Zeek Rewards V.I.P. Day Observations And A Few Clarifications From The Aces Radio Live Show!

Lat week on Aces Radio Live I shared on the show some of the observations I saw while visiting Zeek Rewards last week. Since then some of the Zeek critics have used some of the sound bites to add a little confusion to some things. I clear these up in this video.

Here are a few pictures from the event: MLM Attorney, Kevin Grimes, Linda Bruno, Dr. Keith Laggos & Peter Mingles and Mr. Paul Burks! For More pictures Click Here.
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You can listen to the show if you missed it below.

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25 thoughts on “Zeek Rewards V.I.P. Day Observations And A Few Clarifications From The Aces Radio Live Show!”

  1. And to this point, noone has mentioned the idea of passive markets where noone, including Lyoness leaders, really understands the program. For example, Lyoness affords it’s members the option to invest in American Continental (termed a passive market) which noone can explain, including members of the “Leaders” team. When you invest in one of these entities, you can never see the status of your investment…you can’t view it in your Upline or Downline. You are not told this until you fork over the cash. Lyoness also has no internal Compliance group to oversee Lyoness’ General Terms and Conditions. I can think of no other investment mechanism where one cannot view the status of his/her investment. This company should be shut down as a hybrid Pyramid/Ponzi. I’m sure someone will file a Whistleblower complaint against them,likely me.

  2. I have heard Lyoness hired Kevin Grimes. I just sent them a question via their website to double check.

    It also appears that they are going to require a regular prepaid gift card purchase, or a purchase from their online mall, before one can make downpayments. I am pretty sure that this change is for compliance.

    They are also starting to get local merchants. There is an Indian restaurant nearby and also a Veterinarian and pet store in south Orange County, CA. that takes the Lyoness card. They have a goal of getting 50 local merchants in L.A. and OC area in the next few months.

    In case someone has questions they can email me at mlmexcitement@gmail.com

  3. You have no idea how much you are appreciated! Your research and dedication to holding companies accountable is unquestionable! Thank you for doing what you do.

  4. I wonder why this is happening with Lyoness. The pre-purchase of coupons is OPTIONAL. A consumer can get a free card and use it around the world. Someone that wants to be a Lyoness Business Partner can pre-purchase and can buy some units in the financial system of the company. But you are not obliged to buy units in order to use Lyoness. You get your free card, you get your cashback when you purchase something from a company that is registered with Lyoness and that's it. Also it gives you the opportunity to give the card to your friends and get 0,5% of their purchases while they also earn the cashback. it's a win win situation. I have my two companies registered with Lyoness and i get customers from it. And it's the only marketing tool i have used until now that you can count if it worths the money or not. You know exactly how many people come from Lyoness because they use the card in order to take their cashback.

  5. Darrell,

    The only thing written by Rod (MM Watchdog) is the following. The investigation is still on going, and the videos promoting the program, as NOT being MLM or a SCAM are still being shown.

    I have some really good WatchDog "Deputies" Who zeroed in on very ‘flashy’ newly launching (in the U.S.) as an MLM. They report that they are now in compliance with all U.S. laws There have been no authorities charging illegal activity in checking Europe and Austria where they have been operating."

    Although a great looking program overseas, there is still some work to be done here. The fact they are reviewing the "pre-Purchase" which is one of the huge red flags, is a great move, and shows they are doing some behind the scenes things to get compliant.

  6. I just saw on mlmwatchdog, that Lyoness is now compliant in the U.S.. I went to a meeting to check out Lyoness and they said something about not being able to pre-purchase as much here in the U.S. as in other countries.

  7. Ryan,

    Yes I will be posting once I settle back in town for a while. Been on the road all week.

  8. K. Chang,

    Remember the company did not catch real momentum until the 4th Quarter of 2011. The numbers for 2012 which I have seen does bring the US active reps to a far larger level that is on the 2011 IDS. I post this for clarification.

  9. @K Chang,

    I think I see your point. However, is this not what happens with some network marketing opportunities? Those who are on $200 autoship receive more than those who are qualified at $100 autoship. Or there are those where you can pay several thousand to join and become grandfathered at a higher qualification.

    I do know the company is working with Dr. Keith Laggos on tweaking the compensation so the qualifications are more defined at each level.

  10. While I am glad that you are busy working to promote ZeekRewards, it doesn't change the fact that Zeekrewards pays you for your money, instead of your time.

    The fact is someone with 15000 points are paid 100 times more than someone with 150 points, for doing the SAME AMOUNT OF WORK.

