What Does GoFun Places aka Rewards, JubiMax aka JubiRev and Zeek Rewards Have In Common?

Shortly after Zeek Rewards was shut down by the Securities and Exchange Commission aka SEC, we started hearing about GoFun Places, and how they had created the first ever legit Zeek Reward compensation plan. Then in the last few months we started hearing how JubiMax was really the first company to legitimize the the Zeek Reward Comp Plan.

Now the truth of the matter is, that the Zeek Rewards compensation plan, was a try at legitimizing the Ad Surf Industry comp plan, and I am just not convinced that any form of “Daily Revenue ROI” can be made legit, without doing what all companies do that pay ROI… Get licensed!

But, let’s look at what is taking place right now!!!

Now I do not clam to be the final expert on ponzi schemes, but in reviewing those who are pretty good at sniffing out these type of situations, here is what we know.

Randal Williams files suit against eAdGear -Source BehindMLM

Then we learned that eAdGear file suit against Randy Williams (JubiRev) – Source Behind MLM

Now instead of just relying on he two reports by Oz, I went and pulled the legal documents.

I also want to make it clear that the rumor is now surfacing that Glen Jensen has resigned from GoFun Places!

Here are some of the Court Filings for your review! We will keep watching these cases.

Here are some of the most recent court documents.

FireShot Screen Capture #250 - 'JubiRev' - www_jubirev_com
Texas Case

Original Complaint

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E

Cover Sheet

Proof of Service

Summons In Civil Action

Summons In Civil Action

Court Order

Court Order

Lead Counsel

Admended Complaint


California Case

Original Complaint

Cover Sheet

Summons In Civil Action

Court Document

Court Document

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16 thoughts on “What Does GoFun Places aka Rewards, JubiMax aka JubiRev and Zeek Rewards Have In Common?”

  1. guess what, telexfree will be all the time it wants, so grieve your pain, and go to your 9-5 job or to your failed mlm company

  2. ROFLOL… Why is it people seem to always speak without first verifying the facts?

    1. Based on your comment it is clear you have not watched every video, read each editorial or taken time to review the comments. Instead you sputter out a question without knowing my position.

    If you had watched each video, read each editorial and taken time to review the discussions in the comments, then you would know I NEVER stated Zeek was legal, or its compensation plan was legal.

    As a matter of fact, I was clear, of several areas, and specially if they did not get real valid customer volume they could face regulatory issues as a pyramid.

    Which I might add is why I had worked for months to help them release the Zee Bates platform.

    So, when you decide to make your next comment make sure you have taken time to know the facts.

    Now without a doubt I did in one video, mess up (as I have publicly made clear) and quoted a source that was later it was discovered had written their news piece while being a top income earner in the compensation plan.

  3. Mary,

    I do quote, Oz and many others who report on different issues.

    You mention above BehindMLM.com “is known for false and misleading statements”

    In order for folks to realize you are not trying to use a “red herring” to move away from the topic at hand, can you please provide some examples of false or misleading statements regarding any of the three companies mentioned in the prospective?

  4. He is quoting Behind MLM as a source for his information. “Oz?” at Behind MLM will not show himself. His blog postings are known to be full of false and misleading statements. If you Troy are leaning on Oz for your credible source of information, your risk losing your credibility as well. Wait a minute, you were the one who first said Zeek was bad. Then you said Zeek was good. Then, after the SEC shut down, you returned to saying Zeek was bad. Credibility was long gone before you posted this!!

  5. Troy.. you mentioned common sense.. common sense tells you that ROI daily is not legal?? Well my question is what happened to your common sense at the beginning of Zeek? You were all about Zeek and promoting it… you must of had a brain fart back then huh?

  6. @MLMGuy,

    What I am saying is as of the writing of this comment, the SEC has charged that the RevShare comp plan model is an unregistered security providing an ROI to individuals.

    Until one of the new companies are charged as Zeek Rewards was charged they will continue to use this business model.

    If and when they are charged, we will see if they are willing to fight the charges. If they fight them and prove the income model is viable and legal, then those who created the business model will be vindicated.

    What most folks do not realize, is the income model has been around for close to a decade and so far ALL the companies which gained any momentum from it, and came into the cross hairs of the regulators, have been shut down, and in at least four cases the companies were found to be ponzis. The two biggest are ASD (Ad Surf Daily and Zeek)

    Those two companies were using services to backup the RevShare. In the case of JubiMax aka JubiRev they are using a product.

    Now, to the second part of your question… Traditional direct sales or network marketing models, do not offer the distributor a part of daily profits.

    Instead, they take a portion of net commissionable volume and place it in a profit pool, that is only available to a small portion of distributors who qualify for it.

