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  1. Hello Everyone:

    I am a proud current active member with GV. Yes, of course, I purchased the Samsung Moment when GV first lunched its' "Members Only" wireless program with Sprint; not a retail product by any means. I also purchased the Samsung EPIC once GV was able to offer this handset, again only to its "members only"; not for retail. GV corporate office consistently trained us that this was in fact a Sprint wireless program, not a GV wireless program, and was not to be promoted nor sold as a retail product at all. This legally meant that GV had legal authority from Sprint to offer these phones and plans to GV Members only.

    The phones work great, even here in rural Mississippi where I live! Unfortunately, as many people on here, who understand the whole picture, not just snap shots of what happened, many GV members were the ones who did the unethical thing by trying to manipulate and sell the "Members Only" phones and plans to family members, friends and the general public. This is what caused the termination of GV's wireless program with Sprint.

    Nontheless, GV corporate office urgently and immeadiately sent emails, did conference calls, took rep calls, and rep support tickets in an all out effort to notify any and all active GV members who had purchased the GV "Members Only" wireless phones and plans with Sprint. They walked us through the process of moving our service over from GV's account to our own individual account with Sprint without having to sign any contract or credit check. My personal friends/business partners and I moved our service over to our own individual Sprint account and that took care of the issue. As I type, I am still on the Sprint network and plan.

    I am, however, excited about the new horizon that GV is moving in regarding its' future wireless program. I can hardly wait to get the new phone and plan for myself and then, this will be a retail program that I will be able to retail. I love my Samsung EPIC and Moment with Sprint, but I would foolish not to be a user my own wireless product that I would be selling to the world at retail.

    Troy, you're exactly right when you said, "GV…. they take a licking and keep on ticking! They are a tough bunch up there". I don't mind hanging my hat on some folks that don't stop when diversity shows up, but rather, they figure a way through it or around it, with the future of their members always on the fore-front of their endless pursuit to win for us all!

    Keep watching our company – GV; even with all the changes over the last few months and probably more to come ( but for the betterment of the company and members), you'll see that this company, along with the visionary members are ordained to WIN and will create a "New Paradigm Shift" that this industry has not yet seen!

    May Every Family Prosper, Regardless of the Company You're With,

    Keith N. Williams

  2. Thomas, Real Source is still here and kicking, dude get your facts straight, what do you mean "So distributors are out hundreds of dollars again" Yes, I am disappointed GV lost their great agreement they had with Sprint because of a few idiot reps trying to beat the system, but myself and many others were able to keep our phones, transfer to an individual account with Sprint for free and with no contract, so out hundreds of dollars, NO.

    Real Source

  3. Ben, GV did have a Corporate account with Sprint and had an agreement to be able to offer the reps a members only deal and not a retail deal, unfortunately like in many mlm company's a few rotten apples took it upon themselves to sell them on Ebay and Craigslist which violated Sprint's and GV's contract. The contract was terminated on Dec 6th and reps were notified to transfer their accounts off of GV's Corporate account and to Individual accounts, free to transfer and no contract.

    GV is answering tickets and their phones, I do agree with you that they have lacked the infastructure and full leadership, but they have been making alot of changes over the last couple mos, and looks like they may in fact pull this thing off. Look for a new deal to surface in the next few weeks. It just may surprise a few people, myself included.

    Real Source

  4. Terry, you must be emailing an incorrect address and dialing an incorrect number. I have had no problem at all getting a response to a support ticket, try http://www.globalvergesupport.com or much better off someone answering the phone at 816-875-3213. You must not be to active in your business, or your someone just trying to bash GV, because GV sent out a ton of messages notifying the reps to transfer their accounts over to an individual account with Sprint by Dec 6th. Free to transfer, No Contract, just choose the Sprint plan you desire. The reason GV lost the deal they had with Sprint was a few idiot reps were selling them on Ebay and Craigslist, which violated GV's and Sprints Members only contract, also going into Sprint stores and soliciting store owners and employees. It's ashame that a few reps spoil it for the masses, but unfortunately that is network marketing, there are always a few in every company that tries to beat the system. Terry, if you in fact are telling the truth and you still have your Evo, and you didn't transfer it over yet, hang in there you will be able to transfer it very shortly, the GV account will be out of temporary suspend and be totally cancelled with Sprint, so the phones will be cleared to be activated.

    Real Source

  5. Troy Thomas told me about this discussion so here I am with the real information this is what I do everyday.

    I sell metro pcs, and Sprint plbl. basically white labeled Sprint.

    the company could be using the EVO on the PLBL $45.00 unlimited talk text and data the EVO Hero Touch Pro 2 are all eligible for activation. As I am using my PLBL EVO to comment here.

    now I'm not familiar with mlm. But the margins are not high. I make 16% on that $45.00 plan I sell.

    it does have nationwide coverage etc.

    just wanted to put in an experts view. you can contact me off line I can show you the site and how I got my white label agreement.

    And maybe some of these mlm companies that had the rug pulled out can use it. As it is a branded solution. I am not here to toot my horn or promote my product. just wanted to provide real info.

    phones that can't be used the epic, and EVO shift.

    but beyond that anything is fair game.

    Thanks for letting me comment.

  6. I'm sorry but not one of those companies Troy has any clue of what they're doing in the telecom business. They all lack the corporate infrastructure to support a wireless business. Having a comp plan and loving your distributors is important but it means absolutely nothing if you don't have the means to support a company. End of story.

  7. Troy,

    Perhaps I can help.

    1. The reason Global Verge isn't answering their phones and not returning emails isn't because of Sprint, that has nothing to do with it. The reason they aren't answering their phones is for the same reason they've been falling short for years – they lack the infrastructure to be able to support a suitable business operation.

    2. The only way that GV could sell the Sprint Evo was to be a RESELLER of Sprint RETAIL service directly, not a wholesale provider. From the looks of GV's website they were making it look as though it was a GV service and the prices they were suggesting were NOT the same retail price as Sprint. That would cause them to lose their relationship.

    Or, it could be that they created a corporate account with Sprint and ended up reselling phones to their reps (as Randy did with T-Mobile). Now, I don't know if that's the case or not but it would certainly be cause for Sprint pulling out of any "relationship" they had.

    At the end of the day Sprint doesn't just pull the rug out from under people for no reason. Neither does Verizon. Why would they? If they have a resale relationship that's bringing them customers why on earth would Sprint want to cut that customer acquisition off? I think what it comes down to is Sprint doesn't do business with shady companies and unfortunately for Mark and Ted their past shows that they are in deed shady characters.

  8. Thomas,

    I can tell you that if any company is telling you they are selling an EVO, then they are not within compliance with Sprint.

    As for the monthly service, and the pricing, it very well may be that low. WalMart and others are driving the pricing through the floor. At some point, the service will be given away at this rate. So how will you be paid?

    As for the young wireless companies you ask about, they all have ethical leaders who truly do want to make it happen for their reps.

    Zoom has the deepest pockets and the most solidified inferstructure. Panther may have the most heart. Harry doesn't no the word quit, and works harder than most at making his business fly.

    Yootalk has a team fo leaders who love their distributors and know what it is like to be screwed by a company, so they do all they can to make sure they follow through with what they say.

    In my opinion, the success or failure of these three companies will all be based on what the top four companies do over the next 12 months with the pricing of the serivces, and if they try to drive MLMs out of the niche.

    As fr GV, I am going to talk with ted and find out. I can say this about GV… they take a licking and keep on ticking! They are a tough bunch up there.

  9. Terry,

    It is not just Global Verge. Another company seems to have had the rug pulled out from under them also when it comes to the EVO phones.

    I am trying to find out why Sprint or even Verizon will not just allow the phones to be activated direct.

    Please don't feel like you are dumb. Although, I have had my frustrations and anger at GV, I do not beleive this was in their power to change period. I've watched their marketing of the EVo and Sprint services and from all I have seen they did it exaclty as they were asked to promote it. And they always told people it is Sprint not GV.

    I'll reach out to Ted tomorrow and see if I can get an official statement and find out what might be able to be done to protect the distributors in this situation.

  10. R. Marcus,

    Great question! The reason I made the statement is because it seems the wireless industry is changing faster than the romantic notions of a Southern Belle on a moonlit night.

    Lightyear Network Solutions will contonue to grow and could very well become a billion dollar telecommunication company as they buy up and merge with small to medium size regional companies.

    But in reviewing the wireless niche, I find it hard for any MLM company to compete with the likes of Walmart. Most if not all of the MLM wireless companies are charging a monthly fee to feed the compensation plan. Some call it a service fee, others call it a membership fee and offer addtional services. But when you get right down to it, people just want relable and cheap wireless service.

    They will go from company to company at the drop of a hat to shave a few bucks off the monthly bill.

    So, my comment doesn't have anything to do in a negitive fashiion with Lightyears ability to survive as a telecommunication company. I am just not sure there will be enough commissions left in the monthly services to pay commissions if the top tier players keep lowering the monthly service fees.

  11. Hi Troy,

    Love what you do and share with us reps in direct sales and I thank you very much.

    I do have a question about a comment you made about Lightyear. You stated the following: "whether Lightyear will stay in direct selling I don't know".

    Just curious where did that come from? A little over a year ago, December 2009 you wrote an article titled "Lightyear Wireless The Next Billion Dollar MLM Telecommunication Company" then went on to say "Lightyear Wireless aka Lightyear Alliance, could very well be on the road to becoming the next Billion Dollar MLM Telecommunication Company"

    Change of heart? I know there isn't any guarantees with any direct sales company but the fact that your comment was specific to Lightyear whether they will stay in direct selling, confused me somewhat and made me curious what exactly did you mean by that? Do you know something we don't? 🙂

    All the best to you always. Thanks again.

  12. Troy this is my last resort. I have tried to email support at global verge for 11 days at support@globalverge.com all I get back is a failed mailbox is full message. No one will answer the phone. What the hell is happening?

    I paid so much money for this evo now it won't work and sprint won't activate it.

    Please help me.

    I put my credibility on the line here. Now I look dumb. No phones No service and obviously no support.

    Now I'm the proud owner of a $300.00 brick.

    I'm not the only one on this issue troy, we need this addressed. Corporate ignoring us the e associate is not going to make us go away.

  13. Thank you Troy.

    What about this new mlm true faith wireless? The claim to offer unlimited everything for $45.00 on phones like the Evo?

    They also have an iptv program? I am looking at them or panther mobile as my wireless mlm. And I also was looking at o-life. Can you shed some insight?

    The true faith company does have a link where you can try the iptv free I admit its not bad minus the adds.

    As for GV thanks for the clarification.

    In your opinion out of these smaller mlm wireless companies who do you think has the best chance to make it?

    Panther Mobile

    Zoom Mobile


    Thanks Troy.

    Also what will GV do now with their wireless program?

  14. Thomas,

    Thanks for your comments and for hanging around our community.

    As for giving Gv a pass. I think you are getting your news in the wrong place. If you check out any of the main news blogs and experts in this profession, you will find we all think the same thing about what Sprint did. And they did not just do it to GV.

    So, until you are talking to all the people on the inside and getting your info at the right places, I would walk soft on thinking just because GV has made some mistakes and some really bad moves in the past that they caused this one.

    I've made it clear for two years, the big four control the direction or lack there of for any MLM Wireless company. As of date Lightyear Network Solutions has the Sprint deal tied up pretty tight because they are the only full-fledged telecommunication company also using a direct selling channel.

    Now, as a stock holder in Sprint I can also say they are upside down financially and I figure in 2011 we will see even bigger changes with their business model. T-Mobile is another company with financial issues.

    Until these companies can get their act together, any of the little guys are going to get hit hard.

    Now that WalMart is in the game, it will get even harder for a direct selling model. My advice is for folks who are in this niche to make sure they understand the long term risk.

    Semper Fi brother, and thanks for taking time to share. You gave strong words of wisdom.

  15. Troy are you giving global verge a pass?

    Where is the almighty real source now. So distributors are out hundreds of dollars again.

    Sounds like another WoW Mobile.

    Troy I have a lot of respect for you, but your going soft my man.

    Sorry but Sprint didn't go in another direction they were just caught doing something they shouldn't

    And they have no patsy to blame this time no pillani no greco its all on their shoulders. And that phone

    That members thought they got a deal with will now get stuck with a contract to keep their phones active.

    Troy if your going to mention it, report all the facts.

    I know you have to be careful with ignite and all but come on brother one Marine to another please get it out there. Where is the old tough sob marine I use to watch here?

    Lastly I got my info from another blog on the GV issue. http://www.mlmtelcomnews.Wordpress.com

    On everything else Troy you were dead on lots of growth and I see more.

    This is just one old marine down here in astor, floridas thoughts.


    A thank you to the brave men and women in this generation that give me the right to post on this blog.

    God bless you all.

    Thank you my friend.

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