Weekly MM News Report: From New MLM Coffee Start Up to Category Creator Falling Fast And More Direct Selling News

This weeks MLM News report covers MLM Coffee start up VidaCup, MLM travel company YTB, Mannatech, Avon, TriVita, Amazon Herb Company and Amway.

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Dr. Daria Davidson

Vidacup is thrilled to announce the addition of our CSA, Dr Daria Davidson. Dr. Davidson has been in healthcare for over 35 years. She began her healthcare career as a registered nurse, specializing in pediatric intensive care. For the last 30 years she has been a practicing physician, first board-certified in Emergency Medicine and now also board-certified in Integrative/Holistic Medicine. During her 20 years as an emergency medicine physician, she spent 11 years working in, and running, a Level 1 Trauma Center. She transitioned from the world of emergency medicine into the world of integrative medicine in 2004.

A personal cancer diagnosis in 1992 became the start of a broadening perspective on maintaining or regaining health. In 1995 Dr. Davidson began seriously looking into the scientific basis of supporting health through the appropriate use nutritional supplementation and nutraceuticals. With 18 years of experience, she is now convinced that there are simple and very effective natural ways to help our bodies in the ongoing process of optimal functioning. (Read The Full Article at VidaCup) Source: VidaCup Blog

How to Empower Yourself

There is so much in life that we can’t control, and you may sometimes feel powerless when things don’t go as planned. However, by learning to empower yourself, you can begin to have a more positive outlook on life and enable yourself to succeed. The following suggestions can help you feel more in control, and allow you to better enjoy both your professional and personal life.

Remember that your past failures don’t predict the future. Think of that big test you failed back in high school; did it prevent you from graduating? Did that time you knocked over the cone while parallel parking stop you from becoming a good driver? Past failures are nothing more than learning experiences. Instead of dwelling on them, figure out what you can actually learn from them. That test you failed probably taught you how to study more effectively for future tests, just as that parking incident helped you realize that you need to adjust your mirrors differently. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Empower yourself by taking control of your past to succeed in the future.

Lower the threshold for good things and raise it for bad things. Don’t make mountains out of molehills, but changing your perspective can show you what’s really important in life. This morning, for example, you woke up healthy and able to take on your day. Realize what a great thing that is, and don’t take it for granted. On the other hand, remember that spilling your coffee on the way to work isn’t the worst thing that can happen; your house catching fire is more along the lines of something really bad happening that can change your life. Empower yourself by taking a moment to be grateful for all the positive things you have, big and small.

Eat healthier and exercise. A nutritionist wrote on her blog, “Note to self: when I eat badly, I feel badly.” This couldn’t be more true. Of course we all indulge once in awhile, but implement a healthy eating regimen if you don’t have one already. Additionally, make sure you are getting at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week. Do something you enjoy, like power walking, taking a kickboxing class to relieve stress, or play some Wii Fit in the privacy of your own home. The better you treat your body, the better you will feel. Empower yourself by being as physically healthy as possible.

Make a list of everything good in your day. This is especially important when you’re feeling like everything is going wrong. For example, did your children wake up smiling and happy to see you? Great! Add it to the list. Did a customer express her satisfaction with your service today? Put it on that list. Empower yourself by recognizing and appreciating the positive.

Look for and expect something great each day. Every day will have something good in it, so be on the lookout for it. If you expect greatness in your life, you’ll find that it comes more easily because you will be open to recognizing it as it happens. Being a business owner is something most people don’t have the courage to undertake, so at the end of each day, if nothing else, take a minute to pat yourself on the back. You completed another day, achieving your dream and doing what you love. Empower yourself by developing an upbeat attitude and an optimistic point of view.

By making some adjustments to your mindset, you will feel more empowered to take on your world and reach your goals. How do you empower yourself on a daily basis? Please share your ideas below! Source: Direct Selling Education Foundation

Direct Selling Assocation

Amway is planning to build its largest overseas production base in South China, which will produce top-selling Nutrilite products. The 78,000 square meter facility will be located in the Economic and Technology Development District of Luogang Area in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, and will be completed in 2016.

The Avon Hello Green Tomorrow project, a global fundraising and mobilization program, has awarded a total of $1 million to The Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund to help end deforestation. This latest contribution brings total Hello Green Tomorrow funds raised to more than $4.5 million since the program was launched in 2010. The $1 million represents funds raised through mid-year 2012 from ongoing Avon Hello Green Tomorrow global efforts.

Mannatech held its annual convention, MannQuest 2012, at Walt Disney World last weekend. Touted as the “Ultimate Training Weekend,” independent sales associates from across the U.S. and Canada were in attendance.

Oriflame has collaborated with actress Demi Moore to produce a premium collection of makeup products, fragrances and accessories-More by Demi.

TriVita and Amazon Herb Company have merged. Amazon founder John Easterling and his wife, actress Olivia Newton-John, will continue to work directly with TriVita to advance the company’s wellness mission.

In other company news, TriVita will be launching Southeast Asian operations on Sept. 18, 2012. The company’s goal is to expand its operations to 100 companies in 10 years.

YTB International has called off its proposed merger with LTS Neutraceuticals, also a non-member. YTB Chairman J. Scott Tomer has resigned from his posts with the company. Robert Van Patten, the company’s president, CEO, interim CFO and board member, resigned from the company in April of this year. A management committee is overseeing operations until a new CEO is appointed.

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