Yoli Founder Corey Citron Arguably The Most Controversial Leader In MLM Tonight On Aces Radio Live

Yoli founder, Corey Citron, who is arguably the most controversial leader in MLM, will be with us tonight on Aces Radio Live.

I’ve known Corey for close to a decade and have supported him and his teams over the years. Although Corey and I don’t always agree in every area of business, the one area, we are 100% on the same page, is serving our teams all of the time.

Although Corey’s competition may not have the nicest things to say about him, when you talk to his business partners, downline team, and mom, they all tell you the same thing… He loves helping other people succeed.

Corey, did not enter MLM with all the answers and after stumbling his way through a dozen or so companies, he finally started to get it right.

Corey and his partners created one of, if not the first successful online marketing systems in history, and has gone on to develop several of the most popular and successful online marketing systems being used today in companies like XanGo, Life Force International, and now Yoli.

This interview tonight will ask some hard questions. If you want to hear the back story of Corey’s success then do not miss this call.

If you want to see how a wet behind the ear kid, has grown into one of the most successful under the age of 30 leaders in the MLM arena, then listen in on our show at Aces Radio Live tonight at 5:00 pm central.

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