Zeek Rewards Alert: SEC Attorney Travis Wilson Tells Former Rex Venture Gorup Communication Director Clifton Jolly Stopping Clawbacks Slim To No Chance

Former Rex Venture Group LLC. Communication Director Clifton Jolly speaks to SEC and Corporate Attorney Travis Wilson, who shares he has talked to a former Zeek Rewards affiliates who has raised over $100,000 dollars to STOP the SEC from clawing back profits earned. Mr. Wilson confirms what other respected attorneys such as Kevin Thompson and Jordan Maglich hare already reported.

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33 thoughts on “Zeek Rewards Alert: SEC Attorney Travis Wilson Tells Former Rex Venture Gorup Communication Director Clifton Jolly Stopping Clawbacks Slim To No Chance”

  1. Are you arguing with your heart, or with your head?

    Sounds like you’re not ready to deal with facts. I suggest a cold shower.

  2. As Burks is the sole owner, why should any one else be involved in the civil lawsuit?

    And now he’s settled it already, what’s YOUR involvement other than pent up anger?

  3. Then you are indeed praising the “smoker” for “giving you smoke for your lungs”, to borrow my other metaphor.

    Enjoy your smoke (and mirrors).

  4. How about you YOU get your facts straight?

    Zeekler first started operations as FSCAuctions in January 2010.

    They changed their name to Zeekler in June 2010.

    (Zeek Rewards didn’t open until January 2011)

    They did not get North Carolina auction license until APRIL 2012.

    Get your own facts straight before you accuse someone else of getting it wrong, or you end up with egg in your own face.

  5. @CM

    ZeekRewards had an agreement about “This is NOT an investment”, but you can’t make agreements about something that already is regulated by other laws. And investments are already regulated, making the agreement become relatively worthless as a “legal defence”.

    Zeek was shut down on August 17., so it isn’t really important whether they had some plans or not — it was still illegal. Compare it to driving without a driver’s licence for 1 year, and trying to defend it with “I have PLANS for getting a driver’s licence” when you’re stopped by the police?

    BTW, the illegal parts would still have been illegal, even with the planned changes. So it wouldn’t have made any difference.

  6. @ Incomevin99,

    How do you know that top 12 affiliates didn’t know the investigation??? Paul Burks allowed these 12 blood sucking dogs and many other top affiliates had set their re-investment % = 0% for a long period of time before SEC shut it down … Do not defend these scammer unless you are one of them …

  7. @K.Chang,

    Well this should be very interesting. Ted, loves to fight those folks who want to place games. Many with far more money and resources have tried to silence him.

  8. Bully 4 U wrote: “Victims?? It seems to me there were no victims until the SEC got involved.”

    I replied: That’s what the AdSurfDaily people said about the U.S. Secret Service. Didn’t work. The ASDers then tried to plant the seed that the Secret Service was picking on an old man. Didn’t work.

    Some Zeekers now are planting the “picking on an old man” seed with respect to Burks. The narrative so far from the Zeek “defenders” side is so close to the narrative advanced by ASD “defenders” that it seems to have been ripped from the very same playbook.

    Bully 4 U wrote: “by freezing REX Venture Group assets.”

    I replied: The SEC didn’t freeze RVG’s assets. A federal judge with 22 years’ experience did. He did so with the consent of Paul Burks, who was represented by a well-known North Carolina attorney. The judge is a former Naval officer. He was appointed to the bench by President George H.W. Bush.

    Bully 4 U wrote: “Nor, any way to survive while the SEC tries to find a way to justify their actions, on behalf of the “victims” they just created!!”

    I replied: Here is now many victims the SEC created: ZERO.

    The SEC case against RVG/Burks/Zeek is over. The SEC already has justified its actions to Paul Burks, and Paul Burks consented to those actions.

    And those actions didn’t happen in a vacuum or deny due process to Burks, either. Burks had advice of counsel both outside and inside of court. And Burks was “cooperating” with the SEC PRIOR to the filing of the Aug. 17 complaint, according to court filings from HIS side.


  9. @GB

    You paid for the marketing value of their names, not for their actual work, 🙂

    My statement here was of course a joke, but their names WERE heavily used in marketing efforts, so the statement is partially true.

