Zeek Rewards Update: Zeek 101 Suggested Behaviors And May Red Carpet Day Video

I was reading Zeek Rewards News this morning and ran across some great updates and a wonderful Red Carpet Day video created by the folks over at USHBB, Inc. aka YouGetPaidToAdvertise.com

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Last night a new post went up on Zeek Rewards News, that I believe can help the Zeek Affiliates work through some of the frustrations they are having with communication and customer service issues. Please understand I DO NOT believe this is the final answer, but it will sure cut down on the bottleneck so the important issues can be worked out.

Hit *6 and Other Zeek 101 Suggested Behaviors – Source Zeek Rewards News

As a massive and growing group of entrepreneurs – those of you who have (or are about to) listen to the call and are fully aware of what we discussed tonight – I need your help teaching what is…and what is not – appropriate, professional and expected behavior when it comes to Zeek, its partners, attorneys, 3rd party providers and most importantly – it’s prospects and customers.

Leaders…we need your help in guiding, teaching and growing our collective family up into classy, well-educated, well-behaved, well-integrated entrepreneurs. Those of you who are truly successful know exactly what Chris, Darryle and I are talking about (and whom we are referring to). It’s not rocket science. We attract what we are…not what we want. The people out there who are rude, mannerless and classless in their communications and behaviors are and will always be much less successful as a direct and indirect result.

When someone joins Zeek as an affiliate, they are REPRESENTING Zeek. Think about it…When you sign the affiliate agreement and begin selling the product, sampling out bids and recruiting others into your sales organization – it can be quite a task to train them all properly in every area. That is why we have the 4pm edt training call M-Th, the 9pm Opportunity call M-Th AND the Monday Night Leadership Call @ 9:30pm (all EDT). PLEASE listen to the call and PLEASE heed my advice. I understand it may simply not be something you have not learned in other places along the way – but for the sake of Zeek and all who love this wonderful project…please learn it well and learn it now.

Also…just so you all realize this very important thing…We KNOW we’re not perfect in every way. We KNOW we have challenges to overcome…and we KNOW we will overcome them. We also realize that being on the other side can be frustrating at times. Please take a deep breath and know that we’re working around the clock – and doing the very best we can for you all each and every day.

A quick recap:

Please STOP calling or writing Affiliate Services when the information is available to you in one of the following places:The websites – Zeekler , ZeekRewards, Shopping Daisy

ALWAYS LOOK FIRST IN the provided collaterals, FAQs or How it Works Sections (of ours or our partners websites)
ZeekRewardsNews is the communications resource from Zeek corp to the affiliate-base. Subscribe to it and stay plugged in to it. Check it daily.

The Training Site: www.ZeekRewardsNews.com/training. PLEASE read it…refer people to it…suggest topic matter and USE it.

Please, please, please do not contact Zeek’s attorneys, business consultants or third party vendors. Each call they receive distracts from their work and only further delays the resolution of issues; likely the issue you are calling about. Our attorney’s and consultants are ethically prohibited from speaking with anyone, including affiliates, about Zeek Rewards except their client which is Rex Venture Group.

Last, it is totally IMPOSSIBLE for the CEO or COO of any large company to field every call and email…and still run the company.

Here is your chain of command:

1. Read the site, FAQ, ZRN or Training (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th)

2. Ask your sponsor

3. Go UPline – Your upline leaders are always there to help you. If you don’t know who they are…THAT is the question to ask Affiliate Services or any Zeek employee “Who is my upline leader liason?”

4. Training Call – 4pm edt – submit your questions to: questions@zeeklers.com – 760-569-7676 pin 223177#

5. Affiliate Services – ONLY write a ticket if it’s been double-checked and you and your upline leaders AGREE that this is a VALID TICKET.

Topic 2 – Show Me the Money!!! As we have stated for many many months, Zeek is moving toward a completely paperless reality and we began the process last week with our first “claw back”. Since Peter Mingils asked me to explain what a claw-back was on today’s 4pm training call…here goes. I made it up! Get the visual.

The checks that are auto-requested have been spun out to the program that spit out everyone’s check. What we do is…tell another program to go get it and claw it back into a special place where you can choose which eWallet you want it to be paid into instead. Picture a claw machine…grabbing a stuffed toad and carrying it to the little shoot where it delivers it into your hands and you will get the visual. That’s why I called it a claw back.

Tonight we have again issued a claw-back of all requested checks that were due to be cut today and have put them into a special place in your Commissions/CashOut reports section of your ZR back office. Any affiliate who is awaiting a physical check that was due on or before today can instead choose their preferred eWallet for their commission payment. All three fully integrated eWallets (below) will be made available for this and future paydays. We will run it again tomorrow at midnight for anyone who missed the call and didn’t remember to go check again on their own. You can choose one of the following eWallets currently:

SolidTrust Pay
To access this special page please:

Go to your back office
Click ‘Commissions/Cash Out Report’
You will see in the ‘Check #’ Column to the right
Clawed Back: __________________
Click Here to Re-Request Payment’
From there you can choose which e-wallet you would like to get payment.

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75 thoughts on “Zeek Rewards Update: Zeek 101 Suggested Behaviors And May Red Carpet Day Video”

  1. Awesome things here. I'm very satisfied to see your article. Thanks a lot and I am taking a look ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  2. Hi Troy

    Thank you for replaying.

    He is not my downline.

    Zeek Rewards staff had already converted his account from zeekler to zeek rewards, however the site was not working and he was not being able to enroll more people.

    Having a look to the URLs the "enrolling" link was working spite the affiliate site was not.

    So that is resolved.


  3. @Gen3Benz,

    Interesting question, and I am just not sure how that might work. In thinking about it, I can see that a person might want the cash instead of the item they won. Say a person won a trip to ClubMed, if they do not have a passport or can't get a passport, they would want the cash equivalent, and should be entitled to the cash in my way of thinking, instead of losing out on anything.

    But, I might be looking at this from way to simplistic of a view.

    I'll do some checking.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  4. Does that mean they will have to get rid of the "cash out option"? Because it basically makes all the auctions cash auctions. I dont know if they have eliminated that option yet.

  5. Gen3Benz,

    I have not official answer. But this is one of the issues I raised early on. Although, it might be legal, I think when you auction "cash" from any country, it falls way to close to a Raffle or Lottery, and can trigger laws which can cause a company to go out of compliance.

    Since regulators have all raised concerns with the Penny Auction sector auctioning off cash, it seems that a decision was made by the compliance team to eliminate cash auctions. Seems like a great move for all.

  6. @Rui,

    Interesting situation. I personally would not have him cancel his Zeekler account if he is enjoying the auctions. Plus, since you have to have two retail customers, he would count as one. As for joining Zeek Rewards to promote the Zeekler side of things, well that is not something I can guide anyone on.

