WOW Mobile CEO Randy Jeffers Talks To MLM Help Desk About Liberty International

WOW Mobile, CEO Randy Jeffers talks to MLM Help Desk about Liberty International, and the future of WOW!

This has been a long awated update from our post on Randy Jeffers and the death of Destiny TelComm.

Randy Jeffers

Now, I want to say, Randy shared with me some very interesting inside facts about Destiny, and I am convinced that if he and his team had it to do allover again, they would have done a few things different. But overall, I am not sure anything they would or could have done would have changed the outcome based on all the circumstances involved.

However, two things stand out from the death of Destiny.

1. Randy nor his team were ever convicted for any criminal intent.
2. For the last 10 years Liberty International has run a tight ship, paying distributors on a daily basis.

So, let’s take a look at Liberty International (I will be doing another post within the next 10 days on WOW Mobile.)

1. The Liberty International website looks like it is stuck in the 20 century. However, Randy did share they are building a new site and back-end at Liberty Friends. This new site is easy to navigate and reminds me of some of the shopping malls I have visited over the last few weeks. And Radny reminded me… “Our focus in on WOW Mobile right this second to get it off and running to the general public.”

2. Liberty International Policies & Procedures: This was a huge positive! The Liberty P&Ps are only 6 pages long. And they are very distributor friendly. Which goes right along with what Randy kept saying when we talked “I created Liberty International as a place where distributors would feel at home, and want to stay.”

3. Liberty International Terms & Conditions: Again my hat is off to Randy Jeffers and is team. The Liberty T&Cs are only 4 pages long. XanGo, MonaVie, Noni, PrePaid Legal, and many other highly popular MLM companies have more than 10 pages of P&Ps alone.

4. Three & Free: This brought me back to my old ProSTEP days. In the case of Liberty when a distributor attracts three new customers who are using the same product as they are, then they get their for free. This is done when a company is focused on more than just recruiting new blood. This is how companies build large amounts of satisfied customers.

5. Low Barrier of Entry. For $24.95 a person can join, and enjoying selling the products and services of Liberty. However, what is really cool in my mind, is the fact, a distributor can replace their home telephone service with the Global Freedom phone (Think of Vontage) and when they share this with a couple of friends, their monthly service is free. I might try the service myslef, since my wife hates our Vontage service.

6. Liberty is a Virtual Company of the 21st Century. Tim Ferriss author of “The 4_Hour Workweek” calls “Joining the New Rich.” Building big offices with huge overheads is the way of the 20th century. And he should know he sold his virtual business BrainQuicken for multi-millions this year.

I am not a fan of Virtual MLM businesses. But after talking with Randy, my paridigm is changing as I re-read Tim’s book The 4-Hour Workweek. Plus Liberty servers are based in Texas. And the Texas AG is not a friend of MLM companies. So for Liberty to have gone 10 years without an issue, I think this is a huge plus, Randy Jeffers and his team have created a business model which is working.

Based on the inside info Randy shared, I am excited to see if WOW Mobile can pull off, from a technology standpoint when others have fallen short at doing…. Stay tuned for the next update which will be on WOW Mobile.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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182 thoughts on “WOW Mobile CEO Randy Jeffers Talks To MLM Help Desk About Liberty International”

  1. I joined WOW Mobile on the 4th of April and have not received anything at all from these people and can not get any type of response from them by either e-mial, phone, fax, or mail. It is as if I took my $900.00 and threw it out the window! Randy Jeffers better pray we don't meet each other one day! I wonder how this grease ball stays out of prison! He is nothing more than a snake oil salesman in my humble opinion.

  2. There sure is a lot of back and forth on this subject. I joined a while ago and am having a lot of resestence from people with carriers other than T-Mobile. However, T-Mobile users seem like a great fit as they can get in for $24.95 and have no early termination charge.
    My recent post If It Looks Too Good To Be True…

  3. I've heard rumor that Wow is in "talks" with AT&T, Sprint and Verizon to bring their networks into the Wow family somehow. But I can't find anyone with a reliable, quotable source that it's actually happening. The guy at told me he's heard this rumor too, but can't get confirmation (a REAL source). That would help a lot, because T-Mobile's coverage is not nearly as good as the others in many areas. Does ANYONE have REAL info on this?

  4. Unbelievable,

    This is a great question. With technology I do not move fast, because I do not want to miss something. The standard WOW cell service offered off the T-Mobile towers is working great. The VOIP WOW Phone is still going through software updates. It works good, but Randy has not released it yet for retail service.

    My teen girls have put this phone the Google Mytouch from WOW through power usage. They have downloaded just about every free app and there seems to be thousands. The ran it through a five text marathon, before the battery was drained completely. An hour later it was ready to go again. It has good clarity also.

  5. Troy,

    Curious as to your experience with the wow phone. I see it's been 7 weeks since receiving the phone and would really like to hear your input on the service.


  6. Debra,

    First let me say thank you for stopping by. However, your statement is very ambiguous and needs a boatload of explaining.

    1. Can you name and show facts on exactly how Randy screwed you? When, how, and which company?

    2. Can you provide the names of "a lot of people" so our team can contact them? To date we have not found a lot of people current or from Destiny who claim Randy screwed them.

    3. If Randy did screw you and a lot of other people, why did you not file a class action lawsuit or criminal charges against him?

    I would have gladly contacted you vie email, except you decided not to leave an email address. So I hope this is not one of those retoric drive bys, and you will respond.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  7. I'm testing the WOW phones right now, and I can say I have been extremely satisfied with the traditional cell service to date. I also had my daughter put the phone through some teenage tests and she was also very happy with the service of the phone. And the apps are countless.

    I am still withholding judgement on the voip because it is still in beta.

  8. exbuzzrep,

    We have a working product…try it, you'll love it. If you already have the phone and only deactivated it. i I am so confident you will be happy with the service I am willing to pay to get it reactivated for you. Only condition is you come back here and post your experience with the quality. After you see it is woirking you can start paying your own again. Let me know…

    Karla (312) 752-7541

  9. WOW customer maybe,

    You can now purchase the Motorola Cliq and it is ata very reasonalble price even lower than most places.

    Log in to you Business Suite and check it out.

  10. Hi jim!

    Would you please contact me? I would really like to help you out, get you up and running. I know there is a huge growth spurt taking place and we don't want to see anyone fall through the cracks.
    My contact info is and my number is 312-752-7541. I have the largest organization in Liberty/WOW and you are probably somewhere on my team but I know I can help you regardless of who your sponsor is and what team you are on.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon,

  11. Hi @_emay,

    i have read your posts here and I may be wrong but it seems the price points you are comparing are not aplles to apples. Please explain what is included in your 59.95 what it runs off of and hopefully what company and then I can answer accordingly. There are many companies now launching products and services we carry for 1 – 3 years and we offer them at a totally different price point than our WOW Mobile service. i would liek to respond to your posts and i suspect i knwo what you are offering but i don;t want to assume i would much rather compare accurately. Any info you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Troy, can you let us know how the wireless router works on the phone? I would also like to know your thoughts on the price of this gadget. Thanks man! Keep seeking our King!

  13. WCNM,

    That is awesome. I see that piece in the puzzle being complete in the near future with other extra's added. Not sure what they might be.


  14. wow customer no more,

    I just received my test unit today, and I agree. This 3G MyTough with Google, seems to be rock solid. I have not gone in and done much, but I was able to turn it on, make a call and it was clear.

    I am also testing GI Connect (the former teleco partner of FDI International) so I can give a solid review of their products also.

    Over the next few weeks, I hope other companies will step up to the plate and allow us, as a 3rd party to test the reliably of their products.

    I should have my voip phone this next week from WOW, and will also be testing that platform.

    Personally, I am glad Randy has made this move with T-Mobile. What I find funny is how some have make statements here, that T-Mobile was NOT a strategic partner of WOW. I knew then it was false, and it just goes to show, given enough time, the truth always shows itself.

    I can tell you Randy is working to provide the best of everything. He may or may not be able to pull it off, but at least he is trying.

    I will be on the phone this week with Mr. Manning of TraVerus aka TeleVerus and will be writing an update on their situation also. And Steve Schulz has also reached out and we will be talking this next week also.

    Let's see where this leads.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  15. Scott,

    Thanks for reaching out. I talked with Randy yesterday and with the changes that have taken effect at WOW, he had postponed the delivery of the phones. Today, I did receive the WOW Mobile 3G MyTouch with Google. As soon as I took it out of the box and turned it on, it fired up with WOW Mobile on the screen.

    I did make one call to make sure it worked and the call went right through, loud and clear.

    I am also testing GI Connect the former (not sure if that is public) of FDI International. Over the next few weeks I will be posting on these and any other company who sends us products giving a clear review of each company and where their products stand.

    Again, thanks for reaching out.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  16. Hi Troy –
    I am searching for your updates on Wow Mobile and
    the phone you were to receive. I appreciate your work
    and your energy!
    Portland, Or

  17. Rick

    I feel Liberty has now stepped up to the plate offering reliable cell service and the ability to port your old cell # over is the missing piece to the puzzle in my opinion. If they can just add more phones this would be a great sell!! I think you guys have a solid product now and there is no doubt it is the best offering on the MLM market right now for the mere fact that if you refer 3 yours is free!! Congrats!!
    Wow customer maybe!

  18. Troy

    I wanted to give credit where credit is due. Wow is offering the Wow Mobile Service thru TMobile, unlimited for $89.95, and of course you refer 3 and it is free! And they have just announced that customers can start porting their old cell # over. I will give Randy credit, he stepped up to the plate on this one! At least he recognized the Voip service was far from being reliable and is offering Reps/customers a reliable cell service with the ability to port their old # over. While the price is still not the cheapest around, if you refer 3 for the service is free. The only drawback at this time is you can only purchase the G1 or Mytouch G2 phone for $399.00 with no option of insurance. I am sure they will eventually add other phones. My hats to Randy thus far for coming thru when the pressure was on.

  19. dallas cowboys,

    ROFLOL… Well you had better stop drinking whatever kool aid you've been drinking. Now for those who may read this tongue in cheek comment.

    1. I have not posted on WOW Mobile… YET! Still waiting on a phone.

    2. I'm not sure there is one "New Age" MLM Wireless company which can deliver on their original HYPE. ProxyComm is dead, another big company who entered into this "New Age" wireless war will make a public announcement tomorrow or Friday. Global Verge did the bait and switch, so who knows.

