Why Does Panther Mobile Refuse To Pay Commissions

Since the departure of Chris Greco, the John Gopaul team, and the launch of Global Pros, and other wireless companies by former Panther IBRs, Panther Mobile has refused to pay commissions owed to current and former distributors. And the question we keep hearing is WHY?

Now here is the frustrating part for me personally. I can’t help the company or the distributors!

The company is not being open and honest because they are afraid something they say will be used against them, and the distributors did not seem to read our original post, or the Policies and Procedures they agreed to be bound by.

My personal experience has when a company refuses to talk, they are either hiding something or building a case. When it comes to Panther Mobile, I have been told in the past they are not interested in legal actions against Chris Greco, so I tend to believe they are not pursuing any legal action against purported credit card fraud by distributors either, and here is why I feel this way.

1. Since Kevin Sipes is a self-proclaimed rock star programmer, the redundancy of their database should be such, they can rebuild it and see who is owed money and who is not owed money.

2. If credit card fraud is an issue, their case would be more substantial if there is a track record of commissions being paid to those who committed the credit card fraud.

3. Others have gained “outside” access to their database and they did not refute or file criminal charges against this person or organization for corporate espionage, or any other civil or criminal action.

4. Panther Mobile has not publicly released any statement from their legal counsel telling them NOT to pay any commissions, nor has any of the purported distributors involved in the accused criminal actions been contacted by legal authorities, the merchant account processor, their credit card companies, or Panther legal counsel.

Now with that said, I can also say, the distributors who have not been paid, are not in the clear themselves and should understand they WILL NOT be paid any past commissions based on the current “Make American Shine Products, LLC aka Panther Mobile Policies and Procedures. And here’s why:

1. According to Panther P&Ps, 1.1, 1.3, 1.5, 2.6, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.9, 3.10, most if not all the distributors owed past commissions have broken one or all of these policies.

2. According to Panther Policy 3.8 the company it is within Panther’s right to suspend or terminate any and all distributors who violate the above mentioned policies, and to pursue them with civil or criminal actions. Although, since Panther purports to have no way of knowing who these distributors are, I’m not sure how they will enforce these policies… Unless, the current and former distributors notify them of commissions owed. Talk about a catch 22!

3. According to Panther Policy 4.10 Panther reserves the right to suspend any distributor for cause, at their discretion. During the suspension NO COMMISSIONS will be paid.

4. According to Panther Policy 4.11 An IBR can be terminated for violating ANY of the Policies. Termination will be delivered to the IBR via email or postal mail. (However since Panther doesn’t know for sure who all the distributors are because of the purported removal of personal information from the database, commissions are held legally until the IBR notifies the company, then instead of commissions, they may receive a termination notice.)

5. According to policy 4.12 ALL IBRs can appeal, within 10 days of the termination. The question this raises, is when does the 10 days start? At the termination by Panther, or the date the termination notice is received by the IBR?

This is why ALL distributors should read and fully understand ALL company Policies and Procedures.

It is also why ANYONE doing multiple-streams of income, had better know what they are doing, or they will pay a huge financial price.

I truly don’t know where all of this is going to end. However, I do know owners of Global Verge are actively going after any and all companies and individuals who have directly and indirectly effected their overall business success.

Based on the above, I would strongly suggest any MLM distributor looking to join a MLM Wireless Company they ask the following information before hanging your hat on the wireless company.

1. Are the founding distributors or company owners former reps in another MLM Wireless Company?

2. What is the MLM and/or business backgrounds of the company owners and officers?

3. What background do the owners and/or officers have in the wireless industry?

4. Who is/are the MLM consultant and/or MLM attorney who created the Policies, procedures, terms, conditions and the compensation plan?

5. What is the motive or vision behind the launch of the MLM Wireless Company?

6. Why type of carrier agreements are in place? What verification is presented to prove these agreements and/or licenses?

As a distributors in the middle of the MLM Wireless Wars, you may add to these questions.