  7. Hi Troy

    I had a friend commenting on my blog (http://elcalvitozeekrewards.blogspot.com) that from what I understood He sign up for zeekler instead of zeek rewards…there fore he is now a customers instead of an affiliate…

    He is trying for weeks to have this sorted out but is not getting a reply to his tickets.

    Would you agree that cancelling zeekler subscription, enjoy the bids he as 🙂 and open a proper account with zeek rewards would be the best advice to give him ?

    Many thanks

  8. @ Greg…Apology accepted! I've always ran small businesses outside of my job, but I do enjoy my job.

    I understand what you are saying and like you, I can see it from both perspectives.

    Much success to you also Greg and I know we will all get though this together. Zeek is phenomenal!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. @Troy

    Update … The corrected deposit was just made into my STP account.

    Thank you for your help!

  10. @Jeff or anyone else. If you have had issues with your pay from STP as Jeff and Prince D, have had then send me an email with your user name. Only your user name!

    And I will lass those specifically on to Zeek. TroyDooly@MLMHelpDesk.com

  11. @Jeff,

    All is good! I just wanted to be clear, that after reading your comment, I felt responsible for not asking the right questions, or at least as deep of questions as I should have, and apologized.

    I do think this goes back to the communication issues I have seen you all get frustrated with.

    This will be my #1 focus this next week. I have read all the ideas here and have a few of my own, to try and help get and keep the communication rolling.

    Since I do not use any of the eWallets you all do. I do use PayPal and ProPay, but they are different I think. I am glad you educated me on this $1 explanation. I was looking for a logical deduction, and I now know that is not one of them 🙂

    I sent texts early this morning when I read your first comment. I have not heard back, but I did make sure people knew there is an issue.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  12. Eddie-

    I do apologize to you for how that came across. You and I probably think a lot the same, and I wasn't trying to be tacky. The people who work for me would tell you I build them up and support them in every way. My point was that employees and owners have a tendency to see things different, it doesn't make anyone better or worse than another, it's just the filter we look through. I don't mean to demean employees, only pointing out there are different paradigms, and as we share them we can actually help each other.

    You just commented "I can't stand any more excuses" and so I did mean what I said about getting out and seeing where it goes, but not in a snide way. I noticed in writing it does come away a little tacky I guess. But truly, there are some people that are so stressed about the growing pains that they should just sit back and see what happens. They're not contributing anything positive and cluttering CS with issues that can be addressed in other ways. It's apparent to me that's not your case but it's easy to slip into a negative mode especially when others are complaining.

    All the best to you and the longevity of Zeek, because it is amazing and has also changed a number of lives around me. One guy I know is now traveling in Europe for 3 months because of this program, and it allows all of us to dream a little as we work the program and see it really working!

  13. Thanks once again Troy for all you do, may the good Lord continue to bless you. I'm an affiliate with Zeek just like Jeff and I'm experiencing thesame thing. I got paid $8 instead of 8 figure pay I'm expecting for this week. Many of my fellow partners are also paid $1. Here is my concern, we have waited for the past five days of no pay and now we are being paid terribly wrong, Zeek needs to get their act together as this is not good at all for the Company; it is next to impossible to get any responce from them when you write them tickets. And the fact that we have to go through you to get answer is really disturbing; this isue has happened since Sunday/Monday as Jeff rightly said and nothing was done untill you got involved.. I will update you if anything change. Thanks.

  14. Troy

    I did not mean to imply that you were being dishonest at all…. I think that what you are doing is OUTSTANDING!!!!

    I was (hate to say it) referring to the info that came from Zeek.

    We in the field pay attention to what is going on.. We know when other processors have been paid through Zeek. The transfers were made on Monday and Payza worked fine.

    Zeeks explanation was totally acceptable about the FTP file failing.

    In the post on Zeek News it says that this is something that just happened in the last day… When in actuality it was 5 days ago.

    Little exaggerations or large miss truths all go in the same bucket where I come from 🙂

    Not trying to split hairs but…

    No… Just like Paypal or Payza… There is no $1 hold like at a gas station. With ewallet companies the funds are either there or they are not 🙂

    I would like to thank you for everything that you do and my previous post again was not questioning what you wrote in anyway shape or form!


  15. @CMC,

    I will gladly ask! I can say if ANY regulatory agency had challenged the business model, we would all know I think. 🙂

    Second, everything is videoed from the Red Carpet Days, but it takes a while to render the videoa and edit them down to small bites. I will check and see where that project is at right now.

  16. @Jeff,

    You are correct on what I wrote. However, I believe I also said it was my layman's terms. I asked if there had been an issue, and they said yes. And techies trying to explain to me, is sometimes like an attorney trying to explain the law.

    I did not ask specifically when the issue was, and that is my bad. I should have been more specific on the exact time.

    I do not see that you are not getting complete honesty from either side.

    1. I am doing all I can to keep you and others up to date, and fully informed.

    2. Will I use the wrong terms at time, sure. But the content of what I said was exactly what they said… There was a technical issue. I will apologize for the wrong terms, and not asked specifically when this was discovered and fixed. My question was very general… "Hey folks in my community are asking why they have not been paid. They all seem to be with STP."

    As for the monetary issue you are mentions specifically. Has it been nine hours yet, since they uploaded? If it has not been, then again from a layman's side of things, maybe it is just not there yet. When I charge on my credit card, there is a dollar fee to determine the card is active. Then when the gas station batches for the day, the $1 disappears and is replaced with the among of gas I charged.

    Again, Jeff, I am sorry I caused you more frustration. Next time I will be more specific and will make sure I fully understand.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  17. For the sake of accuracy … The other processors were paid Monday not Sunday as I stated in my previous comment.

  18. OK Troy

    This is direct from ZeekRewardsNews.

    "Hello fine people…we’ve experienced a few technical issues today and yesterday (between STP, AP and our morning outages) which caused a few mass pay delays but all is falling into order now. AlertPay masspay is paid in full and STP is in process so if you are expecting commission payments in your STP ewallet – it’s on the way. Dan is in the process of uploading the batches – then they’ll take about 9 hours to run. Thanks for your patience. d"

    According to you.. (from you speaking with Zeek) There was an FTP connection error with STP.

    This would have happened Sunday/Monday when payments were due to run. Not Yesterday or the Day before because of an API error. All other processors were paid Sunday night.

    I have to demand honesty here!

    Troy … Yes they ran the STP payment within 24 hours of you getting involved.. So they did what they told you they were going to do.

    Here is the catch.

    Instead of paying me the 4 figures that was due for that pay week. I was paid $1 .. Yes ONE Dollar.

    Is this yet another glitch?

    I cant send in a support ticket that says hey you shorted me $x,xxx this week because it will be a month before it is read.

    It pains me to put this info on your site Troy, But I am hoping that you can get to the bottom of this.

