Wake Up Now Trash Talking Still Going On, Could Wake Up Now Corporate Be Liable In A Court Of Law?

Well, I though when I wrote the first editorial perspective and shared my thoughts in the video, that some people would take to heart what I was talking about. But, I guess not! You can read the original editorial here. Today, I will review the Wake Up Now policies and procedures and show that when the crap hits the fan, the reps who are trash talking other MLM Pros and network marketing companies, could be terminated from Wake Up Now, or worse yet, the company could he held responsible for the actions of their independent business owners.

Below are the sections of the most current Wake Up Now Policy and Procedures Manual, which covers ALL forms of advertising and marketing. If you wish to review the complete Wake Up Now Policy Manual you can click here! Sadly, they do not seem to exist on the site until somewhere in the sign-up process. Another really weird issue I found, that I forgot to mention in the video is the fact when I do go to join, the only program mentioned is the $99.99 plan. I have to look for the small black lettering “other packages” on a blue background to even get the chance to order a smaller monthly package… Red Flag!

I will show beloe the policies which could get Wake Up Now sued, or could get a Wake Up Now IBO sued and/or terminated. 






And PROCEDURES Effective July 31th, 2013

4.2.  – Advertising


4.2.1.  – General


All IBOs shall safeguard and promote the good reputation of WAKEUPNOW and its products. The marketing and promotion  of  WAKEUPNOW,  the  WAKEUPNOW  opportunity, the Compensation   Plan,   and   WAKEUPNOW   products   must   avoid   all   discourteous,   deceptive, misleading, unethical or immoral conduct or practices.

To promote both the products and services, and the tremendous opportunity WAKEUPNOW offers, IBOs must use only the marketing methods, training methods, literature, advertising and promotional material, and websites (“Sales Tools”) produced or approved by WAKEUPNOW.  If you wish to design your own online or offline Sales Tools of any kind, your designs must be submitted to the WAKEUPNOW advertising department (compliance@WAKEUPNOW.com) for consideration and inclusion in the Document Library. Unless you receive specific written approval from WAKEUPNOW to use such Sales Tools, the request shall be deemed denied.  Go to the Resources tab in your IBO Marketing Suite for guidelines and to access your Resources.

IBOs may not sell Sales Tools to other WAKEUPNOW IBOs.  Therefore, IBOs who receive authorization from WAKEUPNOW to produce their own Sales Tools may not sell such Sales Tools to any other WAKEUPNOW IBO.  IBOs may make approved Sales Tools available to other IBOs free of charge if they wish, but may not charge other WAKEUPNOW IBOs for the Sales Tools.

WAKEUPNOW further reserves the right to rescind approval for any Sales Tools, and IBOs waive all claims for damages or remuneration arising from or relating to such rescission.

Approved Sales Tools, when available, will be posted in the Resources section of IBOs’ TeamOffice and will be made available to all IBOs free of charge.  The IBO who submitted the Sales Tool to the Company waives all claims to remuneration for such use and grants WAKEUPNOW an irrevocable license to use the Sales Tools, as the Company deems appropriate.

4.2.2.  – Trademarks and Copyrights

The name of “WAKEUPNOW” and other names as may be adopted by WAKEUPNOW are proprietary trade names, registered trademarks and service marks of WAKEUPNOW.  As such, these marks are of great value to WAKEUPNOW and are licensed to IBOs for their use only in an expressly authorized manner.  WAKEUPNOW will not allow the use of its trade names, trademarks, designs, or symbols, or any derivatives of such marks, by any person, including WAKEUPNOW IBOs, in any unauthorized manner without its prior, written permission.

The content of all Company sponsored events is copyrighted material.  IBOs may not produce for sale or distribution any recorded Company events and speeches without written permission from WAKEUPNOW, nor may IBOs reproduce for sale or for personal use any recording of Company- produced audio, video tape presentations, or online video streams and downloads.

