Zeek Rewards News: Court Documents From August 17 2012 To October 31th 2012

Most former Zeek Affiliates have been asking for a complete list of Rex Venture Group LLC, court documents. Although some of the documents are sealed and can’t be viewed by the public, here is a complete list of the documents I have been able to gather covering the Zeek Rewards court case. As new documents become available, I will post them on this page and reset the publish date to a current date. Updated October 9th, 2012

I want to give Don Ryan of ASD Updates 100% credit for continuing to provide the most current up to date court documents on the Rex Venture Group LLC. case.

UPDATE From Receiver October 31th 2012

Letter From Kenneth D Bell October 2012
Letter From Kenneth D Bell September 2012
Letter From Kenneth D Bell August 2012

The SEC vs. Rex Venture Group, LLC aka Zeek Rewards Complaint.

The Court Docket Putting Setting The Court Date

Motion To Seal

Motion To Appoint Temporary Receiver

Consent of Defendant Rex Venture Group LLC.

Judgement of Defendant Rex Venture Group LLC.

Consent of Defendant Paul R. Burks

Judgement of Defendant Paul R. Burks

Judge David Keesler Signed To The Case

CharlesSCHWAB Freezes Accounts

Statement of Assets NewBridge Bank

Temporary Receiver Motion To Amendment Of Agreed Order Appointing Temporary Receiver And Freezing Assets of Defendant Rex Venture Group LLC.

Temporary Receiver Motion To Amendment Of Agreed Order Appointing Temporary Receiver And Freezing Assets of Defendant Rex Venture Group LLC.

Four Oaks Bank & Trust Motion For Additional Time

Certified Statement Of Synovus Bank

Certified Statement of Premier Bank

Defendant Paul R. Burks’ Response To Receiver’s Motion Seeking Amendment To Of Agreed Order Appointing Temporay Receiver and Freezing Assets of Defendant

Order Granting In Part And Denying In Part The Receiver’s Motion Seeking Amendment To Of Agreed Order Appointing Temporary Receiver and Freezing Assets of Defendant Rex Venture Group LLC

Answer to Order of Branch Banking And Trust Company

Preferred Merchants Solutions LLC Response To Court

Four Oaks Bank & Trust Certified Statement

NZSystems Inc Certified Statement Of Defendant’s Assets

First Premier Bank First Amended Certified Statement Of Defendant’s Assets

ALDO M. LEIVA Application For Admission To Practice PRO HAC VICE On Behalf of InternetDynamo Inc.

Motion To File Materials Under Seal By Receiver

Sworn Statement Of Receivership Defendant Rex Venture Group, LLC. d/b/a/ ZeekRewards.com

Cash, Real Property & Other Receivership Property

Notice Of Filing Of Sworn Statement Of Receivership Defendant Pursuant To Paragraph 9 Of The Agreed Order Appointing Temporary Receiver And Freezing Assets Of Defendant REX VENTURE GROUP, LLC

Order Granting Admission PRO HAC VICE LALDO M. LEIVA

Sworn Statement Of Receivership Defendant REX VENTURE GROUP LLC d/b/a ZEEKREWARDS.COM

Sealed Documents 34 – 38

Notice Of Appearance For Rodney E Alexander and Michael J. Quilling For Fun Club USA, Inc.

Corporate Disclosure Statement Of FUN CLUB USA, INC.

Application Of MICHAEL J. QUILLING For Admission To Practice PRO HAC VICE

Notice Of Appearance Sarah E. Bennett On Behalf Of Defendants Rex Ventures Group, LLC d/b/a ZeekRewards.com and Paul Burks

Notice Of Appearance C. Melissa Owen On Behalf Of Defendants Rex Ventures Group, LLC d/b/a ZeekRewards.com and Paul Burks

Notice Of Appearance Noell P. Tin On Behalf Of Defendants Rex Ventures Group, LLC d/b/a ZeekRewards.com and Paul Burks

Notice Of Appearance Irving M. Brenner On Behalf Of Kenneth R. Bell Temporary Receiver over Defendant Rex Venture Gorup, LLC. d/b/a ZeekRewards.com

Notice Of Appearance Jennifer L. King On Behalf Of Kenneth R. Bell Temporary Receiver over Defendant Rex Venture Gorup, LLC. d/b/a ZeekRewards.com

Order Granting Admission PRO HAC VICE concerning MICHAEL J. QUILLING

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 3:12-cv-00519-GCM

Order Granting Admission PRO HAC VICE concerning JEREMY D. FREEMAN

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 3:12-cv-00519-GCM October 8th 2012

Preliminary Liquidation Plan of Rex Venture Group LLC, aka Zeek Rewards





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78 thoughts on “Zeek Rewards News: Court Documents From August 17 2012 To October 31th 2012”

  1. @Don,

    Please forgive my oversight on this issue. I have the team working on this when I am running and I should have taken care of this in the very beginning. I will go right now and correct this my friend. Your work is priceless in the Zeek case and the ASD case.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  2. Troy,

    I see that some of the Zeek documents you link to came from my Files website. I have no problem with you posting them, but you could credit them or mention my site some where.

    I know they came from my site because the PACER login on the docket files are mine.



  3. dear Troy! I invested some dollars to Zeekrewards, and never get out any cent of it..
    should I write or do something to get my money back one day, or just wait and they will send the refund (or not)?
    the question is should I do something so they recognize me someday?
    thank you in advance

  4. Does anyone know how much the tickets are for the Nashville event in regards to Zeek? Last time I checked my upline was selling them for $1,500 each. I’m so excited to go next month and learn. Who else is going? Troy, will you be speaking at this event?

    Thank you

    –Creme of Sum Yung Gai

  5. Zeek will not be reopening. And anyone who purports that it is, is nothing more than a liar and manipulator.

  6. sir u know about zeekler its website again reopen have any chance here i invest some money here on zeek pls tell me about zeek its reopen again and when its open?reply

  7. @Samall,

    Not yet, outside of the documents I have published. I figure with all the attorneys who have filed their appearance have slowed all activity.

  8. Dan,

    Like you I am waiting for answers. With all the attorneys who have entered their appearances I would guess that this slowed the process so these attorneys can file their lawsuits or complaints against the actions of the Receiver or the SEC directly.

    I do agree that the attorneys are the ones making all the money right now.

  9. October 8th of this year or next year??? Seams to me the only one making money in ZEEK now is the ATTORNEY thats not my opinion thats a FACT

  10. if you think they are all Ponzi scams? (zeekrewards, bannersbroker, profitklikking, whealth4allteam)

  11. @George,

    I have done a little coverage on it. Search the site through the search engine and you should find what I wrote. I do question the business model.

  12. Hello Troy!

    I would like to ask you what you think of the BannersBroker business? It seems to me that a reliable business, firm footing.

  13. @Jason,

    Not sure exactly what you mean. If you are referring to the Receiver submitting his liquidation plan, it takes a few days for the Judge to review and accept or deny the plan.

    Not sure if he did file it today or not.

  14. I’ve notice that quite a few ponzi/fraud promoters and operators to have ties with the “sovereign citizen” movement.While not exactly a terror organization ,they do have an unheatlthy disrespect for the law which sometimes ends with deadly results and have been classified as domestic threat by the FBI.

    Perhaps Zeek might fall in with these crowds?

  15. Bryson,

    I have put our caution flags on all penny auctions not because they are wrong, just because the competition is stiff right now, and many folks are joining them based on what they think they know. Bidxcel does has solid leadership, from outside MLM and inside. And their tech team seem to know their stuff.

    Global 1 has good momentum, and they have put their penny auction on hold. The concern there is many of the folks from Zeek flew there for the penny auction and I am not sure how many might stay.

  16. @Judy,

    It should be cleared up once the Receiver is through clearing all the accounts that are connected and the ones that are not.

  17. Looks like they were paying out way more than the 50% of the profits if they took in 162 and paid out 160.

  18. As a relatively new Zeek Rewards affiliate, I have lost money like others. But some of the comments have me puzzled. People commenting about the SEC was out to shut down Zeek seems a bit strange. We got upset when the SEC wasn’t paying attention to Wall Street INC, and now we get upset about them actually doing something. I know when it personally affects people things get emotional, but from what I’ve read, the SEC has been looking into this for many months. I would also suspect that the SEC and their vast team of analysts, lawyers, compliance officers, etc wouldn’t move on this (due to fear of legal reprisal) unless it was a pretty sure thing. And it was an unsustainable business model (per the SEC and their legion of analysts, lawyers, etc…). As per the owner, his track record isn’t looking too good, so I have a hard time believing it was an honest mistake. Oh, and government is not a valid business model… even though we wish it was. Best of luck to everyone.