  19. I don't mean to make light of anyone's frustrations either, which is probably the way part of my comments came across. And I share some of the concerns Eddie posted, but I'm filtering those with the recognition that the leadership at Zeek is as interested in longevity as we are. The issues at hand are not for a lack of competence, desire, or leadership but naturally spin out of the "growth vacuum" that many infant companies go through, IF they're fortunate enough to grow at a fraction of Zeek's curve. In my business training, one of the principles I've always remembered is that uncontrolled or unexpected growth can topple a company as quickly as poor economics and stagnant financials. There are numerous studies demonstrating this along a path littered with companies that simply couldn't handle their success. Zeek is trying, but as you point out, none of us know how it will turn out when all is said and done. However, the problems in the way aren't due to dishonesty, incompetence, or a lack of integrity. I believe from the last 12 months of DAILY tracking, listening to calls, reading news, and steadily building my business that this company has the best of intentions but not without significant challenges yet.

    I'm on the West Coast but would love to make a Red Carpet Day. Have you heard of any intentions to hold any events in a more central or western location, Troy? Pass that one on to Dawn if you would!

  20. I just want to say that I think Zeek Rewards has been a blessing to so many people. There are so many income opportunities on the internet, most of which the majority of affiliates or exclusive distributors make zippo, zilch zero money.

    Zeek Rewards and Zeekler's business model has proven to work. I know people that have lost everything, and because of Zeek are able to start rebuilding their lives.

    My father had a massive heart attack a few months back, and when I went to the hospital and saw that he was as near death as you can be, and still be alive – I leaned into his ear and told him I didn't care what he had to do inside his head, but he could not leave, that I could not, and was not ready to lose him. He faintly looked over at me and within a few minutes they were wheeling him into surgery.

    Several hours later we were able to see him in critical care unit and he looked at me and said I remember what you said, and it's not going to be that easy to get rid of me, besides – I have to be around to build my Zeek Rewards business.

    My Dad retired from GM and lives a moderate lifestyle, Zeek is giving him a way to earn that extra income to supplement a better lifestyle.

    No matter what happens with Zeek Rewards, Paul Burkes business model gave my dad another reason to hold on to some future financial happiness.

    Instead of howling about what I think should be welcomed growing pains (this means Zeek is doing something right) we should all be patient, give these folks a break.

    If everyone would give them 7 days of peace, I bet we would see amazing results. Make an effort to HOLD OFF, give these folks the time to get some work done.

    The SKY is not falling as Dawn says, and folks it's really not. I have been a part of Zeek Rewards since last July and they have delivered on every aspect of this business.

    We need to pass along to everyone on our teams, STOP calling them, STOP emailing them, STOP STOP STOP for one entire week.

    Let Troy help address some issues, give them a chance to get things worked out – trust me they will. I have been in this industry for 22 years and trust me when I tell you this company is loaded with integrity and our best interests at heart.

    Let's all agree to give them a break – I bet we would see tremendous results. Maybe the issue you are having could actually get resolved without you having to contact them if they just had some peace and quiet and could actually take a deep breath and dive in and clean up the support questions – right now I cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through.

    Shirley Crawford

  21. @Greg…I'm not taking it the wrong way, you're entitled to your opinion. I'm making a great income in Zeek also and I continue to build my organization. It has nothing to do with seeing anything from an employee perspective. I just happen to like my job and enjoy what I do.

    And like Troy said, we just want to company to make it. We all are excited about being in something as phenomenal as Zeek and I already see it paying off. I understand the growing pains, but the frustration the affiliates are feeling is normal.

    Just because a person ask questions, it shouldn't always be looked upon as being negative. It's a concern and perhaps that person is just looking for answers.

    If you were referring to me when you said, "If you can’t take it anymore, get out, sit back and wait to see where it goes". First of all, that was a bit tacky whoever you were speaking to. And if you were talking to me, that's not going to happen, because I know where it has gone as far as my life is concerned and it has been great! I feel it's going to get even better. So don't count me out yet just because I have some concerns.

    Some of the questions were from me and some from my down-line. A lot of these people are my friends, neighbors, co-workers etc. The first place they look is to me to get answers if they can't find them anywhere else. And I owe it to them to at least try to get the answers.

    @Troy…Thank you for giving me a different perspective regarding my comments, but CS is still high on my list 🙂

  22. He stated he was sitting there waiting for a response, like he had nothing better to do. So yeah, a snippy reply to a pointless comment. But im guilty of the same thing sometimes.

    Fakebook has apps for phones and bought instagram a little bit back. What else do you think they should do?

  23. Troy,

    I will be listening to your radio show tomorrow evening. Will you address a few concerns that my downlink has asked?

    Has Zeek's business model been challenged by individual states? Dawn mentioned something like this on the Monday night call, but we would like more information on the previous outcomes. This would greatly help us show that Zeek IS a legitamit business model. I have a handful of individuals that want to join but think its " to good to be true"

    Also, Dawn mentioned that most of the Red Carpet event last month was the executive team answering questions. Why not video tape those questions so that the affiliates that cannot make the event can possibly get the questions they need answered. This could cut down on customer service issues.


  24. @Gen3Benz,

    I learned a little secret a few months ago… Most people are not sitting in front of their computers any more, they are using smart phones. I was amazed at how much traffic is coming from phones. This is one of the reasons, Facebook is not doing very well in the stock market, they have not figured out how to monetize the mobile traffic.

  25. @Gen3Benz,

    🙂 It isn't what Zeek tells me to call it. However, it is what the SEC calls a network marketing income opportunity. As someone who has studied compliance, sits on the Ethics and Judicial committees of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals, and worked with Kevin Grimes and Kevin Thompson on compliance issues, I do have a pretty good understanding of a network marketing income opportunity and an investment opportunity. Not counting 15 years as a securities broker.

    The fact is, the more bids purchased through your sales and marketing efforts to retail customers, and the more bids you have purchased to give awway as samples to attract more retail customers, and the larger your sales organisation grows the more money you make. And, since the majority of Zeek affiliates are free affiliates and not on a monthly subscription, they do not qualify for the Retail Revenue Pool anyway. Have you accounted for that fact?

    I would disagree with you on the political issue. Many folks come to this community, because they know I will not hold them back from voicing their opinions, passions or frustrations when they just need to vent. Many of the folks here, do not agree with me on all issues, but we do respect each other.

    I am not the most politically correct person in this community, but I am always willing to listen when folks bring up valid debates. And I am even known to change my opinion, when the facts warrant.

    I also find it refreshing that folks are willing to stick to their beliefs when the facts do not point in any other direction.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  26. @Greg,

    I know the emotions are running high at all levels, and I sure don;t want to make light of the frustrations, challenges, and yes, slow communications. I just want to see this company make it, so those of you in the field who have been the grass roots pioneers get to see your hard work payoff!