As an IBO, you may use the “WAKEUPNOW” name in the following manner: Example:

Alice Smith (IBOs Name) WAKEUPNOW® Independent Business Owner IBOs may not use the name “WAKEUPNOW” in any form in your team name, a tagline, an external website name, your personal website address or extension, in an e-mail address, as a personal name, or as a nickname. Additionally, only use the phrase WAKEUPNOW IBO in your phone greeting  or  on  your  answering  machine  to  clearly  separate  your  independent  WAKEUPNOW business from WAKEUPNOW Corporate. For example, you may not secure the domain name www.buyWAKEUPNOW.com, nor may you create an email address such as WAKEUPNOWsales@hotmail.com.  – WAKEUPNOW IBO Logo

If you use a WAKEUPNOW logo in any communication, you must use the IBO version of the WAKEUPNOW logo available in your IBO Marketing Suite, listed in the Resources Section of your TeamOffice.

4.2.3.  – Media and Media Inquiries

IBOs must not respond to media inquiries regarding WAKEUPNOW, its products or services, or their independent WAKEUPNOW business.  All inquiries by any type of media must be immediately referred to WAKEUPNOW’s Communications Department via telephone, electronic mail to communications@WAKEUPNOW.com.     This  policy  is  designed  to  assure  that  accurate  and consistent information is provided to the public as well as a proper public image.

4.2.4.  – Unsolicited Email

WAKEUPNOW does not permit IBOs to send unsolicited commercial emails unless such emails strictly comply with applicable laws and regulations including, without limitation, the federal CAN SPAM Act. Any email sent by an IBO that promotes WAKEUPNOW, the WAKEUPNOW opportunity, or WAKEUPNOW’s products and services must comply with the following:


  •  There must be a functioning return email address to the sender.
    • There must be a notice in the email that advises the recipient that he or she may reply to the email, via the functioning return email address, to request that future email solicitations or

correspondence      not        be        sent        to        him        or        her        (a        functioning

“opt-out” notice).

  •  The email must include the IBOs physical mailing address.
    • The email must clearly and conspicuously disclose that the message is an advertisement or solicitation.
  •  The use of deceptive subject lines and/or false header information is prohibited.
  •  All opt-out requests, whether received by email or regular mail, must be honored. If an IBO

receives an opt-out request from a recipient of an email, the IBO must forward the opt-out request to the Company.


WAKEUPNOW may periodically send commercial emails on behalf of IBOs.  By entering into the IBO Agreement, IBO agrees that the Company may send such emails and that the IBOs physical and email addresses will be included in such emails as outlined above.  IBOs shall honor opt-out requests generated as a result of such emails sent by the Company.

4.2.5.  – Unsolicited Faxes

Except as provided in this section, IBOs may not use or transmit unsolicited faxes in connection with their WAKEUPNOW business.  The term “unsolicited faxes” means the transmission via telephone facsimile or computer of any material or information advertising or promoting WAKEUPNOW, its products, its compensation plan or any other aspect of the company which is transmitted to any person, except that these terms do not include a fax: (a) to any person with that

person’s prior express invitation or permission; or (b) to any person with whom the IBO has an established   business   or   personal   relationship.    The   term   “established   business   or   personal relationship” means a prior or existing relationship formed by a voluntary two way communication between an IBO and a person, on the basis of: (a) an inquiry, application, purchase or transaction by the person regarding products offered by such IBO; or (b) a personal or familial relationship, which relationship has not been previously terminated by either party.

4.2.6.  – Telephone Directory Listings

IBOs may list themselves as a “WAKEUPNOW IBO” in the white or yellow pages of the telephone directory, or with online directories, under their own name.  No IBO may place telephone or online directory display ads using WAKEUPNOW’s name or logo.  IBOs may not answer the telephone by saying “WAKEUPNOW,” “WAKEUPNOW Incorporated”, or in any other manner that would lead the caller to believe that he or she has reached corporate offices of WAKEUPNOW.  If an IBO wishes to post his/her name in a telephone or online directory, it must be listed in the following format:

IBOs Name

WAKEUPNOW® Independent Business Owner

4.3.  – Online Conduct

4.3.1.  – IBO Web Sites

If an IBO desires to utilize an Internet web page to promote his or her business, he or she may do so using one of the Companies provided Replicated Website templates.  IBOs may also develop their own External Websites.  However, any IBO who wishes to develop their own External Website must submit a properly completed External Website Registration Application and Agreement along with the proper website registration fee and receive the Company’s prior written approval before going live with their External Website. For paperwork and company approval please contact compliance at compliance@WAKEUPNOW.com. External Websites may be used to promote your business and the Company’s  products  so  long  as  the  External  Website  adheres  to  the  Company’s  advertising policies.  However, no orders may be placed through an External Websites; orders may only be placed through your Company provided Replicated Website.  You may link an approved External Website to the order entry screen of your Company provided Replicated Website to facilitate sales should you wish to do so.

4.3.2.  – WAKEUPNOW Replicated Websites

IBOs receive a WAKEUPNOW Replicated Website subscription to facilitate online buying experience for your customers and enrollments for prospects (Optional in North Dakota).  There is a mandatory $10.00 monthly charge for the IBO Marketing Suite, which includes a WAKEUPNOW Replicated  Website.    IBOs  are  solely  responsible  and  liable  for  the  content  they  add  to  their Replicated Website and must regularly review the content to ensure it is accurate and relevant.

IBOs may not alter the branding, artwork, look, or feel of their Replicated Website, and may not use their Replicated Website to promote, market or sell non-WAKEUPNOW products, services or business  opportunities.  Specifically,  you  may  not  alter  the  look  (placement,  sizing  etc.)  or functionality of the following:

1.   The WAKEUPNOW Independent Business Owner Logo

2.   Your Name

3.   WAKEUPNOW Corporate Website Redirect Button

4.   Artwork, logos, or graphics

5.   Original text.

You may choose a uniquely identifiable website name by contacting. WAKEUPNOW Support at:

support@WAKEUPNOW.com. The new URL may not:

a.   Be confused with other portions of the WAKEUPNOW corporate website;

b.   Confuse a reasonable person into thinking they have landed on a WAKEUPNOW corporate page;

c.   Be confused with any WAKEUPNOW name;

d.   Contain any discourteous, misleading, or off-color words or phrases that may damage

WAKEUPNOW’s image.

4.3.3.  – Registered External Website Content

IBOs are solely responsible and liable for their own Registered External Website content, messaging, claims, and information and must ensure that it appropriately represents and enhances the WAKEUPNOW brand and adheres to WAKEUPNOW’s Policies and Procedures. Additionally, Registered External Websites must not contain disingenuous popup ads or promotions or malicious code.   Decisions and corrective actions in this area are at WAKEUPNOW’s sole discretion. To register a website, email our Compliance Department at: compliance@WAKEUPNOW.com

4.3.4.  – WAKEUPNOW IBO Disclosure

To avoid confusion, the following three elements must be prominently displayed at the top of every page of your Registered External Website:

1.   The WAKEUPNOW Independent Business Owner Logo (Logo may be downloaded from


2.   Your Name and Title

3.   WAKEUPNOW Corporate Website Redirect Button resolving to www.WAKEUPNOW.com

Although  WAKEUPNOW  brand  themes  and  images  are  desirable  for  consistency,  anyone landing on any page of an IBOs External Website must clearly understand that they are at an IBO site, and not a WAKEUPNOW Corporate page.

4.3.5.  – Registered External Websites Must Exclusively Promote WAKEUPNOW

Your WAKEUPNOW external website must contain content and information that is exclusive to WAKEUPNOW.  You may not advertise other products or services other than the WAKEUPNOW product line and the WAKEUPNOW opportunity.

4.3.6.  – Registered External Website Termination

In the event of the voluntary or involuntary cancellation of your IBO Agreement, you must remove your Registered External Website from public view within three days and redirect (forward) all traffic from that domain to www.WAKEUPNOW.com Your external website may be transferred to another WAKEUPNOW IBO, subject to WAKEUPNOW approval, on a case-by-case basis.

