Youngevity Essential Life Sciences Welcomes Tom and Denise Chenault to the Youngevity Family

Youngevity Essential Life Sciences Welcomes Tom and Denise Chenault to the Youngevity Family.

I remember the text message that woke me up at 1:30am in the morning in early February. It was Tommy, letting me know his company had just informed him, they were exiting MLM. Tom wasn’t worried about himself, as much as he was the team members who had believed in him and the other leaders on his team.

Well, Tom is not one to left the grass grow under his feet. Before the sun set the following day he was putting a strategy into play.

I was on the phone with him the next day along with his close friend and my business partner Jim Gillhouse, and he laid out his strategy to us. He made us promise not to speak a word of it to anyone until he gave the go ahead. Well today is that day.

Tom and Denise chose Youngevity for several reasons…

Youngevity Leadership

1. The Leadership. The Wallach family and their crew fully understand and empathize with distributors in their company, because they started at the bottom and worked their way to ownership.

2. The Youngevity Difference. Dr. Joel Wallach! Now for some that may sound strange. But, Dr. Wallach may be the most politically incorrect leader in Direct Selling. He doesn’t care a darn what the FTC may not want the public to know. His passion is to save the lives of as many people as he can.

Dr. Wallach

Dr. Wallach feels so strong about getting the truth out, he was willing to sue the FTC to get it done. Now if that is not the most backwards turn of events, then I do not know what is. 99.9% of the time it is the FTC suing the MLM Company, not the other way around. (Read It Here)

3. The Youngevity Brand & Product Line. Here is just one example… Suzanne Somers has teamed up with Youngevity to market her Suzanne Essentials.

But, what most folks don’t know is the one person who through his whole life was able to draw him back to his sense. She was the one person, who was not impressed by his fame, attitude, success or what others thought of him.

She was Mrs. Virginia Cone Chenault… aka Tommy’s mom!

Here is a video of Mrs. Chenault right before she went home…

See, Tommy is one of the most authentic and transparent leaders I know. He is a true Servant Leader, who gives back to others more than they will ever be able to repay. And this is the women who taught him how to live life to its fullest, while never forgetting where you come from, and those who are not as successful as you are.

Tommy I love you big brother!!!!

I am glad you found a home for you and your team.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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4 thoughts on “Youngevity Essential Life Sciences Welcomes Tom and Denise Chenault to the Youngevity Family”

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Chenault at his Coffee shop in 2009. I warned him then that he and his team were in the wrong deal. I also told him that when his company goes away he would find another home for he and his team. I wish them all the best.

    P.S. We were supposed to compare notes in a few months to see how the other was doing but with all the changes in his life it must have sliped his mind.

    Casper Stockham

    Mandura Grand Imperial Crown – casper.stockham

    303 699-9432

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  4. I'm a big fan of Tom. I know he doesn't need it but I am wishing him the best! He will do great things with this solid company. Congrats to Tom and his team!

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