Zeek Rewards News: Phillip G. Young Attorney At Law Willing To Work With Former Zeek Rewards Affiliate In Clawback Issues

With all the Clawback packets that have gone out to former affiliates, I reached out to find an attorney who is not connected with any former owners, affiliates or consultants of Rex Venture Group, LLC, to see if they can help former affiliates understand their their rights and obligations surrounding the Clawbacks. Below is Phillip G. Young’s information.

ATTENTION: :  “Do not contact Phillip unless you’ve been served with a subpoena packet from the Receiver.”  

Phillip G. Young Attorney At Law

Phillip’s contact info

Phillip G. Young pyoung@gmylaw.com
Garfinkle, McLemore & Young, PLLC
22 Public Square, Suite 12
Columbia, Tennessee 38401
Tel: 931.381.0057
Fax: 931.381.0058

GMY Law, PLLC, is a boutique law firm specializing in bankruptcy, corporate restructuring, investigation of financial fraud and receivership. For three decades, we’ve helped our clients develop bankruptcy strategy, recover funds and navigate the uncertainty of insolvency.

Our depth of business and financial expertise qualifies us to help you make the right decisions with both out-of-court restructurings and bankruptcy proceedings. And our experienced litigation team provides vigorous advocacy when you need it most.

Our experience includes:

Unraveling complex Ponzi schemes and other frauds to maximize recovery for its victims
Negotiating work-out agreements on behalf of banks or debtors
Serving as Trustee in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies
Serving as Receiver in state and federal court receivership proceedings

GMY represents:

Debtors in Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13
Secured and unsecured creditors in personal and business bankruptcy matters
Defendants in adversary proceedings filed in Bankruptcy Court
Parties to complex commercial litigation
Victims of financial fraud

Phillip G. Young, Jr.

Phillip Young is an experienced corporate litigator. Before joining GMY Law in January, 2010, he practiced at Bass, Berry & Sims for eight years and then established his own firm. He works out of the GMY office in Columbia, Tennessee, as well as in the Nashville office. Phillip has represented some of the largest corporate debtors to file Chapter 11 in the Middle District of Tennessee, including Service Merchandise Company, Inc., Murray, Inc. and Regal Cinemas, Inc. He filed, prosecuted and resolved over 1100 adversary proceedings for the Service Merchandise estate.

In addition to representing corporate debtors, Phillip is routinely hired to represent Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees in the Middle District of Tennessee, defendants in adversary proceedings, and companies with claims (secured and unsecured) in bankruptcies throughout the country.

Harding University, BA, 1995

Vanderbilt University, JD, 2000

Honors and Achievements
Named one of “Mid-South’s Rising Stars” by Mid-South Super Lawyers

Board of Directors, Mid-South Commercial Law Institute

Board of Directors, Columbia Academy

Board of Directors, Columbia Main Street Corporation

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14 thoughts on “Zeek Rewards News: Phillip G. Young Attorney At Law Willing To Work With Former Zeek Rewards Affiliate In Clawback Issues”

  1. @John,

    I understand where you are coming from. The Receiver already has his proof, based on the fact (we talked about this in the video), Paul Burks consented to the allegations of the ponzi and did not fight the SEC. After receiving Paul Burks signed consent, the SEC attorneys filed those with the court and the Judge has accepted those, and appointed the Receiver to liquidate the estate of Rex Venture Group, and to recover as much of the additional assets as possible from 3rd parties.

    Now, what has transpired in the last couple of weeks is the Receiver, sent out 1200 subpoenas to what seems to be the biggest promoters. The total number of “net winners” is about 100,000 from the court documents. But it is the top 1200 IDs that he is most interested in right now.

    Those who decide to voluntarily work with the Receiver, will not be included in the next step of the process. Those who decide to file objections (which is well within their Rights) will then more than likely be sued by the Receiver, for the full amount of the Subpoena and will have to prove they do not owe the their “winnings” to the estate of Rex Venture Group, LLC.

    We know that several of the 1200 have stated they will be objecting and fighting the Clawbacks, while others are willing to negotiate and get this behind them.

    I hope this helps.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  2. Thanks for the reply, but in the video in panel; discussion at

    They mention the receiver needs to proof the ponzi took place in court. That’s what I am referring to. The Receiver clawback work is ahead of the this court time. Any idea When is receiver scheduled to do the proving?


  3. @John,

    If seems you have some misinformation. There is not court case. The single owner of Rex Venture Group, LLC, consented to the complaint filed by the SEC and surrendered Zeek Rewards to the SEC along with paying a $4 million dollar civil fine. That part of the case is finished.