    Infinity bonuses and rank advancement bonuses, are paid based on a specific set of qualifications also. These are based 100% on the growth of an individual team, not on the overall growth of the company. Again, these are based on the commissionable volume, which in traditional compensation plans, are far below the daily net profits of the company.

    I stand firmly behind my belief that when a company launches based on the compensation plan, and trying to prove they have created something legal, they will not last.

    I have yet to find a company where they lead with the compensation plan, stick around for tenure.

    The latest example is TVI Express. Reports have now surfaced he was finally arrested in India this week. That company like so many, promoted the compensation plan as the greatest created…

    In closing, it will take a Court of Law at a federal level to determine if the comp plan model created is legit… If and when that day comes, I strongly doubt it will stay as it is today!

  7. How is the company paying ROI if a person has no money in the company? For example, I buy a bottle of super juice for $30 and give it away as samples just like most juice mlm’s do, then the company pays me a portion of rev share, daily, weekly or monthly. Are you saying the bottle of juice the company sold me had no value, so my $30 was invested? Or is any infinity bonus, rank bonus most nutrition companies pay based on company revenue considered ROI?

  8. ROFLOL… Please tell me when I stopped raising red flags with Zeek? From Dec until the closing I raised the same red flags.

    I did apologize for the editorial I did using the Network Marketing Business Journal, because at the time of the editorial I did not know Keith Laggos had a position in the comp plan.

    Now you are correct that I was very clear, I thought Zeek could get rid of the Pyramid, but implementing the qualifiers and launching the ZeeBates portal.

    I still stand by that school of thought. But I never touched the unregistered security, and not much on the Ponzi side of things.

    And without a doubt after reviewing the court documents I can see that there were huge issues inside the business model. Seriously, if there were over 140K un-deposited financial interments, or any un-deposited interments, then the ROI on the VIP points was not correct.

    And, you are correct, I do consult with many companies and that is a revenue model.

    And in each agreement is states that I will always cover the issues, good, bad or ugly. And we did cover them. The lack of customer service, incorrect VIP points, and compliance issues.

    But what does that have to do with my current concerns?

  9. 🙂 Well if you take the time to review the numbers in regards to Zeek Regards, you will see the numbers never changed. Although, the numbers were bigger, 2.2 million joined. 800,000 made some money, and around 100,000 made any real profits, and only 1200 made enough to get a voluntary subpoena. Do the math!

    Now I will agree that the regulations don;t make since sometimes, and I am not a proponent of making new laws, when the ones we got, do not seem to be enforced all the time.

    But, in studying all that has been filed in the courts, and going back to the fact, Paul Burks decided not to fight, and knowing there are what seems like hundreds of sealed documents still to be seen.

    I have come to the conclusion there is far more that we do not know, than we think we know.


    As for the future of these new compensation structures and the creators behind them… Well only time will tell. Personally, I am not sure they will work, unless the companies file specific paperwork to offer some form of security.

    We will continue to watch and learn!

  10. there are three issues that faced Paul and Zeek… Unregistered Security, Ponzi and Pyramid. Any of the three are illegal.

    When you add to the fact, people could not use credit cards to buy new bids in the auctions, and less than 2% seemed to be using the free bids, then we have an issue.

    Since more penny auctions have been shut down, I think we can see that the business model is not a solid one to promote with a compensation plan attached.

    Now, to the second part of the question about adding a real tangible product. That could take away the pyramid and maybe the ponzi if the product was being used by people on a regular basis, and that can be proven.

    However, it still doesn’t help with the ROI on the unregistered security. And from what I have seen with all the companies in question, that is the part of the compensation plan, that no one has fixed yet. Take that away and we just have a regular comp plan.