Something else that is small, but I feel is important is the fact Panther calls their distributors IBRs (Independent Representatives) and not IBOs (Independent Business Owners). When you join any company, the title chosen for the field partners can give you an ideal of the corporate attitude towards their field force.

If you are looking to join any company and are currently representing another MLM opportunity, then make sure you are not violating ANY Policies and Procedures by launching a multiple stream of income business model using more than one MLM compensation structure.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Panther Mobile Policies and Procedures Rev3 031110

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11 thoughts on “Why Does Panther Mobile Refuse To Pay Commissions”

  1. It's so funny Troy how Panther wants to with-hold commissions because the reps decided to leave or pursue other companies. It was not a problem when people were leaving Global Verge going to Panther. Until you pointed it out on your website that Panther did not even have the correct legal paper work when these people signed up months ago.

  2. Hey Troy,

    It continues to AMAZE us that people simply either DON'T care, FORGET or THINK it's NOT important to as you say …

    "read and fully understand ALL company "Policies and Procedures" and also …" why ANYONE doing multiple-streams of income, had better know what they are doing, or they will pay a huge financial price."!

    Maybe people aren't understanding, HAVE NOT READ the "Terms & Policies" or "Policies and Procedures" …Don't know where to find them OR …merely trying to cause trouble. THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE and what actions THEY'VE PERSONALLY TAKEN one way or another and THEY KNOW from experience (if they're not totally new to MLM) that certain guidelines APPLY in ANY MLM Company / Business.

    The problem we've seen over and over again is that people LOOK for something that's going to PAY them money BUT THEN …THEY TOTALLY SKIP OVER the "Policies and Procedures" OR "Terms & Policies" (each company has a different name for their guidelines). INSTEAD they LOOK at HOW MUCH, WHEN and HOW SOON. Let's NOT forget SOME that are equally concerned with …WHO they join under and WHOSE "coat tails" they're riding on (sometimes the exact case = spillover = friends of friends etc.), but NOT always.

    DOES NOT MATTER WHAT you call them: "Terms & Policies" or "Policies and Procedures" ARE RELEVANT and VERY IMPORTANT!

    Ordinarily, a person WOULD NOT go out and purchase a car WITHOUT a warranty, NOR WOULD THEY write a check to any one person or business WITHOUT a receipt (if they're smart money wise and keep good records), SO WHY WOULD ANYONE expect to JOIN a company / business and NOT READ the "Terms & Policies" or "Policies and Procedures"???

    WHY WOULD ANYONE EXPECT to get paid IF THEY ARE NO LONGER involved with a company / business UNLESS they've paid their monthly fees and remained ACTIVE? TERMINATE and you TERMINATE = NO PAY …IF you terminate your MEMBERSHIP BEFORE the pay cycle ends and BEFORE PAY DAY ARRIVES …STILL = NO PAY.

    Let's say someone joins a company and then THEIR Debit / Credit / Green Dot Card HAS INSUFFICIENT FUNDS? Maybe that person had a personal emergency that month or something else they spent the money on …

    THAT PERSON HAS A RESPONSIBILITY to either FUND the Debit / Credit / Green Dot Card THEY REGISTERED with WHEN they joined the company …or NOT! IF they DON'T – they're considered INACTIVE and MOST MLM companies WILL NOT PAY if a person DOES NOT QUALIFY BY BEING "ACTIVE" and having an "ACTIVE" position that's been PAID FOR! Of course the NEXT month, they CAN RESOLVE the problem BY PAYING their monthly membership fees and THEN get PAID on the NEXT PAY CYCLE.

    Now let's say that a person TERMINATES? BY "Terms & Policies" or "Policies and Procedures" and IF THEY READ THEM WHEN THEY JOINED and AGREED (check the box), Let's say they then TERMINATE …THEY DON'T GET PAID …it's THAT SIMPLE! They SHOULD READ EACH & EVERY WORD of the "Terms & Policies" or "Policies and Procedures" and / or Conditions BEFORE they JOIN …PLAIN and SIMPLE!

