World of Direct Selling: How Beauty Consultants Can Leverage the Beauty Moment of Truth

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In direct selling, a company’s success is ultimately tied to client satisfaction. A happy customer will buy again and again, remain loyal for years to come and even give referrals. All of this adds up to not just a steady line of revenue, but a growing business as well. In short, customer satisfaction is everything.

This all leads us to the question of all questions: How can we achieve all of these goals?

Every single day in business, there are many Moments of Truth; these are the key moments when consumers interact with a brand. Each interaction paints a picture of the product in a consumer’s mind. In direct sales, sales representatives play a critically important role. They actively work with consumers, thus creating and facing many Moments of Truth.

Field trainers and sales support managers are keenly aware of this. But how can these professionals support their sales forces in such a way that they create a long lasting and positive picture of the brand, set up strong bonds, consumer satisfaction and become financially successful?

The key is to provide sales reps with the powerful and dynamic tools necessary to help transform SELLING into CONSULTING. Beauty consultants have the opportunity to allow consumers to experience a Beauty Moment of Truth. It’s this special moment where a consumer learns about his or her very own beauty traits.

Beauty consultants help consumers by performing tests and then evaluating those tests together right there on the spot. Armed with this new information, beauty consultants can then recommend the product that is the best match. Ideally, consumers purchase the product that is right for their given needs, buy again in the future and are so excited that they even give referrals and discuss their positive experiences through social media. When this process unfolds, the business of beauty consultancy grows constantly.

It’s the Beauty Moment of Truth that transforms selling into consulting. The good news is that this process is not only easy, but also it benefits all involved including consumers, consultants and direct selling companies. Please click here to watch a short video to learn more.

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