Zeek Rewards And Their Affiliates Seem To Have Been Hit By International Cyber Crime Gangs & Bloggers With Possible Hidden Agendas

Over the last few weeks I have been researching some of the blog reports from around the country, and comments written by Zeek Reward affiliates. What I have been able to narrow down is what seems to be an attack from Cyber Crime Gangs operating out of at least six counties known as honey-pots for credit card fraud.

However, some bloggers seem to have decided to exploit the situation which could cause harm to Zeek affiliates. I wonder if some of these bloggers have a hidden agenda or may be working for a Zeek competitor. In any case, if this can happen to Zeek Rewards, and Zeekler, then it can happen to any reverse penny auction company in business today.

Oz, over at Behind MLM has been the hardest on Zeek Rewards over the last few months, putting up articles which at first glance would lead the readers to wonder if Zeek Rewards is the one perpetrating the fraud. This type of blogging in my opinion is for sensationalism only, and doesn’t provide solid facts or solutions to affiliates or potential affiliates looking into the Zeek Rewards business model.

I do want to be very clear, I think Oz is a fantastic blogger, who the majority of the time provides rock solid reviews and information. I personally review everything he writes even when it doesn’t have anything to do with the U.S.A., but the last few articles written on Zeek, in my opinion fall below the quality I have seen come from him.

In the latest article he titled it “Zeek Rewards banning members due to politics?” Now without a doubt he added the “?” at the end of the title, yet when reading his article it is clear he is leading his readers to assume Zeek Rewards banded certain countries because of politically differences. This is totally FALSE!

Although I have never met Paul Burke, I can say that in researching his past, he is a strong believer in the U.S. Constitution, giving people the freedom to voice their position to any political disciple. Even though he seems to be very patriotic, he is also seems to be a firm believer in the spread of capitalism worldwide.

I have met Dawn Wright-Olivares and Alex de Brantes personally. In interviewing them, and in researching their pasts one can come to the solid conclusion, they do not believe in censoring anyone’s Right to Expression, be it in politics, or anything else.

As I read Oz’s editorial, I was able to quickly realize what seems to be happening. (I have an extensive background in fighting cyber-crimes at all levels)

Understanding that the average person may not realize the magnitude of the rise of international organized crime organization and the countries they operate out of I figure now is as good as any to give some additional information. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Zeek Rewards, BidiFy, Co2 Rewards, DubLi Network or any other online international auction, mall or gaming site, you may be at risk as well as the company.


In the case of Zeek Rewards, they seem to be taking proactive measures to STOP the fraud and to protect both their reputation, and the financial security of their affiliates. We all know they have publicly made it clear, these cyber-crime credit card fraud rings, have hit them in the last few months, and each time, these cyber-terrorists attack, Zeek Rewards, tightens their security net.

I have already suggested to Zeek Rewards, that they partner with some of the following organizations to help bring these cyber-crime organizations to justice.

FBI Cyber-Crime Unit
U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force – The majority of the top ten most wanted are cyber-criminals.

I have no clue if Zeek Rewards will make it on their own as a viable business model. But I do know they deserve the same chance as any other business. I may not fully understand the business model, and even when I do, my professional opinion may still question its viability. But, I do believe the people who have become affiliates deserve to know the facts, not propaganda, so they can decide if the risk is worth the rewards.

I am going to provide some links, images and videos to show that the credit card fraud Zeek Rewards has experienced is not isolated to their business model. But, it is something that all Zeek Reward affiliates need to be aware of, and must help the company fight against. I’ve seen first hand the financial devastation people go through, when these international cyber gangs steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting people.

Now, some of you may want to use this article to show that Zeek has security issues. Well before you start counting all the raiding you can do of Zeek affiliates to your company, you may want to watch this video. Your company may be next!

Oz, in his editorial listed the following six countries as countries Zeek Reward’s has closed off from access to their system:


Each of the above countries link to information on the activity of cyber crime in their respective countries.

