomes, and all they can do is ruin the opportunity for some of the rest of us! My thoughts are scattered you say?? Maybe so, but this thing with Zeek really really put me over the edge! Read on…

    How bout this quote from one of our leaders when leaders were great:

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies . . . If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] . . . will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered . . . The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” — Thomas Jefferson — The Debate Over The Recharter Of The Bank Bill, (1809)

    For more on this see:
    Who Is Running America? http://www.barefootsworld.net/usfraud.html



  3. @SpectraStarr,

    Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts.

    Without a doubt you could be 100% correct, Paul Burks could be a crook. And you are 100% correct Paul Burks may very well have pulled $11 million out of his company. But… Until a Court of Law hears the case, all we have to go on is a Complaint filed by the SEC, and the SEC agreeing to accept from Paul Burks and Agreement to not admit or deny their claims, and to surrender $4 million in his bank account.

    Under the U.S. Constitution all Citizens are Innocent until Proven guilty. And right now without someone going to trial, Paul or someone else, we may never know the true.

    I believe in Justice, and that is what I would like to see. Sadly what I am seeing is a trend that is really sickening. It seems that over the last few years Ponzi Schemes are closed or the owners of the websites are hit by the Regulators. But… The Ponzi Promoters just keep jumping into new companies trashing more and more peoples lives.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  4. Paul Burkes is a crook, pure and simple. He got his $11 mil out (less $4 mil). No way to run an operation like this and not know. Even my upline is still trying to portray Paul as a victim of the big, bad SEC.

    I hope the punishment for Paul is in exact proportion to his intention of criminal activity. Chances of that are pretty nil. Examples abound on just the opposite happening. Look at all the crooks on Wall St that have skated in the last 3 years. One of the worst: Ex Gov Jon Corzine of MF Global. His firm loses billions and in front of Senate hearing he says he just does not know where $ went. Folks, not only is Corzine not in jail, he is quoted last week saying that he wants to start a new hedge fund……WHAT?

    I have little doubt that Burkes, like Corzine will emerge in the next couple of years primed to do a new deal….and no one will have stopped him. I urge all Zeekers to not only work hard to recover ur money but also work to shine the light brightly on Burkes and all those in this industry like him. The direct sale and network industry is too valuable to let these rogue cancers live and thrive anymore. Have the courage to step up and demand higher standards for the companies and people who come to this industry. Oh, and I’m not an outsider with no skin in the game. I lost the max investment in Zeek as well as three of my closest friends.

  5. @Troy,

    Yes, that helps A LOT. Thank you for bringing up about Ricky Corn contacting the Receiver. It will send a HUGE relief for all affiliates. For them including me, we will patiently wait for "remaining" funds that are being stuck in Rex Venture Group financial institutions. Lets hope for them to sort everything out for every affiliate as soon as possible.

    I think I admire you for standing strong against nasty naysayers or critics out there. Just do what you like to do. ACT LIKE IT! Cheers!

  6. <darktiger75,

    I just posed updated info received on this exact issue.

    According to Ricky Corn, he contacted the Receiver on this issue, and was informed they will NOT be depositing any checks. But each State does have different laws, so check with the banks in your State.

    Since we are talking about "certified funds" there would not be a bounced issues. It would be something different. But doesn't seem to matter now!

    I hope this helps.

  7. A question I haven't seen yet is the 1099 issue. How will that work now that this has happened? Will they still be sent out or do the "earnings" we received become null and void like the company? Thanks.

  8. @Troy,

    More and more affiliates (victims) are canceling their cashiers’ checks and money orders including mine and it become more legit for them doing it instead finding out from your suggestion to hold back and wait for them to process un-deposited checks.

    Well, we as affiliates have our right to get the money back immediately same as credit card charges. The result is that they are doing it anyway even I don’t know if they already contacted some of their attorneys to proceed.

    If they find the check “bounced” which is not cleared, they can mark it as void and will make difference to pay back the rest or not depending on their circumstances. An individual investigation after “bounced” check is being ridiculous.

    I think “bounced” means when the check is unable to clear due to insufficient funds in the account, it represents a red flag. If it’s not cleared as canceled, then it’s safe. That’s two different things.

    Please don’t tell me to contact any attorney to give me a legal advice since I cannot even afford to seek one period. Also for my part, I am not concerned since I participated for only two months and never cashed out any penny out of ZeekRewards.

