Zeek Rewards News: Former RVG Communication Director Clifton Jolly Talks With Attorney Ron Poelman An Expert In SEC Compliance.

Clifton Jolly is well known inside the network marketing community as an expert in communication. He now heads up the MLM.com website and was for a brief period the Chief Communication Director of Rex Venture Group. Today he talks with Attorney Ron Poelman, who is an expert in SEC issues. Their conversation is focused 100% on Zeek Rewards and the SEC Complaint that has been filed.

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16 thoughts on “Zeek Rewards News: Former RVG Communication Director Clifton Jolly Talks With Attorney Ron Poelman An Expert In SEC Compliance.”

  1. Great that you are moving on. But as for worrying about submitting your information to the receiver for your refund and thinking it could come back to haunt you??? Well you better start worrying about the MONGERS that have all your personal information when you joined ZR.

  2. Who’s spreading this vicious rumor? Clearly people who spread this rumor does NOT want you to get a refund by playing with your fears! (the more money for them!)

    PARTICIPATING in a ponzi scheme is NOT illegal.

    BENEFITING in a ponzi scheme is, but only if you KNOW it was fraud, and you basically give up any “ill-gotten gains” and the government won’t go after you any more. AND that takes lawsuits (i.e. clawbacks)

    CREATING AND RUNNING a ponzi scheme is obviously illegal.

    So what exactly are you worried about?

    A significant portion of Ad Surf Daily ponzi victims was hit by fear mongers and did NOT register for restitution. Those who registered and were verified got 100% of their money back, and government still have money left over, so the trustee is petitioning the judge to reopen the restitution process to pass out the rest of the money in a THIRD ROUND!

    If you prefer NOT to get your money, go right ahead. But don’t blame the government. Blame the fear mongers.

  3. Everything you affiliates did are legal except for wording issues.

    However, it doesn’t say anything about what the corporate office did is legal.

    To borrow one of Oz’s analogies… Let’s say a country had outlawed shorts. Your company sells ‘quarter-length pants’. You affiliates are following corporate directive in not calling them shorts, but “quarter-length pants”. However, selling “quarter-length pants” is still going to be illegal.

  4. SEC has been in contact with Burks long before Zeek was shut down on August 17.

    Burks own attorney hinted at this collaboration, where he stated that “hundreds of thousands of documents” were turned over in a period of cooperation with the SEC before the company closed. This was in one of the motions filed with the court to oppose the receiver freezing more of Burks personal assets (the motion was granted and the freezing was denied).

    Another data point is the cancellation of red carpet event AND all the training calls for the week leading up to Z-day.

    Face it: Burks had at least a week (more like three) to discuss his defense strategy with his various attorneys, include Nehra / Waak, and maybe even Grimes. Why they did not take it to trial, I do not know, but given that Burks plead “no contest”, it’s would be a reasonable assumption that he DID consult with them, and they AGREED with that decision. Yes, that’s an ASSUMPTION, but a very reasonable one, IMHO.

    Noell Tin, Burks’ attorney, had LONG experience defending both criminal and civil trails. He once represented Charis Johnson of 12DailyPro Ponzi, predecessor to Andy Bowdoin’s Ad Surf Daily Ponzi, as well as many other people accused of white collar crimes. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

  5. Q: I am considering now, NOT TO APPLY FOR A RE-FUND…

    The Zeek Rewards Program is now currently deemed a illegal ‘Ponzi Scheme’ according to the SEC.

    HELP ME HERE…I don’t think its smart to submit your name, address, social security number, phone, e-mail etc etc to the government and affirm that you were involved in a “Ponzi Scheme”, this could come back to haunt you!

    Ponzi Schemes are illegal, the claim information you submit to the government will be on your record with the government forever…correct?

    I know many companies don’t tell us exactly whats going on behind the scenes, and a lot of innocent people can get hurt, is this a excuse?

    I am choosing to leave my info/refund in the terabytes of massive data they have and move on…as getting 10-20 cents on the dollar back seems too much hassle for the trouble it may give you.

    This has been stressful and I have had enough…I am going to spend my time relaxing and building another business…

    Is the Safe play to stay away ??? (i think YES)

  6. Why were affiliates taking a compliancy test and being assured that according to the “legal team” everything was compliant and completely legal? So many of us got involved believing this was true.