I have also heard that some affiliates are concern because they have not received their commission’s. If commissions have been held, I can state with confidence, it is because the company is weeding through some of the outside fraud that has occurred to determine how much is going back in chargebacks to the merchants. If I were an affiliate, I would rather wait on my net commissions, than to get a chargeback myself down the road.

Below I will show a couple of examples of how Organized cyber Crime Organizations work.




I will be going to Zeek Rewards later this month to talk with the founders and executives of the company. When I return, I will share what I learn.

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20 thoughts on “Zeek Rewards And Their Affiliates Seem To Have Been Hit By International Cyber Crime Gangs & Bloggers With Possible Hidden Agendas”

  1. Oz, You are correct, I just checked the IPs. I will correct the comments and update the post. However, it is still a good FTC Alert and is relevant for distributors and Auction bidders to understand 🙂 Seems the IP is located in Israel

  2. @Troy

    Just want to say I did not leave the above comment. You can check the IPs in WordPress, dunno why someone is trying to leave comments as me.

    (please delete this note I've left upon reviewing it)

  3. Dean,

    I totally agree with you. Some of the issues, I have seen just come with the territory of a company growing way faster then the proforma predicted. Those, I monitor, but do not get overtly concerned with. However, when out of the norm issues arise I do start to monitor.

    Without a doubt, Zeek is having some great momentum, and I am glad they hired a great team to help them get things under control.

  4. Hey Troy,

    Some of the complaints regarding Zeek Rewards are typical of any startup company. They are in hyper-growth and these things will happen. However, I have seen the management bend over backwards to smooth out complications as the arise. Thanks for the nice post!

  5. Oz,

    🙂 Thank you for sharing and most of all for accepting my apology!

    Without a doubt more information for all of us to ponder as we continue to review this slippery slope.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  6. No worries Troy.

    Thanks for the clarification and apology.

    Regarding the statements I had a few people send in the info and I also then found it published elsewhere via a third party. I believe it was the official livechat response.

    Going on Burk's update today, it appears to be legit. The question mark on the article header indicated that it was an exploratory article based on what support were saying. And the implication wasn't that ZR had political reasons, it was that they were citing political reasons, and being in the US that would mean US-based political reasons.

    That said, with Burks latest update I still can't see any warnings for Slovenia (who are in the EU) so it still doesn't add up completely.

    Regarding "bias", I maintain ZR is an investment opportunity. The company launched guaranteeing a 125% ROI over 90 days and then changed this to a variable return still fixed over 90 days.

    They can hire all the compliance lawyers they want but until they change the business model (you invest in bids, yada yada yada, then earn a return over 90 days) my negative opinion of ZR will not change.

    Continue to buy customers from zcustomers ($2.50 a pop) and ZR truly is a passive investment.

    And before anyone says it, publishing ads is not work – it's a worthless side task that hold no inherent value.

    Want proof? Are ZR compensating banned members for publishing ads? Some of these members have been advertising for Zeekler for over a year.

    Of course not! All they are going to refund is the direct money invested by members into the scheme! That's the real value and participation, the investments. The publishing of ads has no worth and is just a pointless task to mask the investment scheme. Might as well get their members to pat their heads and rub their tummies… the end result is the same.

    It's not bias, it's an opinion formed after solid analysis of their business model.

    To date, the only compliance ZR have done is to tell their members not to call ZR an investment scheme, despite doing so for a year beforehand. This is like a bank putting ads on the TV proclaiming 'we are not a bank!' It's not really compliance, it's just marketing.

    Until the investment side of the business model changes, I'm calling ZR for what it is. We all know that's how most members are using the scheme…

    Product purchases do not provide ROIs, investments do.

    That's where my negative opinion of ZR comes from.

  7. Troy would you mind looking at the latest Zeekrewards news and make an article about it? We would like to hear from you regarding the sanctions. Is it possible that fraud/cyber crimes the other factor for the banning?

  8. Tony,

    I think I answered these but let me help guide you a little.

    1. I never questioned the reporting, I questions the last couple of articles, Big diffidence sport!

    2. Global Verge… Exactly what did I get wrong. The comapny is dead, the partners don't talk, and they won the Summery Judgement against Ben and Chris.

