Zeek Rewards Insider Purportedly Confesses To Alleged Ponzi Scheme And Hope For Some Victims According To Ricky Corn

Sunday I was sent an email where a purported Zeek Rewards insider has decided to confess. Now whether this is a true insider, or just many of the crazy things we will see in the upcoming months we may never know. But, it is remotely accurate, then any other MLM Penny Auctions where some of the Charter Members of Zeek Rewards go, could be the next to be hit by the SEC or Secret Service.

I received the following email in from Ricky Corn

[quote]Hey Troy thank you for responding. I contacted Elaine. Assistant of Kenneth bell I explained to her what I was doing. She said he wasn’t going to cash unchecked checks.

Some banks can cancel them some can’t. I’m trying to find all the legal info I can..   Money orders can deff be cancelled no doubt.  But different banks have different laws. Same as different states. If there is any way you can call me.

Thank you

Ricky Corn[/quote]

[quote]From: Troy Dooly
Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2012 4:24 PM
To: ‘Gregory J Caldwell’
Subject: FW: read this…before show.

Greg, can you respond to the following accusations?


The three lines highlighted below are completely false, which leads me to be highly suspect of the rest of his allegations.  He’s filling in blanks with speculation and supposition and, by claiming confessional shame, he hopes to be more believable.  After all, this would have been bigger than Madoff in the planning and execution.  

Still, sad this is what it will come to.


This was taken from (edited by Troy Dooly)

Anonymous Affiliate on August 19, 2012 at 5:49 pm said:

I can’t take it anymore, after reading all these comments I don’t care. I know everything that happened, I was greedy and I was selfish and I am exposing everything I know because I am probably the only affiliate high up that will do so:

I was personally introduced by a couple in Hawaii as I was vacationing about ZeekRewards and Zeekler. Daryl Douglas which I have connections with as well communicated on a regular basis. I was told I could join as an affiliate in May of 2011, and I signed on with 10K because I was told what nobody else besides us at the top were, and it was the following:

“ZeekRewards is designed as bid purchases but in reality the cash is from new affiliates, there is a design to slow the growth and plans to keep this running for at least 2 years before it crumbles.” The plans were shown to me clear in writing and I even had access to the actual earnings from the penny auction which was very low.

I knew I would make money, because a few affiliates were “planted” in some of the fastest growing MLM states, Florida, Utah and a couple others.
Every who was planted put in 10K or got a loan knowing they would get their return. Not only were we guaranteed are money back from Daryl Douglas and Dawn Wright Olivares, we had direct contact information. I myself spoke to Dawn about twice a week and I allegedly knew that this would fall apart in 2 years or just a bit less.

The month is November 2011: I start recruiting some people, showing them how much I am making. I am dishonest telling them I only started with $500 and where I am at now, which is only about 30,000 points from May. I am making about $500 per day and show a guy who is trying to sale me insurance. He looks at it and of course believes it signing up just a bit later.

I know from speaking to Dawn on a regular basis that we are nothing more then just a recruitment scheme, luring in people one after the next by telling people about the penny auctions and how much they make which in reality it makes up less than 2% of the profit coming in, but they don’t have to know that.

By December I start recruiting more people, but I start using Facebook knowing that I don’t want too many local enemies since I am doing everything out of my small business. I also know that the people in early will get their money back… it’s all timing and a recruiting game now.

I add as many friends as possible on Facebook (5,000) being the limit and build report, anyone who doesnt talk to me I delete and move to the next. I know that the money is there and Zeek continues to grow.

That month I become Senior Executive in ZeekRewards, I have my 6 diamonds and a few gold and silver affiliates. Nobody has put big money in yet other then $500 here and 1,000 there.

I get a call from Daryl Douglas, his account is nearing 400,000 VIP, he tells me how he recruits and his personal success.. I know I need to push the recruiting more.

I start working even harder at Zeek, but by this point and time one of the affiliates I recruited in November of 2011 is a recruiter himself. He pulls in doctors, lawyers and more even unapproved spreadsheets are going around showing what you will make. The business grows, but remember only a few planted affiliates know the true business model, we use our backoffices to lure people in with the large amounts we are making. We know better not to tell anyone else because when it all crashes it will trickle back up to us, we continue presenting the “penny auction” as usual.

By now I almost have 500 people in my Matrix and my account is over 100,000 VIP. I have pulled out just over 10K and show people proof of checks occasionally to lure them in. It works.