    DC, I do wish you the best… Just make sure you have plenty of kool aid just in case.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  20. Hi Troy, I'm convinced! After your due diligence with WOW Mobile, you have convinced me that there is no better opportunity out there. I trust you 100% and I'm going to mortgage the house and put every dollar into this program. As a matter of fact, one of the reps said that I can make a 500% return in one week! I'm going to be rich, Troy!! That's $5 million dollars!!! hey, do you want anything for xmas?

  21. I think it's hilarious how all these WOW guys are advertising on YouTube with their videos of how the "WOW" service works. All the while the phone clearly says "T-Mobile" on it! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry WOW folks but you were warned a long time ago about this deal. Hey, I'm all for product innovation but it's going to take a lot more than Randy Jeffers and his "Virtual Company" to pull off a successful wireless product.

    Unfortunately all the lies are magically overlooked by the people making money. Could it be that they are earning $1,000 per $1,700 sale that is blinding their ethics and morals? Hmm, something to think about there!

  22. Wow Customer No More,

    I deeply accept your apology. Thank you for you wishes for us IR's and Liberty's success.
    Thank you again.


  23. Fred,

    How are you charged $89.95 when you did not buy the phone from Liberty International? If that was the case why were you paying $89.95? When I first enrolled I purchased the advance pack ($599). I was able to make money without having the phone and now I will be able to have free cell phone service that no other carrier can offer. I am saving between $140 – $180 a month in cell phone service. I would have been content with that in itself if I had never made a dollar with Liberty Int.


  24. Fred,

    I am not understanding when you enrolled. Did you sign up on 10/28/09 when you met Mr. Jeffers? If you signed up for any of the packages with the phone, the first monthly service of $89.95 (which I think you have purchased the international plan because the new cellular service didn't start till 11/28/09 which is $89.95) and the $29.95 (not $24.95) for your back office website will be billed at the end of the month (if you enrolled 3 people to your business before your autoship date, which your autoship date would have been the day your enrolled), its free. For example, I enrolled 3 people last month before my autoship (11/27/09), when 11/27/09 came I had no bill for my back office website! I will keep having no bill as long as those 3 people stay in my downline. Why would they ever leave, they will be able to receive free cell phone service and make money at the same time. The only bill for you should have been for $199 on the day you enrolled then the autoship bill at the end of the month which is your cell phone service & website. Now my goal is to help those 3 that i sponsored get their 3, this will help everyone's efforts of others. I don't know what your upline was relaying to your your dowline, our leader (Maurice Katz) and our team were explaining at our presentations that the VOIP service was not %100 and IR's were still enrolling because they saw the vision. Now we have a product that can be sold without any hiccups, where the Voip service is still being perfected. I am following what my sponsor has taught me and what Liberty International's model teaches. Yes I agree, it is frustrating when getting in touch with customer service however they do reply with answers that I am looking for. In some cases I have received a answer in less then one hour. There is less of a override with a email system then having a call center. That is more money that the company can disburse for us IR's. Here is a transcript of a response from customer service that I received today 2 hours ago and the request was sent on Sat morning;
    Liberty Customer Service to me
    show details 3:55 PM (1 hour ago)

    Thank you for your message. Yes you can have a local number for your area with the new WOW Mobile Cellular. At this time we are working to be able to offer the ability to transfer existing phone numbers. An announcement will be made in the "Mail Info" section of your Liberty Business Suite. Please review the posts below from the Liberty mail.


  25. bye bye WOW,

    First let me say, thank you for coming by and sharing your insights. I do have a few questions after reading your comment, and I hope you will have time to respond.

    1. I understand your upline seemed to have lied. However, it does seem that on several company training calls Randy was very clear the phone service was in beta, were you ever able to be on these calls, and at anytime did Randy or any other officer of Liberty say the service was 100%?

    2. I do understand the frustration of not having customer or tech support when we need it. However, exactly when did you make the calls to customer service? Were they all on the same day or were they at different times and days?

    3. When you talk about the website I must assume you are referring to and not their new Liberty site or the WOW site? If so I fully agree, which is why the new site is being created.

    I do agree with you on the fact the WOW VOIP wireless service is still in beta, and has been hyped. Of course so has every other VOIP wireless phone service that has been launched since June of this year. It reminds me of the great land rush when the Indian Territories where opened for homesteading in Oklahoma. It has been a free for all.

    Which is why I have no problem telling folks, if they want telecommunications to market, they should look at Lightyear, ACN, 5Link, ZurVita or Escape International. But, if folks don't mind the risk and possible failure, then WOW, FDI of TeleVirus might be good companies in the long run.

    You are correct, after talking with Randy, and asking some very point blank questions, I do not believe it is his intent to defraud or hurt anyone.

    I will keep you posted and I also fully agree with you that some reps are pushing just for recruiting, and are not willing to wait until the beta is done.

    Thank you for taking time to share your experience. I fully respect your stance.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  26. Hello
    I was a wow rep also. No more though. Was i lied to? Hells yea! I was told by my up line that the phone service was 100% before signing up. After i got the unless phone it became, well we are waiting for an update. After the the update it was the same USELESS phone!. After about 5 unanswered calls to customers support ( which BTW is not open on weekends!) i finally got a CS rep that couldn't help me and didn't want to . This rep finally said "I know we have another update at the end of the month.". I said to this rep " thank god i didn't involve any friends or family in this, if i had and they got this sort of response that you are giving me i would be humiliated!

    Web site design early 90's and impossible to navigate and also you need to be walked through sign up. Not to mention they dont accept credit cards, hows that?

    Troy i understand you are friendly with with Randy and that you believe he is professional and honorable. Which i am sure he is. But when it comes to what wow mobile actually is, regardless of Randy, you have a company that isn't complete. You have a product that should not be sold to anyone! Its not a mobile phone! its an idea that has been hyped up and hasent lived up to any of the hype. Its an idea at this point. Its almost a product.

    People are being lied to.

    You wow reps are pushing this for your own personal gain and product quality isn't your concern. Your concern is how much you can make. how could you possibly sign up reps by telling them the product is in beta? You cant! But some of you are signing reps often, which means you are spreading the BS and lies and lining your pockets. Your hoping after they are in you can persuade them to stick around and wait for the real product which is never coming. VOIP has been scraped? You are a t-mobile reseller, no different then GV's global1. I know GV should have been put to bed 6 months ago, but what makes you any different? what makes you different then cricket, Metropc, and 10 others.

    The difference is you are selling MLM style and your more expensive, and lets not forget you really dinr have a product as of yet. This is a SCAM! hoodwinked, deceitful practice. flim flam, and what ever.

    I went to verizon yesterday to upgrade my phone in and out in 30minutes. DONE. I WILL GLADLY PAY VERIZON $30 extra compared to wow. I can afford it and it it is worth it! The cost justifies the service. If its not broken dont fix it. so over 2 years i will pay $750 extra. So what! at least i can make and recieve phone calls. that what a phone is for.

  27. Fred,

    Thank you for sharing. I have read through your post and I have a few questions for clarity.

    1. You make a very eloquent statement about "hoodwinked and hogwash" however, that is pretty vague. Can you be specific in exactly what Randy said to you personally, which was not correct? This will help us understand better.

    2. Did you join Liberty specifically for the WOW Mobile division, or to promote Liberty International?

    3. I fully understand Frustration of an upline who is more interested in a quick buck, than in providing Servant Leadership. Sadly that happens more than I desire to admit. Specifically who is your upline?

    4. Now when it comes to what you were charged. Was the $98.95 specifically for the wireless service? and not any other product or services? And can you tell us why you still do not have a cell phone?

    5. If you did not buy a cell phone, were you planning on using your cell phone and installing a sim card? Having perosnally gone through the sign-up process to see how it works, I do know the new rep decides what service they want. The default is the home VOIP service.

    6. What did "they" lie about? And are they Liberty, Randy, your upline or all of the above?

    7. I agree the original Liberty site is old, but their two new sites look pretty good. Which site are you referring?

    Again, I want to thank you for sharing. This gives me more info I can take to ask Randy about.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  28. True it's a neat concept. My wife and I met Randy Jeffers at the Plaza Hotel in Chicago 10/28/09 and at the time we thought he was a square shooter. I cannot say this anymore, as we have been hoodwinked into believing all the hogwash surrounding this program.

    Nothing's in place here where I reside and it's frustrating when you lay out $199.00 to join. However when I joined, my upline kept at me to sign up people in my area of Ohio where there was no service. Then Liberty takes my money for the $89.95 service my first payment + $24.95 website, and I have no cellphone, I did have a website. How can they take your hard earned money when I never bought a cellphone from them. They lied. Their wesite is old and needs to be updated. Everything should have been in place the day we signed on with Liberty, not so, because they do not have a physical customer service department, everything is done by email, which is very frustrating. Trying to get the right info from a live person was futile. So in truth, the company as far as I am concerned flubbed the ball and has lost a good rep. Disgusted with Liberty in Ohio

  29. It amazes me that not one call is live, you can't ask questions unless you email Customer Service and they don't answer your questions they give you some sort of blanket statement that doesn't even pertain to the issue.

    Amazing to me how they can bill you for a service that doesn't work!
    Amazing to me how they can bill someone that doesn't even have the service.
    Amazing to me that there is no warranty for the phone even though you pay 400.00 for it.
    Amazing to me that they won't send the information on returning the phone.
    Amazing to me how one IR in the northern part of the country says Sprint is coming aboard, then the southern Ir's think it's att coming aboard and NO one has a straight answer.

    I myself treat people how I want to be treated, I don't go blowing smoke up someone's skirt tale with out a fire and this one is hogwash.

  30. Rick,

    Thanks… I think I am understanding what Randy has done, and it makes sense. There is no reason to take public something that is not working correctly yet. However, having some type of service allows the building to continue.

  31. Troy,

    This is from our back office mail,
    Saturday Training Call… Join Host John Shaw, Liberty Founder Randy Jeffers, Karla Pacheco and special guest Tony Verruso from Modesto, CA, as we learn how to build our Liberty business. As always, all are not only welcome but encouraged to attend. Date: Saturday, December 5, 2009, Time: 9:00am PDT, 11:00am CDT (6:00am Hawaii) Dial-in Number: 1-218-936-4703, Access Code: 309486.


