Why Would A New Network Marketing Company Launch With Mulitple Products?

A week or so ago we launched our uTHRiV series talking with the two founders Joe Tessin and Brian Dee. If the first article we covered the real story behind how thee two connected to launch uTHRiV. (click here to read) Today I want to cover why uTHRiV decided to launch with multiple products in four unique segments of the market.

When I met with Tessin and Dee in Atlanta they were very clear of their mission and purpose in launching uTHRiV. In this video they share in detail why they are launching each product.

uTHRiV growing the next generation
uTHRiV growing the next generation

Tessin and Dee both made it clear, their goal was to create a company that would outlive the two of them. They chose each product and service to help today’s families change their lives permanently. And in order to do that they have founded and/or developed products and partnered with strategic partners they feel can help them carry out this mission.

uTHRiV Mission

Above we can see the four main sectors or quadrants uTHRiV is launching their products. As they shared and I listened I realized they were right! If you can offer the ultimate user quality products and services in their personal, financial, physical, and environmental lives then you should be able to carry that relationship through several generations as the uTHRiV brand became a household word!

uTHRiV Energy Box

One of the uTHRiV products I am currently testing is the E-M Box from uTHRiV to see how much I save in my energy costs. I will be testing the box in both of our homes to compare. One home is built in 1984 the other in 2006.

uTHRiV Personal Development

Another product is the series of personal development training they are developing. Once I have gone finished all these CDs and have a month or so of electric bills to review, I will do a follow-up editorial.

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