    And how do you get VIP profitpoints? By buying bids and giving them away, of course. Do you really get points for "working", i.e. promoting Zeekler? Not really.

    Maybe you counting "buying bids" as work?

  11. I do believe that Dawn Oliveras, VP, admitted only recently that there are only about 15000 active affiliates in the US.

    You can read the Income Disclosure Statement of ZeekRewards for 2011 yourself and see how the numbers run.

  12. Lynette,

    Thank you for sharing your heart. You are 100% correct when you said the business is simple, but you have to work.

  13. Troy, I just want to say that I really appreciate you and your efforts to keep the public informed in the reputable manner that you do. I just want to send a message of my feelings on many topics and comments that I have heard lately on the Zeek Rewards Business by responding on your site.

    First many promote this as a business of simplicity.

    It is correct that this business is simple to promote and to build. But by saying this it does not mean that there is NO work to do.

    When you become an affiliate or distributor of any business there is A LOT of work to do if you are serious about building a solid income and one that will last.

    I can honestly say that I do put in at least 40 hours a week building my Zeek Rewards business. Most of which is spent promoting the FSC store and Zeekler the auction site.

    What I think that most people are missing is that if you want to be successful and make a solid income it takes work – if you are only doing the MINIMUM work to market Zeekler by placing an ad promoting the products for sale and up for auction by giving away the sample bids that we purchase, you will only make the minimum cash rewards from profit sharing on that days sales.

    However, if you want to maximize this business to it's fullest potential then you have realize that there is much more to this business then the minimum requirements. Everyday I hand out postcards and business cards and fliers giving away the sample bids that I buy. Why do I do this? I do this because I know that for the longevity of the auction and the online store we need customers to visit, to use the samples, to love the auctions and the discounted prices on the products they win and the savings they get at the FSC store – which are drastically discounted in comparisons to other stores online.

    By doing this I feel that I am doing my part to build our customer base, not our affiliate base, I repeat… the customer base specifically. Think about it, it's great to share this awesome company with people I care about and those that really could benefit from being a part of such a rewarding stand up company, but what we want is the longevity and the security of the company to continue on and for that to happen we NEED customers.

    Truly this is what I love about this business in comparison to so many other MLM businesses out there. Zeek Rewards stresses the importance of customers and sales – not affiliates.

    If you don't have sales, you do not have a business that will be around for the long term.

    I just want to encourage every affiliate of Zeek Rewards and anyone that is thinking about becoming a part of this GRAND opportunity to understand that YES Paul Burkes and his crew have put together a business that works for all. Not everyone is a recruiter or even wants to recruit for a business opportunity and he realizes this and has made it possible for everyone no matter what your strengths are in building a business to at least have a leveled earning field by simply giving away sample bids and promoting the products and still be able to earn in the profit sharing.

    This is very easily done – no matter where I go, the grocery store, church, vacation or just walking my dog, I strike up a simple conversation and tell everyone I see, Hey I have free sample bids to give away – take these, use them, I bought them and want to share them with you. I currently have 96 customers who ARE NOT affiliates. Many of them are returning customers who purchase more bids and continue using the store and the auction site.

    I cannot impress upon our zeek community the importance of building a customer base, I'm not saying this for compliance issues, I am saying this because that is what Zeek is about – customers using the site, which will ensure the longevity of this awesome company. If you love Zeek – yes share the opportunity with those you know will appreciate it, love it, nurture it and treat it with respect, don't be careless when you recruit someone into the business. By all means, give away sample bids to EVERYONE that you see.

    I am sorry to be long winded there are just two more things I want to touch on…

    1st there are a lot of complaints about the products that are on the auction… I just want everyone to think about this for a moment, there have been many penny auctions that come and go like the wind, sure they might have had a ton of lap tops and tv's and other high priced items but they didn't all last, why because if they hadn't built their auction site and didn't have the customers they needed they would lose money. Paul Burkes is a brilliant honest business man I am sure that he sees and knows this. We are building that customer base, the company is not losing money and when he feels that we have a sufficient customer base that can support these higher priced products I am sure they will be added.

    I believe 100% that they have researched what sells and what brings in a profit to sustain the growth and profits of the auction site – the more customers we drive to the auction the stronger the business will be and then I know we will see the higher priced items hit the auction. So lets do our part and promote the business as designed and give away the sample bids that we purchase driving customers to the auction. That my friends is doing our part to build this company. For doing this you have the ride of your life ahead of you.