  32. Troy,

    Yes, WCNM is correct and you can not keep both. There is only one plan to purchase from the Liberty's website… News that came on 12/5/09, you can keep your WOW Mobile VoIP phone number that was assigned to you on the new service and if you have the WOW Mobile CELLULAR Monthly Service you can have a local number from your area with the new service.
    Today one of our reps was able to insert is Wow Mobile sim card into his old t-mobile phone and was able to use the service.


  33. Say wow
    You are wrong Liberty did not add another product they " temporaily" replaced VOIP with Wow mobile cellular, aka TMobile. Randy made it clear on the 11-21-09 phone call that Liberty is not allowing anyone new to sign up for Voip until further notice. Only Reps who already have Wow VOIP have the option of keeping it or switching.
    Get your facts straight and quit using this hype to attract new customers! Do you or have you even been listening to the weekly calls , either you have not or you have drank the kool-aid and have your blinders on my friend. Either way you are way off base. I welcome any Liberty Rep to challenge any of my posts on what I have said about Wow mobile in this blog. If I can save one person from falling for the hype that is Wow I will of suceeded.

  34. Rick,

    Can the reps keep both if they desire? It does sound like this new situation might be a good way of providing a soldi service now, while testing the VOIP.

  35. Troy

    Liberty stated that if you have already signed up for the VOIP you can choose to keep it or switch, your choice but no one new at this time can sign up for VOIP service. Randy says this on 11-21-09 call as you will hear when you play it back from the code I gave you.

  36. Troy,

    The reps that currently have the VOIP service can either keep it if its working great for them or have a option to migrate over to the cellular service if they choose. The only change is that the price increased $10.00 and now we have a %100 operational phone on a tier one provider. The sell 3 yours is free referral incentive still applies. The upgrades for the WOW Mobile Monthly VOIP Service are continuing and will be made available again to order when they are fully tested and released. When that happens I will then go back to VOIP or it will be called maybe, MOIP at that time.


  37. WCNM,

    When Randy and I talked last he was hesitant then at sending a phone. I told him to use his best judgement, since I would be blogging on my results. Now, it will be interesting to see which phone I receive.

    Since it was sent priority mail, I should have it tomorrow. Although it is Christmas time, and it could run a day late. I will let you and everyone know what is going on.

    Stand by for….. NEWS!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  38. Go Mobile

    You are no doubt probably right that the Wow phone does more than any other MLM's phones do, no argument on that one! However I do disagree about Liberty in that they have done what they said. Your right companies to take time to grow and prosper and there will be bumps along the way. My opinion is they were misleading about how far along their Wow product was just to get new Reps to sign up.if they said in the beginning that their Voice service (not data) had a ways to go before it was reliable I would of been okay with that.

  39. Rick and everyone else

    My bad and I was way out of line with my comments and apologize to all I offended. I made assumptions I should not of made and regret making those comments .Good luck to everyone who is a part of Liberty and WOW and I sincerely hope it works out for all of you. I would love nothing more than for Wow and Liberty to prove me wrong and be a huge success. I still honestly feel Liberty had not been forthcoming in their launch of Wow Mobile and I feel they were very misleading any many ways based on listening to Saturday conference calls each week. If others feel differently okay, this is just my opinion . Again apologies to all !!! I was way out of line with my comments!

  40. Wow Customer no more,

    This is interesting. I am writing down all of these issues, and will be following up next week with Randy. It was my understanding they were going to offer both types of service.

    However, if the VOIP side of things were in beta and the engineers and programmers have decided it will not work, then maybe it is being scrapped. Just a thought, no eveidence of this being fact.

    Living An Epic Advanture,


  41. Wow Customer no more,

    It's under the bridge and we move on. As for the original point you were trying to get across that did get lost on me. I do agree 100%. Using ones beliefs to manipulate others is unacceptable. I have seen to many good people taken advantage of all in the name of the Lord!

    Although I believe a person's beliefs will play into every aspect of their lives, and I never hide what I believe, I make it point to never use it as a Ace card to bring others into my business.

    I get your point, and your apology and explanation clears everything up on that aspect.

    I am glad you are hanging out over here with us. We all need to look at every side of these issues and weigh the facts from fantasy.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  42. My apologies, I guess I did not do a good job in expressing my point and evidently it was in poor tatse.

  43. Troy

    I apologize, the intent was taken wrong. I do have religious beliefs and my intent was not to belittle anyone's beliefs by no means. If that is how it was taken I am deeply sorry! The point I was trying to get a cross was that I felt some poeple were using religion to prey on other new recruits, that is all I meant. Again my sincerest apologies for offending anyone!!

  44. Troy

    Also, just to be clear. Liberty announced on last Saturday's call that they are not allowing any new customers or Reps to sign up for the Wow service using the VOIP service they orgianlly launched on Sept 1st 2009. They replaced it with traditional cell service thru T Mobile, the cost $89.95 a month. This was a toal 180 based on what they had been saying prior to this. How do you feel about getting a phone that is not on their Wow network to review? Wasnt the point of getting a phone to review their new technology of using VOIP on a mobile phone?

  45. Troy

    The Liberty website only lists the last 3 conference call playback codes here they are, but please ask Randy if he would give you access to these weekly calls going back to late August as this will back up a lot of what I am saying.

    11-7-09 call # 218-936-4703 access code 372830
    11-14-09 call # 218-936-4703 access code 194682
    11-21-09 call 218-936-4703 access code 691573
    Please keep in mind on the last call dated 11-21-09, Liberty was in the process of not offering Wow Service (VOIP) to any new customers. If you can get access to these previous weekly calls prior to Nov. 2009 you will hear how the service was working for most of the customers who had it and that Randy claimed it was getting better each week and only a small number of customers were experiencing problems.
    Please keep in mind to back up what I am saying you really need to go back to late August and listen to each weekly call in date order.

  46. Troy

    I am not saying any Reps did not post on any blogs saying it was in beta back then. What I am saying Randy or anyone on the weekly conference calls held each Saturday @ noon EST. never once mentioned this was in the beta stage. Liberty Reps were told to only go by what is said on these weekly conference calls held by Randy and on those calls Randy or ED(the head engineer) never mentioned WOW was operating in Beta phase. Maybe Randy would give you access to playback those Saturday calls going back to late August.

    Thanks for the response!

  47. Troy

    Remember, they have only just now sent you a phone because they have just made available the cell service using T Mobile network, my guess is the phone you will get will not be on the VOIP network, the product you were orginally supposed to be reviewing. If your phone is not running on the Wow network (powered thru Global Freedom Phone -VOIP) then you really can not honestly review their product as it was intended.

    Troy kindly let me know when you get your phone if it is the VOIP service or what they just swicthed to selling. I will bet the house your phone will be running on the Tier 1 Provider's cell network not Wow's VOIP network. What is your opinion on that? If this is true dont you agree you can not give it a review because you do not have the orginal product inteneded to be reviewed?
    Wow Customer no more

  48. Jesusfreak,

    I checked today, and my phone will be in my hands tomorrow or Saturday. It was sent priority mail. As soon as I get it I will be taking it through all the tests that only a Marine can take it through 🙂

    And, on a personal note, I always find it interesting how people have to attack when they see or hear the name Jesus or Christ!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  49. Wow Customer no more,

    I can understand your attitude based on your personal experience. However, to belittle a person's beliefs seems not only childish, flat out asinine.

    I fully respect your stance on WOW, but from this point forward refrain from any personal slams on peoples beliefs. We still live in America, you may not believe the way someone else believes, but you have no right to belittle them.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  50. IrateRep,

    I respect your stance. However, to state I did not do any due diligence before removing them is interesting at the very least. From the information I have T-Mobile has been in the picture the whole time. Although, I did not make that public, it was information we had.

    I will have a phone (It has been sent priority I checked today), and will put the phone through a complete test.

    Stay posted.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  51. Wow Customer no more,

    I will check into what you are saying. I would swear we have comments here in the community dating back that far, also stating WOW was in beta. However, you bring up a great point and one worth following up on.

  52. Wow Customer no more,

    Great idea. Wish some good friends here, maybe one of them will pass me the link tonight, before I get a hold of Randy.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  53. Troy, ask Randy to give you access to the last 14 Saturday conference calls , this will back up everything that I am telling you and if you are able to listen to these calls I am sure you would move Wow to scam alert category! I would give you the playback codes but Liberty takes them off of their website after a week. I wonder why?Thanks!!

  54. Troy

    The problem there is Liberty & Randy never said this was in beta during Sept. & October. They claimed it worked for the majority of the customers and all Reps were allowed to sign up new customers for Wow service, they did not have to be Reps to get the Wow service.this was not sold to us based on it being in Beta.To be fair Randy dis say back in Sept. that if you were looking for a perfect phone service to come back in 6 months because they are not there yet. But they clearly were telling Reps/customers on weekly conference calls that only a small # of people were having issues.They were very misleading on those weekly calls, the average person listening to those weekly calls up until last week would get the impression that this phone service works for the majority of their customers with only minor issues(with no mention of beta) when the fact was it was getting worse and it was barley usable for voice. I have been in 3 major cities with this phone and I had the same issues in all 3 cities and I know several reps in other areas of the country, same issue.

  55. Troy, put Wow Mobile/Liberty International back on the SCAM LIST!!! I can't believe you took them off before doing your due-diligence. They have increased the plan to $89.95 & removed int'l calling. To make matters more sketchy, they switched to T-mobile cell service, but you can only make calls at NIGHT….what da h3ll? First of all, I did not spend over $1K to be limited to calls in the night. 2nd, how can I sell a service that a customer can get directly from T-mobile. 3nd, this is a bait & switch from VOIP to CELL!

  56. Wow no more we are sorry for you. It sounds like you have alot of anger built up. I hope you felt much better after your rant. Iam another very happy Wowmobile user. It is amazing when you have a company that does what it says it is going to do and will not BAIT and Switch you. They keep you up to date on exactly what is happening with the progress. My phone does more than anyones elses mlm phone that I have met. I think Rick is a stand up guy and he believes in HIS heart that the Lord is over this. I do not understand why you must put him down for his beliefs.

  57. I share on what I experienced and I express what's on my heart and I forgive you that you can not accept my views. Business = progress, The BIG 4 providers did not grow overnight. I am not here to attract the masses. Take care.


  58. I just had to comment. I had a WOW phone. It simply sucked. calling in or out was so bad. impossible. It was a toy secondary to my Verizon phone. Is it is BETA? yea i guess so. If that the case don't allow people to sell this crappy service till it is 100% functioning.