    Greco Case #1

    Greco Case #2

    You might notice I report using documentation provided by the Courts and/or the attorneys in the case when it came to Greco. Not sure how that is sensationalism.

    Now that I think about it, they also won the case against the Escort Company owner. See Here! Again court documents.

    And then there was the big one Ben Piilani

    If that is what you call sensationalism, then I am guilty as charged.

    3. I never bashed Oz, I did call him out on the last two articles, and I also made it clear I respect his reporting, which is why the last two seem so strange. You seem to like to sensationalize things, by saying that I am bashing Oz.

    4. Now let's look at the other companies you mentioned.

    Global Gas Card, I believe we did one piece on that company, and raised the same red flags we did with BidiFy and Co2 Rewards. They were taking money via off shore accounts and wire transfers. I also mentioned the fact people could get the same deals on their own locally.

    As for Panther Mobile, what is your point? Panther was sued by Global Verge, they settled and later Harry Ashton became partners with Ted Robbins in Social Outbreak and was later removed from that company.

    And then there is DNA, again we called them out for their license plate scam, and today they are gone.

    So sport, please do explain to the viewers just what I am posing about?

    Now as for rankings, not sure where you are looking, but the ranking stay pretty steady on this blog. However, the videos and radio shows are going through the roof right now.

    By the way, what sponsors? Are you talking about the handful of advertisers we have on the site?

    Tony, you really need to make sure you have your facts correct before you decide to attack someone…

  9. Tony,

    Seriously… Where is Global Verge today? I called Global Verge for what it was, and today not only is the company dead, the partners don't speak to each other.

    So sport, tell me exactly where I got it wrong?

    As for the lawsuits, if you really looked it up, then you would have seen the documents showing the Summery Judgment right here on the site. All stamped by the court. And just so the record is straight, that would be one win, and I am pretty sure the judgement against Chris was won, but since Chris wasn't really Chris, I am not sure how that really works. And the lawsuit against the founders of PHPI was thrown out of Nevada and back to Missouri. Since the partners split and the company is dead, I am sure that never was refiled.

    <a href="Tony, I think I answered these but let me help guide you a little. 1. I never questioned the reporting, I questions the last couple of articles, Big diffidence sport! 2. Global Verge… Exactly what did I get wrong. The comapny is dead, the partners don't talk, and they won the Summery Judgement against Ben and maybe Chris.

    Hope that clears things up for you there.

    And while we are at it, I also made it clear I thought Vonumental had a solid business model, and really hoped they could get it off the ground. How are things working over there? I know they are still working on things, but from what I have heard, they are slowing making some in roads.

    Please tell me what site I blasted, and exactly what I got wrong?

  10. Oz,

    I am pretty sure you and others know I hold you in the highest regards. Over the last three years, I have watched you write and have found you are a solid source of information and are very careful, (far more than I am at times) of holding an unbiased opinion.

    However, I still stand by my statement the last few articles on Zeek have truly seemed slanted more towards sensationalizing the situation, than your other editorials, reports and reviews.

    Let me ask a couple of questions which might help me and others to better understand where you are coming form in the last article.

    1. You mentioned that the Zeek internal staff made the following statement.

    "We do not have total knowledge of what happened. What I do know is that it is something with your countries government policies (not the Serbian people itself), that has required us to not list your country anymore."

    Was the statement in writing and you received a copy of the statement, or was it second hand info, that came from a Zeek affiliate who was shut down? I am trying to determine if it was truly from Zeek, or maybe a competitor who is trying to discredit Zeek through your reporting. Lord knows we all have had folks try that more than once.

    2. In the second statement you list as coming from Zeek…

    "We apologize for the difficult position that this creates for you and us, but we are not able to do anything more than refund whatever purchases and subscriptions you have paid.
    We are being advised that we any not make any further comments about the issue. It is unfortunate political situation and we are all affected by it. We wish you well. thank you for contacting Zeek!"

    Did this come from a support ticket, email or live conversation? Were the same folks above, the same involved in this exchange of words?

    By the way Oz, I fully agree with you that "No Comment" is not the right answer for any type of situation, from any company!

