YTB aka Your Travel Business Slammed By Calf AG For 25 Million

Rod Cook The MLM Watchdog has been talking about the MLM Travel Industry for the last 12 months. And today it looks as if he nailed it on the head when the California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr announced he was going after for operating a “gigantic pyramid scheme.”

Now what I find interesting is that just last month YTB filed with the SEC their intent to move away from the Network Marketing business model by next year and move to a more traditional franchise business model.

I have trained, supported and provided top quality MLM Leads to YTB distributors for year, and have seen countless distributors earn four and five figures a month with YTB. So to say it is a “gigantic pyramid scheme” is what I would call a “gigantic publicity stunt.”

This would also be a good time for me to put a plug in for the Distributor’s Rights Association. If you are wondering about your MLM company or you are a YTB rep. Then you need to join the DRA and keep informed on your rights, and what you can and can’t do if your company is effected by an over agreesive AG.

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2 thoughts on “YTB aka Your Travel Business Slammed By Calf AG For 25 Million”

  1. Do any of the MLM travel companies really book enough travel to create a sustainable business? Hummm…. So who is the next to fall? World Ventures, Traverus, someone else?
    The other companies are going to have to move quick to add other products or services to increase sales volumes so they can pay commissions to justify the monthly charges.
    How many MLM travel agents are ready to call themselves lifestyle agents?

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