    All of these reps got nothing solid right now, and I can tell you that not one rep is explaining the beta scenario to there prospects. It is all hype like "get 3 and urs is free". but after a week of having their phones its WTF? why this ? why that? thats when the excuses come out. Beta is not good enough for me. currently you DONOT have a product! So please stop the BS!

    So far you are no different then Global verge.

    Whats that Walmart phone? looks to be better then all of these shady service providers

  59. RLP

    So the Lord is involved with WoW? Does his phone work? Do you have his number? How low will people go to try and sign up new recruits!! An all time low!!! i am sure he will not have a problem referring 3.

    Troy, thanks for having this forum. Believe it or not I wanted this Wow thing to work out more than anybody. I invested hours and hours of time listening and researching and have nothing to show for it. I refuse to sell something I do not believe in and make up lies or half truths just to sign someone up. In time you will see that in your unbiased review of Liberty's Wow Network, i am sure of it. This cell service reminds me of the can you hear me now commericals. I truly gave this company the benefit of the doubt for 4 plus months and stuck with it.

    Troy, dont you agree there should be some sort of progress in quality of service after 3 months? Even the slightest progress would of been enough for me to of stuck with it for anoher few months but that has not happened.

  60. Wow customer no more
    I am not ready to pull the plug on a company who confesses that they are in beta. Actually I think it is off to a good start if it just got going at the beginning of Sept. Patience is a virtue.

    As far as the Lord being in it, we will see. The proof is in the pudding and time will tell. RLP, you sound really ticked off. You made some great points though. I know that as of yesterday, my brother who has the service could not go full time with his WOW phone, YET.
    By the way, RLP, I'm a big boy. I didn't come to Christ because I'm gullible.

  61. Wow Customer no more,

    Don't let what others write get to you. One thing I have learned over the last few months, is when people blog pro and con it does give folks something to think about. They know the right questions to ask.

  62. Wow Customer no more,

    Randy was very clear he was concerned because not everything was working yet. I am willing to give them some room for getting things rolling. However, once everything is working I am hoping to have a phone in my hands. I have not received one yet.

  63. wow customer no more.

    Thank you for stopping by to comment. I can understand your concerns and frustrations. However, since the service is still in beta, will these concerns change when the service emerges for the real world?

  64. RLP marketing
    So your phone works good enough to rely on as your only cell service? If so have you ported your old cell # over to the Wow network? Your saving money each month because you got rid of your old cell service and only use the Wow service? You kept your same cell number that you had before? So you are signing new people up and saving them money by getting rid of their old cell phone service? Anyone you sign up can get rid of their old cell phone and transfer their current number over and it is reliable? By the way, I have had a Wow phone since Sept 2009 and signed up in July 2009 and the answer to all of those questions are NO!!!! Integrity And now you are using religion to express how good of a person you are?? If you can sleep good night by telling lies or strecthing the truth or leaving out certain details then throw the Lord's name around so people think you are honest and legit, pathetic. Because the bloggers name is Jesusfreak you throw in the the religion, your pathetic and you are praying on the innocent. Shame on you!!

  65. This is not the real deal, I am not bashing I am talking from experience as I have had the service since 9-1-09. You can not replace your old cell phone and you can not even port your old number over. It is not getting better as time goes by, it is getting worse. To clarify it is the voice part that is getting worse. It works fine for internet and tethering, that part works great. It is not as an easy of sell as you think it might be. Be careful!!

  66. Now if you are telling your potential new sign up's that they can not replace their current cell phone service yet and you can not port your old cell # over to Wow yet, thus you can not cancel your old cell service yet and you do not know when you will be able to then no problem you are being honest and upfront.

    If there was progress being made, even slow progress and the service was slowly getting better then at least we would know they are headed in the right direction and with time it will be reliable enough to replace your old cell service. But it has gotten worse over 3 plus months that is why they have scrapped it for now. I get a laugh out of these Reps that blog on here and comment that they can not wait until Troy gets his phone. Are you kidding me they are not sending Troy a phone because it does not work. He might get one now that they just announced they are not using the Wow VOIP service powered thru GFP, if Troy gets a phone it will be thru TMobile service not Wow mobile. Wow what technology!!

  67. I guess my issue is with the Reps that are blogging on this site and others like Arubadreamer and others that are trashing other MLM companies telecom services and saying how great their Wow phone works and how they are not paying for a cell phone bill. That is not correct because the truth is you can not replace your old cell phone bill, thus you are not yet able to save on your monthly cell phone bill but these certain Reps keep bragging about how much money they are saving and they do not pay a monthly cell phone bill.

  68. Proud Liberty Rep

    How come Liberty did not come out say Wow Mobile was in Beta testing when they started issuing phones on 9-1-09. They simply said that it works but there will be some kinks to work out, understandably so! In fact every Saturday they claimed that most of the Reps that had the Wow service, it was working for them most of time. That only a few customers were having issues in outlying areas. I have had the Wow service since day one and since 9-1-09 the service just kept getting worse with every painfull RC update they released. But Randy & Ed kept assuring everyone that only a small number of people were having probelms. If this was the case why would Liberty not allow those Reps to port their old cell # over ?? Here we are 3 plus months later and Liberty now is now not allowing any new Reps to sign up for the Wow service powered by the GFP, they can only sign up for the just newly added traditional cell service offered thru there only Tier 1 Provider which we all know is T Mobile, price $89.95 a month, unless you refer 3.

  69. Hi Jesusfreak,

    The reason that WOW is able to provide this service and the price is that there is no override cost on the company's behalf, us reps do all the marketing. Liberty International is a 11 year old dept free company that has been in the telecom industry for four years and Wow Mobile is part a new cellular division that the company offers. I became a independent representative on August 27, 2009 (Wow Mobile's prelaunch was Sept 1, 2009) and since then I been receiving generous checks and great cellular service. I work hard and enjoy helping others lower their phones bills to free! I can explain the comp plan to you. I believe in my heart that our Lord is all over this. Take care.

    Respectfully Yours,


  70. Jesus Freak,

    I love writing that 🙂

    You ask some great questions, and I will reach out to Randy and see if I can get some answers this week. I know he was out of twon last week visiting family. I am not sure if he is back or not.

    In the mean time maybe one of the leaders in WOW can answer.
    Living An Epic Adventure,


  71. Troy, do all these other wireless mlm companies offer unlimited Internet with their phones? My brother has a phone with WOW service. With this phone you can tether to any computer that picks up a wi-fi signal without actually connecting anything to the computer. So WOW offers unlimited calling, unlimited text, unlimited data transfer and unlimited Internet all for $80/ month. Am I missing something here? That just seems to good to be true. Phil said you could get the service for $50 a month through T-mobile, if I remember correctly, but the T-mobile service does not include unlimited internet, correct? And then with WOW you refer three and it is free. It sounds like a great deal. I also know that people pay way more than $80 a month to have what WOW offers. I know I can sell people on this product easily if indeed this whole thing is legit.

    I would like Mr Jeffers to show us that the contracts are the real deal.
    I would also like to know why the comp plan seems so confusing. Maybe I am just not educated enough to understand it yet.
    I would also like anyone just trying to take a shot at WOW to not reply.
    Troy, I hope you are writing these questions down that everyone needs answers to because unlike most of us, you have access to Mr Jeffers.

    I am praying that this whole thing is the real deal because if it is, I just found a product I can believe in.

    Here is my fear. I sign up a bunch of people and WOW does not deliver, or WOW gets shut down.

  72. Troy, do all these other wireless mlm companies offer unlimited Internet with their phones? My brother has a phone with WOW service. With this phone you can tether to any computer that picks up a wi-fi signal without actually connecting anything to the computer. So WOW offers unlimited calling, unlimited text, unlimited data transfer and unlimited Internet all for $80/ month. Am I missing something here? That just seems to good to be true. Phil said you could get the service for $50 a month through T-mobile, if I remember correctly, but the T-mobile service does not include unlimited internet, correct? And then with WOW you refer three and it is free. It sounds like a great deal. I also know that people pay way more than $80 a month to have what WOW offers. I know I can sell people on this product easily if indeed this whole thing is legit.

    I would like Mr Jeffers to show us that the contracts are the real deal.
    I would also like to know why the comp plan seems so confusing. Maybe I am just not educated enough to understand it yet.
    I would also like anyone just trying to take a shot at WOW to not reply.
    Troy, I hope you are writing these questions down that everyone needs answers to because unlike most of us, you have access to Mr Jeffers.

    I am praying that this whole thing is the real deal because if it is, I just found a product I can believe in.

    Here is my fear. I sign up a bunch of people and WOW does not deliver, or WOW gets shut down.

  73. This all gives me a headache!!
    However this is a great blog format….what format is this Troy…I would like to set up a blog for another website.

  74. Yes you can tether your laptop and surf the net the but you can't use wow service. For talk and you can't even cm voicemail from your cell phone. You have to call from another phone to listen to your messages, WOW!!!!! It is terrible that liberty reps are selling this on the premise that you can replace your current cell service. the service has gotten worse not better.

  75. Reading through all of the replies makes my head hurt!

    So, I guess the questions that should be asked are this:

    1. Is WOW using T-Mobile for data only over GSM?

    2. Is T-Mobile okay with this?

    Sounds like #1 is yes and #2 is no. I believe this very discussion came up with GV/Buzzirk/Zer01 and the conclusion is that there are no carriers currently that allow VOIP over GSM within their AUP's.

    Now, I hope this one day changes (sounds like AT&T may once their LTE network is in place, as they state that everything will be data).

  76. you mean if your on a voip call and walk out of a spot you loose the call right ?, how mobile is that ?

  77. Today, I feel much better. Paige is back at 100% and the kids are great. I will be checking the mail tomorrow to see if over the last week I received a phone.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  78. WOW introduced another great wireless product today to their amazing 300 products line (all 3=free!)…"WOW Mobile Cellular", now they have VOIP, and regular Cellular Phones, with all the same 3 =FREE, Wireless tether to computers, Unlimited data, talk, text etc….yep… Randy's the Man, he delivers on Thanksgiving Day with no hot air, just product ready to be ordered in the back office …Troy many other companys would play this for all the Autoship they could get…
    Yes we can stand behind our products that do work…and have the comp…saying price…were not here for price we are here for FREE!, just like the American public will be too…..traverus dont have FREE, or a lot of other stuff for that matter, nor do G.V, FDI, lightyear…
    Why do any other MLM business when liberty has "refer 3 = Free" NO Autoship ?
    How can you convince people that paying is better than FREE ?
    Troy Wow is Wow !…Join WOW !!!

  79. Troy,

    Hope everyone is back in good health… Please tell us you got the phone;) I'm excited to see your review….

  80. Concerned MLMer,

    Please explain. From my research, Destiny was never shut down, it was closed down in a natural death. I could not find any info showing where the FTC or any state regulatory agency actually shut them down permanently.

    And, although the compensation plan is basically the same, the major difference is the fact with Liberty, they are paying on products being moved to the end user, and not tools and such, just from internal consumption.

    But, I could have missed something, please explain or send me in a direction to look.

    KKeep them coming!!!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  81. Jesus Freak, (I love that!!!)

    My fmaily has been down with the flu and Randy is out of town. I have not been out to see if my phone has come in. However, when he gets back into town, if someone has not answered this question, I'll call and ask him for an answer.

    I can say the last time I talked with Randy, he did say they are doing continue firmware updates to get their platform rolling right. I am not sure if what they are doing is different from the other companies or not, but I do know there is a boatload of propitiatory software involved.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  82. Troy, my brother signed me up in this company 2 weeks ago. He has had his G1 phone from WOW for about 3 weeks now. He says that the tethering application on it works 24/7. However, his actual service does not work on it 24/7. It works only about half the time if that. I usually have to call him on his other phone. When it does work it sounds better than any service I have heard before. It sounds like a land line. I have asked him why it does not work all the time and he tells me it is because the techs are working on the system.

    I have not bought a phone yet. I am a little hesitant because I do not want to get scammed. Also I am concerned about signing others up because I care about my reputation with others.

    I guess I'm wondering if you are having the same problems that he is having with your phone from WOW.

  83. gomobile…..I can only speak for us:

    1. We are not reselling anybodies GSM service.
    2. We don't require any contracts
    3. Our reps are paid 90% of the difference between the wholesale price the reps get and the retail price the customer gets everytime that customer pays their monthly bill. This also generates business volume that flows through our compensation plan and we are paid on that too.

  84. Troy, we love the comp plan here. The best part is going over the litany of ways we get paid when trying to explain it to someone, you almost have to have a cheatsheet….so I usually just let David Manning's videos do the talking…couldn't have said it better myself!

  85. Albert,

    Not sure… Family is sick and I have not gone to check mail. Will let you know when we're all back up.

  86. GoMobile,

    I think it is this fact alone whoch causes me the most sadness for the GV Reps. They did not join to become resellers of GSM service. Their whole passion was wrapped around the fact GV/Buzzirk promised them a whole new platform created by Zer01.

    Now, they are just reselling for someone else who is reselling for a Tier1 provider. How can you compete with the top folks who set the price.

    And, from the email I received, I still believe GV is working to turn everyone into resellers, and not team builders. Seems the majority of the income is at the reseller level. Overall this is great. However, it will take a huge amount of resellers to build a big residual income.

    However, the few at the top who have been in each company will make some great income, and never have to sell a phone. Well unless the compensation plan goes away.

    We'll keep watching.

  87. It looks like alot of different people are reselling GSM service?? Are they all contracted with Tmobile?? I think their is more to the story. I sure hope Troy will dig into this. I find it hard to believe that some companies can steal GSM cellphone service. How do you do that?? How do you promote this around the world and the GSM providers do nothing?? Can they not just shut it down?? Can someone with the information let everyone know. Who are the companies who do and don't have contracts??

  88. I signed up 3 accelerated packs, 1 advanced, 1 basic in liberty my first week…thats $3400 my first week…CASH !
    Liberty has got the big pay…not this little money, others are pushing, $1000 fast start bonus per rep…yeah baby !

  89. I don't giveout my work email. My work email is for business purposes only! You think I want you guys spamming my work email. I really doubt any of you only has one email address. I have 4 different ones. I have att as my home provider. Any dsl provider gives you a free email account. You guys can doubt all you want. I am just providing correct information on who Tmobile is contracted with. As I say, believe what you want, but when everyone finds out the truth, there will be no reason for me to say, "I told you so." I told everyone the samething when Global Verge was claiming the same thing, and everyone did not believe. So, to each their own. BEst of luck to you all.

  90. The problem is Arhur… has already been done…..product to market not in Beta…..and with a cheaper rate plan.

  91. Wowmobileman my be right…and this could turn into a sign up frenzy… I am joining Wow in Beta after listening to the engineers update call today, (wowmobileman has it)…if TVI / GV can do it with nothing then Wow will certainly do it with this phone.

  92. @_emay,

    It could cause trouble, if what Phil writes is true. He states he works for T-Mobile, but his email ends at Which is the official company website.

  93. First off I applaud your drive to stand behind your company and product. With that being said, after listening to that call, if I was a rep I wouldn't have a clue to when the product would actually be available for market. This sounds like one big beta test of an app that you all are trying to develop and tweak as you go. No problem with that part, but to have reps going all over the country hyping your product when the app to power your program haven't been completed can be dangerous and put you in the same boat as another wireless MLM company with no product to market as of yet. Now I will tell you that we too are in finalizing stages if an app that will work with our system that will allow any phone that can connect to the internet the ability to download the app and make mobile voip calls. The difference between us and you, we already have a working product to market with a lower price than your $79.95. You may get some people who will be able to convince their buddies on the get 3 and yours is free, but happens to that person that can't get three? They will be stuck over paying for something they can get cheaper elsewhere which is the whole reason for the program to begin with, the saving of money. Don't take it as I'm bashing your opportunity because I'm not, you should always stand up for what you believe in. If you don't believe in your product how will you get others to do the same? I will give a little something you might want to pass on though, you guys might want to rethink the unlimited international thing look at what happened to ProxyComm and you will know what I'm talking about. They learned the hard way.

  94. Yeah Troy we know…..nobody wants to touch it……and with our new retail outlet model which adds even more money for those who just want to gather customers and not build a massive team, it don't get any better.

    Now when somebody goes to one of our websites and purchases a product or service we as a TraVerus agent will be paid 90% of the difference between the wholesale and retail price. Not only are we paid 90% of the difference Troy, but all products sold generate BV which is paid out in our 3D comp plan as well.

    So if we have an agents that's not building a team but just gathering customers and they are marketing our telecom products, every month that customer pays their bill that agent pockets the 90% difference and the BV generated moves through the 3D comp plan, so it's a win win for the builders, the customer gatherers, or if you are both even better.

    With the Holiday Special we are running get on it while you can for $99.95 for more info on the special!

  95. Phil, yeah I just saw your response to Troy's question. This spells trouble for WOW mobile in my book…..but I'm just an outsider though…

  96. Phil,

    I have been following Simple Mobile. At least they don't have a comp plan for folks to worry about. Unless they are fronting for one of the MLM wireless companies 🙂

  97. ROFLOL…

    TraVerus has the craziest compensation plan I have ever seen. And I mean that in a good way. The flawless integration of the best of so many income models inside of one compensation plan is remarkable. I keep looking for someone else who has done it, and have yet found them.

  98. Yes Jim, join me in Traverus, the comp plan is unbeatable and our service is cheaper than WOW.
    Read what Troy said about our comp plan under his Traverus write-up. And it is only $99 to join AND you will be able to use your own phone if you want.

  99. Hi Jim,

    You received a welcome kit in your email instantly and it explains on how to get started!

    Respectfully Yours,

  100. As I stated before, I work in network acquisitions and help manage and form agreements with whoever uses our network. Liberty is not contracted with us. Our newest client is simple mobile. They are contracted to use our networkj except for our 3g network.

  101. The newest company who we have an agreement with is simple mobile. We do not have any agreements with liberty, global verge, or buzzirk.

  102. Signed up with whom? Your welcome letter goes to your e-mail address. Do you have one? You should be questioning the person who sponsored you not the company you got involved with. Just a piece of advise when it comes to getting involved in any Network Marketing company.

  103. Hey @_emay,
    Don't forget the taxes T-Mobile has to charge. So let's say it's a push in costs. To have an opportunity to get it free and make some residual income is what this is all about. It's just a widget for people to realize their dreams. If you really want to learn more about WOW Mobile, call this number (218) 936-4703 key in the code # 713422 and listen in. You'll hear from Liberty's top engineer and the direction WOW Mobile is headed. The recorded call is only 15 minutes, it will be well worth your time. In the scheme of all of this, WOW Mobile is not for the average consumer at this time to replace their cell phone. It's still in Beta Testing. Shortly however, it will be. And when that day comes…..look out, good things will happen!

  104. Valerie,

    I am not sure I agree fully with the fact people don't have $399. Kindle's run as high as $489.00 and are selling out. Smart Phones run as high at $399 at Sprint and AT&T. And netbooks run around the same price. This is out of pocket costs. When a person wants something bad enough, they find the money.

    In the case of WOW! there is no one buying phones (to my knowledge) just for the service. Only reps are buying, which means they are looking at the phone as a business tool, which makes it 100% tax deducible.

  105. Yes I am totally aware of that…HOWEVER coming up with $399 OUT OF POCKET, is different than paying over time. That is a big difference. My point is….most people nowadays do not have $399 they can pay as one upfront lump sum. That is a big deterrent. Wowmobile should offer a sims card only for people that already have GSM or G1 phones.

  106. Jim,

    You told us your situation, but what have you done to fine a solution? There is no such thing as a perfect MLM, and I have seen the same thing happen with a few of the billion dollar companies.

    If you are seriously looking for a company, and not just trying to recruit people who contact you, into your real company feel free to reach out to me, and after answering the questions I'll send you, I may be able to lead you to a few leaders to talk with.

  107. I signed up for 599.00 and never even got a welcome kit a letter nothing, the websites are terrible and now some of you have made some good points, I feel I made a bad decision. Is there any mlm company that is honest and good, are there any that have the distributors back.

  108. @_emay,

    This is funny. The USA invents the Internet, the British invent the World Wide Web. The USA creates CDMA, and someone overseas creates GSM. Seems like folks should get together every once in a while before they invest all this money in R&D and work on the same platform 🙂 At least the Internet and World Wide Web work together. Thank you for sharing. I am getting a firmer understanding everyday.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  109. Phil,

    I got a question after reading your response. Is there a chance the Agreements are not in the name of Liberty, but another company? Global Verge used Buzzirk for their mobile name?

