Why are MLM Giants Attracted to MonaVie and is it Ethical

If you are a student of the great profession of Network Marketing then over the last 18 months you have seen top earners in some solid companies like Agel, Noni, Amway, Quixtar, XanGo and others leave these MLM companies to join MonaVie.

For those of you who do not watch this opening video, let me say right up front…

I am not affiliated with MonaVie as a Distributor or at the corporate level. Although, I do market MonaVie specific leads to some of the reps at MonaVie through my company MLM Leads.

If you want to know more about me you can check out my bio. In it you will find I am an Executive Director at the Distributor Rights Association, and I am affiliated as a distributor with INVISUS Direct.

Besides I started in this great profession at age 5 carrying my mom’s Tupperware bag. So I have seen a lot of things happen over the last 40 years in this great profession.

Over the next few days I am going to write a series of articles on why top leaders like Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Randy & Tara Schroeder, Brig Hart, Robert Dean, and other multi-million dollar earners have been attracted to MonaVia.

In studying the attraction to MonaVie, and digging past the Internet hype, negative criticism, competitors propaganda, and my own biased opinions I was able to find out some great facts.

And, I think you will find that this great attraction has less to do with product and compensation, and more about the Leadership and culture that Dallin Larsen and his team has created at MonaVie.

This is a case study on MLM Leadership, and creating a TRIBE, that like minded people are attracted to join.

I welcome all feedback pro or con to the next few posts.

And if you have not watched the video, do it now!

And, if you just found this blog while you were researching MonaVie before you join, and have any questions. Feel free to contact me personally, and I will give you a 3rd party opinion of this company and some of their leaders.

And remember, I am not affiliated with MonaVie.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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4 thoughts on “Why are MLM Giants Attracted to MonaVie and is it Ethical”

  1. Hello

    I made a comment awhile ago about MonaVie, and I couldn't tell you why I thought mlm giants are attracted to MonaVie?!. Now I can tell you why? and I've got some video proof.

    Number 1 reason is they get a signing bonus! uh of course, money ,money, money. I found this out by seeing this video of a former MonaVie distributer Raven K Star. Here is the video link


  2. Hello

    Great question. Why are giants attracted to Monavie?. I can't tell you why?! But I have a pretty good idea why other people who have never been in network marketing are now top leaders. I have watched all the black diamond videos, and there seems to be a theme. This is only my observation only. I think they are attracted to MonaVie because they can rise up in the company in a short period of time. Plus these leaders were already a success in there own former businesses. They already had a strong network of people to sell too and are former salespeople ie ,real estate, advertising
    ,landscapers etc..So they already know how to sell a product and service. They are very motivated and hard workers. Well anyway that is just my opinion.

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