    Compliance was one of the most important part of the marketing, and Zeek needed some names rather than some real results to “outweight” negative critique. People are willing to believe that a qualified lawyer will make things become legitimate.

    Most of those “high end experts” have now heavily lowered their own value as “marketing tools”, and can’t be used as a “quality stamp” like they were used in the Zeek case. It’s like getting dog poop under your shoe sole, it will usually stick for a long time. And other people will smell it, whether they can see it or not..

    The only way to win in ZeekRewards was probably to stay out of it, or stay out of reach for any negative side effects connected to it. Some people have probably managed to find solutions to avoid side effects.

  10. Troy,

    Just heard that Craddock tried to silence Ted Nuyten’s BusinessforHome.org by sending a letter worded similar to the one he sent to Hubpages in attempt to silence me.

    Apparently Craddock is not aware that Dutch ISP doesn’t follow US laws.

    Feel free to confirm it with Mr. Nuyten. It’s on his website.

  11. @ChrisBalee

    It does not matter how many they ( The SEC ) have shut down this year. You can search for yourself, go to http://www.sec.gov. When the NYSE misinterprets data, it sure looks like to me they like to find fauts in anything they can. Thats what happend with Zeek Rewards, and they gave nobody except Paul Burks and his attorneys to react to the investigation. The fact is how many other top Zeek Managers at the company new about this investigation? How many affiliates were aware of it? Why do you think Paul Burks matters prior to the shut down? What about everybody else involved with the company? Thats the issue.

  12. I am very agree bully.. we are’t victims until SEC show out.. why SEC don’t just open zeekrewards let all the payment depond on his rating to into our e-wallets..
    that will more simply to request million of our affilates submit all the documents again.. that will take long time. maybe several years.. sec can’t handle it… then now we are really become the victims of SEC…

  13. I do have to point out that *most* of the compliance seem to be aimed at the affiliates, NOT at the company itself.

    There’s Kevin Grime’s mlmcompliancevt… for affiliates.

    There’s “Zeek Squad”, and Caldwell’s White Hat… for affiliates.

    The “disclaimer” is also for affiliates. As is the “must have a Zeek employee at public meeting” rule.

    What exactly did the company do to itself for legal compliance? Minor details, like changed 5cc to PRC, removed requirement to have 2 preferred customers, and… uh… what else?

    The fact that nobody seem to have noticed that Zeekler didn’t even have a license to do auctions in NC for TWO YEARS would suggest this “compliance” thing was meant for the affiliates, not the company itself.

  14. Just because you don’t KNOW you’re a victim doesn’t mean you’re NOT a victim.

    If you live in a house full of second-hand smoke, but you’re young and you don’t even know what smoking is, muchless what smoking does to you, are you a victim of second-hand smoke?

  15. @GB,

    That is the $3 Billion Dollar Question… Why pay for a a legal and compliance team, then NOT let them defend the company?

  16. Well, the big problem with that is they have $3billion in outstanding payments they’d need to pay if they did that, and only $300 million to pay it.

  17. @Bully 4 U

    Maybe this video from MLM.com will help you understand something. A lawyer explaining WHY Zeek was an investment, and sometimes later WHY it was a Ponzi scheme (or other fraudulent investment scheme).

    Video “Zeek Rewards and SEC”:

    He has a little “slow” presentation style in some parts, but he’s very clear when he comes to the main points.

  18. I’m sure your firm will be just as effective as all of Zeeks so called high end MLM Lawyers what a joke! scam artist lawyers , what did we pay them for ?

  19. @Bully4U,

    “…His whole focus seemed to be on how he could improve the rather ingenious business model he thought up…”

    Seriously? Did u know that Mr Genious, Paul Burkes thought up nothing? He simply and literally stole the Ad Surf Daily proven ponzi compensation model. Zeek in it’s original form was nothing more than a replica of the ASD comp plan.

    You can see for yourself how original your hero was by reading the court documents at the United States Department of Justice US Attorney’s Office here: The truth is a bitter pill. The similarities leave little doubt.


    “…He spent endless hours trying to find the best people in the MLM industry to help him and his employees…”

    If “finding the best people” means the top earners from the biggest, busted ponzi schemes on the internet like Robert Craddock, Todd Disner, Dave Kettner and a number of other well known ponzi professionals is your idea of role models then I wish you well in your next adventure with these great people.

