Who Is Troy Nihart, And What Is The Uprising Powered By Kannaway?

Over the last few months, Kannaway has been silent at every level. I checked out  KWay News and could find nothing. The only thing we have heard is from the rumor mill, as former insiders, tried to rape and pillage the company as they launched their own network marketing travel companies or joined others. I and others wondered why no one from the Kannaway camp was saying anything.

Troy_NihartAs I dug into the situation, I was met with a smile from Troy Nihart, president of HempMeds, and Co-Founder of Kannaway LLC, and other insiders at Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA), as they basically said “it’s all part of a bigger vision, a true Uprising if you will.”

It caused me to wonder, “what bigger vision, what uprising… Just more hype from a network marketing company?”

After meeting with Nihart, and other corporate executives from Kannaway, Medical Marijuana, and General Hemp, the picture became very clear!

The KWay Nation seemed to be dismantling, from former, so-called Kannaway sales leaders flying into other companies and making huge deals about it on social media, and at least one company founder, prematurely spreading rumors he bought Kannaway Nation.”

Then a couple of weeks ago, Nihart called and asked it I would come to California to the General Hemp’s corporate offices in downtown San Deigo for a closed door, brainstorming session, where all my questions would be answered.

As the facts came out, it became clear that the executive team of Kannaway had a clear focus throughout the last few months. Unlike many companies inside of network marketing, instead of hyping or spinning what was happening, they keep their nose to the ground as they prepared for what they coin as The Uprising -- Powered By Kannaway!

Since Kannway is owned by a public company, I can’t share all that was talked about, or the plans moving forward might be. But, I was allowed to interview Troy Nihart. In this video he shares about who he is; his connection to Kannaway and MJNA, as well as what the Uprising is all about.

Disclaimer: Troy Dooly is a paid advisor to insiders of all the companies mentioned above. None of the companies above, nor any officer of these companies reviewed this article before it was published.

Troy Dooly does own stock in MJNA, and will probably purchase more stock over the next 30-days.

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