I start hosting group meetings out of my business getting the word out, the group grows and grows every week and so does my account, know that the bigger the VIP, the easier to lure people in and the more my cashout option will be.

By this time ZeekRewardsNews which is the official blog and news site ZeekRewards is launched keeps affiliates up to date as well as their Facebook page. The news site is only used to build a trusting relationship with readers, nothing more than just to lure people in.

Updates range from when the site will be down, maintenance, and upcoming details.

May 2012: This marks the date Zeek changes banks, the banks are offshore in South Korea. I have a personal call with Dawn and she tells me how fast the business is growing, gives me a few numbers of what we are making per day, at the time we are over 3 million per day- the actually penny auction site bringing in about 10-15k per day while the other is all affiliate money.

No more paper checks are being sent out by Zeek, simply because of using off-shore bank accounts, Zeek hides the mess by using ewallets NXpay, AlertPay and SolidTrust. Zeek hopes that some people wont know how to take the money from their account leaving more in for us we we cashout.

Zeek happily allowed anyone who requested money to take money out knowing that checks and proof would entice more people to join and put more money in- this worked just as was planned by Dawn, Daryl and Paul.

It’s the end of May 2012, I get an urgent call from Paul surprisingly, he tells me that the payouts and VIP accounts are growing to fast and he doesnt want to scare people away. He manages the Retail Profit Pool and continues to average it at 1.5% so others don’t pull their money out leaving more for all of us.

Paul uses about 1.9 to 2% on Thursdays, 1.4% Fridays and weekends are about 0.8%. I am told by Paul as well as Dawn later in a conference call to draw out money but not all of it.

Dawn: “Don’t draw all of your money out, it will be too suspicious for those who see your account and its under 10,000 VIP or really low” We don’t want people catching on, pull out a decent amount but leave quite a bit in there.

My VIP at the time was over 500,000… I drew out over $35,000 per week in increments. and I knew that all funds that I actually wanted had to be out soon.

It’s now the mid of June, I get call from Dawn telling me that the plugs will be pulled on the company in August and to take out what I need or can. I set my account to 0 taking out $60,000 here, $40,000 there totaling a little over $350,000 in the period of just 2 months.

I’m not allowed to tell anybody on my team, even the guy below me who has 2 accounts for him and his wife that total nearly 500,000 points. I give hints and recommend he takes some money out to take a nice vacation, he does pull out a little over $50,000.

I know that by exposing the scheme it will only be bad for me at this point and time, there is no point. I tell people on the team to 0 out their accounts to move over to Bids That Give (this was a hint) but few listened.

we are now in August, people still ask to see my account, even after pulling out over $350,000 recently my VIP remains at 474,000.

The final meeting I have people want to buy bids, I know I could refuse seeing that we are coming to an end, but that would only cause suspicion if I refused.

It’sTuesday August 14, just a few days before Zeek shuts down its site. I get a final call from Dawn telling me thank you, we are walking a way before we can continue paying out anymore. We talk and I know it’s coming to an end.

Dawn asks me where my VIP on the account is making sure I have a good amount in there to cover the trail, in the even I didn’t they could manually input the numbers for me. I did leave close to 500,000 in my account. In Zeek total since I started I have taken out close to $800,000 being the top guy in my state and knowing how the scheme worked and when it would end.

What I did was dishonest, greedy, hurtful and more. Why am I admitting this? Because I am ashamed, it doesn’t matter anymore. I created many debts as only a few people on my team pulled out what they initially made. It’s too late to come out and knowingly admit my name now…

All the updates on ZeekRewards News about prepaid cards, ZeekBates and other new stuff coming out was just a shame to funnel in more money and keep the money in the affiliates accounts.

I even told people that with the new updates the VIP earnings would double from the revenue, I lied. I did many wrong things,and now I admit them

You see, this was organized and disguised so well, that thousands of people got hurt. Call me an idiot, tell me to burn in hell, but I am the only affiliate in the upline with connections to Dawn, Daryl and Paul who will share my story- my story is the truth and I believe people should know for the sake of their own good.

Zeek was nothing more than a hurtful scheme, buying fake customers and more.[/quote]

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30 thoughts on “Zeek Rewards Insider Purportedly Confesses To Alleged Ponzi Scheme And Hope For Some Victims According To Ricky Corn”

  1. Does anyone know if we can really file on cashed money orders they received/cashed April 1, 2012? I've "heard" that we can file on these, but I don't know anyone who has been successful.
    On a side note, I know someone who went to the big investor's meetings in Vegas and he warned me about getting into ZR's. He had met everyone several times beginning with the first time Zeek attended the investor's meeting, and at the last meeting, early in July, he was told that they were trying to get as much money out of this as they could, before it crashed. They figured they had at least a couple of more months (but were "hoping for 1 year") before the bottom fell out – but IT WAS COMING AND THEY KNEW IT. I didn't believe that administration would actually come out and say this to anyone, so I felt he was hoping to move me away from ZR's & instead, get me into HIS new business. He is a very wealthy person who did NOT get into ZR's, despite the fact that some of his friends were earning a "boatload" of money. I sure wish I had believed him now, but it's hard when you see people earning BIG BUCKS in a very short amount of time and you NEED money – and you trust all the propaganda about their "teams of attorney's", etc.

  2. Good eye, Troy. I'm an advanced and nearly daily user of Photoshop (used to teach seminars on the software), and the image has definitely been doctored. If you open the image in PS (or any image program) and zoom in to 400%, you can see that the "484,323.00 Points" block of the image is out of alignment with the image around it, specifically "VIP:" to the left of it. Also, the font in "484,323.00 Points" is sharper and whiter than the others around it — and if you know typography, you can see it's a slightly different font.

  3. @tmk2002,

    1. Frode listened to his attorney and quickly made the change. Zeek had months and did not get it done before the SEC made their move.

    2. The Receiver new controls all assets.

    3. Because everything is owned by Rex Venture Group so it is down. My questions is this… If the SEC sees all the former affiliates as Investors does that mean as Investors does that mean you now own REX Venture Group, and should have a day in court on what happens to the assets. But I am new to all this ponzi stuff.

    4. When Greg comes forward I have been promised the story. He will do everything by the book, and this is far from over.

  4. Troy,

    A few questions,,
    1.Why was Bidify allowed to shut down for a few days and tweek their comp plan and Zeek not?
    2.Why hasnt the SEC seized the buildings that were acquired by Zeek?
    3.If it was just Zeekrewards that was a so called Ponzi, why is Zeekler auctions still down?
    4.When do you think that Greg Caldwell will come forward about Zeek and offer an explanation of their own?


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  6. Well I am not sure about all of this because I am not an attorney.

    But one question I did think about after reading all this and what the SEC has to say and talking to a buddy about this situation.

    If all the former Zeek Rewards Affiliates are now (according to the SEC) investors in Rex Venture Group, LLC, does that give 1 million new members in the LLC the right to see the financials or to request their day in court as owners of the company?

    To everyone in our Team,
    Yesterday I was invited on a Leaders call in America. Here is a Summary of two hour Legal Option Call..
    Feliece AngeloAugust 20, 2012 at 2:07 pm
    Another ZEEK UPDATE . To be removed from these updates . just reply with the words PLEASE REMOVE. The rest of you need to help us get the word out so send our ZEEK UPDATES out to every ZEEK PERSON YOU KNOW!!! To be added to our list just e-mail your request to: zeekdiamondupdates@gmail.com Please post this communication on facebook, blogs, talking boards and any other online sites available to you.
    Summary of two hour Legal Option Call. Beware of jumping into another similar program ZEEK WAS ONE IN A MILLION. If we fail. The USA Zeek Reward Agents who had funds in ZEEK will be PAID BACK FIRST. Here is why. Be careful of these self proclaimed online self promoted experts. And attorneys who write it makes me mad and angry. A letter from JOHN.

    Summary of two hour Legal Option Call.
    Last night at 7pm with several legal minds and about 25 zeek rewards leaders including myself discussed ZEEK REWARDS AFFILIATE OPTIONS to hire a legal team, to form a 1000 person march at the North Carolina Federal Court House and why the 22 page SEC document that allowed them to freeze funds, close down Zeek was full of innuendos and mis-information especially when claiming that ZEEK was a PONZI. We discussed the possible cost in retaining a WASHINGTON DC & NC SEC Law Firm to represent all the 1 million affiliates. We have an e-mail into Kevin Grimes to see if he can share any insight or recommendations on the matter. We all agreed that Paul Burke is innocent but was possibly scared into his quick no contest type plea. We all agreed that action must be taken quickly if we are going to have any possibility of getting Zeek back open and salvage our business. We do not think the powers that be understood that they were shutting down a company that has been 15 years in the making. If they did not agree with the penny auction system why did they shut down my free store portion of it. They have interrupted the privately own businesses of over 2 million people and only a professional team of LAWYERS RETAINED by ZEEK AFFILIATES will PROVE THIS TO THE COURT AT HAND. Within 48 hours after some Legal Due Diligence and with the LAWYERS PERMISSION we will set up a ZEEK LEGAL WAR CHEST FUND WEBSITE and go to battle. It will be an argument by The Private Zeek Rewards Affiliates Business .VS. The SEC. We believe we can raise over 1 million dollars quickly and put this argument before the courts THIS WEEK. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. PLEASE GET THIS WORD OUT!
    Another note the SEC said that if everyone went to 100% pull out of funds and did not re-purchase that ZEEK would have had to PAY OUT $45,000,000.00 (FORTY-FIVE MILLION A DAY). NOT. It was always known that ZEEK would pay out up to 50% of GROSS SALES. So yes if everyone pulled out 100% they would of had to pay out 45 million maybe on that day. But the next day because of no re-purchases the payout as the PLAN CLEARLY DESCRIBES would have only shared up to 50% of the NEW PURCHASES. So it may not have been as much in fact it would have been a fraction of such. ZEEK was quite capable of sustaining itself for the long term of the business until the penny auction and who else knows what Paul and the leaders would have brought to the company to make it very profitable.
    What is sad is how the Government screams FIRE where there is not even smoke and so many people are ready to crucify Paul and wish bad things to happen to him. I on the other hand is saying especially to all my CHRISTIAN BROTHERS and SISTERS to come together and PRAY for PAUL and his family and to get ready to come to this HONEST MAN who never did anything wrong in his 40 years of being in business and with what 8 SATISFIED COMPLAINTS from almost 2 million agents over 15 years in business. SHAME ON THE GOV.T.
    Beware of jumping into another similar program ZEEK WAS ONE IN A MILLION.
    Please be very careful not to jump into the dozen penny auctions or so called HYPE programs that sad to say even many ZEKK LEADERS have already jumped into. When I 1st learned of Zeek I tried to talk my sponsor out of not doing it. Because after 36 years in this industry I have seen similar opportunities really hurt so many people. It was only the integrity of the previous 14 years of Paul Burke and the 6 month track record of Todd Disner.s Back Office along with the legal team that made me feel comfortable with moving forward with a $99 commitment. The rest is history. These others that are talking big and shouting better than Zeek. 99% of them will be gone and not because any Gov.t shut them down it will be because of HUMAN GREED of the company itself. SEC proved to me that Paul was one of the most honest businessmen to ever run one of these type of programs. They screamed that PAUL took ONE MILLION DOLLARS or more. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. What CEO of any company that grew a new division from ZERO to 600 million would not PAY THEMSELVES multiple times such amount. No ONE MILLION DOLLARS was a very HUMBLE TAKE as far as I can tell. My goodness he had leaders earning 1 million dollars a month.
    The USA ZR Agents who had funds in ZEEK will be PAID BACK FIRST. Here is why.
    It.s just the way the cookie will crumble if it does crumble.The NC Attorney General.s job is to protect NC Residents. The SEC.s JOB is to protect INVESTORS in The USA. It is my opinion that of the 225 million seized that more than 70% of such came from outside the USA. This tells me that most of the USA Agents who had funds tied up such as my team had well over 5 million dollars in BRAND NEW PURCHASES that I believe will be refunded before International People will get a dime. Again that is not my desire just my opinion. In fact I am not an attorney so everything in this e-mail is just my opinion.

    A letter from JOHN.
    Good morning (anyway) dear friends and team members,
    I chose not to send this to you last night because of its effect on your sleep. Of course sending it now will affect your day. All of us have been wondering what.s been going on with a company that is one minute planning exciting events, attractive enhancements and generous futures for all, and the next mute, with all communication cancelled, an invisible website and rumors galore. The disruption and questions are now answered, at least in part.
    While the information is sketchy, the intent of the government is not. They have captured the high ground of frightening terms: .ponzi,. .fraud,. .luring investors,. .scheme,. and sown seeds of unsubstantiated claims: .Burks allegedly siphoned off millions,. .invested, investors.. I grew up believing that I lived in a country where a man was innocent until proven guilty. I now believe, in terms of law, I live in an environment defined by skilled wordsmiths, who draw boundaries with their terms that restrict my freedom of thought to the ends they have predetermined. Law is the will of the sovereign and government believes it is America.s god. For me and my house, it.s one nation under God, not beside, over or without God. He alone is Sovereign!
    Let.s ask ourselves a question: Why is the Securities Exchange Commission involved at this point? Was Zeek selling securities? Were you purchasing securities or bids? Was the word .securities. ever used by Zeek in its invitation to become a participant in the company? Securities of course require a license but bids don.t. Was Zeek .luring investors. or providing a business opportunity to those who agreed to simply post an ad designed to attract customers to a penny auction and then distribute free bids (that cost the advertiser $1 per bid) to that customer. Where.s the fraud in that activity? The company never used the word .invest. or referred to its members as .investors.. .Affiliates. yes. .Team, friends, members, sure, but not .investors.. Finally, we.ll just have to wait and see if the company .was on the verge of collapse.. 375 million paid out and 225 million in the bank certainly requires some clarification before I.m going to concede that this was some evil .scheme.. See quote from article below:
    .Penny auctions. are a controversial kind of online sale in which prospective buyers compete over a set period of time with bids that increase by increments of one cent. Participants pay a separate, non-refundable fee for each bid they make. An expensive item like an iPad might therefore sell for a seemingly unbelievable list price of $30, even though participants in the auction paid many times more than that in total to place their bids..
    Where.s the fraud in this?
    In the mean time the government wears the white hat. Once again they are saving us from ourselves. One wonders how we ever got along without them in our early history. Just think, approximately 2 million people now out of a job, the economy in Lexington, NC, just beginning to breathe again, snuffed, quenched, back to requesting government aid perhaps. Hmmm. Why do I see the image the ad the democrats are distributing featuring Paul Ryan wheeling an old lady in her wheelchair out to the edge of a cliff and then dumping her over to her death?
    Ok, maybe I am judging prematurely or venting my prejudice. We.ll just have to wait and see. But, let.s at least try to be objective. Let.s try to think about Mr. Burks and the leaders at Zeek as we would want them to think about us at this early stage. Many of you profess to be Christian, well think like one. Don.t let any other .savior. capture your thought life and pollute your emotions with hearsay, innuendo, exaggeration or bold faced lies. Remember 1 Corinthians 13 where Paul defines love? One characteristic of that love which .hopes all things, believes all things and never fails,. is real love .believes the best.. I know there.s risk involved in loving this way, Paul did too, but better to be found wrong and humble yourself then be prematurely judgmental and displeasing to your Lord. Let us rest in the hope that justice will be served.
    In closing let me remind you of a plaque on Ron Paul.s office wall: .Don.t steal, the government hates competition,. and the one posted on the Christian mind, .Thy will be done..
    So we are left with confusion, anger, hurt, despair, pessimism, fear or prayer. May I enthusiastically recommend prayer and the 23rd Psalm.
    Trust and obey. There is simply no other way,

  8. I think the AG's office and the SEC saw an opportunity to make money and they took it do the math they took 252 million dollars and there are 1 million (so they say) affilates no one could put in over 10,000.00 the average person put in about 3000.00 but lets go with 5000.00 so if you look look at the figures it doesn't add up they have enough money to pay us back but it has been said over and over we don't know what will be returned if ANY to the affilates. I can't figure out how the SEC and the reciever get to keep our money. If you talk to most affilates they will tell you we were and are happy with Rex Venture they never hid anything from us and we are adults who knew what we were doing give the money back to the rightful owners of the money PAUL BURKS and the AFFILATES and let it be worked out but instead the SEC and the reciever will keep the money this sounds like the scam is the SEC and the reciever. What will be next a McDonald's takeover, or maybe they can take over all small businesses. MR. Bell you have our money and should be made accountable just as Paul Burks was

  9. Amazing what people will say and do to be a part of other peoples misfortune. The SEC has already said that they are looking for people who new this was going on and they would be part of the "clawback law" They also have the records for the company and they will be collecting money back so this guy if and I say IF his story is true is in alot of trouble. He will be charged and sent to prison… but I don't believe a word he said. What I do believe is "Zeekler and Rex Venture" never had ill intentions.

  10. I'm sorry I just think this whole thing was a fraud, just today a lady I brought in just got her 10k back from her back that she sent to Rex Venture Group back in June, they never cashed it, but for 2 months almost she was getting RPP. I am happy the people I brought in got there money back from stopping payment on cashier checks. But to think for one minute this was some viable business is just unrealistic.

  11. People are waiting for this day to say, Yeah, l said so. Eevery Zeek/ZeekRewards members ain't lousy or noisy about this situation, they are all calm and still positive no matter all the bad allegations raised against Paul Burks and all the entire affiliates. This is Sabotage. This guy is contracted to write this. FAKE and FORGED numbers.

  12. Glim_Dropper,

    As always thank you for the insight. By the way I will be responding to your email (little behind this week) 🙂

    I was not contending that a small group of people could not pull this off. I was just contending that THIS SMALL group of people could not pull this off. I know it is possible, I just want to see the facts really presented in a Court of Law. It always seems to me, that the real Ponzi Pimps I mean Founders are the ones who seem to always get away, from what I read on your site, Patrick's and Oz's sites. Ans to me that truly sucks!

    And in reviewing your line of thinking on being great at conference calls, I can see your point, just had not ever seen it that way. I guess there might be even a thinner line between legit MLM and Pyramids/Ponzis than I may realize.
    And I will fully concede that this sure started off looking like a full blown ponzi as I reported in Dec 2011.

    You do bring up a great point on the Dr. Laggos side of things. I know that this is one of the points I drove home. Even now I think he is one of the most educated men I have ever met. Although, he may be short on common sense in a couple of areas.

    From the info I have gathered, you are 100% correct it was a "Founder" who seems to have had some ties to the ASD days. I would like to hear that call, if you could send it to me.
    But, now that brings up another question… If Dr. Laggos created the changes in the compensation plan and was brought in by someone who is none in your community as a Ponzi Pimp, would that make him liable in someway for this being deemed a ponzi? And should folks be cautioned to join any company he might be a part of just in case the SEC might do the same thing?

  13. @Aidan1123,

    This is a great question, and I do not have the answer.

    I know that some folks have opened eWallet accounts transferred money from their banks, but have NEVER once bought bids, and the eWallets have froze their accounts also because a Zeek account was tied to it. I am sure some of this is a mess because I have never heard of this kind of event with the eWallets. In the past I was told eWallets were used by Ponzis because the regulators could not get the money. It seems that might not be true.

  14. @JoeVT,

    You are correct there are those who have been waiting for this day, and sadly that happens in everything. There are folks who are always on both sides of a debate, revolution, movement, religion, and politics who when worldview wins out will say "I told you so." Heck I have been there myself before. But I also learned a long time ago to live by three simple phrases…

    Walk Humbly

    Act Justly

    Love Mercy

    Although I fall short in each three daily, I do my best to live by these phrases. And in cases like Zeek Rewards, that is what I tried to do. And until I get answers we know are based on the facts, as would have happened or may still happen inside a court of law, I will refuse to pass judgement. I have plenty of supisition, and have reached out to many of the Critics to ask for deeper understanding. But solid answers would be great.

    You provide some sound advice my friend!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  15. @Infinetsurfer,

    I can fully understand where you are coming from. I think many, heck myself included are still shocked.

    I do believe that the Receiver will find there is plenty of funds to pay back those entitled to refunds.

    I personally do not believe that this was an insider at all, and even some of the respected critics are questioning some things. K.Chang has pointed out on BMLM that the picture was doctored. If an insider truly had information to share, then by law he should get an attorney and then go to the DOJ and report his info, not share it on the net.

    I was asked today why I published this report, and that was simple to answer. I got the info on Sunday, sent it for review with Caldwell, and when it shared that some was false, then we sat on it until we say it going viral. At that time I did want to get the facts as I had them up so folks could fully understand some things.

    I can tell you I am working on getting live interviews with Dawn, Paul and/or Greg. Of course I will have to work through their legal teams (except for Greg), so as soon as we can get to them, it will be done. But since I am not sure where they are or when they can talk, not sure how fast this will take place.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  16. It’s a hoax, based on a lot of real details (the rest can be “imagined”)


    A good hoax is always like that: based on a heavy dose of reality.

    And there are too many facts in that “expose”. Yes, the whole thing is probably a hoax, but it’s BASED ON REALITY.

    The problem is separating the fiction from the facts.

    So don’t go believing that Zeek is completely innocent just yet.

    Remember Reagan’s words: Trust, but verify.

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  18. Hello Troy,

    After the initial shock, the empty feeling still lingers and I admitted, I still miss Zeek. Many others and I had devoted our time doing daily ads and introduce to others as an awesome Income Opportunity. Now, I’m saddened for those who have trusted me and joined my Zeek team. Thus, I’m making it my mission to gather as much information from credible sources to help my down-line and other affiliates, hoping to possibly recoup some of our hard-earned money. I found myself continue checking your blog and others for information even critics such as BehindMLM try to make sense of the current situation.