    Now let's take a look at some of the more personal concerns you raise above!

    3. Oz, I am not stating you are anyone's payroll at all. It does seem that you have had a biased agenda in the last couple of articles, which after reading so much of your stuff, seems a little of character with your other writings. If I am off my mark on this, then I must make a public apology for the implication, and take you at your word, that this is not the case. I hope you will accept my apology.

    4. Oz, I fully agree it is hard to write positive or critical articles without being questioned by someone. And like you I have been accused of everything from owning a competing company to just writing article to boost my own Alexa rankings.

    I must again, state I respect you as a blogger and journalist, which is why I wrote the above article. I have seen you do such a great job over the years, that the last two are just a little strange. I have followed your reviews on Zeek, and in most cases have agreed with the fact, this is a high risk proposition, and all affiliates need to realize that there are some very questionable situations surrounding the legality and compliance issues.

    However, in watching how fast they hired competent legal and compliance guidance, it is evident they are willing to listen to outside influencers and do all they can to protect the longevity of the business model, and their field force.

    When you wrote about the fraud that had accrued and the questionable auctions, I saw a potentially huge issue, and remembered issues DubLi Network had when they were leading with their reverse penny auctions. But, I quickly started investigating the types of fraud, and what was going on worldwide, inside the penny auction niche to see if this was isolated to Zeek or not. You seemed to just focus on Zeek, and even wrote in such a way that some folks questioned if Zeek was the one doing the fraud.

    5. My crime-crime aka internet credit card fraud theory does carry weight for several reasons, all of which I link to above. And although it has not been mentioned publicly by Zeek staff, doesn't mean that privately they have not reached out to key figures for advice. Having been down this road before (as I mentioned) I am known for helping distributors protect their own systems, as well as working with companies to make sure they are aware of the best practices needed to protect against these types of issues.

    6. Your question on fraud detection" is valid, but I covered that by sharing the video from the FBI. I could have shown several other issues, like when the Sony Gaming Platform was hacked a year ago, and was shutdown for months while the security team, worked to close the breach. Or the fact that M.C./Visa just had another huge breach and tons of credit card numbers were put at risk.

    In researching for this article, I was able to uncover that the six countries listed are also listed on many of the U.S. based merchant gateways as being blocked. The wave of credit card fraud has picked up, and in a few cases I found alerts posted from the U.S. Government to travel agencies warning against the use of credit cards to or from these countries.

    7. Oz, without a doubt, credit card fraud will continue to take place. However, what would you do? This is the question I always use when writing. I do my best to put myself in the shoes of the company to figure out how I might react to any situation. Having reviewed everything, I realized I would have done the same thing. I would have blocked all the countries where I saw the fraud taking place, then get my staff on it to find out who was responsible and more importantly who was NOT, so I could get their accounts back up and running.

    With that said, I can tell you I would have been making huge public statements, and shooting videos to make sure my team and the criminals knew I was on to them, and was taking action. Well, I would as long as the FBI and Secret Service told me I could.

    Oz, I count you as one of the good guys. I called you out on this because I would expect you to do the same to me, if I seemed to be writing with any form of biased opinion, or if it looked like I might be the pawn of someones 3rd party agenda.

    Again, I want to make it perfectly clear, I do NOT think you are on the payroll of anyone or organization!

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  11. Thank you Oz, I think someone needs to say it, I mean really? Troy come on…

    This is the pot calling the kettle black.

    Just like you did with Global Verge remember that?….

    I remember you saying they won lawsuits against so many people but when I look it up, NONE, especially against Grecco your number one public enemy.

    Before you try and BLAST another site, Get your facts straight. This makes you look like a poser.

    Great reporting Oz

  12. You know I have to say this is good reporting despite what Troy Dooly at mlmhelpdesk.com says. What a POSER TROY IS.

    I remember when I was in Global Verge, All the crap and NON JOURNALISM he showed then, I think Troy is scared that your honest and good reporting may just expose maybe he is getting kick backs.

    Its just a shame for him to come out and bash you on his site.

