WP Mage Report By Greg Jacobs Now Free At MLM Help Desk

My friend Greg Jacobs may have just pushed the line too far.

point - click - profitimp - WP Mage Report By Greg Jacobs Now Free At MLM Help Desk

He is giving away his WP Mage Blueprint valued at $497, compete with a 7 part video training course. Now you know how I am with videos. The report may be valued at $497.00, but the videos are priceless.

In the WP Mage report, Greg teaches how he stumbled upon a simple way to generate a 5 figure per month income with no affiliates, no article marketing, no PPC and without hours of SEO. He never even had a list.

The best part is that the Blueprint is a step by step guide on how you can do the same.

Go download your copy now: Greg Jacob’s Free WP Mage Report

Living An Epic Adventure.

Troy Dooly

P.S. This is not the usual internet marketer crap, we all hate from the so called gurus. Greg is one of the ‘real’ guys making a solid living behind the scenes. His philosophy is the same as one of my other mentors, Jack Humphrey. They believe that not everything revolves around JUST making money. Some information should be free. Greg Jacobs certainly walks his talk.

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6 thoughts on “WP Mage Report By Greg Jacobs Now Free At MLM Help Desk”

  1. ROFLOL… I remember now! Yep, she had been playing with my phone. I found it a couple of days later. For a while I thought I was going to have to call Zer01 for a new phone 😉

    Greg has disappointed me in this promotion. I feel it was a bait and switch on folks.

    We had Stephen Pierce on the radio this last weekend. This is the second time this year. He is rock solid down to earth, and have a complete turnkey system for helping folks get started.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  2. LOL, I've been waiting to hear from you! That night you were going to call back your phone kept dialing me, and I could hear you with your family. I think the phone must have been in the cushions! That was the same time you were converting your website(s)…it's been that long!

    Here's the rundown on WPMage…Greg has a full-blown course that he sold over this holiday weekend (the high priced one; spend once and you own it completely) and he has a light version that is (obviously) not a complete set of tools, is $27 a month, requires you to do more digging to put together the earning potential, and puts you in line to buy the full blown course when it is offered (again? always on a limited basis). There will/is/was an end cap, because he can't have everyone doing the same thing or the 'net would be saturated and the profits diluted.

    The research I've done is very interesting reading, this type of setup something I've wanted to know more about a long time (and the area has lots of intricacies, and it's completely different from network marketing!

    My guess is the link you had was for the free PDF and light version, only to have the site switch to the full version when it became available last Monday through Saturday (they closed it when they hit their quota).

    Hope that helps!

  3. Sheryllyn,

    I am glad to see you again. I figure you have been busy building and did not have time to chat.

    I may have to change my post, if Greg is going to keep changing. I went over and looked and he removed his $27.00 a month program, for this expensive one.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  4. It appears he's changed the page again. The signup page does not have any 'pdf' links posted on it. Maybe your list is too big for him!

  5. Doug,

    He did change the page. However, when you land on the page, click the "secure instant access" button, then at the top of the page click get started. Then click "PDFs" and you will get free access.

  6. Hi,

    I'm not finding the free WP Mage report on the link above, I'm only finding his pay for product.


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