    I appreciate and thanks for your effort in your heart helping others to hand out the information as much as you can to recover their money that are rightfully theirs. Unfortunately for some older affiliates, they have high possibility to be forced to pay back due to the US Clawback law. Wish them good luck.

  9. WOW Troy i just Thaught About those Things that you Saids About Monavie Before
    You are a MAN !!! I Know so Many People Feel like that and nobody can Blama nobody
    Hope that we will not have more issues like those in the Future

    My recent post Hello world!

  10. @Ronm69,

    In talking to a very well respected Anti-Ponzi Advocate, you r are 100% correct. Affiliates can proceed on their own. In talking with Kevin about what his firm is providing, he brought up an interesting point that I support. With at least 1 million reps, and lets say 35% to 50% of them being classified "victims", that would be 250,000 or more individual claims moving to the Receiver if each one goes in separately. That might take longer and they might not get as much.

    Thompson & Burton are offering to represent a class, not just one individual.

    I do not think T&B is charging the affiliates, but maybe we can get Kevin to answer that one to be sure.

  11. @Tommy,

    I was sent this last Sunday, and will be reporting in it shortly. Some of the info is totally false based on what I have found. Which then leaves one to speculate about the rest.

  12. @JUDikk,

    Thank you for your vote of confidence.

    You ask a great question. Many times due to different situations, we all can lose sight of what our mission in life is all about. When folks are faced with financial situations and the pressure is on, they at times look for an easy way to earn fast cash. When I first reviewed Zeek I brought this up, and several times over the last few months based on the way folks were promoting Zeek, and even from the emails I would receive.

    I do believe there are plenty of home businesses anyone can decide to launch, that will take little seed money to get started. However, where so many folks might have gotten misled was when they heard you can start a home business with little effort or energy, they decided to believe it. Todd Falcone shot a video on this very issue that sure hit me between the eyes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82qSS4uk-L4&fe…!

    Banner Brokers in my opinion and from the research I have on hand is a ponzi scheme, and very well could be the next one to get hit.
    BidiFy is fixing the issues they have. From the first time I started reporting they have been moving in a better direction. Kevin Thompson I think forced the issue over the weekend and Frode and his team took down the site to get it cleaned up.

    I also believe that ALL Zeek Rewards affiliates would be best served staying out of any other Penny Auction at this time. If my thoughts are correct and there is an international ponzi ring the regulators are going after, the last thing former ZR reps need to do is jump back into the fire.

  13. Hi Troy,
    It seems that from today is the new official website of SEC's receiver: http://zeekrewardsreceivership.com. I found it during reviewing the ncdoj.gov site.
    I think that a lot of time will go before anyone will receive a refund. See the attached official documents in this website.

  14. @ron,

    Thank you sir. I will continue to focus on the facts, and to deliver my opinions directly from my heart as I see it.

    It is a calculated guess on some conversations I have had, and the fact many folks are now stating they are cancelling their cashiers checks.

    It seems there will be far less victims then expected.

  15. @Jim8686,

    Not sure exactly what you are referring. I was not a part of Zeek or any other company.

    I do consulting work just like many folks, although mine is more at putting folks together and when the partnerships. Sometimes it is software venders when a company is having issues with their backoffice, at other times is providing insight into what the issues are in the marketing, and at other times it is for training.

    But that doesn't have anything to do with reporting the facts and truth as I see it. Although, you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that. Where were you when it was reveled the MLM Compensation Expert who masterminded the current Zeek Comp plan also had a position in the comp plan earning $40K per month. Now that might be a conflict of interest.

    So for clarity, no one padded these pockets and we covered all the issues. Not faking it, pretending all was peaches and cream.

    So if you think having my plane fairs, hotel, travel, food and time clouds ones judgement, then think again.

  16. @Tissa,

    Thank you for posting. One small update I went to the site and received the follow.


    Attorney Kenneth Bell, who was named the court-appointed receiver

    Please NOTE: the correct web site url is: <a href="http://www.zeekrewardsreceivership.com,” target=”_blank”>www.zeekrewardsreceivership.com, and it includes the SEC's complaint, court orders for the receiver, updates and claim forms. the receiver process may take a long time.[/quote]

  17. @CJconfused.

    I presented it like it was presented to me. he is looking to represent the affiliates, not the government.

    He did make it clear he had reached out and contacted the Receiver, but in reviewing it, he seems to be saying he wants to help a full class of folks, instead of them doing this one at a time.

    Since he reads my blog, he should be able to clarify for all.