4.3.7.  – Team Websites

You may use team websites for the purposes of connecting, communicating, training, education and sharing best practices among team members. Because these sites may contain sensitive and Company-specific information, these team websites must be password protected and may only be shared with members of your Sales Organization.   Team Websites must conform to the branding requirements listed in Section 4.3.2 listed above.

4.3.8.  – Domain Names, email Addresses and Online Aliases

You are not allowed to use or register WAKEUPNOW or any of WAKEUPNOW’s trademarks, product names, or any derivatives, for any Internet domain name, email address, or online aliases. Additionally, you may not use or register domain names, email addresses, and/or online aliases that could cause confusion, or be misleading or deceptive, in that they cause individuals to believe or assume the communication is from, or is the property of WAKEUPNOW.

IBOs may not use the name “WAKEUPNOW” in any form in your team name, a tagline, an external website name, your personal website address or extension, in an e-mail address, as a personal name, or as a nickname. Additionally, only use the phrase WAKEUPNOW IBO in your phone greeting  or  on  your  answering  machine  to  clearly  separate  your  independent  WAKEUPNOW business from WAKEUPNOW. For example, you may not secure the domain name www.buyWAKEUPNOW.com, nor may you create an email address such as WAKEUP NOWsales@hotmail.com.

Any website owned or registered to an IBO which contains “WAKEUPNOW” or any derivation thereof in the URL, must be transferred to WAKEUPNOW or closed/terminated upon demand by WAKEUPNOW. In no event may the IBO sell such domain name to any third party without the prior express written consent of WAKEUPNOW.

In addition IBOs must use the following disclaimer within any email correspondence when discussing WAKEUPNOW:

“The sender of this email is an IBO and as such is an independent contractor of WAKEUPNOW, Inc.  IBOs are not employees of WAKEUPNOW, Inc.  If you have questions about the Company, please contact Member Services (801) 373-2600 or email: support@WAKEUPNOW.com”.

4.3.9.  – WAKEUPNOW Hotlinks

When directing readers to your Registered External Website or replicated site it must be evident from a combination of the link, and the surrounding context, to a reasonable reader, that the link will be resolving to the site of an independent WAKEUPNOW IBO. Attempts to mislead web traffic into believing they are going to a WAKEUPNOW corporate site, when in fact they land at an IBO site (replicated or registered external) will not be allowed. The determination as to what is misleading or what constitutes a reasonable reader will be at WAKEUPNOW’s sole discretion.

4.3.10.  – Monetizing Registered External Websites

IBOs may not monetize their Registered External Website through affiliate programs, adWords, adSense, or similar programs.

4.3.11.  – Online Classifieds

You may not use online classifieds (including Craigslist) to list, sell or retail specific WAKEUPNOW products or product bundles.  Craigslist does not permit their users to make postings about any multi-level marketing business (including WakeUpNow) therefore IBOs may not post anything about WAKEUPNOW on their site.   You may, however, use online classifieds for prospecting, recruiting, sponsoring and informing the public about the WAKEUPNOW business opportunity, as long as the specific website allows postings from multi-level marketing firms.  IBOs may promote WAKEUPNOW provided they use WAKEUPNOW approved templates/images. These templates will identify you as a WAKEUPNOW IBO. If a link or URL is provided, it must link to your Replicated Website or your Registered External Website. Approved images and templates can be found in the WAKEUPNOW TeamOffice which is located in the Hub.

4.3.12.  – eBay / Online Auctions

WAKEUPNOW’s products and services may not be listed on eBay or other online auctions, nor may IBOs enlist or knowingly allow a third party to sell WAKEUPNOW products on eBay or other online auction.

4.3.13.  – Online Retailing

IBOs may not list or sell WAKEUPNOW products on any online retail store or ecommerce site, nor may they enlist or knowingly allow a third party to sell WAKEUPNOW products on any online retail store or ecommerce site.