  11. Appalled#23
    April 8th, 2013 at 10:51 am (Quote)
    I just want to comment on all of this. I was in Zeek, I loved the business, but the facts are the facts and it was deemed an illegal operation.
    I did get involved with GoFun Rewards aka GoFun Places, of course back then it was presented in a totally different light than in reality what it really is.
    The mall is CRAP – overpriced and impossible to buy anything, of course finding someone who would actually want to purchase something from the mall is a miserable task, I can’t pay someone to shop there.
    The Travel portal is a JOKE – I travel all over the USA – I tried to use that so called portal – lol, I did a price comparison – guess what, I could book my condo’s cheaper with priceline than I could using GoFun Places.
    The auction – well that’s a lost cause, unless you don’t mind sitting in front of a computer for days waiting for the few items there to reach their “reserve” so you can “win” it and pay “nothing”. I hope your time is more valuable to you than wasting it sitting at a computer for junk products that you can buy cheaper elsewhere.
    I have encouraged everyone I brought into this joke of a company to set their “withdrawal” to 60% and try to get out the money they purchased LifeStyle Dollars and Condo Club Cards with. This company, and who stands behind it has lied from the beginning. I watched their live stream back in October where they promised so much more than they delivered.
    This company I really had high hopes for – it actually had some promise behind it. Not anymore, in fact in my opinion it is worse than Zeek Rewards.
    Now if you really want to know how crooked they are, look at the retirement of points, they added up 100 plus 49 days and retired all of them at once knowing full well everyone’s accounts would start flying into the negative. If this company is a 100 Million dollar a year earning company and so solid as they claim, why’d they screw over their affiliates who have put up with one bull shit problem after another.
    You can’t even follow your own account they have the back offices so screwed up. You have to take their word on everything, they are supposed to be specialist in programming and seo – ha, these jokers can’t get their programming right to save their asses.
    The voices behind the company – the married couple, I can’t remember their names, Sandy and Leonard I think, all they are doing is ruining their reputations, who in the world will ever be able to build again knowing they are promoting such an obvious ship wreck.
    Sometimes people in this industry get what I call brain washed, don’t adamately back this company without knowing the facts and truly look at what is happening. Randall Williams is suing them, they are suing Randall, Jenson leaves – I mean seriously, this is a complete train wreck.
    They dropped millions of points on March 20th, profit sharing, rev sharing – whatever you want to call it should have increased – not decreased. .70 a day. There are 2 reasons for this, one either they are not making any money and they were lying about the percentage they paid us before the drop, or they are lying to us now – think about it – millions in points dropped and the same day so did profit sharing.
    If anyone comes back at me and says “it was 3 days later” lets remember they pay 3 days late.
    If you’re smart you’ll set your withdrawal to 60% and get prepared for the inevitable. The demise of GFR is only around the corner.
    Appalled and anonymous for good reasons.

  12. said this from the beginning about Go Fun Places, I feel bad for those people that keep going back to those little wanna-be programs about just copying and pasting. Telex Free is next.

  13. Troy, we know the govt claimed the zeek bids that were purchased had no value because no one valued them enough to use them, therefore zeek members were investing

    not purchasing since no real product/service was being bought. Maybe Paul would’ve had a leg to stand on if the majority of Auction bids were use by the reps and customers.

    This definitely would of created a lot of action in the auction and many more items would have been sold. Maybe then, the bids would’ve of been considered a valued purchase.

    Then no zeek rep would have invested money, since they purchased the product, used it or gave it away and most of the product (bids) was consumed in the auction.

    It just seem to me, in retrospect, that auction bids are a hard sell as a product of value and might have never been considered a product.

    But what happens if you replace the bids with real tangible products of value and 70% of them get used. So now reps are purchasing products monthly, using them, selling them

    and giving them away as samples. And reps are required to have x amount of customers that have no monetary gain from the company that purchase products.

    Do you think that would still be considered an investment just because the company pays revenue share, even though the reps have no money invested in the company since

    they used, sold, gave their tangible products/money they spent away?

  14. Let’s look at reality. Zeek Rewards changed network marketing forever. We will look back 20 years from now and understand that clearly. If a company can design a comp plan that purposely has a 97% failure rate and be legal then why can’t a comp plan be designed with a 97% success rate?

    The rev-share business model is for pioneer’s like Troy states. Zeek Rewards was the sacrificial lamb of this model. I’m proud to be a part of Go Fun Rewards & JubiRev. Somebody is going to get the revenue sharing compensation plan right … eventually there is no stopping it!

    The local, state and federal governments are anti-entrepreneur. Some paper law written to prevent people from having an abundant life is a communist ideology and not freedom. The reason America is failing and we are failing economically is because we over regulate everything and kill the entrepreneurial spirit! We are chasing business out of our borders. I have closed down my brick and mortar businesses and have unplugged from this twisted system.

    One last note: I’m not anti America. In fact I’m a patriot in every sense of the word. I gave 12 years of my life and served 4 combat tours defending the very freedom that paper laws take away. God Bless the people connected in these rev-share companies and I pray for their success. All they are trying to do is create a system for the common person to have an economic chance.

    Frank Calabro Jr

  15. Hilarious! Troy claimed these same red flags with Zeek Rewards until they brought him on board as a paid consultant on retainer and he suddenly switches from pointing out red flags to whole heartedly defending Zeek, Even up until weeks after Paul Burks voluntarily turned the company over, he was stating he thought Zeek was legal. If he shakes any of these existing companies down for a consulting contract, watch his tune change from “red flags” to “this company is the best thing I’ve ever seen”. That’s simply his personal revenue model.

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