  18. Hi Troy,
    The form you’ve provided for Kevin Tompson and the way you've presented it on your site makes it look as if he has been retained by the SEC or Kenneth Bell somehow. However I can’t find any reference to him anywhere in the SEC, NC AG or McGuireWoods offices.

    How exactly is Kevin Bell related to this case and where can we find out if he is legitimately linked. My initial reaction is that they are a non-related firm that is simply trying to build a group to represent? Patrick Pretty has posted a link to a website that at first glance looks to be to an “official” page for the receiver but turns out to be related to a firm in CA. I’ve asked him the same question about them.

    Just Curious.

    Thank You,

  19. Kevin and/or Troy,

    How will having legal representation in this case get those of us that got hurt more of our money back? After paying the lawyer fees, won't we actually get less since the receiver is doing everything according to law anyway?



  20. I'm not sure what "action plan" Kevin Thompson's law firm is planning for Zeek victims. Nor have I lost any money in Zeek. However it should be noted that the court-appointed Receiver just set up a Web site to facilitate the claims process and subsequent return of funds to harmed investors. Any class actions by lawyers will only *reduce* the available funds that can be returned to affiliates, since a good percentage of those funds will go to pay the lawyers' fees.

    Not sure what this means, "Instead of dealing with each individual, the receiver can deal with our firm and we can communicate effectively on behalf of our people" – since the Receiver would have to validate each claim individually. That process will probably take years, no matter what. So I would suggest that folks simply monitor the court-appointed Receiver's Web site, and submit your claim here once the formal claims process been established and approved by the Court:

    Hang in there folks!

  21. Troy you cannot give honest and truths about MLMs if you have your hands in the pot of the companies you are reporting on. It was quite obvious you had a financial interest in ZEEK, whether they padded your pockets upfront or some thing waiting for you in the future!! Money clouds peoples judgement, including yours!!

  22. I don't care what any one says if you can stop payment on your cashiers check do it!!! I saved 2 people 20k by doing this!! If not you will have to fight some sleezey attorney for your money!!! Like the FEDs are gonna get mad at you from trying to save yourself!! checks from 2 months out have not been cashed!!! Call your banks and check!!

  23. thanks for all you do Troy. Nothing that has happened has lessened my belief in your honesty and integrity. I take heart in your belief that there will be enough funds recovered to make affiliates whole (or close to it). I know this would be a guess on your part, but how long do you think it will take the Receiver to make distributions?

  24. hi Troy

    This is my first time writing to you. I invested $ 4,000 into Zeekrewards, the all time I followed your posts, and they gave me a lot of motivation to continue with Zeek. And even now after the crash I continue to follow you, because you are the only that gives us real reports We need to get.

    No, I do not blame you, because I am sure there are many things that happened, no one could see them before. And I do not challenge you to be a prophet.

    The truth is, until now I still do not know for sure if it was right to close Zeekrewards, I’m still convinced that they were able to continue with some corrections in the program. Whatever, Time will tell…

    My mother Always says: “Do not cry over spilled milk”, we need to move on.

    Now I have a request to you

    The biggest problem that came out From this story, is the loss of vision to earn big money by investing with little money, in-house work.

    Could be that there is no such a thing, and the vision was only a false illusion. But if not, please give us information and suggestions, to know to which direction to turn.

    Please understand, that we all the victims of Zeek, Even now we are afraid of our own shadow, And more than ever we need guidance from a man like you…

    By the way, what do you think – About “Banners Broker”?
    Is there any risk of losing money? – is it Fraud, Ponzi, or something like that?
    Is there in Banners Broker a greater risk than the risk that is usual in any investment?

    These questions i have also About ‘Bidify’

    Which is a better investment – Banners broker, or Bidify?

    With all due respect, and Best Wishes of Success

  25. Forgive me if my understanding is incorrect. My understanding is that former zeek affiliates do not need the services of an attorney to receive rightfully owned refunds from losses. My understanding is that the receiver will allocate these funds according to records that show who and how much is due. If an affiliate paid in more than they took out then they would be eligible for a refund of the difference. If an attorney is not required for this to happen, why then why would a "respected MLM attorney" be trying to get former affiliates or "victims" to use their services unless it is being offered for free? Again, if I am mistake please advice me how this really works as I have people close to me that will be eligible for refunds. Thanks for you attention to this whole mess.

  26. @The_Sheriff,

    1. Great question, and one I would have thought would have already been asked. I wonder if Ted Nuyten was asked the same thing on his site? NO!
    Not sure if you mean Kevin's add on my site or in the post now that I read your comment again. But the answer is NO to both.

