Zeek Rewards News Reports NXPay Payments Active Again.


Hello Fine People!!!

GREAT NEWS!!! Effective immediately, Zeek’s NxPay is loaded for bear and we will be paying out all NxPay cash requests. Payouts will begin occurring on Monday and some may rollover into Tuesday. All affiliates have between now and midnight Sunday night to request funds to be included in Monday’s commissions run.

Thank you all for your patience!!

Source: http://zeekrewardsnews.com/2012/07/great-news-nxpay-payments-active-again/

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19 thoughts on “Zeek Rewards News Reports NXPay Payments Active Again.”

  1. @Rick Bliss,

    What company are you referring?

    I do not know of any network marketing companies who take investments. Well outside of the public companies where someone can invest in the stock.

    Numis Network does sell numismatic collectible coins.

  2. invest your money if you want to.

    getting back what you invested is another question. What good does investing 1-10k do if you cant get it back in 90 days and then only able to get a fraction of that amount at a time.. This is what gives MLM a BAD NAME! Its only a matter of time.. Save your money and investments look for a real MLM company.

    overeas banks, red flag

    No REAL customers red flag

    waiting period to get your investment red flag

    You cant play both sides and win


  3. Way off the point, I recall Troy's article on How do Unique Bids Really Work, aka Zeek Rewards, DubLi Network, or BidiFy Part 2 about gaming, gamification, and online betting laws. A good article on online betting made Washington Times' front today – It's hot off the press. Apparently, U.S. Department of Justice reversed its position on online betting! A good indication that penny auction may stay permissible in the eyes of U.S. federals for years to come! Read on…


  4. The folks at bmlm just dont know when to stop. Their so called reporting is an absolute joke! Probably the quote that sums up the type of nonsense going on there is " Zeek admits to being a ponzi" Oz can you please show me where they said that? This was the title on one of his reports.Can we say sensationalism! I would respond on their site but they only let negative comments on the forum. This is very clear. Zeek may very well be a ponzi, pyramid or what ever else they come up with but guys and gals please substantiate your claims in some way and let people with valid points join the forum. You are doing a huge disservice to the whole community. Come on people if your going to spend all of your waking hours blogging back and forth please come up with some relavent reporting! Kchang, Please tell me does it make more sense that a small bank in Lexington couldnt handle Zeeks growth or Zeek needed a bigger bank that could handle their volume. Your statement was a " FALLACY" Not even trying to protect Zeek here.Who knows where this might end up. AT least on this site we get honest reporting on the good and the bad which is what we all need.

  5. gen3benz,

    So I can fully understand your comment, what do you mean by "unverified email address?

  6. Considering retail customer accounts can be created with an unverified email address…..you be the judge.

    Do you have any customers buying "retail bids"?

    "Retail bids" are the only external revenue for zeekler.

    If every "retail bid" is matched 100% with VIP points(which convert to $ in 90 days) and 20% cash commission…..how is Zeekler making any profit?

  7. AC and Jibba Jabba,

    Have you visited the support forum? That is the perfect place to post your questions and get answers.

  8. I'm new to Zeek and trying to update to Diamond as I'm working on my downline and want to be able to get the commitions. Haven't been able to get a CC payment accepted yet…multiple attempts. Another option is to draft from nxpay. I've set up my nxpay account and funds drafted from my bank yesterday. However, they are not showing in my nxpay account. Does anyone know how long it takes nxpay to post funds loaded from a bank account? Also, it appears that Payza and Solidtrust are based in the UK and are not licensed to do business in my state yet. Any updates on this.

    , Stuck at Free affiliate 🙁

  9. Hello fellow Zeek affiliates,

    I have a nagging question that perhaps some may shed some light on.

    I recently utilized on of the services which deliver Zeekler customers straight to your ZR back office.

    I bought 10 customers and noticed a shared trait between those customers and the ones provided by the "Company Pool" – – they all contain a name followed by numbers.

    If these were actual customers enrolling themselves, why are they all so similar? You'd think that Mr. Boating Enthusiast may choose "boatdude" instead of his true name and some numbers, always numbers.

    They seem fake/unsuspecting and If the main component of the business model relies on purchased bids, where does that income originate if people can collect free bids instead of bothering to buy them?




  10. Bruce,

    It seems your comment is in the middle of a thought. Can you give us a little clearer understanding of what you are trying to get across?

  11. So what. You got your money yet? Why will they not let you pay with available cash anymore? Sounds bad to me.

  12. ALERT ALERT!! I just checked out http://www.mlmrankings.com and Zeekrewards has just jumped from 10th to number 2!!! We are now right behind Avon and Mary Kay!!!!


  13. Troy On the Picture above there is a Debit Card Called Zeek Debit Card, is that coming out as well ?

  14. Once again, ZR delivers what they said they would. Maybe it's not as fast as everyone wanted, but Paul Burks said he hoped to bring it back and they have. This has been my experience with ZR for the past year. They do what they say, even when it takes more time than we'd like, as most of us want our money yesterday. Having said that, I've always received my commissions within a few days of when it was expected, and that now totals high 5 figures for the year.

    I wonder how far Zeek will have to go down the road before the critics quietly slink away, as I've been listening to unsubstantiated libel against this company for months, which has so far been proven wrong at every turn. Go back and look at some of the stuff that was said a year ago, and see whether it's proven true or not. I think it's prudent to critically examine any business, but the attacks on ZR without evidence by those who know nothing more than I do about what goes on inside the company has become dull and shrill.

  15. I believe they mean if you have pending payouts already in place for 7/23 to alertpay or stp, you can change it to nxpay. Of course, it would be nice to actually be able to DO that, there is no clawback option in place at this moment. Hoping they will add it asap

  16. Does this mean that they are no longer going to require a 2 week waiting period? It seems they are saying that if you request money this weekend, you get it on Monday or Tuesday. Generally, there's a two week lag. I wonder if they have changed the policy.

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