    Last I just want to ask that everyone educates themselves on exactly what this business is and treat it with care. There are so many companies that could care less about the compliance laws, we should be proud that Zeek is striving to be the strongest, largest, and completely legal company on the net and do our part to ensure that we are compliant as well.

    Build this business as it was intended to be built, don't misrepresent this business, don't hype it up, don't entice anyone with earnings. Just speak the facts, that is all it takes to build a solid business with Zeek.


  14. @Abelyn,

    Thank you for sharing with the community. However, you really didn't give details as to what you feel I have missed. With all due respect let me ask you a few questions.

    1. Do you know about the new products and services Zeekler is working on for their customers and affiliates?

    2. Exactly, where is my intelligence lacking? I have gone to the corporate offices, talked in detail with the company, venders and seen the action plans for the next few years. Do you have this intelligence or is yours more detailed than what they shared with me?

    3. You are correct I am not an expert on any subject. Which is why I am always taking time to learn the facts before just making a statement. can you share your expertise so the community can learn specifically what you are referring?

  15. Albert,

    I think you have created a possible scenario.

    Paul Burks is both a smart businessman and sharp programmer. And since the formula is building around caps and floting percentages based on the income and expenditures of the company, all of the hypotheticals created to date are not accurate.

    It is the formula that Pual has created that I feel will keep Zeek ahead of other companies. It is easy to create a simple money game. But to create a network marketing business formula, where the compensation plan will not bankrupt the company is a whole different thing.

    I wish I had a more detailed answer, but there are some things that are propitiatory to the company.

  16. Thank you for replying to my question Troy. So let me understand. What you are saying is that if 100,000 or 200,000 affiliates decide to cash out at 20% that it would count as an additional expense to the company and the daily profit percentage (the percentage is calculated by taking 50% of the net profits / the TOTAL Qualified Vip Points balance) would go down thus paying everyone less per day. Now when the points from 90 days back come out and because they were being paid at 1.5 percent it would in turn create a deficit thus causing each affiliates points to decrease. Depending on how long it takes for the percentage to stabilize, it could cause affiliates points to go back to 0 thus causing them to have to repurchase bids. Now I can see how the company is protected. If it gets out of balance then the percentage is adjusted and the pay out is less. Is this a possible scenario? Please help me understand a little better. Thanks Troy.

  17. Shame on you Troy. You don't have to be intelligent or an expert to see that Zeekler or any of their junk products does not sustain Zeekreward. Only their members.

  18. Albert,

    Thank you for the kind words. You ask a great questions, and I may not answer it correctly, but will give it a shot.

    From what has been explained by Zeek, the daily bonus pays are from current dollars, based on the company's net profit. If the company expenses go up, income goes down, people stop building the network marketing side of things, auctions dry up, or a number of other normal business situations, then the amount of money in the profit pools will be effected and the amount paid and or earned will go up or down.

    So the common idea that affiliate who decides to bank their bonus money, and then decide to take it at 20% or all at once will cause some issue, is false. Just like the common thought that the bonus pools just keep going up is false. Everything fluctuates based on affiliates working the business and customers using the auctions and other services.

    And, I do believe, like in every viable compensation plan, there are caps in place. Although, I can't say those caps in the profit pools are published or not, but I will check.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  19. We love you troy! – your integrity your wisdom your credibility your intelligence, we deeply appreciate all you do for our community! We are very proud of you!

    keep doing what you realy love and know what to do!

  20. Hi Troy. First I want to say i appreciate everything you do for this industry and for the users who rely on your unbiased review of these companies. I have been following your review of Zeek for some time. I joined about a month ago and since then have been doing some heavy research into Zeek. I was very relieved when I heard your review of the Zeek Red Carpet day and it put to rest some very concerning questions i had about zeek. There is however one question that remains. What happens when there are 300,000 affiliates who a year from now decide to take 20% of their daily earnings as cash? For the sake of an example let us just say the average cash out per affiliate is 1000 a month. The monthly payout would be 300 million dollars! Now that is being conservative. I plan on drawing much more than that as I am sure many others are as well. So my question is, how is this sustainable? Even for the wealthiest company in the world, this would be impossible. Am I missing something in the comp plan that protects against this? Is this something that Dr. Laggos or Keith Grimes addressing as a concern? Everything i read does not seem to even address this and is oblivious. Im sure someone there at Zeek has thought about this. Troy, any input or clarification on this would be most appreciated. Thanks.

  21. G'day mate

    Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work .

    Anan Lashin from western Australia

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