    2. Because I have a little more info than most. And when the Receiver gets to the books, he will find more money.

    3. I made it clear months ago ZCustomers were a ripoff, They were nothing more than a lead company making money on the backs of affiliates.

    4. Not sure how to answer this because I am those people. I do know Zeek is not coming back period, no matter what happens of facts we might find in the future.

    5. I think those at the very top could face criminal charges. I am starting to believe this could be part of an International investigation into a large Ponzi Ring which found an easy niche to oporate in called the MLM Penny Auctions. I feel this way because the Complaint made it clear the SEC was working with thier counterparts in Canada. If this is true, then some of those at the top could face RICO charges. I am not sure that anyone inside the company was involved directly, but who knows. And whatever happened to DD, his auction house launched before Dawns, I think?

    6. Hmmm. Now that is kind of funny. Obama stopped sending Christmas cards years ago. And Romny is friends with Frank Vandersluth, who has not liked all my posts on his company. But you may have something… He doesn't like penny auctions. I agree the SEC did what they are suppose to do. But if they are wrong we may never know because they cut a deal with Paul and this case will not go to trial in a civil court.

    7. Thank you for the kind words… Well I do nkow there are other tshirt, but I do not have a Zeek tshirt to wear like I do when I report on other companies 🙂

  27. Troy,

    It makes me laugh when I think about these slags say about you because they can’t handle the heat from their down-line or they didnt think Zeek through or some CEO of an MLM selling average products who became quickly jealous of Zeek because it was so much more popular than their scheme…with part of their organization dabling with zeek…ya know what i mean? Just a buncha slags…friggin tell’em to man up & grow a pair!

    Why+ work harder when you can work smarter? I like it when money works for me and not me working for it. Thats what rich people do…

    And despite what the SEC says, I will take Zeek over any other traditional MLM time and time again. If its paying out, sure…why not? There are many things that are legal that are around us that also look like a ponzi scheme. Many things…

    Can all customers banking at one branch pull out all of their money in cash at the same time?

    Tell me fractional reserve banking is not ponzi-sih….

    SS or medicare? ooh…

    what’s backing the us dollar? hehehehe….

    And Paul Burk was not Bernie Madoff…his actions alone, your right troy, what he took was a drop in the bucket compared to what he could have taken!

    Anyone, look up the cat who was behind Full Tilt and see what he siphoned off. You can tell he had bad intentions…Burk, I dont know him…but I don’t think so. I just think he caved to the SEC and he didn’t think this through well enough…

    And if Zeek had adjusted their comp plan and changed some things about their company they’d still be in business. thanks for the bidify tip…i might give them a look..

    Anyway everything is an investment and whether your money involved in a penny auction or hyip or an MLM program selling milkshakes and perfume, it doesn’t matter your money is at risk just the same as buying shares of stock in a company or trading on forex.. you can lose your money or be stuck with a ton of product ya can’t move…

    So really what is the difference?

    And Troy, I know your a good guy by your actions. I want you to know I appreciate your help dude. I really do with the Zeek attorney form. I know you don’t have to do this but you do anyway and at the end of the day, that’s what makes you a good guy. This is exactly why I kept coming back to your site because i know you will share information that is helpful. I know you wont, but please don’t listen to the slags with the stupid talk, your all aces bro!

    Take care

  28. Troy,
    Just a few things.

    1. Are you getting money from Thompson and Burton for the ad or on how many people sign up. I think the only reason you would need them is for a class action suit, to try and get money fom the affiliates who made money “clawback”. I know people that were investors in a ponzi and made money, the receiver did not ask for the money they were sued by investors who had lost money. If there is money left over the receiver will disburse it,if you hire these guys they will charge u 20% to do what you cold have done for free.

    2. Why do u think there is $500 million instead of $250 mil? I think u r just giving people false hope. I am amazed there is any money left.

    3. Do u think it will come out that zcustomers was a scam? I bought several hundred customers and the orders were filled very quickly and NONE every bought any bids.

    4. The people that keep asking if Zeek will come back,, do they not see how Zeek was screwing them. If Zeek made 162 mil in July, if ev1 elected 0% repurchase then the most based on 50% of profits would be 81 mil paid out, but they paid 160. And it looks like ur boy Paul just made up the numbers on what the profit share would be.
    No way others at the top did not know this.

    5. Do u think any of the affiliates will face criminal charges especially if they were not in compliance with how they talked people into investing, errr buying bids?