    It sure sounds like your hands are full, but congrats on a great year! With an economy going all different ways, to see a home-based internet entrepreneur earning a solid return on his own business is stellar!!! And I will pray for the traditional business also. Anytime you have employees counting on you and you on them it can get a bit tricky at times.

    Thank you for adding value to this community.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  27. Thanks Troy for the help, and what I see as honest, straightforward analysis. Ebay was ridiculed as a concept that wouldn't work, and many internet companies that have experienced rapid global growth have struggled under the stresses created as you point out. Through the frustration, we need to recognize this frustration is the byproduct of growth no one could anticipate or even really dream of in a niche market. I've told my affiliates to relax a little, do what you can to grow your business, but sit back and let the leadership sort through the growth issues.

    You are pretty diplomatic at recognizing the frustration aimed at the company, when I think we should just be in awe that we can be part of something so dramatic and be thankful that we're part of growth! What do you know in this bleak economy that's growing and trying to figure out how to grow by even a few percent/year? How exciting is it to be in the middle of something that really is happening and is strained by growth in its infancy? It's worth the frustration just to SEE something really happening. The money that hit my nxpay account today only confirms that.

    I have 3 internet-based opportunities in motion now approaching 6 figures this year and I'm a white-collared "yuppie" working in a profession with 10 employees in my conventional business. I've had 15% growth this year there and we are strained with some of the issues surrounding that and serving people properly, but I guess we "should have known and planned for it." Way harder than it sounds. No offense, Eddie, but you mention you collect a paycheck at work, so you see things from an employee perspective. I see things from an owner and developer perspective and it's way different. From your comments, you don't grasp that developing a business and handling growth is much harder than you think, and I've seen that view from my own employees.

    Believe me, the frustrations for the return with Zeek are nothing compared to that, so be thankful you even know what's happening and can be part of it! Again, I'm not trying to offend anyone with their frustrations, but I'm just trying to put some perspective on what's happening and what we're part of. If you can't take it anymore, get out, sit back and wait to see where it goes.

  28. The "investment" argument has been covered already. Call it what Zeek tells you to call it.

    Fact is the more VIP points you have the bigger "reward" you get. Regardless of the size of your downline or the amount of work you perform.

    I will look up the questions from a previous thread here and repost them.

    Like i said its just like a political forum where people will stick to their beliefs no matter what and even start bashing peoples screen names to make themselves feel better. 😀

  29. Some of us have legitimate businesses to run and cannot sit in front of the computer cheering on blog arguments.

    So continue to stare at your screen with your bowl of ice cream. I do agree its better than watching television.

  30. Troy, I'm still sitting here waiting for a response from gentle3benz after his royal spanking.

  31. @Greg,

    I do know some of the subscriptions have been run, because folks have mentioned it. I will see if I can get a deeper answer for you and others.

  32. @Eddie,

    You bring up some fine points. You also bring up some interesting thoughts. Let's look at some of them.

    1. You mention if {Zeek was doing the right thing they would know they were growing and should have been prepared." I can understand on the surface that it would make since to know a company is going to grow. But to know how much or how fast, is not an easy thing to do. Can you name a company who knew they were going to dominate? Of all the successful business people I have ever interviewed or read their bios, none of them expected to dominate. And of the companies which have gone on to become the leaders in their niche, they did not have anyone to follow, so they made their own path.

    Take Walmart as an example. When they started growing, there was not such thing as the distribution software they use today. Nor was there any form of automatic reordering software. They created it. But not before stores would run out of products.

    Take Microsoft… They bought an operating system because IBM needed one. It was called DOS (Dirty Operating System) and was suppose to run the first PCs. After Bill and Paul got done with it, it worked. But, they knew it could be better. They created and launched Windows to compete with Apple. Not one of the first six or seven releases of windows has worked right. Millions of complaints, and you know what? When I call with an issue, I get on hold with someone I can't understand, who finally agrees they can't help to route me back to the USA.

    Take Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Shouldn't they have all been ready for the worlds most anticipated IPO? I mean everyone involved has been doing it for decades, yet, it was a mess, and even today, brokerage houses, are not taking live calls because so much has been a mess.

    No excuses, there is no logical way any founder of a company can tell how fast they will grow. And if you look at the stats just in network marketing, the majority of companies which launch do not last the first year. I always ask, what would you have done different? If they hire too many people, then the daily net revenues go down, and the affiliates will not be happy. If they do not hire fast enough, then the affiliates get upset and threaten to leave for a competitor. And if I were in the affiliates shoes I would get ticked off also. But it there is not a simple solution.

    2. I can fully understand your frustration on "excuses", but my pappy taught me that excuses are just cleverly disguised lies. I have not seen any lies. I have seen slow communication in a boatload of situations, but not lies. When a company is dealing with the lives of tens if not hundreds of thousands of lives, and they know the regulators are always watching, they are not going to make excuses. Sadly, in business there are times when there just isn't an answer that will please anyone. And lately, there just haven;t been any answers. But, at least now we know processing is back on, the banks are live, and they can move back into taking care of the daily operations.

    3. The commission payments were addressed in very short notice. But that was because the company was given short notice. I do know Zeek has written several posts about moving to paperless transactions, but I agree it was very short notice. I do love how fast they got things fixed. The figured out a way to allow the affiliates how to get paid. They worked around the clock on new banking relationships, and in less than ten days have been able to do what most critics did not think they would get done.

    I guess it pays to have a leadership team who truly loves the field and is willing to call in a boatload of talent to find the solutions. Seriously, Zeek Rewards News is the first line of defense. Email hardly works any more and the Millennial Generation doesn't even use email. I would like to see a mobile app, and faster news on Zeek Rewards News. Maybe a live news report would be good. Once every other day or so.

    4. Now my understanding of the forum is that certain top field leaders who have gone through some certification will be working the forums. And they will be able to handle specific issues. Although, they may not be able to look at your account, they will have a specific team to handle those issues that can't be handled on the forum.
    Right now most of the issues are very small, and folks stay on the phone for hours to ask "Where to find specific info from the website." This causes a bottleneck for serious issues.

    I would respectfully disagree that the 3 CS sources are not working. I would say that due to all the issues that folks could get answered from the websites, their uplines or elsewhere, are helping to clog the system. Maybe you know how many affiliates there are worldwide, I can just guess and based on my guesses from looking at the Alexa ranking, I am not sure without paying well over $1 million a month for CS staffing the company can get close. And even then you have to figure out a way to train the staff faster than the affiliates are growing the company. I guess they could put a 90-day moratorium on all recruiting so they can get caught up. That would drop all the compensation plan commissions. It might not effect the Retail Revenue Pool as long as folks were bidding in the auctions.

