Zeek Rewards Update: More Bold Face Lies Coming From Top Leaders At zBizTeam aka Fun Club USA Why?

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Coming off the heals of one of the most talked about Zeek Rewards Updates, the Google Hangout hosted by Kevin Thompson, Phillip Young, Jordan Maglich and Walt Burton, I received an email where yet another of the top level insiders at zBizTeam and Fun Club USA, David Kettner published some bold face lies to the members of the legal defense fund… WHY?

Before we get into the email David Kettner sent out, you may want to watch the Zeek Rewards Google Hangout from last night to get a reference point from attorneys representing both “net losers” and “net winners”, along with Jason Maglich, who doesn;t have skin in this game on either side.

Below is the email David sent out…

Hey Team,

I have some Zeek updates that I wanted to share with you to keep you in the loop of what is going on. I know there is a lot of bogus information that is popping up around the Internet and I want all of us to be informed with the truth.

Our lawyers have put together a motion that will be filed in court no later then next Wednesday in North Carolina. I have personally reviewed this motion and was very impressed with the points that it addresses. The motion that our lawyers are filing is that all funds that have been frozen in all the ewallets by Kenneth Bell the receiver be released. This motion will be using three NXPay examples of Zeek Rewards affiliates who had and still have their funds frozen in their account. Do know that this motion though is focused on releasing everyone’s funds that are illegally being held frozen and not just the three people’s accounts being used as examples.

The approach that our lawyers are taking in regards to the subpoenas that were sent out to over 1200 people is that no one will be sending any funds to Mr. Bell as he had no lawful right to request that this be done. All people who were sent the subpoenas have sent objection letters notifying Mr. Bell of this and the reasons why. Currently no one has any obligation to pay back any funds to the receiver and it is not believed that anyone would ever have to.

Our lawyers are using this motion that will be filed next week and in the future steps moving forward to educate the court and the receiver of the Zeek business model and how business was conducted and not how it has been portrayed by the allegations made against Rex Venture Group. We know that this process has been taking lots of time, but it is important that our lawyers are careful with the filings of motions while providing accurate and factual information for the court and the receiver.

As I get more information, I will be sure to share it with you. I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

God Bless,

Dave Kettner

Now I want to make it clear, that I am in no way stating David Kettner is where this Bold Face lie is coming from. For all I know he may just be a victim like so many others.

Ok let’s look at the lie from above.

In David’s email he states that NO ONE who received a Subpoena will be sending any money to the Receiver, and everyone is objecting. Well that is not true. If you listen to last nights call, and I can personally validate on a couple that Phillip young is representing some of the 1200 and they are cooperating with the Receiver.

I fully understand that when situations such as Zeek Rewards hit our lives, that people will take sides. But to pass bold face lies and false hopes to the very people who are already hurting is not just unethical, it is close to being criminal in my book. It is like stabbing them in the heart one more time.

As much as anyone I never wanted to believe that people I had grown to know would purposely mastermind a ponzi to rape people out of the hard earned money. And I am still not sure that was the intent. But the laws and the evidence was strong enough that the owner of Rex Venture Group, LLC did not object to the allegations or did he deny them. Instead Paul Burks consented to the allegations and paid a $4 million dollar fine.

Another issue that the members who are funding the Fun Club USA defense fund might want to ask is why the purported attorneys representing Robert Craddock, have NOT once taken the time to publicly address any of your fears and questions?

None of us know for sure how this will all turn out, but we do know some things, and we should ALL stop pretending on some of the issues, and find a way to help all parties “net losers” who need to find new homes with legit companies. And the “net winners” who truly will need some individual legal counsel to work through this mess.

But, the BOLD FACE LIES have to stop!

Living An Epic Adventure,
Troy Dooly

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