World of Direct Selling Insights: Six Reasons Direct Sellers Should Leverage Social Media Syndication for Consultants to Grow Their Business

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There is no question that the flow of word-of-mouth today is strongest on social media. Right or wrong, good or bad, word travels on social media. It’s how people connect. All of your consultants are on social media and their friends and peers are your best prospects. Here are six reasons how direct selling companies can equip their consultants with social media content and grow their sales and profits in the process.

1. Improve Compliance Across the Network – One of the biggest issues faced by ALL direct sales companies is message compliance. Your vast army of sales people all have their own idea on the best way to communicate and sell your product. Some consultants excel at this… but many do not. The best way to ensure consultants are keeping the brand message pure is to provide them with ready access to the right content at their fingertips. Let the marketing, branding and content experts from your corporate team create the right messages. Then simply deliver it to the consultants in a quick and easy manner. The key is making it EASY.

2. Drastically Increase Social Reach and Influence – The average post on a company page is seen by 16% of people who “like” their page. In reality, comScore says consumers are 40-150 times more likely to see branded content in their newsfeed or a friend’s wall than on the brand page itself. They also trust it four times more than ads. Build on that, your consultants on average have 230 friends on social media. And these friends are far more likely to buy your product because of their relationship with your consultant. Equip your 1,000 consultants and reach over 200,000 likely prospects with a single post coming from a trusted friend. Let them show their friends how your business changed their life and why they joined your team. That drives real growth.

3. Save Time for the Consultants – Most consultants are enjoying direct selling part-time and don’t have the time to dedicate to creating a robust, brand-compliant social media presence. As a result, they may forego a social media strategy all together, or potentially worse, execute a poor social selling strategy. Give them the tools and resources to deliver a strong social media presence without the heavy lifting.

4. Even the Playing Field for Consultants – Your consultants have varying degrees of industry, company, marketing and social media experience. By providing a steady stream of good social media content, your newest consultant can look as intelligent, thoughtful and knowledgeable as your veterans.

5. Improve Social Intelligence and Analytics – With all business today, information is key. You need robust reporting that is available anytime you need it. You want to know which of your posts drive the most engagement with your consultants and customers. What types of posts create the biggest impact? Which of your consultants create the most engagement? Look across the entire network of consultants and evaluate enterprise-wide performance and learn from that information. Find out what works and make decisions for future actions based on that.

6. Make it EASY – Don’t make them search through a library of approved content. That takes thought and time. Instead, craft messages for them and deliver the ready-to-post, compliant content to their mobile device with a notification that they can approve, deny or edit with a single click. This is how PointBurst can empower your distributors, consultants, and associates to increase their sales and productivity.

This week’s guest author Mick Twomey is Co-Founder of PointBurst. PointBurst drives compliant social media success for the consultants in direct selling organizations.


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