    5. I do agree the site is a little outdated. But, if I were to place myself in their shoes, I would guess the website is not the top priority, paying the affiliates and getting the banking handles took top stage. I do know they are flying some top notch folks in to review the sites and to put a game plan together for the new designs.

    6. How much more transparent can they be? I am willing to take your suggestions to corporate.

    7. Please name a company that is larger than Zeek who handles as many daily transactions that has less public complaints. Now keep in mind when we are talking size we are must include the complexity of the whole platform. And, in order to do it apples to apples we need to compare companies who are also in the same year of operation of the division (not Rex Venture) but Zeekler & Zeek Rewards). If you take the time to review three such companies that could come close, it would be Amazon, eBay and PayPal. And if you study these companies they were also pioneers in their respective fields. All had the same type of issues as Zeek right now. If you know of current companies who are the same age and size, I would love to learn about them also.

    8. Eddie, I can tell you are passionate about Zeek and frustrated as an affiliate. My goal is not to cause more frustration, but to add an outsiders perspective. Since I do not have any emotional attachment or financial skin in the game, I do not always see things the same way affiliates do.

    9. I am not making any excuses 🙂 And I get on them as hard as anyone. Dawn would be the first to tell you I burn her phone up at all hours of the day and night. My first responsibility is to the network marketing community… you and all the independent business owners who make this a great profession.

    Eddie, it is affiliates like you that will help this company go from good to great. I am a firm believer at the end of the day, the field can help a company pull through anything.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  33. Troy,

    Can you get a decent answer regarding when matrix subscriptions and subsequent commissions are going to be run and paid? This is related to the credit card processing issue, which no update has been given for some time. There are many affiliates who have not been billed for their subscription since the CC processing ceased, and the matrix commissions have stalled. I'm not particularly worried, just hoping to get a status update and to see this income stream get caught up again.

    For receiving commissions, I recommend everyone get set up on Nxpay. I have received two large payments from Zeek this way, and it then sweeps into my bank account within 1-2 days. It has worked nicely so far, and it is now an option when requesting future "checks."

    While critics have been trying to undermine this company for the past year, I've been making more money than I can disclose and it continues to grow. I now have over 400 customers, 100 affiliates, and have experienced Zeek dealing with each issue that has occurred. There are more issues now in the face of the insane growth curve, and I expect it will take more time to catch up. Most businesses would struggle to properly deal with 20% growth in a year, and these guys are handling exponential growth in months. It's a rollercoaster ride and not for the faint of heart, but so lucrative to be part of the twists and turns!

  34. You know what Troy…I'm sorry, but I have to agree with the last few comments. If Zeek was doing all the right things, they should have known they would grow and should have been prepared. The affiliates are simply tired of all the excuses for not getting answers. I see it all day long..so they have got to know they have a BIG problem. We have the right to get answers.

    As far as payments for June, it was only addressed on that day and not with an email. I found out in a Skype room. When I go to work everyday, on Friday I don't have to ask for my check. It should be the same with Zeek and if there's a problem, let us know and get it fixed in a timely manner. We have bills to pay also. Zeek fails to understand that if it weren't for it's affiliates, they wouldn't be where they are.

    I simply can't stand the excuses anymore and in my opinion I don't think a forum is going to help the affiliates if there is no one there from Zeek that can look our accounts, make changes, etc. or handle the vast problems that never seem to go away. Zeek has 3 sources of CS, and none of them are working. I have a support tickets that date way back to Feb. that is still open.

    No wonder these affiliates are calling everyone because they can't get answers from the company. What's so hard to understand about that. That is not the affiliates fault and they should stop blaming us. It's their fault for not running their company in a more professional manner and being more transparent.

    In one of their post, they point out all these places to go and get answers. It's a lot missing on that website and in the FAQ's. Plus they have made so many changes, the site itself its outdated in my opinion.

    Zeek says it's transparent, but I don't think so. They need to be MORE transparent.

    There are companies a LOT bigger than Zeek and does a great job with CS…so give me a break.

    We love our company or we would not be here. But at the same time, they really need to get it together if they want to continue to thrive.

    I know you can only report what you know, but Troy don't make excuses for them anymore…help them get it right. WE can't take it anymore. With a company this big, we should be able to pick up the phone and get help!

    It's even more frustrating not to have any answers for the people you introduced to the business….doesn't make the company look very good.

    I don't know what the answer is, but I think they had better find one soon if they intend for Zeek to be around for a long time. If they cannot remedy their issues and Zeek doesn't last, don't blame us.

    We understand that you don't work for Zeek, but you seem to have inside info on what's going on…so please help them with their issues soon, since they can't seem to do it on their own. And again, thanks for all you do!

  35. @Gen3Benz,

    You are correct! When it comes to the specific issue of Zeek. As for unique big auctions in and of themselves, I have not addressed that issue.

    I respect your decision to call Zeek an investment. However, just because you have decided it is an investment doesn't make it so. As a matter of fact, your statement lacks a little logic. Based on your statement, even though the evidence is clear, that to become a Zeek Rewards affiliate, it is free, and the only time money does switch hands is for a monthly subscription or to purchase bids, you have decided this is an investment. It also seems based on your conclusion, that you feel everyone who decides to join Zeek is somehow earning the same amount of commissions. Yet the facts show that each affiliate earns commissions based on their specific qualifications and ranks inside the compensation plan.

    I wonder, if based on your study, can you state publicly just how many affiliates are receiving commissions? And exactly what mathematically equation you have used to come to your conclusion? I have read your subjective reviews, but have yet to see where you have been provided any numbers from the company. And if you or anyone use the only published numbers by Zeek in the Income Disclosure Statement, it is pretty easy to see that the compensation plan, is based on business growth, not from some form of investments as you purport.

    But I am sure willing to provide you a platform, if you can show how you come to your conclusion.

    🙂 Sadly, you again want to use your own subjective slant. I was very clear on on my statement of ignorance. And you are 100% I stand that you are ignorant to the facts surrounding Zeek and how the compensation plan is created, or the math used to determine the Retail Revenue Pool. If you had all the facts, you very well might still feel the same way, but at that point, I and others would know you have all the facts and just see things from a different ideology.

    Tell me what I have not been fair and balanced about? Please tell me specifically what I have NOT reported on? I have covered the issues as they have been presented, and I have answered hundreds of comments sharing with folks the issues. I have been asked by thousands if they should join Zeek and my answer has always been the same.

    But, if you are specific with your allegations of not being fair, I will gladly address them.

    I am all for you stating your opinion. Lord knows I served for you to have that Right. But if you were really looking for facts, you would have already talked to the founders of the company. Flown to cover the first event, and dug a little deeper into talking with the attorneys and compliance team to better understand why in their professional opinions, Zeek is a sustainable business model.