    And we were repeatedly informed we were not purchasing securities. Based on all the talk about the legal team and compliancy, again the affiliates had every reason to believe Zeek was following the letter of the law. As well as Paul Burks being glorified as such a humble, kind man who wants to help the little guy succeed. But, why would he give up so easily?

    Why weren’t they given time to make the adjustments and release Zbates which would have increased the number of customers?

    This has all been so difficult to process, with so many unanswered questions. Thank you Troy for relaying the most current facts and attempting to find the truth.

  7. @karl,

    There seems to have been, maby months of conversation between Paul Burks and the SEC. But you are correct, there does’s seem to have been any conversation between the SEC, Burks personal attorneys and the executives or the company or the corporate legal team.

    Which is still confusing to me.

  8. I’m okay with the investigation part and that some due process was started, my problem is that it never got past that.

    Maybe it’s just the way the SEC has communicated their information regarding this case, but I haven’t gotten the sense that there was a significant amount of time spent between Paul Burks, the Executive team and the SEC to gather all the information regarding this business model to reach a formal decision.

    Unless there was “proven criminal intent” from the beginning to create a Ponzi by Zeek (which I don’t believe there was)- I don’t think it should have played out in this manner. If the initial “intent” was good by Zeek and the business got off track as many of the best businesses do- they should have been fined by the SEC, been required to submit a plan of correction to the SEC to right the ship, been placed on probation and been subject for a six month review and an annual review by the SEC to ensure they are adhering to their plan of correction and are within lawful guidelines.

    There are patients in hospitals that have lost their lives due to sentinel events. It was not the “intent” of the hospital to kill anyone, but sometimes processes become outdated even with best efforts and need to be updated. Upon the unexpected death where the hospital is to blame, a survey by a federal regulatory agency is initiated. Generally, after all the information is reviewed, the hospital will have to create a plan of correction to help ensure that something like that never occurs again.

    The plan is reviewed and accepted by the agency and followed up on with future surveys to make sure they are adhering to the plan. The hospital is not shut down. No one lost their life to Zeek and there hasn’t been any reports that anyone was negatively financially impacted as a result of Zeek. I just strongly feel if “criminal intent” wasn’t the original design of the company, then every business should be given the opportunity to correct itself. Let us have the option to keep our money in or take it out, but to have it frozen and earning nothing because of the SEC’s actions- I’m now being negatively impacted financially by having my money frozen in some account. In the meantime, millions of dollars have been removed from the U.S. economy. If it was “criminal intent” from the beginning, why isn’t Burks in handcuffs waiting for trial to prove his innocence?

  9. @Karl,

    Like you I want to see due process in a Court of Law. However, to some degree due process has taken place.

    1. NC DOJ stepped in and started an investigation.

    2. The US Government through the SEC had also been doing an investigation which trumped anything the NC DOJ was doing.

    3. The single owner of Rex Venture Group, LLC. the parent company of Zeek Rewards, and the owner of the company (see your P&P) decide after reviewing the evidence the SEC provided his attorneys, to content to giving them his company and $4 million in fines instead of allowing the corporate legal team he had hired to defend the company.

    As a private US Citizen he has the right to dispose of his assets any legal way he decides. Now in taking the action he did, he has given an opening for the SEC to proceed with clawbacks on those who are seen to have also been promoters with him in this ponzi.

    Although, I do not like to think there may be evidence that could clear the business model, or at least have shown where the corporate legal team was wrong, or where Rex Venture Group management did not heed the advice of the legal team, I realize this may never happen.

    ANd, as one community member wrote… If Paul Burks was totally in the clear, he would have fought to protect his family name.

  10. We’ve been a victim of the SEC not ZeekRewards. This is America, correct? No government agency should be able to shut down a business without due process.

    The only protection we as citizens or business owners have between government is the courts.

    If Zeek was found to be guilty of selling unlicensed securities, selling investments or determined to be a Ponzi by a court, then I can accept that, but this was a case that was still in the investigation process and how this can happen in America without a business having the opportunity to defend itself is unspeakable.