  110. Phil,

    I am not sure I would call this "getting ripped off" Many companies use white labeled services, branding them to their own brand. Software, travel, clothing, food and the list goes on and on. In most cases its the same product or service but the price is different.

    That is good to know about EBay. I have never used EBay so thank you for sharing. What about Replacement Insurance? If I buy a phone on EBay how do I get replacement Insurance?

    And I agree on the pricing and honesty. Of course I have never sold on price, so I never had an issue showing folks what others charge… more or less.

  111. I would call it getting ripped off. You are misleading a customer into purchasing a product and service thorugh a secondary channel when it can be purchased directly through a company that actually provides support for the devices and service. Would you pay an extra $40 a month for service that should only cost $40? As for the phone, most phones on Ebay come with free shipping nowadays, and isurance is not usually necessary unless you are recieving it by USPS. I commend you in your research and am in no way trying to disrespect anyone. But what is being sold is like AIG. I pride myself knowing the fact I actually give people the best deal out there. Even before I worked in network acuisitions, I owned my own store. I've never lied to any customer about service, prices, and what others were offering. I'd even show people how much i'd make off a sale. Honesty is my main issue here, and that's why I say it is ripping people off.

  112. I work in network acquistioning and deal with any provider who we sell our network to or lease to. It is all public information. There has been no agreement between liberty and tmobile. Tmobile has exclusive rights in the US for the mytouch 3g and g1, that's why no other carrier sells it. They will not be able to have a private label.

  113. Subsidizing a phone when you sign up for a contract is standard with all carriers, and if you don't you pay full retail. That is standard. Free phones are free with contract, you are just subject to paying sales tax. Why would any carrier give a free phone without signing a contract. That's like someone giving a person a phone that cost $250 for free and only using one month of service and cancelling. The provider loses out on both ends. As for paying full retail, people can get a better price for the phone on ebay, and download skype and get a google voice number.

  114. Phil has no REAL facts…its just what he thinks 350 -399 is not rip off, these phones retail for much more…also we have to program the phone too. how much do you pay for your phone and back office fees phil? monthly, every month, year in year out…now it adds up. Phil you don't know the contractual agreements liberty has with its providers…so why make up a bunch of hooey. this is just another blah, blah blah, who has nothing to compare to what liberty is offering…and his recruiting is getting hurt…Troy we are going to see a lot of these upset wireless competitors

  115. Phil,

    Those terms and conditions only apply to T-mobile customers. If T-mobile enters into an agreement with another provider to lease some of its bandwidth, only the terms in that agreement apply. Not saying that this is the case because I have no clue if T-mobile and Wow have any such agreements if any, and depending upon your level within T-mobile you may not know either. Being a T-mobile customer I know for a fact that T-mobile has an agreement with ATT to utilize ATT's bandwidth when T-mobile don't have any towers in that area and when T-mobile's towers are down in an area. That has happened several times in my area when your towers went down my phone started reading ATT. Now not being involved with wow mobile I have no clue how they run their business, but I do know companies make side deals with each other to utilize bandwidth. Just look at Verizon and Cricket, Cricket leases bandwidth from verizon and sell there service cheaper than verizon. Now if verizon allows that who knows what type of agreement T-mobile may or may not have entered with WOW.

  116. GSM was cellular technology originally used overseas which is one of the main reason you see a lot of GSM phones in other countries. CDMA was a technology created hear in the US by Qualcom. Both technologies have crossed over to each others markets. The four major carriers in the US breaks down this way: Sprint Verizon are CDMA carriers and ATT and T-mobile(who is owned by Deutsche Telekom from the UK) are both GSM.

    Here is some reading for you on the whole thing on which one is better.

  117. Phil,

    So what you are saying is any agreements I saw were fraudulent?

    Randy was very clear the current phones are T-Mobile. Although, the goal is to move to a WOW private label as soon as they can.

    I should have a phone first of the week, then I'll have a better idea of all this lingo you guys are sharing.

  118. Phil,

    I'm not sure I would call it getting ripped off. Maybe there is a little commission built into the price. And if someone buys off ebay there is still shipping and insurance costs. I think I need to go to the beach for a few hours.

  119. @_emay,

    I can tell you one thing, if nothing else, I have sure learned alot about wireless telecommunications over the last few months. I want to thank you for explaining this aspect to me. Which leads me toanother question. Why is there more than one acceptable platform or standard used?

  120. Valerie when you purchase a phone from any of the big 4 carriers, they give you a discount on the phone because they are locking you into a contract. depending on how long the contract determines your discount on the phones. The free phones are not free either, they are still locking you into a contract. If you refuse the contract extension, you will pay full retail for any phone no matter who the carrier is. All the wireless MLM are not locking you in a contract therefore you have to pay retail for the phone. Now if the MLM had a down-loadable app you could apply to any gsm smartphone, you could shop around for the best deal on an unlocked phone that works with their system. All you would need to do is purchase a compatible phone, signup for service, download the app and recieve your simm. Then you would be in business, saving money and enjoying your smartphone.

  121. If you are using the G1 and expecting to connect to a ATT tower that's far fetched…..if you are able to connect it will be EDGE only not 3g because all Tmobile 3G phones use a funky frequency here in the US that only connects to there 3g towers. My unlocked Nokia will not connect to T-mobiles 3g towers for that very reason but connects to ATT 3g with no issues. I only get T-mobile Edge, I know that's the reverse effect of what the g1 would have on ATT towers (edge only).

  122. Troy you can't just stick a sim card into a gsm phone and expect it to work…you will need unlocked gsm phones to do that. with all the videos on youtube I'm sure you can find a video on how to unlock pretty much any phone that's out here now days though. There is another option that I wont mention because we are days away from launching it ourselves.

  123. Calm down my friend you must be new……with all the hype in your posting, that tends to turn off people looking for an opportunity. If the product is as great as you say it is, the product will stand on its own merit and you wont have to display so much hype. From this point you don't know if the product is as great as you think it is, it's in Beta.

  124. Ok let me break this down for you. First off I am not a Wow Mobile rep, and I'm not going to mention the company I'm with because I'm not pitching. But as a consumer my concerns would be this. You state that you all have a relationship with a Tier 1 provider, I'm guessing T-mobile since you are using there phones. Now your Unlimited Domestic plan is $79.95 which includes unlimited everything including cellular minutes and mobile voip. That would be cool if your Tier 1 provider didn't recently undercut your price. Let me explain, T-mobile currently offers unlimited voice and text for $49.99 no credit check no contract. If the customers wants one of the smartphones you all are selling they will have to pay an additional $24.99 a month. The grand total of that bill comes out to $74.98. Now for the life of me can you explain to me how I would convince somebody to pay more to us instead of the Tier 1 carrier who's services we are using to power ours. For the record T-mobile has wifi calling already included in their unlimited plans. Now getting three people to overpay for service that they can get from the carrier directly, so I can get mine free is not in my book a good idea. T-Mobile was smarter than Verizon in my opinion in this one because they are not allowing people that uses them as the Tier 1 carrier to undersell them like Verizon do with Cricket.

  125. So basically, people are getting ripped off buying the phone for 399 when you can go purchase one for 350 on ebay, and paying an extra $40 when they could have just signed up with tmobile directly for $40 a month and downloaded a voip client onto the phone. However, as I stated, you are not allowed to use a voip on their network. This should answer most peoples questions. As for those who are reps for WOW, I know you may believe this is a great deal for people but it is not, the reason when you refer 3 you get yours free is because of the extra $40 that is being made off of each person. So in acuality, you're not helping others out, just yourself.

  126. Hey Troy,

    I'm glad to see you actualluy spoke with Randy. Now, I want to share some information about what I KNOW! WOW mobile has no agreement with tmobile or att to use their gsm 2g or 3g network. I know this becuase I work for tmobile and I know one of the people in charge for network acquisitioning in att. The phone you get is basically a tmobile phone that has been programmed to show the wow bile logo on bootup but is still a tmobile phone. That is why there is a tmobile simcard inside the phone. The phone is signed up on tmobile's data only plan which is only $39.99 plus tax. So the other $40 that is being charged is going strictly to liberty. The phone has a voip client/application downloaded on it which any smart phone nowadays can get, and uses tmobiles data network when processing the voip call or tethering. Now, this is where some illegal issues my appear. Tmobile does not allow wireless tethering or voice calls to be placed on their data network. At this moment, tmobile has been looking into this and something may come of this.

  127. From my research through the Liberty people,wow mobile presentation and T-mobile the portability issue is still up in the air with the google phones. Liberty says they are working on portability, T-Mobile says the phones are fully portable?
    Yes you do need to buy the phone at $399 along with purchasing accessories. 3 and it's free is only for the $79.99 per month unlimited service. That's the info straight from the presentation from a large Liberty Distributor for Wow Mobile……
    The more research I did with T-Mobile about the phone and the contracts between organizations(Liberty and T-Mobile) the more "fuzzy" things seemed. Therefore, I passed on the deal.

  128. Apparently you are having a hard time grasping the concept of 3-G. As I posted above, if you need straight answers call me Robin Earl, Head Coach Liberty Chicago Team. My Global Freedom # is (224) 515-0500, my WOW Mobile # is (847) 881-1970. Look forward to hearing from you!

  129. Robin,

    Thank you for connecting. I am excited to see the top leaders coming by to share the inside info. This is going to help folks make informed decisions.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  130. Hey Troy,
    As far as Concerned MLMer, 5Years2amillion or anyone else who needs answers to their questions about WOW Mobile or Liberty International in general, have them give me a call. I will be more than happy to answer all their questions. As I mentioned before, I've been with Liberty International going on 3 years and I have the largest team in Chicago. I'm Robin Earl, Former Player for the Chicago Bears, Sports Talk Show Host & Liberty Chicago Head Coach. My WOW number is (847) 881-1970 and my Global Freedom # is (224) 515-0500. Because of Liberty, WOW Mobile and Randy Jeffers brilliant compensation plan, I will produce more millionaires in the MLM/Network Marketing industry, than any other company in the world. Why? We now have the right widget. I shoot from the hip and I tell it the way it is. Why waste your time on such silly questions when they can hear it from a guy who lives it everyday. By the way Troy, I like your style!