    As for a list of banned countries, I do not have that list. Nor does Zeek have a list of banned countries. They did turn off a boatload of affiliates from specific countries, and Paul Burks provided a public statement on the issue. I provided a far deeper explanation and editorial on the cybercrime (fraud) that came from specific areas which more than likely caused part of the issues. (Which Oz later seemed to validate with some source he has).

    Specifically what questions did not answer? Unless you are specific I have not way of responding.

  36. "Of all the things you have written “acts as shady as Zeek” is the most ignorant. Not because I think you are dumb or uneducated, but because as the word is defined, you have written something that is false."


    Adjective: 1.Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

    Troy, you do believe i am uneducated in the Zeek business model and the way the auction operates.

    But in fact i have studied both and looked at lots of mathematical analysis.

    But in the end i disagree with you and believe this is an investment scheme that is completely unsustainable.

    But just like a political forum or blog anyone that disagrees with the blogger is ruled ignorant.

    "So, since you have become a passionate advocate against Zeek, why not show some professionalism and write fair and balanced editorials"

    I am just trying to get facts and stating my opinion, i dont see why i should write fair and balanced anything.

    I have asked you twice for a list of banned countries(now 3 times) and you havent answered the question.

    You have gone to 2 red carpet events and have not posted any of the questions you promised to ask at the first one.

  37. I would like to Thank You for getting the answer so quickly!

    I think that these types of issues can easily be handled if a staff member of Zeek would simply drop by and read the comments on their Fan Page OR simply read the comments on Zeek Reward News. People have been posting about this since Monday ..

    I am a true supporter of my company and am proud of the changes that Zeek is making in peoples lives… At the same time I am embarrassed that I had to come to you to get this answered in a public forum, when it could have easily been handled with that one magic word… COMMUNICATION.

    My fear is that this one simple little problem that was an honest mistake will now be a Breaking News Headline on "That Other Review Site" screaming that Zeek is running out of money and cant pay its affiliates just because I had to post my question on your site.

    I will update the moment I see the transfer take place.


  38. @Tom, Jeff & Everyone,

    I did contact Zeek on this issue. After going back through the files, and contacting STP, both companies were able to find where the FTP connection was interrupted, and some files were not transferred. I believe they are not scanning to see where the disconnection happened, and will re-upload the remaining files.

    Now understand these are my layman's terms, and not some detailed technical explanation. Please keep me informed if you do not see the funds in the next 24 hours.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  39. I just wanted to support Jeff's claim. It is Thursady and I also have yet to be paid through STP. It's pretty frustrating only because I have searched for a reason and can't find anything that even mentions this. My fear of course is that if this is happening to lots of us, there will be many seeking to go after the company. I am not one of those, I understand the problems they are facing. Something like this though should definitely be posted on Zeekrewardsnews, thats why people are here, to get paid. Thanks Troy!


  40. @Gen3Benz,

    Nope, not "negative because you ask any questions" Negative because you never show anything positive. There is a huge difference between using a "critical thinking" approach to an issue, and just doing everything you can to stay focused ONLY on reporting the negative side of a situation.

    In this comment, instead of realizing my point, you instead write "Would you rather I just thanked you for doing such a great job with ______ or ______?"

    This is not about me, it is about acting like a responsible critic, and not just a negative sensationalist. Lord knows there are plenty of challenges Zeek has faced and continues to face. But to ONLY report on the challenges and not to report on the positive improvements they make along the way is not reporting at all.

    As for your statement "Maybe every MLM acts as shady as Zeek, but i was never asked to join one of them. So i don’t read up on any other
    I am not sure you have fully read up on Zeek or the whole unique auction nitch.

    Without a doubt the whole concept of unique bid auctions is complex and in some cases confusing. Which is why I make it clear to folks… before they promote any auction house they fully understand everything. Otherwise they may have issues due to a lack of understanding. These issues are above and beyond the issues they will face joining a start-up company.

    Unlike you, I have been willing to engage the leadership of Zeek, along with their field affiliates, consultants and even outside regulators to get an understanding of the whole picture. Of all the things you have written "acts as shady as Zeek" is the most ignorant. Not because I think you are dumb or uneducated, but because as the word is defined, you have written something that is false.

    Zeek for the last six months has been the most open company using a network marketing compensation plan. They have willingly provided answers to their affiliates. Sometime slower than I would like, but they do answer. And at each of the Red Carpet Days they take hours to openly answer the questions coming to them from the affiliates.

    What they don't do is engage in negative conversation. I have acted any critical questions and received answers.

    So, since you have become a passionate advocate against Zeek, why not show some professionalism and write fair and balanced editorials. Learn about the whole direct sales industry and the community of network marketing. Learn more about the consultants, legal team and compliance experts working with Zeek. Take time to get to know the individuals who run Zeek.

    Prime example, I am the only one who has reported anything about Ken Kilby (spelling might be off) who is the Chief Compliance Officer at Zeek. He is a former highly praised investigator for the Missouri AG's office. Since he was hired at corporate, he and his team has helped the outside compliance experts to clean up all compliance issues, which has been a positive for everyone.

    Gen3Benz, we do not have to see this issue or any issue eye-to-eye. But if you want respect in the blogging community and would like outside experts to take you seriously, then give some thought about providing both sides of the issues, not just the negative.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  41. @Andrew,

    First thank you for the kind words. Second, you are correct CS is an issue. They hired sixty new reps last month, plus new international agents to handle the international calls.

    I know Dawn did address this on a call this week to try and create a flow of traffic to help the bottleneck. I have also heard there may be a company ran community going up soon to also help answer some of the smaller issues that seem to go to CS which is slowing down real issues from getting through.

    As fast as the field is growing the company, I figure this will continue to be an issue for a while. I can tell you I had an issue last year with Facebook, who doesn't accept any cash, and it took my attorney six months to get it fixed.

    If you would like to send me a private message, with more details I might be able to route it to the right person.

    As for the second issue. I am not even sure how to respond because I am not part of the company. If you win cash, I assume that will be mailed certified or some form of tracking system. Shoot me an email on that also and let me take a look.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  42. Hi Troy,

    Much appreciate your informative videos. Your words on Zeek persuaded us to give it a go.

    We have been quite successful so far but they have a real problem with customer service.

    For months we have been sending in tickets about a cash payment we made for bids which have never shown up in our daily totals. Each time it takes weeks to get a reply and the matter is never solved but each time they close the ticket.

    Also we won an auction in March for $200 cash and have never received the money. Weeks after questioning it we were told that it is nothing to do with Zeek and we needed to contact the shippers ( for cash ? ), however the shippers don't reply to emails at all.

    In the end Zeek should be responsible for the delivery of their auctions, it's just not good enough to say " it's not our problem"

    I'm sure we are not the only ones with these kind of problems, they need to look after the affiliates they have better before they go after more growth.

  43. Negative? Because I ask questions about the shady stuff that goes on with Zeek.

    Would you rather I just thanked you for doing such a great job with ______ or ______?