4.3.14.  – Banner Advertising

You may place banner advertisements on a website provided you use WAKEUPNOW approved templates  and  images.    All  banner  advertisements  must  link  to  your  Replicated  Website  or  a Registered External Website. IBOs may not use blind ads (ads that do not disclose the identity of the Company) or web pages that make product or income claims that are ultimately associated with WAKEUPNOW products or the WAKEUPNOW opportunity. Approved images and templates can be found in the WAKEUPNOW TeamOffice, which is located in the Hub.

4.3.15.  – Spam Linking

Spam linking is defined as multiple consecutive submissions of the same or similar content into blogs, wikis, guest books, websites or other publicly accessible online discussion boards or forums and is not allowed. This includes blog spamming, blog comment spamming and/or spamdexing. Any comments you make on blogs, forums, guest books etc. must be unique, informative and relevant.

4.3.16.  – Digital Media Submission (YouTube, iTunes, PhotoBucket etc.)

IBOs may upload, submit or publish WAKEUPNOW related video, audio or photo content that they develop and create so long as it aligns with WAKEUPNOW values, contributes to the WAKEUPNOW community greater good and is in compliance with WAKEUPNOW’s Policies and Procedures. All videos, audio or photos must be submitted and approved with WAKEUPNOW compliance, include a version number and date published and must clearly identify you as a WAKEUPNOW Independent Business Owner in the content itself and in the content description tag. All digital media submissions must comply with all copyright/legal requirements, and must state that you are solely responsible for this content. IBOs are required to update or remove out of date videos, audio, photos and/or postings belonging to them.

IBOs  may  not  upload,  submit  or  publish  any  content  (video,  audio,  presentations  or  any computer files) received from WAKEUPNOW or captured at official WAKEUPNOW events or in buildings owned or operated by WAKEUPNOW without prior written permission.

4.3.17.  – Sponsored Links / Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Sponsored links or pay-per-click ads (PPC) are acceptable so long as IBOs do not bid on or purchase key words that infringe upon WAKEUPNOW copy written, trademark, or registered names. The destination URL must be to either the sponsoring IBOs Replicated Website or to the sponsoring IBOs Registered External Website. The display URL must also be to either the sponsoring IBOs

Replicated Website or to your Registered External Website, and must not portray any URL that could lead  the  user  to  believe  they  are  being  directed  to  a  WAKEUPNOW  Corporate  site,  or  be inappropriate or misleading in any way.

4.3.18.  – Domain Names and Email Addresses

Except as set forth in the IBO Website Application and Agreement, IBOs may not use or attempt to register any of WAKEUPNOW’s trade names, trademarks, service names, service marks, product names, the Company’s name, or any derivative of the foregoing, for any Internet domain name, email address, or social media name or address.

IBOs may not use the name “WAKEUPNOW” in any form in your team name, a    tagline, an external     website     name,     your     personal     website     address     or     extension,     in     an e-mail address, as a personal name, or as a nickname. Additionally, only use the phrase WAKEUPNOW IBO in your phone greeting or on your answering machine to clearly separate your independent WAKEUPNOW business from WAKEUPNOW. For example, you may not secure the domain  name  www.buyWAKEUPNOW.com,  nor  may  you  create  an  email  address  such  as WAKEUP NOWsales@hotmail.com.

Any website owned or registered to an IBO which contains “WAKEUPNOW” or any derivation thereof in the URL, must be transferred to WAKEUPNOW or closed/terminated upon demand by WAKEUPNOW.  In no event may the IBO sell such domain name to any third party without the prior express written consent of WAKEUPNOW.

4.3.19.  – Social Media

Social Media may be used by IBOs to share information about the WAKEUPNOW business opportunity and for prospecting and sponsoring.  However, IBOs who elect to use Social Media must adhere to the Policies and Procedures in all respects.

Profiles an IBO or IBOs generate in any social community where WAKEUPNOW is discussed or mentioned must clearly identify the IBO or IBOs as a WAKEUPNOW Independent Business Owner, and when either participates in those communities, they must avoid inappropriate conversations, comments, images, video, audio, applications or any other adult, profane, discriminatory or vulgar content. The determination of what is inappropriate is at WAKEUPNOW’s sole discretion, and offending IBOs will be subject to disciplinary action. Banner ads and images used on these sites must be current and must come from the WAKEUPNOW approved library. If a link is provided, it must link to the posting IBOs Replicated Website or a Registered External Website. Approved images and templates can be found in the WAKEUPNOW TeamOffice, which is located in the Hub.

