World Of Direct Selling: Are You Ready For A Vibrant Market?

istanbulSo, you have had some interesting pieces of information from here and there about the Turkish market.

Some might have mentioned its size: 76 million people of which 77% live in the urban areas.

Some might have stressed the size of its largest city: 14 million people live in Istanbul which is larger than several European countries like Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Hungary or Sweden.

Some might have talked about the successful direct selling companies who have been around for quite sometime: Oriflame (1992), Avon (1993), Amway (1994), Tupperware (1996) and Herbalife (1998).

Some might have told you that there was a very high unemployment: 12% among urban population. Moreover, this is over 30% among women and more than 20% among younger (men and women) population.

Some might have indicated to you the existence of the efficiently-working goods and services suppliers around the industry that facilitates lives of direct selling companies.

Some might have said that the presence of well-educated, bi-lingual professionals to manage your entity would pave the way for success.

Some might have added the born-networker nature of the society.

But, we know that you need to do more than this.

* Like;

Protecting your trademarks, even if you are not considering to expand soon.

Of the top 50 direct selling companies in the world, 40 have not yet expanded into Turkey. Of these 40, only a few have registered their trademarks in this market. Can you imagine the time and cost to be spent if some other company or person registers before they do? And this did happen several times in the past. 

* Like;

Knowing more about the legislation regulating direct selling environment, the best ways of incorporating a foreign capital entity and the related requirements, the important provisions of tax legislation, to name a few.

Turkey has recently put into effect a new commercial act and also a new consumer protection act. You might want to know in detail what the new provisons brought in.

* Like;

In case your products need special import permissions, getting a comprehensive information on this.

There are various special legislations regulating different industries. Competency, experience and know-how regarding complex local matters expedites the whole process and renders it as smooth as it can be.

* Like;

Getting special information and assistance that you might find important and relevant to your special case.

We know a direct selling company’s’ needs are not limited to the above. In order to guarantee success, a start-up in a foreign country requires first-class assistance. 


DS Consultancy and its partners specialized in covering all the above fields are at your service to provide the top-quality assistance you might need to succeed in Turkey.

Just drop us an email here, and start to explore this vibrant and promising Turkish market.

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