    We need good honest information to help our affiliates. Thus, this insider seems to me like an attention-seeker and a self-promoting bogus. As Greg Caldwell already put it “He’s filling in blanks with speculation and supposition and, by claiming confessional shame, he hopes to be more believable”. Now, if you can interview Paul Burks, Dawn Wright-Olivares and Daryl Douglas, they are the real insiders until then please report on relevant information that we can use.

    Thank you for keeping us abreast of the situation but just please be careful of bogus information that will hurt Zeek affiliates even more.

  19. People are waiting for this day to say, Yeah, l said so. Eevery Zeek/ZeekRewards members ain’t lousy or noisy about this situation, they are all calm and still positive no matter all the bad allegations raised against Paul Burks and all the entire affiliates. This is Sabotage. This guy is contracted to write this. FAKE and FORGED numbers.

    Whatsoever you do today will have an impact on you tomorrow or in the near future and generations to come. Your sons and daughters will get infected because of something you did in the past thinking you are escort free. ”’GREED and BLACKMAIL.” If you hit a ball against the wall it will definitely come back to you. Anyone involved will burn and DIE one day and leave all the MONIES and Material things made aside or Do you intend to take along money to your grave too???

    However, Believe it or Not: (Proverbs 6:16-19) 16, There are six things Adonai (Almighty God) hates, seven which he detests: 17, a haughty look, a lying tongue,hands that shed innocent blood, 18, a heart that plots wicked schemes,feet swift in running to do evil, 19, a false witness who lies with every breath, and him who sows strife among brothers.

  20. meanwhile the goverment steeled zeek from us and it starting terorizing the afiliates with the usa laws
    if the sec scenario is true then two years zeekreards was acting freely without sending accounting reports to
    the goverment.

  21. Troy, I have a quick question.
    My sponsor using her money from Nxpay (her commissions) and money from her bank (wellsfargo bank) and transfer to my Nxpay, so I can buy bids. (I live in Vietnam, so it is harder and take long time for me to send in money to zeek. So that is why I asked my sponsor to transfer to my nxpay, which is faster). Is there anyway, I can claimed and get it back?

  22. Myself, I don’t think this guy really wrote this thing. I think it was someone close to his information and set him up. The last thing this guy would do is give the detail that he has given in this so called confession, because with that detail anyone in his group could figure out who it is. It was posted by someone else, period

  23. And “annon,” if you’re reading this let me ask you where your conscience is leading you? Either this is a hoax and you tricked me into writing this (gratz) or you are telling some version of the truth as you see it. Let’s assume it’s the latter.

    You say you spiked your cashout before the collapse and took out significant money. You have to know by now that there will be a knock on your door. Ten grand in and how many grand out? And now the receiver has all the records. It isn’t just the amount, it’s the timing, you were warned and are being warned again.

    Tick tock.

    I’m not a lawyer but you wont be keeping the money. It will be clawed back and added to the funds which will be refunded to ZR’s victims. Remember the people who bought bids at your final meeting, the ones you couldn’t warn without causing suspicion? People like them are why they take profits away from people like you.

    If you want to clean your conscience then sending an anonymous e-mail is a hollow and superficial gesture. Send the same e-mail to the court appointed receiver and sign your name to it. It will move the odds that your winnings will be disgorged from about 95 to 100% but it will move the odds of a criminal conviction a lot closer to zero. And all those people who bought bids at your last meeting, you could look them in the eye again.

  24. Wow! Are you kidding me?

    All I can say is, “No wonder we haven’t heard from any of the top people in Zeek!” I am from Lexington, NC and I had heard a few stories about this being known from the very beginning of the company, but I didn’t want to believe that this was true. What I want to know is how many of these people are going to be charged and go to prison?

    All of the ones that new about this should definitely stand before a judge, unless the judge was in Zeek too. I know that some people lost money in this scam, and Kenneth Bell is doing everything he can to get “investors” their money back. But won’t the people who were paid commissions by new investors have to give that money back? I think that should definitely be something that should happen!

    Everyone that received more money than they paid in, should be required to give that money back! After all, wouldn’t you need it back to give it to the latter investors? This is just a down right disgrace to network marketing in general, and no wonder good people, and I mean GOOD people are skeptical about any kind of MLM whatsoever! I know that Zeek Rewards has convinced me that you cannot trust any MLM business.

    I put my reputation on the line by trying to help people make money in a MLM business that I thought was founded right and then grew too fast, and some bad mistakes made the business condemned. But now to learn that Zeek Rewards, if these comments are proven to be true, was corrupt and destined to fail from the start, is totally the straw that broke the camels back.