Industry regulations prohibit IBOs from making unauthorized and/or false claims about WAKEUPNOW income, products and services via Social Media. (refer to sections 4.7.2 and 4.7.3 for more information) Unauthorized claims include but are not limited to: statements, posts, pictures or videos displaying your actual or estimated monthly commissions, wallet balance, checks received, or any form of earning statements.  Also, you may not make false claims about WAKEUPNOW’s compensation program or the earning potential of IBOs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or any similar Social Media site.  A list of approved marketing statements is posted in the resources tab of your back office for the use of all IBO’s.   See this list for examples of how to properly advertise potential WAKEUPNOW earnings.

ALL POSTS made in any venue of Social Media that refer to WAKEUPNOW corporate employees must be free of all inappropriate and vulgar content and they must be approved by the WAKEUPNOW compliance department prior to posting.   The compliance department may be contacted at compliance@WAKEUPNOW.com.

IBOs may not use blog spam, spamdexing or any other mass-replicated methods to leave blog comments. Comments created or posted must be useful, unique, relevant and specific to the blog’s article.

4.3.20.  – IBOs Are Responsible for Postings

IBOs are personally responsible for their postings and all other online activity that relates to WAKEUPNOW. Any breach of policy could result in breach of IBO agreement. Therefore, even if either does not own or operate a blog or Social Media site, if an individual posts to any such site that relates to WAKEUPNOW or which can be traced to WAKEUPNOW, the IBO is responsible for the posting. IBOs are also responsible for postings, which occur on any blog, or Social Media site that the IBO owns, operates, or controls.  – Social Media Image Policy

IBOs are personally responsible for the images / pictures that they upload to social media sites. All images and pictures should be in good taste and socially appropriate.  – Identification as a WAKEUPNOW Independent Business Owner

You must disclose your full name on all Social Media postings, and conspicuously identify yourself as an Independent Business Owner for WAKEUPNOW. The acronym IBO is not sufficient when identifying yourself as an Independent Business Owner.   Anonymous postings or use of an alias is prohibited.  – Social Media as a Sales and Promotion Forum

Social Media sites are relationship-building sites.  While building relationships is an important part of the sales process, Social Media sites may not be used as a direct medium for generating sales or explaining the WAKEUPNOW income opportunity.  Online sales may only be generated from an IBOs WAKEUPNOW replicated website.  Likewise, IBOs shall not use any Social Media site to explain the WAKEUPNOW compensation plan or any component of the compensation plan.  – Deceptive Postings

Postings that are false, misleading, or deceptive are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, false or deceptive postings relating to the WAKEUPNOW income opportunity, WAKEUPNOW’s products and services, and/or your biographical information and credentials.  – Use of Third Party Intellectual Property

If you use the trademarks, trade names, service marks, copyrights, or intellectual property of any third party in any posting, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have received the proper license to use such intellectual property and pay the appropriate license fee.  All third-party intellectual property must be properly referenced as the property of the third-party, and you must adhere to any restrictions and conditions that the owner of the intellectual property places on the use of its property.  – Respecting Privacy

Always respect the privacy of others in your postings.   IBOs must not engage in gossip or advance rumors about any individual, company, or competitive products or services.  IBOs may not list the names of other individuals or entities on their postings unless they have the written permission of the individual or entity that is the subject of their posting

WAKEUPNOW values its relationships with all IBOs and customers and strictly adheres to WAKEUPNOW’s privacy policy which includes but is not limited to providing any information that is not your own, including IBO telephone number, email, or IBO identification number.  – Professionalism

You must ensure that your postings are truthful and accurate.  This requires that you fact-check all material you post online.  You should also carefully check your postings for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.  Use of offensive language is prohibited.  – Prohibited Postings

IBOs may not make any postings, or link to any postings or other material that:

  • Is sexually explicit, obscene, or pornographic
  • Is   offensive,   profane,   hateful,   threatening,   harmful,   defamatory,   libelous,   harassing,   or discriminatory (whether  based  on  race,  ethnicity,  creed,  religion,  gender,  sexual  orientation physical disability, or otherwise);
  • Is graphically violent, including any violent video game images;
  • Is solicitous of any unlawful behavior;
  • Engages in personal attacks on any individual, group, or entity;
  • Is in violation of any intellectual property rights of the Company or any third   party.  – Responding to Negative Posts

Do not converse with one who places a negative post against you, other IBOs or WAKEUPNOW. Report negative posts to the Company at compliance@WAKEUPNOW.com, responding to such negative posts often simply fuels a discussion with someone carrying a grudge that does not hold themselves to the same high standards as WAKEUPNOW, and therefore damages the reputation and goodwill of WAKEUPNOW.  – Social Media Sites with Website-like Features

Because some social media sites are particularly robust, the distinction between a social media site and a website may not be clear-cut.  WAKEUPNOW therefore reserves the sole and exclusive right to classify certain social media sites as websites and require that IBOs using, or who wish to use, such sites adhere to the Company’s policies relating to independent websites.



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11 thoughts on “Wake Up Now Trash Talking Still Going On, Could Wake Up Now Corporate Be Liable In A Court Of Law?”

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  2. Thanks for coming by and taking time to comment. Based on your question it seems you and I have not met in the past.

    I quit building in the field in 2009, I am not a consultant and ambassador for the network marketing profession.

    Although I am friends with the WV founders, I am a 3rd party consultant with WUN, working with them in the area of compliance.

    Wes did not start the current situation. As a matter of fact it was a group of WUN reps who used subterfuge marketing against several companies. You might ant to watch the first video and read the articles.

    Again, welcome t the community and great question!

  3. Are you in world ventures? Seems like you are defending wes its my understanding that he started the whole thing by saying wakeupnow was a scam. Is he not in violation of world ventures polices. Im in world ventures just for the record.

  4. I’d be interested to know if this is a marketing tactic that is actively taught in this program. Some of the programmes I belong to you will actually remove you from their affilliate list if they catch you doing this, they consider it to be spam no more no less. I like the concept of the WUN programme but when people market it in this way it puts me off. Dont get me wrong I’m all for the hustle, I use events and a number of other ways for people to join my lists, but the difference here is the person you target has a choice of checking out your offer or not. If you are tagged by someone without them checking its okay that choice is taken away and its not right or good.

  5. I am sick to death of people who market WUN tagging me in their pictures and posts, I call this spammy marketing tagging people on facebook that may be on your firends list but you dont actually know, If I’m interested I’ll join I dont expect to be tagged without my permission to make it look like I am involved in a biz opp that I most defo am not.

  6. I covered this in the comments on the you Tube Chanel. It is a great question.

    First of all I did not go after WUN. As a matter of fact, if you watch the first video, one CEO called it an infomercial for Wake Up Now.

    The second video was shot because as I followed the events throughout the week, it was clear to see, the reps didn;t have a clue they could face termination for the violations.

    I am sure I could call out reps from several companies In this case I could track the same actions from several reps through the last couple of companies they have represented.

    With the WUN convention coming up next week, I did not want to see any reps terminated due to stupidity or over-zealous recruiting right before such a huge event.

    And I have hit some other company reps in the past, along with some well-known trainers who promote this crap.

    We can either self-police ourselves, or allow the regulators to do it for us.

    Again, great question, thanks for adding value here.

  7. Great reminder for any and all reps for all us in Direct sells. The Name has a double meaning… for this posting …. thanks for keepng us in the know. and keeping us mindful of others! Namaste

  8. Troy, every network marketing company’s policies and procedures pretty much says the same thing about marketing. Why single out WUN? If you were to search for others companies you would see many others marketing the same way. Reps of all companies make mistakes in their marketing so if one company can get in trouble for it then all companies are in the same boat!

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