    Like we said prior: It is TRULY AMAZING when people DON'T READ the "Terms & Policies" or "Policies and Procedures". WHY in the world would they NOT want to know? THERE ARE WAYS to resolve these types of issues. SUPPORT TICKETS, PHONE Calls and CALLS to someones personal SPONSOR or RECRUITER. THERE ARE any number of ways to RESOLVE ISSUES such as these.

    We think MOST times these things come up …ISN'T DUE to something going on in the company BUT …people merely NOT wanting to take the time to do things correctly and …INSTEAD getting impatient and BLAMING someone else for their problems. THERE ARE highly responsible people with experience and knowledge in this industry who DON'T do such things and are BETTER OFF for it. KNOW what it is your'e doing folks …please!

    We're NOT here to BASH anyone about ANYTHING. We're just here to HELP and hoping people LEARN to READ WHAT IS IMPORTANT "Terms & Policies" or "Policies and Procedures" …BEFORE they click that all Important "SUBMIT" button!

    FOLKS, in your travels between this site and other reporting sites, PLEASE READ and THINK about what you're reading. KEEP a positive attitude and KNOW that TROY, ROD and SOME others are trying to HELP YOU LEARN what this business called MLM is all about and HOW TO BEST manage one and BECOME SUCCESSFUL!

    Semper Fi Troy

  3. So tell me Troy, as of this posting, why havent you moved Panther over to The Scam Alerts list? Seems to me that Harry has not interest in paying people owed money.

  4. Troy, these wireless wars are a JOKE! I would like someone to name one wireless mlm company that has either lasted more than ten years before they sell out their distributors. I would not touch a wireless MLM company with a ten foot pole. First there is to much competition in wireless with al the big names, second there is enough competition in MLM. Get back to the basic’s of value and what people really want. This MLM wireless stuff kind of reminds me of these crazy juice wars that are going on. In this economy people want value.

  5. Ann Wright,

    You might want to read my latest post. It seems there has been a split between Harry Aston and Kevin Sipe. My guess is this is Kevin Sipe, but since the site ir a private registry I would not get involved.

    Here is some additional info TechSoftMobile.com

  6. Christian,

    I understand where you are coming from. However, if you joined the company, you agreed electronically to the policies.

    But, if your mailing info is in the back office, then sadly, you had better read my latest post.

  7. Hello Troy. On behalf of myself and approximately one hundred people in my downline thank you for airing this story. I am one of the people who Panther owes approximately four hundred dollars. I did remove all my information from Panthers back office when I decided to leave so that Panther would not bill my credit card again at the end of the month. Panther had no icon on their website to cancel my membership. When I contacted Harry he gave me the same excuse that he did not have my information to pay me and stated that I needed to go back into the back office and put my information back in. I thought this was strange because I know even small business owners keep computer records but I gave Harry the benefit. I sent Panther all of my information including name,address,phone number,and distributor i.d. number as requested. I excluded my credit card number. I still have not received payment from them and numerous phone calls and e-mails are unanswered. As far as the by-laws go, Panther never provided me with these or made them available. Harry can use this as a scape goat but Troy you and I both know that when a large team of distributors and their leaders left Panther all at once to look at a new business opportunity, Harry and Panther took the move personal.MLM is all about building teams and following your leadership and thats what our team did. Shame on Harry for lying about the real reason they have not payed up. Thank you again Troy and I hope Panther does the right thing and pays like tey are supposed too.
    .-= christopher´s last blog .. Will The Real Pather Mobile Owner Please Step Forward =-.

  8. Troy,

    I have never signed policy and procedures paperwork. So that is BS!! All of my mailing address info is still in my back office with Panther and still have never been paid for my April Commissions. They are feeding you a bunch of crap! They do not return phone calls or respond back to support tickets sent to them. Please help!

  9. I'm a little confused. I heard that the same guys who had Panther Mobile have now started another one called TechSoft Mobile. Why would they do that?

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