Why Do Network Marketing Companies Fail Abroad?

Network Marketing Culture

Network Marketing CultureHakki Ozmorali, editor of World of Direct Selling wrote a great article on why network marketing companies have a hard time making it outside of their homeland. He came up with six common denominators on why this happens more often than anyone really wants to admit. 1. Wrong Partner 2. Wrong Local Management 3. Wrong Ex-Pat Management 4. Ignoring Cultural Differences 5. Leaving It To International Leaders 6. Lack Of Proper Supervision I want to focus on just one if the six reasons Ozmorali talks about… Ignoring Cultural Differences!     For decades the religious community would send missionaries into other countries and try to convert them to look like the religious community in America. Slowly over time, the American church learned what network marketing should be learning… Local culture doesn’t need to be Americanized, they just need the same income opportunities in their culture that is being offered by the network marketing companies in their homelands. Taking a brand into another country can work wonders. However, to do it right, one must travel to the country, listen to the local business partner, field leaders to fully understand how to grow the brand. And I would strongly suggest traveling across the country to se how the city culture and the country culture is the same and different. Remember, just like people love products Made In America, local cultures may also love to buy products made in their countries. Make sure you know for sure if a culture you are taking your brand into, will want products made in their country or American Made Products!

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