    There was never the opportunity for both sides to plead their case in a courtroom- this was a one sided case. As a Zeek affiliate, I was never under the impression whatsoever that I was making an investment or buying securities. Every two weeks I pay into Social Security as well as every other working American.

    Are we not making an “investment” into having that available to us when we retire? If you’re going to call Zeek a Ponzi- then I’m calling Social Security the biggest Ponzi in history- I can say that correct- we are now just going off opinions and speculation without due process. Since the SEC was saving the American people from themselves of a business that was on the “verge” of collapse, what’s taking so long with Social Securtiy- we’ve been hearing reports of this system on the “verge” of collapsing for quite some time. I would like all my money returned to me from what I’ve contributed.

    I guess there is a new law in place now that any business on the “verge” of not being profitable will be shut down to save the consumer- maybe I should begin to “invest” in plywood since there will be a lot of that being used to board up business windows. Please notify me who the new Receiver will be for Social Security so I can get in line to get my money back.

    Isn’t “new money” from our youth entering into the workforce and those of us that haven’t retired being used to pay those that are no longer working? Is the money I’ve been “investing” for the last 35 years going to be there when I want to cash out upon my retirement or will my 16 and 18 year old have it there for their retirement? Social Security doesn’t have a “product” to sell, so where does the money come from to make payouts? I think you know. The only difference is you can’t get your hands on a dime of it until you are of retirement age and hopefully more than a dime will be there for you.

    Zeek was paying daily. Do you think the 401k you “invest” in is guaranteed? Are there lines of people outside of the HR office where you work asking the question “does this really work- will this really be there when I retire?” What is the “product” in a 401k? Do you have any influence on how your 401k peforms? What’s the product in my health insurance- I’m a healthy individual and rarely use my benefits, yet my premiums don’t go down- why is that? Is it because the premiums that I pay for my benefits that I don’t need to use because I “invest” in my health are being used to pay for those that don’t take care of their health? What would happen if we all got sick tomorrow- would our insurance companies be on the “verge” of collapse because they wouldn’t have enough money to pay all of the claims? More plywood please- ah yes, my new investment in plywood has such a bright future! I’ve “invested” in these systems a whole lot of money- so much more than my purchases of bids with Zeek.

    At least with Zeek, there was a cap of $10,000 I could purchase for life. My risk was anywhere between $10 and $10,000. Everyone was aware that as with any business there is risk and you don’t spend more than you can afford to lose. There aren’t any protests about State lotteries or casinos where there are no caps on how much people can lose. You don’t think that the cards are stacked in favor of these businesses? People have lost everything they have in casinos and then more than they have in many cases, but the government isn’t “saving” those people from themselves.

    If we all request a cash call at our banks, is there going to be enough cash to pay all of us? If not, how come- you mean banks use “my” money to invest? The bottom line is we are all looking for opportunities to improve our lives and support our families. We believe in MLM’s because we are all chasing the residual income dream that we can hopefully pass down to our children. I think any MLM that someone can succeed with is great- I haven’t been involved in MLM’s for too long, but a bit discouraged that there seems to be more tearing down of each others businesses than support in this community. Zeek’s downfall and all of MLM’s downfall is that we don’t have a strong lobbying force in Washington like casinos, insurance companies, banks, etc.

    I would hope that going forward, the MLM community can work together instead of trying to divide and touting of ones MLM being better than someone elses and come over and play on my team. If Zeek ever gets their day in court and found to be guilty of the charges, then that’s all I want as a busines owner and an American and we move forward and chase our next opportunity in hope of improving our lives and that of our children.

  11. The truth is at 10:58 mark:

    Paul Burks is a magician, with long experience in tricking people.

    Apparently, Burks managed to play a trick on 2 million people. Gotta be world record.

  12. I am really tired of hearing these attorneys explaining the definition of an investment.

    I wonder how many times a Finacial Adviser has told their client that the investment they bought only grows if you advertise for it! Seriously, Madoff was selling Investments!!!

    I would love to see an interview with an SEC attorney that actually Researched the business model before speaking.

    This guy sounded great, but he didn’t mention, or forgot to mention what would happen to your bids if you didn’t advertise or introduce the business model to others!


  13. Mr. Clifton Jolly it sounds like you are going on some one else is easement of what zeekrewards was a bought.more field work is need to fined the truth.

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