  131. Wowmobile has traditional cellphone service. That is what sets Wow apart. They actually have Tier 1 providers. 5years you are extremlly confused and have no idea what you are talking about. Would be very happy to explain it to you. $79 unlimited everything and we actually have unlimited with no caps on data texting or voice. You can use your phone as a hotspot for your laptop computer so you can say good bye to your aircard. That alone will save you approx $60/month. Please do your homework. This is actually a real company that has been in business for 10 years using the get 3 and yours is free. That goes for all their products. You want a vonage type service for your home?? Find 3 others and you can get rid of your home phone bill also. This is an awesome biz. No autoship cost after you have refered 3 to do the same as you. Tell any other mlm company that you have no monthly cost?? The more you look into the company the better it gets.

  132. It is not just a voip phone, you are actually getting an UNLIMITED cell phone plan…..and unlimited web data….so it is a great deal, but again if you have to spend $399 in order to get the phone, and that is the only way you can get the $79.95/month service, it is a big drawback.

  133. At this point you HAVE to buy the phone for $399 to be able to use the unlimited cell phone plan for $79.95.
    I have heard that in the future, they hope to be able to offer a sims card, that can be used with ANY GSM phone, of G1 phone, so if you already have that, or have a source to get one cheaper, you can just get the service from WOWMobile.
    Please ask Randy about that, as that would make it a much better opportunity if that happens…too many people cannot pay $399 for a phone nowadays.

    Also, I have been told WOWMObile works on both ATT and T-Mobile Towers, picking up the best reception in the area…can you confirm that with him also?


  134. You go to HTC site for info, "IF" you were a rep a small buy icon would be at the left of the box…yes you buy from liberty, you dont get all the site functions from a non rep. perhaps sign up and find out how we realy work, the site works great, its for reps… it functions very well.
    The phone works in non hot spot areas…all over USA, Canada, its a VOIP phone, it has wi-fi for hot spots as well …great for o'seas. the samsung mondi is the wi-max phone…different system with clear…yes we have that too, and it ties in to your GFP at home…4 g!.
    Our land line VOIP is the clearest best product on the market…dwarfs vonnage, and the likes with call quality…your info in incorrect…I have it.
    WOW Mobile has it all in house…plus we have cheaper phones coming like the motorola curve and off in the future sim cards…think $10-20 sims refer 3 = free, this will be the biggest sign up frenzy in the nation, if it already has not started. go to sign up and you will see the buy icon on screen, and a week later paycheck in you mailbox if you keep talking for the good of your net worth. WOW Mobile is obviously got the comp upset.

  135. I really think that Concerned is just looking for business for his mlm company. Check out his many post. He want Troy to do a post for another Telecom MLM and Troy has not done it yet so he is throwing out questions he knows the answers to just to look better than the rest of us.

  136. Patti and Tom, what do you do if you are not in a wifi hotspot? Do you not have any wireless service? It seems that you would need to have a traditional cellphone and then one of your expensive phones. How is that saving anyone any money? Not sure that getting 3 to get yours free is a very good selling tool if you also have to tell people that there phone will not work in most places. I have yet to get anyone in your company to give me a straight answer on what good a wireless phone is if you can't leave your house or office.

  137. Tom,

    Thank you for the mind words. I believe having an open mind and listen to others is truly how we grow. Randy was very clear and upfront on the fact there is still issues, and the project is in beta. However, he was also very confident WOW would deliver a rock solid service. I like a leader who is authentic and upfront when I ask questions.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  138. Hi Troy!
    I'm glad to see you have an open mind. Ive been through two other companies that promised the world but never delivered, but Liberty International came through with the real deal. Are there kinks that need to be worked out sure, but this is the real deal. After i did my due diligence i realized that this is a GREAT company! I looked just over 3 weeks ago at WOW mobile and almost didn't join, because of your postings on youtube and that would have been my the biggest mistake ever. My friends are thanking me that you don't have to pay a monthy auto-ship because of the refer 3 and yours is free concept! WOW!

    I have never been so excited in a business like this. I love Telecom & help people save money in this economy and most of all working for an owner who truly cares about his reps.

    If You are looking for group with true leadership and a commitment to excellence Call Tom Today!

  139. Concerned MLMer,

    That sucks!!! Shows what I know. I thought you could just add a sim card from WOW ot port your number to their network. Buying a new phone on top of getting the service, can be expensive for some folks.

  140. Great idea !…Buy a Liberty International Rep Pack or Phone as a Xmas gift…what more to buy your loved ones the best MLM Wireless company start up of the next decade, it will buy a Harvard education later on, or be your retirement…The Engineers are working around the clock with big results…"Daily", this is one super qualified mega team of top industry professionals getting blazing results that even Buffet would be proud of…Now this pay plan is proven…its been running 10 years, and a fully legit, with the one of the best leaders in the industry "Randy Jeffers" who understands the field, who is here for us, who stands by us…the people!
    The MLM Indusrty has been waiting for a mega opportunity like this…this is sooo big…people will be quitting their day jobs… Troy all records are going to be broken with this 3 is FREE marketing plan, why buy from another company ??? also paying reps 100 % to Unlimited levels. the only thing the public have to loose is their Phone bill…so why not !. Yep its Santa all right, and we are excited !!!

  141. From what I have been told you need a certain kind of phone in order to make their VOIP over wireless work. I don't think you can use your existing phone Troy.

  142. How about a WOW rep answer me this: why is it that when you click to order the HTC Google phone that it takes you to HTC's corporate website (where there is no place to order, just to search for a retailer)?

    Does that mean you have to go to a retail location to buy the phone? I keep hearing you WOW guys saying the "WOW Phone is amazing" but from the way it looks WOW doesn't actually sell any phones.

    From the conversations I've had with some very frustrated WOW reps they had to buy a HTC Google Phone from T-Mobile at retail cost and that WOW doesn't even sell them.

    Please clarify.

    Also, please clarify whether or not WOW actually offers CELLULAR SERVICE (NOT VOIP). From what I am told by my WOW source the WOW service isn't actually cellular at all, it's VOIP. That means if you want your phone to work in non-hot spot areas you STILL need to go pay a real wireless company for actual cellular service.

    If this is true then I can see why the WOW rep I talked to was so frustrated. Land-line VOIP has many issues by itself. I can't imagine trying to do it over a wireless connection. Yikes! No wonder the call clarity is so poor.

  143. Yeah, the "Concernced MLMer" is likely in Lightyear Wireless I bet. I say this because I was in Lightyear and their comp plan is lousy. They don't pay much, especially in the way of upfront bonuses. Who knows? Maybe it's due to their high costs with headquarters. Perhaps they should consider adopting a virtual company model and start paying their reps more. Then again, maybe that won't work for Lightyear… since it takes a great management team to pull this off. Liberty International has sustained their business model for over 10 years now. I just think that most reps in Lightyear are unhappy and have nothing better to do than find fault with other companies. I have nothing against Lightyear, I just don't like some of the reps that bash and bash as if their company is God's gift to MLM… lol… over and out.

  144. Valerie,

    I will add this to a series of new questions for Randy. But, it was my limited understanding, a perosn could take they regular wireless phone from Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T and use it on the WOW cell service, but just activating the service. Am I mistaken on this point?


  145. Patti,

    I have really enjoyed getting to known Randy, and studying the company. The most refreshing part of my conversations with Randy is the fact, he answered in a very open manner. The WOW post will be very telling when I post it. However, I am waiting until I have a phone in my hands and can learn first hand how the service works, and experience both the frustrations and the excitement behind the HYPE.

  146. The WOW phone is amazing and has a perfect name. We have jokingly said that everytime someone says WOW, we have to put a quarter in the jar for the Boys & Girls Club or charity of choice! Need to make that happen! Thanks again Troy for confirming in my mind that I made the right decision to join Liberty International!

  147. Hi Troy!
    I'm so excited about your change of heart! If most people would do their due dilligence like you now have done, they would realize that this is a GREAT company! I looked just over 3 weeks ago at WOW mobile and almost didn't join, because of your postings on youtube and that would have been the biggest mistake that I have made in a long time! I now have free mobile, have made a lot of money and my friends have constantly thanked me for finally finding something that you don't have to pay a monthy auto-ship because of the refer 3 and yours is free concept! WOW! We all have dreams and goals and are good people and deserve what God has promised us! I love the honesty of my upline mentor (whom I just met over 3 weeks ago) that will tell people that the signal is not perfect YET, but neither is my cell phone service that I've had for 9 years. In fact, in the last month, I have been at the Sprint store 4 TIMES!

  148. Troy,
    I was talking specifically about WOWMobile and the cell phone service.
    At this point you HAVE to buy a cell phone for $399 in order to get the $79.95/unlimted monthly service for a cell phone…which is what I am interested in

  149. Just wondering how they are going to get around the fact that another company already has the home VOIP for around $18 to dist., and the voip wireless product that they have for near $80 is only $24.99 with the competition. It also looks like you HAVE to buy your phone from freedom, when the competition will be offering the service to any phone that can connect to the internet. I just don't see how they can compete, they aren't even in the same ballpark, product-wise, price-wise or from a compensation plan standpoint.

  150. Dallas Cowboys,

    ROFLOL… It seems you did not listen to what I said in the video, or read my post. But, I do find your comment interesting. I've been called a lot of things things over the years, but "little girl" is a first. That is great! My daughter's are going to post on what you called me on their FB pages.

    Seriously, what gave you the idea I did a post on WOW Mobile? The only mention of WOW is in the title, and the fact I will be posting on WOW in the next post, after I have a phone in my hands.

    Now, let's get down to business, my turn to ask some questions.

    1. Con Artist: What evidence can you produce Randy Jeffers is a Con Artist? If you can provide solid evidence I will gladly review it, and post the facts.

    2. The Sound Quality: Yes Randy did share about the sound quality and the fact it gets a little better after each firmware update. Which is why the phones are not being sold to the general public yet, and why the field has been informed from day one, IT'S A BETA TEST. I've been involved in every Windows beta test since the 1980's and you should see how things suck when it's an Alpha Test!

    3. Headquarters: Had you watched the video, you would have heard me talk about the HQ issue, and how I feel about it. Really, why post a comment, if you didn't listen?

    4. As for your conclusion that NO HQ Building means, "shut down and run." That has to be one of the most resourceful comments I have ever heard. Especially since you called Randy a "con artist." True Cons, put on the best image upfront. They whole persona is one of class. From the website to the lack of a formal office, and the fact Randy makes that point very clear on the website, tends to make one realize, no one is hiding anything.