    I remember he also did this with that Chris Grecco fella, and said there was judgements and what not, Well after doing MY DUE DILLEGENCE I see no judgements anywhere, TROY DOOLY is one of the FIRST AND ONLY BLOGGERS TO SENSATIONALIZE a STORY.

    GLOBAL VERGE, GLOBAL GAS CARD, GRECCO, PANTHER MOBILE, I can go on and on here, DNA, I mean this guy is such a Fu**ing Poser.

    Troy Dooly grow up, Behind MLM is reporting the REAL NEWS, Not the sponsored crap you feed people every day that is why your rankings and ratings are going down, So attack another blogger! What a lame!!

    All I can say is go dig up Global Verge, Grecco, or one of your other BS Stories, Zeek Rewards is being exposed for exactly what they did, You show me in detail where this is sensationalized, What an ass.

    Thanks for the good work behind mlm.

  13. Natasha,

    Many companies will block a whole country during an investigation when multiple IPs are used. This is commonly seen to happen when a companies security team believe what is called a botnet is being used to cause harm to the company.

    Once the issue has been isolated most companies will then open back up any account holder they know was not involved.

    We are going to stay on top of this in order to get the answers.

  14. Woah hold up there.

    The political reason was what Zeek Rewards official support staff were/are telling ZR members. It's not like I just made it up.

    Regardless, after announcing that the political reason being given to affiliates by Zeek Rewards is "totally false", you then launch into a crime theory which is based on what you believe 'seems to be happening.'

    Uh, what?

    I've been writing about MLM for going on 3 years now and maintain I'm just a guy with a keyboard. I've been accused of being a member of more MLM companies then I can remember, government agencies, regulators, a "paid agent" (of whom I don't know), working for the media etc. etc. I've also been accused of having any number of hidden agendas and it appears you're trying to hint at yet another one to add to the list.

    It's not easy providing completely unbiased third-party news and information on the MLM industry as it seems virtually everyone who writes about it is tied into the industry financially in one way or another. You've got stiff competition and thanks to the efforts of a legion of internet marketers it's quite possible one of the most reader-suspicious niches to participate in.

    I know each and every article I publish puts the credibility of BehindMLM on the line and as such I take care to research what I'm publishing as best I can. I'm always open to corrections but the 'you're wrong because I said so' angle doesn't cut it. We've seen it many times on BehindMLM and it's a silly argument to make as you ignore the information put infront of you.

    ZR support staff are citing the political reason and the company has not informed members what is going on. This has been confirmed by multiple ZR members

    Your crime theory is all very well, but it carries no weight as it hasn't been mentioned by ZR or its support staff.

    And finally what happened to all the 'fraud detection' stuff ZR were implementing, did they just realise that it didn't work and instead decide it was better to ban entire countries altogether?

    Do they really think these crims are going to have any difficulty changing where they appear to be committing their fraud from.

    But I digress, the facts as they stand are that ZR have only mentioned political reasons for the termination of accounts in the six named countries. Fraud hasn't as yet officially entered this particular equation.

  15. why they have not blocked just bad members like all the admins do in also the most stupid online businesses, but they have blocked all the country, if it was just one bad guy in the play? some of us we were with this company also one year and now they are treating us like we would never existed 🙁 ….

  16. Stefan,

    That is a fantastic question. Here is my opinion from looking on from the outside.

    1. The company should investigate all activity from all accounts in the blocked countries to determine what activity was fraud and what is legit.
    2. Once the investigation is complete, then a detailed report should be given to all affiliates throughout the company, but at the very minimum the affiliates in those countries.
    3. The report should provide the type of fraud committed and what the company has done to fix the issue the best they can.
    4. Net commissions owed should be paid at that time to any and all affiliates who did not or were not part of the fraud.

    Please keep me posted on what happens, and I will discuss this issue when I am at the HQ in a few weeks.

  17. Hello,

    I'd like to hear your opinion, what about members from these 6 countries who invested their money and time in Zeek Rewards? Shuld company pay them based on their work and points they acumulated (and company advised members to reinvest 100% of earnings in buying bids) or should they only get back money they invested a year ago whey they joined?

    Thank you,


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