    6. I have seen ev1 blamed on this from Obama to Romney (who I’m sure both are friends and mentors of yours).
    But the SEC did what it was supposed to do, I just hope some people too prison. In the end we each sent the money, I knew it was to good to be true, but I thought I would take a chance. So the only people to really blame are ourselves.

    7. I admire that you are not afraid to admit when you are wrong. You do know that there are other tshirts in the world?

  29. @dswill73,

    That is what I am saying. Unless you or anyone else has gained legal advice that you can stop payment on checks sent to a company now in the position of the US Government, I would not do anything. If your legal counsel tells you it is ok, and they have put that in writing to you, then go for it.

  30. @Getupnow2008,

    Well I know it was mismanaged. And I do not say that out of malice, but just in reviewing what we know. Could I be totally wrong, sure. But until we see the facts, all I have to go on is the legal and consulting minds who have far more knowledge than I do of what really went on. It is not that I deny it is defined as a ponzi in the complaint. And I do not deny that even after seeing all the fact, that it could turn out that I was totally snowed, by all the insiders, consultants, legal term and com plan experts who agreed with me, that if real customer revenue was fueling the RPP instead of the majority being affiliate bid purchases, that the compensation structure would stand under scrutiny.

    I do understand Paul Burks cut a deal, and if my wife had, had stroke, fallen and now had brain damage, and the SEC was hitting me with a war, and I could cut a deal instead of dealing with it at 65. I might have hired criminal attorneys to give me as much time with her as I could get also. For most men, their wives mean more to them, then their reputation, money or anything else. What I don't understand, but I am getting advice on it, is why the SEC would cut such a small deal. And although some feel Paul could still face a criminal trial, I am not sure. There is a possibility his criminal attorneys have already cut a deal with the DOJ, since the SEC doesn't handle criminal cases.

    I know and reported many times on the fact, there was not enough customer revenues. You can read through the threads how many of us talked about this, I am a very vocal proponent of customer revenue. I was the one who had pushed since April for them to review and change their business model to look more like DubLi.com. I pushed for the qualifiers for affiliates to qualify for the RPP. I agreed that there were not enough auctions on a daily basis.

    Everyone knew that Paul made the decisions on the daily ratio for the conversion of the points to "cash available". Some days it was under 1% some days it was over 1%, But, as for making up the figure, that is what the complaint is alleging, but unless the SEC has to prove its case we will never know, because they allowed Paul to claim, neither guilt or admittance. I really would like to know the facts, not just the complaint. So it is not delusional, it is a person (ME) wanting to know the cold hard facts. Not just the charges, but to see the evidence and have this played out through due process in a court of law. Sadly, I have learned form some of the anti-ponzi and MLM advocates, that this is not always the case

    I am not sure where you get your information. I never hid any fact on the CID. As a matter of fact, if you want to take the time, I think you will see that I was reporting on the fact the NC AG would before the election file a CID. I also predicted that the Feds would not move on the penny auction niche or any companies until after the election. The second prediction I was wrong on. Oz broke the story on the CID based on a Facebook post. I called the AG and they send me an email verifying that they were investigating. But, until this week, not even their website showed a CID. So get mad at me if you want, but make sure your facts are straight. If anything the NC AG, and RVG for whatever reason did not make the CID public. On the side of RVG that is understandable. But ask yourself why the NC AG did not post it?

    By the way, then money is not gone. And I will predict that the Receiver uncovers far more liquid assets, than in reported in the complaint. And when last years tax returns are made public showing a next profit, and this years audited financials which were ordered by the financial institutions are made public (if they are) it will show that cash on hand made be enough to pay all the refunds even before the clawback of profits are issued.

    1. Why is it, everyone keeps asking the same old question? This has been answers so many times already. I answered this live twice this weekend on national radio. I was paid for my expenses. And if the shopping/cashback mall would have launched I would have been paid by the software company a finders fee for putting the deal together. As for total money paid by RVG since my first red carpet day and not counting the last Red Carpet Day that was not paid, right around 18K. But that does not take into account the handful of Zeek Affiliates who also bought banner space on the blog That came up to another $500 bucks. (those have now been replaced, and we are not accepting any new advertising from any penny auction. There are two BidiFy ads that will stay for now.

    Why is it no one ever asks… How much did the compensation plan exert get paid to create the compensation plan, in which he had a top position paying him $40K per month? Seriously did you not watch that video and listen to him tell this to the world right before he was fired? I reported the facts as I uncovered them and when I asked for them. I did not create the compensation plan, then ask for a top position to milk it, just to have the feds call it a ponzi plan.

