What Does Excel Cellular Communications, Global Pros, Activation King Wireless, Global Pros and Unlimited Wizard Have in Common

Without a doubt the MLM Wireless Niche is one of the most unorganized, cut throat niches I have ever seen. Never have I seen such a brutal subterfuge rape of MLM distributors in all my years inside the Direct Marketing industry.

Over the weekend MLM advocates from around the MLM Wireless Niche began to send in info, they had uncovered. As fast as it came in we started to backtrack and verify the info.

What was uncovered is truly mind blowing.

First let’s take a look at some technical information. In the below picture you can see where Chris Greco’s companies Activation King Wireless and Unlimited Wizard, share the same Google Ad Sense account as Excel Cellular Communications and MLM Wireless News.

This raises the following questions?

1. Does Chris Greco Own All Of These Companies?

2. Why is Excel Cellular Communications a private registry out of Canada?

3. Why is MLM Wireless News a private registry out of Canada?

4. Why is UnimitedWizard under private registry in Brandon Florida?

5. Why is really behind these companies?

Now let’s take a look at some other information brought to our attention.

Global Pros… Is this a real company or just a d.b.a. for Global Mobile Pros?

Both domains are owned by Ron Williams company Resort island reality. But what is interesting is the fact corporate documentation from Nevada reveals Global Pros (if it is the same company) does not list any officers. But…

When you do a search for Global Mobile Pros you find the following… (Click on image to see official documentation.)

Now, I know there are rumors on some sites and even in this community making it sound like John Gopaul and Susan Bateman have been behind some of the craziness surrounding Global Pros aka Global Mobile Pros, but no where do I see there names listed as managers of these companies. The only ones I see listed are…

Chris greco
Ron Williams
Billy Nash
Robert Cartagine
Roland Gambon

Well, this brings up other questions…

1. Are these guys behind other MLM Wireless Companies?

2. What is the real motive behind these connections?

3. Is there any real carrier contracts, or is this a MLM Wireless Shell Game, to attract and some how keep collecting fees from distributors?

4. Will these and other companies now be pulled into the pending Global Verge Legal Action against several MLM Wireless Companies and Individuals, like Chris Greco, Kevin Sipe, Derrick Rodgers, and others?

5. How does this effect the MLM Wireless Niche now and in the future?

What I do know is I am sick and tired of seeing unknowing distributors taken by the hype and propaganda of people who have no clue what this profession truly stands for.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Troy Dooly is recognized internationally as an influencer in the areas of personal branding, leadership development, marketing campaigns, organizational expansion, and corporate launch strategies. Dooly is a speaker, results coach, and radio host. He is a founding member, show host (Beachside CEO) and News Director of the Home Business Radio Network. He is a founding member, and currently serves on the Board of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals