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Josh.MarxOur guest author this week is Josh Marx. Josh is a marketing and business development professional with 12+ year’s experience. Josh has earned an Associate of Science in Graphic Design from Santa Fe College, Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Peru State College and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Nova Southeastern University. He currently is the Director of Marketing at Team National, the 43rd largest direct selling company in the world. Josh oversees all areas of the marketing department where all functions/tasks are performed in-house.

Guest Post by Josh Marx
Direct Selling: Facts Tell, Stories Sell 

Connecting with your target audience, in person, sharing information by phone or communicating updates via social media to your sales field both near and far, are a major part of your daily routine in the direct selling industry.

Since today’s technology seems to be taking on a role of its own, it is essential to keep in mind the simple fact that if you don’t have a social media voice that fits your brand, your marketing efforts may be wasted. Conveying a straight-forward and clear message in all facets of your branding, be it your marketing collateral, interpersonal interactions and in your social media posts will go a long way in establishing a genuine, strong foundation.


A. believability: the ability to inspire belief or trust

B. willingness to believe: a willingness to accept something as true

A brand that reaches to connect with its customers, listens to suggestions, and responds positively to complaints all while telling the truth and nothing but the truth, will have an easier time in expanding its customer base. There is definitely a correlation between the way you express yourself and the connection you have with customers. As your mother used to tell you, “Honesty is the best policy.”


When you are able to learn about your audience, you will enrich the overall experience.  People absolutely love stories they can relate their dreams, needs, and desires to. Finding common ground and sharing stories directly from your life and lessons you’ve learned will go far in achieving success in your direct selling business. Storytelling, by far, is the most effective way to convince an individual of something—anything, in fact. Building a long-term relationship with others far outweighs simply being shortsighted seeing only the end result. Once you create an emotional connection, that will undoubtedly boost your sales.

Consumers are much more interested in being asked about their needs, being heard, and being invited to try out products, as well as give brands feedback. Make sure your brand is focused on the concerns of your audience. The more people can relate to a brand that has a distinctive, trustworthy personality and feels more approachable, the more likely that brand will be able to develop a deeper connection with its audience.

There are multiple ways to build a connection with customers. All aspects must combine with one another, i.e. an emotional connection, relatable stories along with consistent branding and excellent execution, all while keeping your message unique and personal.

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