  19. we put money in e-wallet the day befor it collapsed, but had not authorized it to go to zeek yt, but we cannot get it back, any ideas?

  20. Dear Troy Dooly:
    I didn,t get a penny back until right now。
    when the claim back be available .please let me know
    so I can fill up the form to request My money back.thank you for your help!

  21. Troy What is your opinion of BidEcell , Global 1 ect… Are these just another short ride venture?

    Thanks Bryson.

  22. @Long Le,

    Mr. Bell has stated a template form will soon be available for you to download from the site, and I will also post it here at MLM Help Desk when it becomes available.

  23. Dear Troy,

    I felt that everything around us are ponzi schemes. If governments run ponzi schemes, it will always be legal. But if others do so, it is illegal and is considered a ponzi scheme. From what I had heard, there were like 8 complaints in regards to Zeekrewards. 7 complaints were solved except 1. I think someone was trying to intentionally shut down Zeekrewards on purpose. On October 8, 2012, will Kenneth Bell allow us to submit claims on the website so that we all can get a refund??

    Long Le

  24. Ali,

    The Receiver will be posting a liquidation program around the 8th of October. You can find it at http://www.ZeekRewardsReceivership.com

  25. Tory will you do report about if the Federal Reserve is a good business model or a ponzi? Do you think it would pass the test that was put to ZEEK REWARDS?

  26. Dreamland is way better than believing that people are only out to screw others. I know someone that sat down with Burke & he believes it wasn’t in his heart to do something like this. What it was was bad book keeping . In the video before Aug 17th he said he was trying to find something everyone could do & with Zeek Rewards he found it. Out of this he changed MLM & once they get the bugs out & satisfy the SEC this could change others lives. Besides if he were scaming us he wouldn’t have paid out the 160 million of the 162 million who cares about the 2 million they have to profit plus pay a lot of employees.

  27. Dear sir how i get refund my money from zeek me have uploaded money via payza and Stp so please can i able to refund please tell me its possible

  28. @ Barry,

    You are still dreaming or living in denial. Master scammer, Paul Burkes dumped you and me here and ran into hiding without a trace.

  29. We have to remember that Paul Burkes paying the penalty wasn’t a admission of guilt. Come on you guys be more positive we have to hope that Zeek gets up & running & the government helps them do so. It will be a tax grab for all Countries.

  30. You have a good question about Bidifty. How about those ponzi programs that are advertised in those popular message boards. The government should have shut them down, not Zeek which is an American company that pays tax and hires US workers. I have a feeling that Zeek was an easy target. This makes me think that the regulators are not competent enough to do their job. They only go after easy target. But Zeek is a legal company that wants to do anything to comply with the laws. The US government didn’t have to shut it down. They could have just told Zeek what was not legal and needed changes. I think it’s kind of abuse of power by the regulators.

    I’m fed up.

  31. @Brian,

    Well you do bring up good points. I think maybe it goes back to that phrase we heard a few years ago… “To Big To Fail!”

  32. NO but why isn’t Morgan Stanley shut down? How about Fannie Mae?? Freddie Mac?? The government’s role is to suppress as many people as possible and when some is actually becoming independent they come in and shut it down!! My question is why was Bidify, a CLONE, allowed to make changes but NOT Zeekrewards?? SIMPLE, not too many people were making money!!

  33. @Tony T,

    Attorney’s in cases all operate differently. Some use the media to their advantage and the advantage of their clients, while others put gag orders on their clients and tell them NOT to talk with anyone.

    As I have reported several times I have a strong reason to believe that the investigation is not finished, but the Secret Service, FBI and others. And even the SEC Receiver has issued additional motions wanting to change the original Consent by Paul Burks and has not filed several documents under Seal.

    As long as this continues, I doubt you, me or anyone will hear from the principle personalities involved.

    Since Paul’s Consent ONLY covered himself, until deals are cut for other folks, or they are cleared of any wrong doing, they will not be speaking.

    I would not see silence as a sign of guilt or innocent, it is just a smart move by the attorneys.

