Zeek Rewards Update November 29th, 2012: Former Affiliate Nathaniel Woods Exercises His Rights Asking Judge To Quash Subpoena

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On November 14th, Nathaniel Woods, after contacting several attorneys and reaching out to me with some questions decided to protect his Rights, and sent Court a Motion to quash the subpoena sent by the Rex Venture Group receiver Kenneth Bell. Now after reading over the motion it does raise some additional questions…

Updated November 29th, 2012: Receiver Filed Motion Against Quashing The Subpoena… Worth Reading!!!

Opposition to Motion of Non-Party to Quash Subpoena

Exhibit A – Exhibit A Revised Subpoena to N. Woods

Exhibit B – Proposed Order

Woods is suggesting in his motion that the Receiver violated Rule 45 of the U.S. Code governing subpoenas.

However, since this was a “voluntary subpoena packet”, meaning the Receiver has not sued anyone specifically yet, and from my understanding the subpoenas were not signed by the court, then it seems these packets act as NOTICE that in the future anyone who doesn’t work with, or at least respond to the Receiver, will be sued, and there is nothing to quash.

If this is true, then although I support Mr. Woods for exercising his rights, I do not see that the Court will quash his personal subpoena or any of the others.

I do however, after talking with some of the attorneys, feel the judge might see the subpoena as over-reaching and have the Receiver tighten up some of his requests.

In other Zeek Rewards and Fun Club USA news, the attorney for Fun Club USA, Rodney E. Alexander, entered his appearance on behalf of David Kettner, Mary Kettner, and David Sorrells. Now we do not know if this is why Fun Club USA is now requesting additional donations for the legal fund, or if after months of promising action, their TX attorneys are about to file Motions, and have asked for additional funds.

There is some special call tonight for Fun Club USA, and more news will be leaked I am sure by morning.

You can review all the Rex Venture Group, LLC. aka Zeek Rewards .vs SEC by clicking here.

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