    I was willing to fight for this company name, as a few others were too, and I put my energy and excitement into a new company that was inspiring in a downed economy, only to find out that a bunch of greedy, conspiring, gutless, blood sucking, business marketing “wanna-bees”; would come up with a plan that did something that no other MLM company in history has ever done, only to find out that the special company actually was started by people who wanted to destroy other peoples lives!

    You can bet that if this turns out to be true, I will pray that every single dime is ordered to go back to the people it came from and that the government will not just let this lie, and prosecute every single person involved!

    I have heard the affiliates in Zeek Rewards called everything from stupid to foolish to ignorant for joining Zeek Rewards, and it is very humbling to believe in that something that was giving so many people so much hope, just to learn that stupid, ignorant, foolish people made up the whole thing from the beginning.

    I’m sorry but I wouldn’t blame any one that never wanted to be approached by another network marketer for the rest of their life! And if network marketers who just want to jump off of this ship and dive into another one without speaking up and speaking out in defense of “real” MLM businesses, they need to stop calling themselves “real” MLMers, as well.

  25. Howdy Troy,

    I wont contend that the anonymous’ confession is legitimate but I will say that it fits the general parameters for “how these things really work.” The front end, the public face so to speak is very different than what really goes on behind the scenes, deals are cut and promises are made. But usually the deals are made for people who either give seed money or to those with long e-mail lists and who can bring upwards of several hundred new affiliates with them. Annon only mentions putting in $10k and it taking him till November to build a modest (as these things go) downline so unless his relationship with Darryl was more significant than he implied I’d find cause for skepticism.

    But playing devil’s advocate for a moment, the errors Mr. Caldwell pointed out could well be explained by second or third hand information. Even in close circles some details can get garbled and this is assuming that the small group of people who know it’s a scheme are being totally honest with each other. The one thing I find completely believable is that after the late May banking issues the smart money was starting to pull back, lowering repurchase percentages. And in the period of time between when the CID was filed (July 6th) and when it was announced last week, anyone who knew about it would have had a powerful motive for cashing out as fast as they could.

    And I would disagree with you about something, a small group of people could and I believe did pull this off. I think all it would take is the core RVG group to get started and when it started it was a naked 125% ROI deal and that was enough to attract a few of the serial ponzi pimps (I’m sorry, “pimps” is such an unkind word, let’s call them “Founders”). So start with RVG who at that point had been running a string of just above solvent pyramid deals for years and then add some “Founders” who have years of experience in promoting one ponzi scheme after another and that’s all it takes to get the ball rolling.

    You imply that they couldn’t pull this off because they couldn’t even run the buisness and they were astoundingly incompetent at running a real buisness, but they were amazing at running a fake one, until the real world issues became unavoidable. The auctions never made money, the conference calls did and they were GREAT at them. They’ve been doing calls for years and I’m sure that Dawn, Darryl and Paul were every bit as enthusiastic and enthralling about GoGo Hub as they were for Zeek but they didn’t have enough people saying “I got Paid” on the ponzi forums to gain much traction. They also didn’t have the backing of the people who know the importance of the ponzi forums to a buisness like this.

    Dr. Laggos was a Godsend to them, here’s a man respected in your community who either honestly believed that Ad Surf Daily wasn’t a ponzi scheme or was willing to file a brief for the court pretending he believed that in exchange for compensation. Oh yea, Keith’s a master of compensation. He brought in Nehra and Waak and then later he got to you. But who brought Keith in? Why it was one of the “Founders.” I have what likely amounts to proof of that in the form of one of the old conference calls, if you’d like a copy shoot me an e-mail.

    So, while I don’t accept annon’s confession at face value he might not be lying, he might simply be in error. I don’t find his e-mail particularly valuable unless his crisis of conscience would compel him to provide more details and more verifiable ones. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think what he said is very possible.

  26. Hey Troy,
    That guy writing about how he knew all about the scam is BS. He posted a picture of his back office to “prove” that he’s the real deal. Showing us how much money he had in it when it fell apart.
    That’s the link to the pic. If you notice he has over 400K in VIP points and 120 bonus points (we only had bonus points for 60 days) and the suggested bid repurchase amount still says 100%, which switches to 80% once you hit 50K in VIP points.
    He’s a troll and trying to make us feel worse about a bad situation.

  27. Zeek is still cashing checks. I sent my check in on July 5th and my account was credited 10 days later July 15th and I called yesterday to see if they were cashed yet, they were cashed August 17th. The day everything went down!!

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