    Those “best people” need good foot soldiers like yourself to help them get into the pockets of unsuspecting “sheeples” for their next “too good to be true” program.

    And remember, if u get in early u can reep your fair share of the profits too from the unsuspecting suckers who get in too late.

    Don’t forget to save their email addresses so when it gets busted u can con them into paying u directly so you can continue to line your pockets and afford the lawyers to help u from giving them anything back.

    I hope u don’t take my opinions too personal, I’m sure u only have everyone’s best intentions at heart.

  20. The SEC didn’t “rush” in at all.

    They were talking to Burks and his attorney in advance of the shut down and he had already turned over thousands of documents to them.

    You say “the SEC is the first one to shut something down”.

    So, how many businesses does the SEC shut down each year?

  21. @ Bully,

    The point is Paul Burks was totally consent of his guilt as a “ponzi scammer” and agreed to pay SEC 4M penalty. And very importantly already surrendered REX and everything he had to SEC. Surely the top 12 or whatever top affiliates raked in a lot of money and probably more $ than Paul but who knows ???… However, these are also ponzi scammers as well …

  22. Well I don’t agree at all about the SEC rushing in to shut Zeek’s business down. This is how the SEC functions though. The other day, I heard that they (SEC) charged the NYSE for showing incorrect market data on its exchange! LOL. the SEC is the first one to shut something down. They might as well shut the NYSE down and give everyone their monies back. However, as per the receivership, you can expect the receiver to collect, and distribute the remaining funds to former members. In addition, I don’t think the judge is going to take his or her signature off the form signed about the receiver collecting and distributing the remaining assets. I personally viewed the document with the judge’s signature on the SEC website that requests Ken Bell to collect and distribute the remaining assets of Rex Venture Group. Expect some type of clawback too people. I don’t see how they can clawback though with all those international affiliates. They (The SEC) will most likely clawback US members. As a result, I doubt everyone will get their money back in the US because most affiliates were located internationally.

  23. As to Paul Burks “Ponzi scheme”… It seems to me if one were going to create such a “scheme” they would not constantly be trying to improve on a business that was already raking in the kinds of profits, Zeeks has been making over the last 20 months… To say nothing of the fact that Paul Burks, paid himself less than 1% of those profits…do the math $4,000,000… Out of $600,000,000!!! Every Affiliate who did their job, by advertising for Zeekler Penny Auctions, made a better % than that from the “profit pool” daily!! Some “Ponzi scheme” that is… I’d say the Affiliates had a better “scheme” than Paul Burks by far!! His whole focus seemed to be on how he could improve the rather ingenious business model he thought up, without realizing what it would take to run it, once it took on a life of it’s own! He spent endless hours trying to find the best people in the MLM industry to help him and his employees, respond to all of the demands of an Affiliate base that went world wide in a matter months. Now there is a man who should be accused of running a “Ponzi scheme” if ever I did see one!!!

  24. Ever heard of “revised return”?

    How about “how to report monetary loss due to Ponzi and similar financial fraud”?

  25. Victims?? It seems to me there were no victims until the SEC got involved… by freezing REX Venture Group assets
    they put all the Affiliates (independent contractors) out of business with no warning and no ability to access the “earned income” they already had in their accounts and E-wallets… Claiming, this was for their own good!! So with no way to continue creating income from the business they had already spent time and money to build, they now have nothing!! Nor, any way to survive while the SEC tries to find a way to justify their actions, on behalf of the “victims” they just created!! Paul Burks was not Zeek Rewards… it belonged to all the Affiliates who placed ads everyday, bought Bids for their product base, found customers, sent videos out and spent endless hours with those in their down line to help them learn how to do the same thing… best way I can think of to be a “victim”… Right??

  26. How can the SEC justify going after claw backs from Zeek Rewards affiliates, who were sent 1099’s for “earned income” as Independent Contractors in 2011 and paid their taxes as such… Does that mean they can amend their returns now as “capital gains” with all the deductions available to them for filing that type of return?? To say nothing of the refunds that could be owed them from the IRS!
    And another point, according to the SEC Zeeks already paid out $375 million to affiliates, and still has about $300 million in assets, most of witch is already in affiliates accounts. So, why not let them draw out from their own accounts @ 1.5% a day until they have paid themselves back…as provided for in the Bus plan??

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