  34. Troy,
    Can you offer an opinion as to why we have not heard one single official word from any of the Zeek principals? I understand the ongoing case, but I also from all I have read only seen Mr. Burks being held responsible. Why has no statement come from Greg Caldwell, Darryl Douglas, Dawn Wright Oliveras, et al? Or even third party reps like Peter Mingles, Keith Lagos or any of the representing law firms? It seems there would be noting incriminating, or harmful if any one of these leaders would stand up and give some acknowledgement to the situation.
    I find the lack of any public statements from these leaders we trusted to be the most hurtful aspect of this situation. It seems the only ones willing to keep us informed are you and Oz. Sorry to lump you together, but I respect that at least you both continue to stay concerned in keeping us informed.
    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  35. Muhamad,

    I hope you enjoy being monitored and investigated by Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA, NSA and every other alphabet soup U.S. federal agency charged with protecting U.S. people and property. Alluding to killings of “…american sitizens…” was not a very smart move on your part at all. If the loss of Zeek ticked you off, wait until these folks are up your rear end like a giant hemorrhoid…

    Good luck with that,


  36. its all the fraud of govt sec politician and attorney they want to eat away the money nothing else if it is ponzi when a single complain is launched they should stop the bid purchase by law as they shut down now also can open and make fomula according to accounts earnong people will withdraw their money back mak the withdraw instant receiver ship is the way of colapsing each and every penny of affiliates this is cheat

  37. @Claude,

    I do not think the ZTeamBiz is trying to prove so much that it was not a ponzi, and working to stop the clawbacks. Although this case to prove it is not a ponzi could be part of the case, if we take a look at ASD we can see the owner has pled guilty, and yet a case is still pending on the clawbacks.

    From what I have understood, even if the case were to go all the way to the Supreme Court, it would not open up Zeek Rewards, or stop the liquidation. It might stop the clawbacks, but I have not found where that has happened in a case of this size.

    Great question, some of the pros might have more info to share.

  38. @Barry,

    I am not sure we can say the business model was good, and still have limitations. I would agree that if the business model, could be tweaked to NOT be classified as a unregistered security or ponzi, and the average folks could still make money by growing a business, not from passive income, then we would have a solid business model.

    I would like to see if the legal team could have defended that position.

  39. @Muhamad,

    I can understand your anger. Now the Nazi would just keep the money. The Receiver for Zeek will make sure money does get back to those now classified as victims

  40. Oxymoron Scem !.. The SEC along with mr. Burks….They allowed burks to pay a Penalty of 4 millions Bucks of Affiliates hard earn money…. Which that money to was Accumalted by Burk tru ZeekRewards….that dont Make sense at all. The System we live in is too Flaud ,,,, and every one Walks over the Working Class ….dont get me Wrong….Shit happens….but all money seems to go right back to were its printed….if not it too stays at the top…the 1percent….How can a Criminal Pay the Goverment Penaltys from money which was Stolen and the ponzi master is set free, while we wait on Hope and Grace…We the Tax payers have a fund for Goverment its TAXeS….not Money for penaltys to be pay out by Money which were taking by Victims……Thanks

  41. the reciever, this nazi american off this nazi regime of usa is keeping the ponzi scheme by not letting the last affiliate take back their money. as long as this is going on the protests and the kiling of american sitizens will go on.

  42. Zeek turned out to be a good business model & if it were ‘t for the SEC others would have got their money back by now. Zeek Rewards should come back up of course with afew limitations. People that let their money grow to $18.000. They are able to collect about $2000 a month at a 80/20 split .That should be for all a 80/20 split. At this rate it still grows & so does your income now put a $10,000 limit a week some were taking 40 & 50 Grand out a week. This will work way better than trying to get what’s left after Kennith Bell. Let’s not be greedy.

  43. my bank told me the money being returned to my account didnt have anything to do with there investigation what im thinking happened as i joined zeek approx 2 days before it all collapsed so im thinking that the accounts were frozen so money could not go in or out of zeeks accounts so visa had no wheer to send the money except back to me

    who knows

  44. hi troy
    i was just thinking what would happen if zteambiz won the case and they did prove that it wasnt a ponzi !!!

  45. @Chiang, Chao-We!,

    Zeek will not reopen. The assets are being liquidated and refunds will be processed to those who are owed money.

  46. @J,

    I answered this above I think. Unlike a civil case where there can be “reasonable doubt”, in a criminal investigation in order to get a conviction, there must be NO reasonable doubt. I am sure from some of the information we have gathered, there is a criminal investigation still taking place.

  47. @Troy P,

    When a person chargesback” a charge the bank or credit card company will place it back as a credit, until the investigation is over. If they find it should not be charged back they will reverse it again.