    2. This question has also been answer so many time on this website and national radio. I have not been in any company since Decmeber of 2009. My oldest son has a position in ViTel Wireless as had been reported here countless times. My youngest adult son has a position in FantaZ an online MLM gaming company. My wife has a position in Advocare as a product user and in Youngevity as a product user. We own stock in a couple of the public MLM companies, and at least one vender. My life insurance is through Primerica another network marketing company.

    See if you were really interested you would have read my bio to get a little better understanding, and you would have watched each video, read each editorial and then taken time to read the comment threads where all of this had been disclosed.

    Well I do hope this answers your questions.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  31. Are you saying that we should NOT try to stop payment on any cashier's checks or have credit card charges reversed? Any insight would be greatly appreciated since I was planning on trying both first thing in the morning. This was recommended by my upline and I was going to recommend to my downline and now I'm completely unsure.

  32. @rnelson,
    You ask a great question. Here is the issue as I understand it. When the receiver goes to deposit all un-deposited funds, and the checks bounce, this starts a whole new investigation. Just like when folks charge back their credit cards. Each of these events will cause an individual investigation. So instead of exasperating a devastating situation and making it worse, I chose to get more information. I would hate to see folks hit with some form of criminal charge if that is the case.

  33. @Jthejetmcg,

    No one should say "I told you so" at all. This was not expected by anyone who was working as the legal team or consultants at Zeek. I have reached out to some of the anti-ponzi advocates to get some better understanding on things and will keep folks posted on what to expect moving forward.

  34. I really enjoy listening to your video blogs, Troy, but I'll be honest, Zeek really burned me. I trusted it, believed in it, promoted it for a little over a year and was just starting to do well. My hopes and dreams for my family I could start seeing coming to a reality. And then all heck breaks loose. We get no official word from Zeek Administration; we get slammed by hundreds of people calling us out; and I really, really have become down about Internet marketing. My faith in this business is almost gone. This is why I have a hard time promoting anything, and now my own family is hurt by this, which tears me apart. And since I did cash out a little, I'm scared to death that I will have to find a way to pay it back. I don't know how I would do that. I'm just at a complete loss (and please don't anyone comment with "I told you so!"). But thanks for trying to keep us informed. At least we have you trying to get the pieces to figure out what has happened.

  35. Come on Troy! You can do better.
    Biggest Ponzi scheme in the MLM Industry/ American history(number of victims) and this is all you have?

    We already know all of this crap.

    Let’s start with “where in the hell are all of these so called leaders”?

    How come the SEC is so concerend about us “investors” that they didn’t even bother to report that there were hundreds if not thousands of uncleared checks dating back to early June.(i was able to help my guys get back close to $15k today)?

    Where’s the other $6 million dollars Paul made with all of his lies?

    I expecting you to dig into this thing and give us the truth.

  36. I appreciate you, Troy. I love how you wear your heart on your sleeve. Honestly, and I mean this sincerely, I have more courage to write the tough articles because I've seen you weather so many storms. What I've learned: as long as you do your best and strive to do the right thing, people are forgiving when you make mistakes. Good video and thanks for the plug for our firm. I appreciate it.

  37. Troy….honestly you seem like a good guy and certainly come across confident and present yourself as credible which is why a tremendous amount of people trusted your feedback on Zeek. However, it is absolutely mind boggling that even after seeing the SEC complaint and understanding that Paul Burks cut a deal, you still think that this company was simply “mismanaged”.

    To come away with this conclusion after knowing that there wasn’t any real customer revenues and that Paul made up the daily payout %’s is simply delusional. You and them hid the fact that the AG sent the CID 5 weeks prior to making it known on your website while 1000’s of additional people sent in money that is now gone.
    This wasn’t mismanagement. It was massive fraud and massive theft! Regardless of that fact, you have shown zero remorse for your integral part in possibly the biggest ponzi in history whether intentional or not.

    I just have 2 simple questions for you:

    1) How much money, stock, incentives and/or perks benefits did you receive from Zeek/RVG, either directly or indirectly through family members? You can call it expense money if you like, but what was the total amount you received in any form of compensation? The compensation you received came at the expense of innocent victims and I believe we deserve to know.

    2) Did you or ANY of your relatives have an affiliate position with Zeek and how much income did they pull out of Zeek?

    Thanks in advance and looking forward to your response.

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