    Maybe every MLM acts as shady as Zeek, but i was never asked to join one of them. So i don't read up on any other


    A rapidly growing affiliate total bears a rapidly compounding VIP point total…..but where is the rapidly expanding auction revenue?

  44. I posted about this very same thing over and over and once here in Troy's site. I have yet to receive a response since April 15th — Almost 2 months. I was demoted from a Diamond to a FREE member because they had SolidTrustPay (STP) IPN issues where the STP subscriptions were NOT automatically recorded in our backoffices (not just me … OUR). After 8 days of no response, I gave up on support, paid for the lower level Silver subscription using Alertpay and now I get paid everyday.

    They still owe me $99 for the STP funds they took. I cancelled that STP subscription in favour of the AP/PAYZA subscription.

    But the good news is that I don't have a big enough downline to be a Diamond. I realized that my pay as a Silver is almost the same as being a Diamond but now my monthly fee is less expensive. LOL!

    Support needs a whollllle lot of work — SERIOUSLY!

    With that said, LIFE IS GRAND!

    Faith Sloan

  45. Thank you so much for all you do Troy. I'm an affiliate with Zeek and I'm loving it. On the issue that Jeff raised, I use STP too to receive my pay and I have not been paid this week. I think it is an STP issue as another affiliate that I know who is friend uses Payza (formally Alertpay) got paid since Monday. Please, let Zeek know that STP's service is very slow lately, if there is anything they can do about it. It has been going on for some time. I didn't get paid until Wednesday for last week's pay and yet to be paid for this week. Thanks.

  46. @Gen3Benz,

    Sadly, you are not accurate. But, let me ask you… Why do you feel emails are not verified? From what I read, you are stating this is because some affiliates, use 3rd party sites?

    Although the use of 3rd party sites is not endorsed or approved by Zeek, they do know it does happen. And if you and others had been at the Red Carpet Days, then you would know, these actions are being investigated by the compliance team, and will soon be eliminated from working on all Rex Venture Group sites.

    But, that being said, the use of a 3rd party vender, does not mean emails are not verified. So again why do you feel emails are not verified? Although that is so old school.

    As for your subjective response to the facts on the BBB, doesn't change the facts. Disney runs one of the most respected operations in the world and had an "F" rating.

    I do agree that when a company focused on customer service they are rewarded with praise. Which is why folks in the 21st century use Yelp.com and Angieslist.com to vent and praise, among other sites out there.

    It is also very easy to manipulate the BBB with complaints. We see this as well at the FTC. Sadly bogus complaints by competitors or critics who desire to promote their own agendas cause a bottleneck for those with real legit complaints. (No I am not saying you have done this) but there is plenty of evidence to show these actions do happen to many companies in and out of network marketing.

    And, seriously, comparing an auto shop to an internet based company is truly apples and oranges. It might be better to compare Zeek to, say a company like EBay which in its early startup phases had not only complaints, but huge hacking issues. As did PayPal, and Microsoft, Adobe and many others.

    Rex Ventures… 21 complaints in 2012… Well that is an average of 3.5 per month… Now I am not sure how big the company has grown since the Income Disclosure Statement was released, but based on the traffic to their sites, I would say that ONLY 21 complaints is pretty good. Compare that to Microsoft another huge Internet company which has had 1397 in the last 3 years. Or eBay with 3833 in the last three years, or Amazon with 3343 in the last three years. Or QuiBids with 931 in the last three years.

    Does Zeek have issues based on their growth, you bet! Can those issues if not fixed bring them to a standstill you bet!

    But it seems strange that you and others instead of focusing on all sides, seem to only focus on the negative. And even then, when there is a real critical situation, most of the critics seem to ignore it totally and only focus on the issues they fully don;t understand, and are not willing to research.

    Only the Lord knows where Zeek will go, but I for one am willing to work for the affiliates to do everything in my power to make sure all the facts are presented, and that any help I can give to the powers to be is given, to allow for longevity of the business model.

    Funny thing is… so are the regulators I have talked with. Only the critics and some competitors want to see Zeek fail.

    Seriously, why are you so negative against Zeek? From reading what you have written across the net, which in some places you have made some great points, while in others you have been completely off the wall, seemingly using 3rd party info, instead of researching yourself.

    I love you commenting because it gives folks a fair and balanced view, but why only negative?

  47. Troy,

    Thank you for all you do! I want to take you up on your offer.

    I have an issue that needs to be addressed. I have done the process and need someone to help me…..

    I have been in Zeek for 92 days, and a dIamond from day one. I posted a ticket on April 10th because my membership was dropped to a "free Affiliate" due to the Credit Card processing issue the company had back in April. I consequently missed out on the RPP awards those days even though i qualified.

    We were asked to submit a ticket and I did, yet it still to this day has not been answered or completed. I have been on the chat boards more than 6 times to ask a customer service rep to help. The comment each time is that my ticket will be pushed to the top of the list and will be answered in 2-3 business days. I'm not sure what do do from here.

    Please ask the executive team if they would review ticket # 96412 and fix it.

    Thanks again – CMC


  48. " Since there are several security measures in place to stop this type of behavior, those are the first reasons"

    What security measures?

    They don't even verify email addresses, which is why you can buy as many customers as you like from the third party sites.

    "All companies who do not pay the bounty to the BBB get an “F” rating."

    My auto shop in AZ has an A rating with 2 total complaints since 2006. I believe if you operate a business with integrity and focus on customer satisfaction you will be rewarded with praise.

    Rex Ventures on the other hand has horrible customer service and 21 complaints in 2012 alone.

  49. Thanks Troy …

    I do Love Zeek Rewards and I have been able to generate an income that I NEVER thought possible in a very short period of time…

    To me communication is just as important as the income that I earn.

  50. @Gen3Benz,

    Well, this is a good question. Since there are several security measures in place to stop this type of behavior, those are the first reasons. The second reaosn is when you are caught, your account is suspended.

    This is the same thing all network marketing companies go through, and is why there are policies against it.

    I know of several former affiliates who tried that very action, at first they thought they had found a way around the security… Wrong!!!

  51. @Gen3Benz,

    All companies who do not pay the bounty to the BBB get an "F" rating. You might want to watch the following investigative report: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo8kfV9kONw

  52. @Jeff,

    Seems like a reasonable request. This is the first time I have heard from any affiliates not being paid. So let's see what we can find out.

  53. Hi Dan. Yep, they've since changed it so that no registration or log-in is needed to access the training materials 🙂

  54. Troy

    I am having a really tough time getting this question answered and I am really not sure why.

    I understand the "Claw Back" and yes it makes perfect sense… The question that I have is this…

    Why have the people that DO NOT request a check (myself included) not been paid this week?