  48. I read on the zeek rewards recievership website that the reciever plans to try to recover funds from zeek affilliates that did make more then they put in?

    not sure how affilliates will feel about that

    funny thing is i had initiated a charge back of my joining and annual fee and my bank rang me today to say they were still investigating but the weird thing is my annual fee and joining fee showed on my bank statement a few days ago as refunded by zeekler soul and when i said that to the guy from my bank he said that wasnt a result of my attempted charrgeback


  49. Hi Troy,

    Zeekrewards is finished and done. We need to learn to always expect the unexpected. I don’t think Troy is at fault because he provided everyone with his honest perspectives and information in regard to Zeekrewards. It is really up to an individual to do his/her due diligence and to decide to proceed forward. The more due diligence an individual does, the minimized the risk would be. It is up to people to make their own choices at the end. We all have to manage our own risks and not finger point at others especially Troy. Troy is here to help everyone. To troy, keep doing what you are doing.

    Long Le

  50. Troy Dooly I would like to ask:
    ZEEK really will re-open this?? When?? Like before, like this?? Really sorry English is not my mother tongue, my translation, please forgive me!! ^ ^



  53. Hello Troy –

    As always you are doing a fantastic job of gathering the facts and reporting them for the benefit of us all. I know a few people… friends and associates who have lost money and a bit of reputation around the Zeek Rewards affair. For their sake I appreciate your willingness to pursue the truth.

    Keep fighting the GREAT fight!

    James Holmes
    “The Cubicle Escape Artist”

  54. Troy, I was in ASD, and got back about 70% or so of inital “seed money”. I will say this, it is a long and painful process that will literally take years.

    ASD “victims” too petitioned for years and years, thinking the biz would come back, and it never did. Thats a common reaction when something like this happens…shock , then denial, and then reality eventually sets in.

  55. Try, I was in ASD, and got back about 70% or so of inital “seed money”. I will say this, it is a long and painful process that will literally take years.

    ASD “victims” too petitioned for years and years, thinking the biz would come back, and it never did. Thats a common reaction when something like this happens…shock , the denial, and then reality eventually sets in.

  56. @Long Le,

    You are correct. Kenneth Bell is now the Receiver of the assets. It is his responsibility to do everything in his power to make sure ALL assets can be recovered and the victims repaid.

    Not ALL affiliates will receiver their money back. Only those who had not pulled down all their money, will get a refund. We will not know for sure how much the affiliates will get back until after October 8th, when the Receiver files his liquidation plan.

    History has shown that victims do get their money back. Sometimes not all of it, but they do get a refund. How long is the question.

    I believe most if not all the victims at ASD have received their money back.

  57. @Alexander,

    That is from reading the court documents. Paul Burks is the single owner of Rex Venture Group LLc, the parent company of the marketing arm Zeek Rewards and the penny auction site Zeekler. Paul Burks, surrender his ownership along with $4 Million dollars to the SEC. The Receiver will be submitting his liquidation plan to the Judge on or before October 8th, 2012.

    So, this is not my opinion, it is the facts as presented in the court documents above.

  58. Troy it is your personal opinion about the case or it is an official report from the court that business is shutdown forever. I heard that there is a laws firms fighting with the SEC about the zeekrewards was a legal business model and they have the proof to shown in the court.
    Please tell me.

  59. @Troy,

    Based on my perspective, Temporary Appointed receiver Kenneth Bell has total control over all Zeekrewards’ assets. I do know for sure that all Zeekrewards Affiliates will definitely receive their start up funds back. Now this will raise more interesting questions. When will Zeekrewards Affiliates get their monies back? And second, Will ZR affiliates get 100% of their money back, if not, what percentage will ZR affiliates will be getting back? Im pretty sure that many ZR affiliates have many questions in mind that await for answer. My gut instinct is telling me that whenever the governments are in control and possesion of assets, governments will take forever to make progress on everything. Everyone here knows that our governments take more in than giving out or take money in fast and take forever to give money out. Thanks Troy for keeping everyone posted and up to date with Zeekrewards News. We all will await for your Zeekrewards updates. You are a great person with honor, integrity, determination, and good heart that always want to help everyone.

    Long Le

  60. sir we have no need of any thing but we need of bussiness and tell us true that when this bussiness restart again we do not know other thing we lisint wronge news daily tell us actual date of opening again .

  61. That Bufoooon Burkes was daytrading in a Schwab Street Smart account with millions of dollars LOL!! Gee I wonder where he got that money from? Cashier checks coming in by the 100s daily? Hmmmmm

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