    Now, since the subpoenas that have been sent are on a voluntary basis, any or all of those who received them are well within their Rights to respond back saying, thanks but no thanks… sue me!

    At that point, the Receiver will decide which “promoters” he will sue and then we will see some court cases on clawback issues.

    But, RVG being guilty has already been decided. I suggest you go read the Court documents so you better understand what has happened. http://mlmhelpdesk.com/zeek-rewards-court-documents/

  4. Hi why is Receiver ahead of time doing clawbacks when the court case has not even started to determine guilty or not verdict?

    You mean that even after RVG is found not guilty, clawbacks will still happen?

    Anyone Please?

  5. @Troy,

    First I did shoot a video stating Global One was a company I would stay away from. I took a lot of heat for that one 🙂

    Founder spots are tricky. In most cases the companies only take money and never truly create a legal document which explains exactly what that position means.

    Without knowing if Global One had their attorneys create a specific document explaining what a “founders position” truly means… does it give extra percentage over the regular comp plan. Does it mean, there is a founders bonus pool. Do I get an exclusive teritory, etc. then the company does leave themselves open to legal interpretation.

    From an financial standpoint a “founder” means I paid into the company and I am not entitled to a percentage of ownership in that company. If the company has not provided and you have signed a document stating otherwise, then I would say the company could cause itself some issues.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  6. Troy,

    So Funky Shark shuts down because attorneys told them they could not sell founders spots because it would be considered an investment. I am curious what this means for Global One. They took $23 from 1000s of members for founders spots. Any advice you can give us on Global One aka Ultimate Power Profits. You had told me several months ago you were going to report on this company and I dont ever recall seeing anything.

  7. @Zeek Freak,

    I am not sure if you remember, but tens of thousands promoted Zeek as an Investment… Sending spreadsheets, creating videos and talking about the ROI, as a Return on Investment, which is what caused all these issues.

    So to try and pretend that did not happen, is either a really ignorant argument, and someone is trying to blow smoke up someones butt.

  8. @Zeek Freak,

    Hmmm… Well that is true, if these are the 1200 Subpoenas. It may be that these are just the voluntary clawback packets, and the 1200 Subpoenas will start to hit first of the week.

    Also for clarification, the Subpoenas do NOT have to be sent certified mail. They can also be sent via private carrier, or through a federal or state approved process server, and/or a U.S. Marshal or local county sheriff.

    I do agree you have the right to remain silent. However, based on the recorded calls, emails, FaceBook comments and thousands of comments, and youtube videos, many have already given up their right to remain silent.

    And, if more folks would read the court documents, they might find that, there are some items they had better answer before Nov 16th. Getting a good attorney who understands these issues would be a good choice.

  9. You need to be “personally” served with a subpoena. Bell just sent out the subpoenas through certified mail, thus Bell is fishing for information which you don’t have to give.

    “We have the right to remain silent” is what I remember as part of our rights.

    Unless someone personally serves you a subpoena, don’t worry about it for now.

    Things are going to change BIG time in the next week or two, you watch, you wait and you’ll see.

  10. You didn’t get taken for $5,000.00. You agreed to purchase bids to give away as samples but didn’t get a chance to because the SEC stepped in.

  11. @Judith Ankenbruck,

    The Receiver will be putting up a claims form soon at ZeekRewardsReceivershp.com

    You can also keep watching here because we will announce it when it happens.

  12. @Artur,

    Been getting contacted all day. Will reach out to Frode and see what I can find out. I was concerned that with the change to a legit compensation plan, that many of the affiliates might bail.

    If Frode does decide to go back to the old plan, then it would be very wise to pull completely out of the USA, or the same thing that happened to Zeek might happen to BidiFy.

  13. Hey,Troy. Could it be possible to report also on Bidify what is going on there? seems a huge mess there. There is going rumours that bidify going back to old compensation plan as it was before zeek changes. What do you think about it? Do you have any info?
    Intresting is that till now you needed to pay 100 euros and also get 3 people who pay it, to get at first levlel – team trainer. And avarage as daily bonuses you there was get just 1 euro, so it’s 30 euros, but next month you agen need 100 pv (100euros), so you need pay agen from your pocket. what’s your opinion? Maybe just penny auction is not supossed to be mlm?

  14. I am a school teacher in Fort Wayne IN. I was taken for $5,000.00, by Zeek. They cashed my cashiers check(I have copies) just days before the crash.. I have tried sending my info to other addresses, and it would not “send”. Can you help me get my info to the right person?

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