    I use STP and nothing has been deposited. If Zeek wants people to stop calling everyone under the Sun they need to address these issues.

    The question is simple…. Where is this weeks pay?

    It should not be difficult to answer… If you want the affiliates to act like professionals you need to conduct your business in a professional manner… When it comes to peoples income answers need to be given BEFORE they become an issue.



  55. If I were an affiliate……why would i purchase VIP points?

    Why would i not just create a dummy retail customer to buy retail bids with.

    Than my affiliate sponsor gets 20% commision and matching VIP points that generate a 90 day ROI.

    This does away with the $10k limit and i have retail bids to use in auctions and possibly make more money.

    I know im not the first to think of this due to reading about it.

  56. @Steve,

    The learning curve is huge… Maybe this will help http://yougetpaidtoadvertise.com/zeek101

  57. Troy,

    Great work. Thanks for what you do.

    I have been in zeek 90 days and I can't handle the volume of calls from my small team. The learning curve is steep for this program.

    I recommend zeek implement an audio FAQ that can be listened to while on hold with customer service.

    I would bet that most people would have their question answered before they even get to a live customer service rep.

    Lots of non-MLM'ers are coming in to Zeek. Many just are not used to utilizing resources in back office.

  58. @Isaac,

    Thank you for the kind words. If Zeek Affiliates will follow the directives of the company I do think some of the frustrations will start to go down, and those with real issues can get them answered.

  59. @Gen3Benz,

    Those numbers are proprietary, but at each Red Carpet Day, they do share with the attendees the growth of affiliates worldwide from month to month. What they do not do is breakout the amount of reps at Free Affiliate, $10, $50, $99 dollars. The new Income Disclosure Statement will also show the new total in the USA.

    And, if their growth continues and they are listed in next years Top 100 Network Marketing company we will know the total.

    I can tell you the amount of affiliates sharing in the Retail Revenue Pool is sure a lost smaller than any of the critics talk about 🙂

    This might be why all the subjective numbers are way off when it comes to saturation.

  60. @ Tissa

    Hi Tissa. For what its worth I logged into the training today and didnt have any problems.

  61. What is the current total of US and world affiliates?

    Does anyone outside of Zeek management have the current total?

    I'd love to see a breakdown based on ranking.

    Last time I saw a total was the 2011 income disclosure, but that was only US based affiliates.

  62. Troy I always look for a post from you. Thank you for all you do. I am Blessed to be affiliated with Zeek. We and I include myself need to look at Zeek as a business. That means going to the training calls, checking the Zeek Rewards News daily, reading all in the Zeek Rewards back office, reading the FAQ, ect… By learning all you can about YOUR Business we can help our team. Support begins with us. If we are growing a team then we need to be responsible and be the front line of support. If we cannot find the answer then the next line of support should be your upline. Yes, there are incidence that happens where Zeek Support needs to be contacted but for the most part team leaders can answer. By helping your team we help each other and take away from the thousands of support tickets that Zeek has. Let's be PRO-ACTIVE and learn our


    Once again Troy thank you for all you do. It's very much appreciated.

  63. @Greg,

    You bring up a great point. I thought it was cool when our community broke 100K a few years ago for the first time. But it has to be nuts to break into the hundreds.

    I have felt like a bulls-eye at times over the last few months. It seems there is not way to please everyone 🙂

    I called our the red flags and people get ticked off. yet it was those early reports that helped the company see the issues from and outsiders view and hire some fantastic folks to help out.

    But, when I have reported on the positive proactive moves forward, other people get ticked. Now that is what I never get… It seems that when a company is making great strives to become totally compliant and give longevity to their affiliates people would praise the effort.

    I have seen some great leadership in Zeek. In a few cases it is leadership who have never faced these big of issues before which has caused them to stretch way beyond their current leadership level. But at every challenge they have been willing to bring in experts who understand what they need.

    Zeek is a long ways from being perfect, and they would be the first to admit it. But at least they are willing to fight for what they believe in, which is more than most folks today.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  64. @Kevin,

    Great idea. I have heard of something like this being thrown around but not sure what. I will do some checking and pass this along.

  65. @Chris,

    Thank you for the kind words. I figure the best way to walk through life is to just be straight forward. 🙂

  66. Another quick update:

    I'm listening to Dawn who popped on during today's 9 PM Eastern call as I type this:

    Apparently a lot of folks are getting locked out of their NxPay accounts because they're trying to log into NxPay using their ZeekRewards username. If you're wrong three times, you get locked out for security reasons.

    Folks: Your NxPay username is NOT your ZeekRewards username! Check your inbox for the email NxPay sent you when you created your account. Your NxPay username is typically your first initial and last name (or some combination thereof).

    Dawn will post shortly on ZeekRewardsNews.com about the steps you can take if you've been locked out. In the meantime: Don't panic, your funds are still there 🙂

    Tissa Godavitarne

  67. Troy,

    I just wanted to thank you for your no-nonsense, honest approach to not only Zeek Rewards and MLM, but apparently life in general. I don't know you, but I somehow already consider you a friend. Thanks again.


  68. Hey Troy,

    Thanks for the excellent report.

    One thing that I believe would do wonders for the Zeek Support issues is to have a Company sponsored Online Forum.

    I believe that this would take them light years from where they are now with regards to communication and interaction with their current and future customers and affiliates.

    Loving Zeek,


  69. The people driving Dawn and the Zeek crew crazy are the same ones who have no concept of what it means to hit #227 in the world for traffic and have hundreds of thousands of affiliates in a very short period of time. In my conventional business, even a fraction of this kind of growth, which I've had, creates tremendous strain. I've been with Zeek for nearly a year, and they have been outstanding to work with and I've created an unbelievable income with them. When they were small, everything clicked like clockwork. As they've grown, the strain of success has shown at times, but they continue to take steps to deal with it. It takes time to adapt to this remarkable trend. If you don't understand, go over to http://www.alexa.com and enter Zeekrewards and take a look at the traffic chart for this company. Then overlay it with the names of a few other websites, and just consider what they've done. Troy, you've taken criticism for being supportive of them, but I heard you being critical of them earlier when I thought you were being overly harsh! But I believe you've been around long enough to recognize what's happening there and the quality of the leadership.

  70. Hey Troy,

    Thanks for all you've been doing to raise the bar.

    I'd like to take you up on your offer to pass some important information to ZeekRewards. Quoting their post:

    "The Training Site: http://www.ZeekRewardsNews.com/training. PLEASE read it…refer people to it…suggest topic matter and USE it."

    I agree completely. Except it's not accepting any ZR usernames/passwords as required, and the 'Register' link isn't working.

    It looks like there are some great training tools in there, so let's get this fixed so everyone can start using it and staying on the same page (i.e. compliant).

    Thanks in advance, and looking forward to seeing everyone in NC on June 13!

    Tissa Godavitarne

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