What is Forex Trading? Christopher Terry Founder Of iMarkets Live Explains.

Do you have the risk tolerance to be a Forex Trader? I believe before anyone joins any investment based educational company using direct sales aka network marketing sales channel, they find out if their personality is such, that they will not have a heart-attack by the full range of currency fluctuations.

With that said, let’s dive into what the Forex Markets are all about and if using the educational and software services of a company like iMarkets Live, might be a good move as you educate yourself and work at changing the financial future of your family.

What is the Forex Exchange Markets?

When researching for this article, I quickly found that people have been trading currencies since the early days of civilization. The ancient writings of the Hebrews and Egyptians show “money exchangers” were always available during mandated pilgrimages to the Holy Cities. History also shows that some governments in the ancient days kept a tight monopoly on currency exchange because they seemed to understand that the amount of precious metals, such as gold and silver, was different between countries. Greece might not use as much Gold in their coins, like Egypt. The exchangers would exchange the coins based on the weight and a small commission.

By the 1850s, the chief trader of currencies in the U.S. was Alex Brown & Sons; however within 30 years J.M. do Esparto Santo de Silva applied for his company Banco Esparto Santo to be given permission to enter the exchange trading business in the USA, and it was granted.

By the 1920s the family leading Forex Trading was the Kleinwort family. Today the Kleinwort Benson Bank is still a leading financial institution for corporate clients and very selective private families and individuals.

After the end of W.W.II, the center point of Foreign Currency Exchange moved from Europe to Asia, with the Bank of Tokyo becoming the hub! Then came two of the major flashpoint in the history of Forex Exchange Markets throughout the world. First was the Bretton Woods Accord, which allowed for currencies to fluctuate within a range of 1% from the par exchange rate. And then in 1971 President Nixon in a series of economic moves, basically ended the Bretton Woods Accord, with what has now become known as the Nixon Shock. President Nixon removed the U.S. Dollar from the Gold Exchange Rate and allowed it to free float against other foreign currencies.

Today the foreign exchange market has been called the most liquid of all financial markets. Those who trade include commercial banks, governments, institutional investors, central banks, securities brokers, high-net-worth individuals and families, and most of all speculators, aka YOU! Or in other words, those who use the education and services of IML aka iMarkets Live.

Ted Nuyten, the founder of Business For Home, interviewed Christopher Terry last month, and something that popped out to me was that since 2013, IML has attracted around 50,000 members who have or are still using their platform. As an international company, Chris Terry and his team seem to run live educational based trading sessions from around the globe to serve their clientele.

Something else that I have found interesting about iMarkets Live is that although their focus is heavy in the Forex Market, they also coach and train on the Futures Market. I’ll cover this form of trading in a future article.

But, with all the above research, many questions remain, and the most important one to me is – can Christopher Terry be trusted to guide others to the same trading success he seems to enjoy?

Over the next few weeks, I plan on finding this our firsthand by continuing to study his educational videos, and live trading sessions, as well as visiting him in person in his Las Vegas office. In the meantime here is what I have learned to date.

Cris Terry imarketslive

Based on the IML website, I first learned the following about Christopher Terry, before I was ever introduced to him personally.

Christopher Terry has earned over eight figures as a trader personally. To me, this is crucial, because many who launch companies these days, are not successful or even have a background in the products and services they are marketing and selling.

The site goes on to share that; Mr. Terry has been trading, educating, and guiding others in the Forex, Futures and Equity markets since 1994. Mr. Terry has been a keynote speaker at major derivative conferences and has been mentioned in several books and industry magazines. I listened to several podcasts where he was interviewed, as well as watched some of the videos online.

It honestly looks as if Christopher Terry has put all of his wisdom into iMarket Live through the “Live Living Room”, “FXSignalsLive” and the “ILM Harmonic Scanner.”

Here are a few free clips I have found where you can decide for yourself if Chris Terry has the wisdom you are looking for to lead you through your adventure into the Forex Exchange Markets. Click here to see some tips on trading for beginners.

In closing, I want to make it very clear, that if you do your due diligence, and search the internet about Chris Terry or IML, you will find both negative and critical information. I’m never concerned about negative info, but when I run across rock solid key info, I stop and read it. I learned years ago; there is always an ounce of truth in a pound of essential info.

Although I am not going to cover the critical info I uncovered in this article, I will be including this information in an upcoming article so you can get the panoramic view of Christopher Terry and iMarkets Live.

I’ll also be writing about some of the executive team and field leaders who are part of the IML DNA.





Disclaimer: iMarketing Live LLC, is a client of Lighthouse Idea Crafters Inc., and Troy Dooly is a personal advisor to Mr. Christopher Terry.

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