Who is Kirby Cochran, CEO of Wake Up Now? His Secret Agenda May Shock You!

Kirby Cocran CEO Wake Up NowAbout the only two things that would cause a person not to be surprised that he is the CEO of Wake Up Now, is the fact he lives in Utah, and is very active in his Mormon Community! Yet, he and his team have taken this floundering direct selling software company, and turned it into one of the most talked about companies in network marketing in 2014.

I sat down with Kirby Cochran and he shared for the first time his secret agenda with Wake Up Now. Will this agenda help or hurt the WUNLife community moving forward? You Decide!

Cochran’s agenda is not as secret as many may think. It can be found in a book Cochran wrote called Pillars Of Inflection.

Pillars of Inflection


Kirby Ochran, in Pillars of Inflection reveals 7 inflection points which drives the successful longevity of all companies. This is not just a theory Cochran created, this is a tried and true personal journey Cochran and his team have been on for decades.

Kirby Cochran has started applying the secrets he has learned and teaches as an adjunct professor in the Finance department of the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah, in the energy sector, real estate and now direct sales.

Cochran is a leading expert on capital structure and shareholder value. A veteran of the venture capital industry and a pioneer of emerging approaches to raising capital, Cochran has led half a dozen investment funds and raised over $1 billion in equity and debt financing across various industry sectors. He has developed a proprietary model for advising companies on growth strategies and accretive financing. Kirby closely consulted and/or participated in the funding of over 100 companies over the length of his career and has extensive experience investing in and developing emerging growth companies.

What started as seed money for Wake Up Now a few years ago, has now turned into one of his most exciting adventures. His passion for the WUNLife Community shows every time we get together and he starts to share his vision of the future for Wake Up Now!


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Deep South Strategic Solutions is a consultant to the executive team of Wake Up Now.


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