    However, in the last few years I can think of at least one MLM company in the wireless field who's CEO & President sure have run a con. Not once but several times. Pretending to have an office, creating fancy websites, flying around the country like they have deep pockets. All the while, knowing they are not going to pay the distributors who built their company, and blaming the demise on other people.

    5. As for making millions. Randy never mentiond earning millions from Liberty. As a matter of fact, money never came up for him personally. He did talk about how he wanted to pay the distributors as much as he can, because he believes if you pay the most to the distributors they will not leave.

    6. As for NO Trail… Liberty's merchant and bank accounts are located in the USA. And the fact their servers are located at The Planet in Texas, a trail has already been established.

    7. As for issues surrounding WOW, you and others will have to wait until I do the WOW Mobile post.

    8. Again, you ask questions, which show you did not listen to what I said in the video.

    9. As for the 3 & Free… Again, you ask questions without doing any due diligence on your part. I love thought provoking debates which help distributors make logical and informed decisions. But to ask frivolousness questions, is a time waster.

    As for you being disappointed… it happens. As long as my wife and kids are not disappointed, I think life will still be an Epic Adventure.


  151. Valerie,

    Please explain. I went through the whole sign-up process and not once did I have to buy a phone. I could just get the service. I have Vonage and have not had any issues. Although, like you my business partner Jim Gillhouse hates it. Let's see if we can get some Liberty reps to tell us about the service.

    Thank you for commenting.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  152. Just wondering how they are going to get around the fact that another company already has the home VOIP for around $18 to dist., and the voip wireless product that they have for near $80 is only $24.99 with the competition. It also looks like you HAVE to buy your phone from freedom, when the competition will be offering the service to any phone that can connect to the internet. I just don't see how they can compete, they aren't even in the same ballpark, product-wise, price-wise or from a compensation plan standpoint.
    First to market and lowest prices are going to get the lion's share of the retail here, and I see the comp plan being the draw for the big boys.

  153. Proud Liberty Rep,

    I don't usually get involved in private conversations. Unless I believe there is some type of misunderstanding. Although, I do not know Concerned MLMer personally, I do them from this community and have read everything they have ever written. Although, they can come across in what some might see as harsh, I can personally say, their post was not bashing! When they bash a company there will not be any mistake.

    They asked some straightforward and hard questions.

    I have been called a company basher, and I can assure you I am not a know it all, or need to feel like a big shot. As a matter of fact, it could be said I bashed Radny pretty hard in my first post.

    However, with that said… I love your defense of Liberty and Randy. Please keep coming by and being a part of this conversation. Your personal experience will be priceless to those who are looking into WOW and Liberty.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  154. Dear Mr. Concerned MLMer,
    From your comments, it sounds like you are a distributor for Light Year Wireless, ACN, or some other competitor of Liberty International. It's been my experience that people who tend to bash other Network Marketing companies don't know squat about that company and they like to feel like a big shot voicing their opinions. If you really did your homework "Mr. Concerned MLMer" you'll find out a couple of very important keys about Randy Jeffers. First of all, he has never missed payroll, secondly, products are shipped timely, and finally, his 'Buy 1 sell 3" yours is FREE concept is absolutely genius.

    I've been with Liberty International going on 3 years. I haven't had to pay for home phone service the whole time. In fact, I receive over $250 worth of free Liberty products every month. Now, for the past 2 months I have had a free mobile phone thanks to WOW Mobile. But the best part of course, is that weekly stream of residual income coming from a product that virtually everyone uses. I tip my hat to Randy Jeffers who stood behind his word and launched a flat fee wireless mobile phone service. A feat no other MLM company was able to pull off. Even thou WOW Mobile is still in Beta testing and has a couple more upgrades to be perfectly reliable, I'm proud to be a part of something that will change people's financial lives forever.

  155. The main drawback I see with WOWMobile, is that you have to spend $399 to save money!!
    You have to pay $399 in order to be able to get the unlimited phone plan of $79.95/month.
    Nowadays..that is a lot of money for a lot of people, and I see this as a big deterrent to people coming on board.
    Also..the home voip service, I have used Vonage in the past and the quality of the phone was unacceptable. I tried another service and it was just as bad. Is there anything Liberty is doing to improve the quality of the home voip service??

  156. WOW, is all I can say. Man, Troy, you look like a little girl who just spoke to Santa..all excited!!. Tell me, Troy, is Santa going to bring you everything you want for Christmas? Talking about star struck, this guy talks to a con artist CEO and eats up every word that is fed to him. What due diligence did you do? Oh wait, you heard it from the horse's mouth. Did he mention to you how horrible the sound quality is? Did he mention that there is no headquarters, so he can shut the company down and take off anytime after he makes his millions and there won't be any trails? Did you do your due diligence on where these phones come from, Troy? Did you do your due diligence on how the service is generated? Are they stealing signals from Tmobile or do they have a legitimate contract to take Tmobile's airwave to provide their customers? Did he give you any warranties on these Tmobile phones that you have to pay $400 for? What about customer support? If everyone is eventually getting their phones for free, who is actually paying? The whole thing just sounds so fly-by-night. I'm disappointed in you, man, due diligence, my ass.

  157. Expect the competition not to like Liberty taking their market share, and voice it harshly and incorrectly…not just wireless mlm's, but any mlm is not safe with Liberty on the main page. Troy this company has the potential to make a massive dent on other mlm's market share, this could be a industry upset, people are walking from years of work to come to liberty…this could be a big industry shift/change on traditional marketing plans (3=free), big payouts, corporate structure for the years to come…Randy's, Liberty Intl is setting the NEW standards <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  158. Concerned MLMer,

    As always you make rock solid points and ask some great questions. And as always we seem to land somewhere on the same page, even if it's in a different paragraph. 🙂

    1. I'm still wrapping my arms around the virtual company idea. And like other virtual companies who started without an office… Yahoo, MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube, Google, Amazon, EBay and other, Liberty may end up with an office one of these days. And, lets not think for a second, just because they do not have an office now, they don't have the money to do so.

    2. On the phone issues and customer service. I asked those questions… But I have to save that for the WOW post.

    3. As for the link to Randy's personal gateway. I asked him about that. He was very straightforward, he has never taken a dime from the compensation plan. And, he made it clear, the orphans which do come through the company site are few and far between, and are placed in the company power leg just like other companies. Since every distributor has their own replicated websites which is where the majority of join.

    4. I did checkout the Fast Packs. Although I would not be pushing the $1600 pack, if I were a rep, I do not see this out of the norm of other companies these days. Yoli, XanGo, MonaVie, Bazi and others push buying $1000 or more to get rolling. However, in the case of Liberty, there is nothing I read in the P&Ps or the T&Cs which keep a rep from selling their product in a retail location.

    Again, I see Liberty as a product driven company. And if they are moving away from the Liberty Brand to the WOW brand, then more and more people will market wireless, which again will leave liberty as a small product driven company.

    I can say when I went through the sign-up process (until they wanted my credit card 🙂 ) I did have to get the $24.95 phone service. This alone is a product, and the fair market value is legit. My Vonage $34.95 per month.

    Now, I am going to see if Kevin Thompson as a little time on his hands to give me his opinion. As the most conservative MLM attorney I know, I think he'll be able to give us a good opinion.

    Again, you make us all think.

    Living An Epic Adventure.


  159. This is the real deal, I knew this when I met Randy Jeffers. Liberty international has the marketing plan, corporate structure to last decades and be the market leader, anyone who gets in Liberty international now is going to have a secure bright financial future. WOW Mobile will be another success story for all the distributors. Call the Wow Mobile Man today and Join WOW's #1Team USA.
    Join the Good Company you can hang your hat on !…fair post Troy giving credit were its due.

  160. Steven,

    I'm still digging and looking, learning as I move along. I am excited about getting a phone and learning more about all this wireless technology. What I fine most interesting is the love the distributor base has for Randy and his family. It really does remind me of the old A.L. William days.

  161. Dave,

    Thank you for coming by and sharing. I'm still being cautious because of the whole crazy wireless thing. But, with 10 years of steady growth, you may very well be 100% right. 🙂

  162. I believe that Liberty International will b one of the best MLMs in the country. I have been involved in many and retired from two. Many have what I call "Gotsha"s" or things that will hurt your business. I don't believe I have found any in Liberty International.

  163. Great video Troy! I always liked your reviews of companies and always wondered why you weren't able to see the light with Liberty International and WOW Mobile. Keep up the great work.

  164. Troy,

    I appreciate your due diligence but there are a few things here that concern me (as a Network Marketer):

    1. This idea of a Virtual Company is NOT going to fly in the MLM world. Not on a major scale anyway. It's completely ridiculous not even to have a corporate office staffed with people. Where are the phones shipped from? Does the company even have phones in stock? Probably not if they don't have an office to ship them from (there isn't a single wireless phone manufacturer that will drop-ship phones for you so that's a bunch of bull if they pull that excuse). If there's a problem with their service who do they call? If I'm a distributor for this company it would concern the heck out of me that my own company doesn't even have enough money to provide an infrastructure of support, billing, accounting, etc. Come on Troy, we're talking about building a legit MLM company. Name me one successful company (doing 100 million dollars a year or more) that doesn't have a home office.

    2. Let's talk about Randy's "character." I've been in this industry for over 10 years and I've never seen a situation where a company's PERSONAL sign up page is located on the main company website (and has been there for over 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Go to, click on "About Liberty." Then click on "Liberty Founder" and there you will see at the bottom of his bio a link to his personal Liberty site.

    Also, Troy, go look at Liberty's Fast Start packs:… Please tell me how what they are charging is ethical and legit? You and I both know (especially when you look at the way their reps do the presentation) that you are stupid if you don't join at the $1,700 level. My problem with this is there is virtually no value in this product. 95% of it is replicated websites. The only real value is the first month of the VOIP ($25) and a $50 rebate on the VOIP adapter. Come on man, where is the ethics in that? If memory serves, wasn't this the issue that the feds had with Destiny? Buying multiple profit centers? I'm all for having start-up fees, but this is a little extreme. Most ethical companies charge $299, $399, or $499. Looks like a major money game to me especially when there is no product required to be sold to be eligible for income (as far as I can see).

    All I'm saying is that Network Marketers should expect their MLM company to provide very basic infrastructure (which Liberty does not) and to provide an ethical compensation plan that empowers reps and not fleeces them to benefit the company.

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