ViTel Wireless News & Info: ViTel Founders Share Why They Teamed Up With Gries Investment Fund Partners

Over the last few weeks the news leaked out, then a press release was issues that announced the strategic alliance between Gries Investment Funds and ViTel Wireless. Well a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to invest a little time with Scott Rodger, James Pearson, Larry Rogers and Brandon Ivy as they shared their the excitement and vision of the future.

Vitel Wireless partners with major investment firm to complete their 2013 project expansion and long-term growth strategy.”

EEarlier this week Vitel disclosed it has completed a deal with The Gries Investment Fund, Details of this partnership have not been released by either party.  The company believes this partnership is crucial to their product expansion, and long-term growth strategy and couldn’t come at a better time with the official re-launch of their pre-paid command center later this week. Vitel indicated that this partnership will not only provide long-term financial strategy and sustainability; it will provide resources to complete their ever growing product lineup and Energy program.

Gries Investment Fund has had an instrumental role in launching several new companies within the Direct Sales Industry, backing expansion efforts, and providing both short and long term financing for many successful companies.  The extensive knowledge and resources that Gries Investment Fund can provide will secure Vitel’s position as a major player in the industry and sends a strong message that they are finalizing long term viability plans and targeting 2013 as a breakout year for the young company.

In their short existence, Vitel made waves last year being ranked among the top 10 companies by; a third party site that ranks companies based on popularity and growth, even reaching the top 5.  Vitel attributes its success to its down to earth, grass roots, approach that focuses on the Independent Business Owner and products you know, trust and use daily.

When asked about this partnership, COO, James Pearson stated, “Vitel is here to stay and wants to change the lives of many for years to come.   Our goal was never to be a one-hit wonder,  but  be the company of  choice for all individuals looking for a solid home based business or company they can partner with to create their success story.  The agreement was finalized earlier this week and we couldn’t be happier.” This partnership really adds value to the company and Independent Business Owners that are a part of Vitel.  We will be able to support increased sales volumes, provide state of the art, scalable marketing and ordering systems to accommodate the growth, and strengthen our product offerings.


In early 2012, Vitel delivered the first true multi-carrier system that allows the Independent Business Owners to earn residuals from the bill payments received via their very own portal. Vitel began rebuilding this system in the last quarter of 2012 and following extensive end-to-end testing the new system deployed on March 15th, 2013. Timing is perfect for the re-launch of the system with the Company’s new offering which is a $35 unlimited talk, text, and web service. The company wanted to bring their customers an affordable, yet reliable wireless service with added value and the power to choose, while allowing you to earn free service without switching plans or services.  The enhanced Pre-Paid Command Center will provide a one stop shop for purchasing a compatible phone, choosing a plan, activating service, and paying your bill.  The portal which provides automated instant pin delivery and refills will also include international carriers in preparation for Vitel’s International expansion plans.

The company’s CEO, Scott Rogers, said “Vitel has done it again.  We truly are delivering the best products and services within the direct selling industry. Compared to most competitors, Vitel chose to offer the benefit of having many commonly recognized prepaid and post-paid carrier plans available to their Independent Business Owners and their customers. For the customer this means greater flexibility to remain with their current “proven” service provider or select from one of the many other carriers who may offer the best choice for their coverage needs.”

Vitel  offers  online  wireless  stores  to  virtually  anyone  who  aspires  to  own  their  very  own business.  The company offers the latest in wireless and cellular products through the Nation’s Top Wireless Providers.   You can learn more simply by going to their website now at Vitel Wireless built their business model around the direct sales community.

Business owners and Independent Sales Representatives of Vitel Wireless receive a personal replicated website that allows them to market their business online.  Their site gives them an online wireless store that enables them to share and earn from customers purchases from sales representative’s replicated websites without having to pay membership dues or becoming an authorized independent sales representative of Vitel Wireless. The availability of all products being located on each independent business owner’s site gives business owner customers more choices in one place. One major goal of Vitel Wireless is to create a one stop shop for all your wireless and home service needs.  Vitel  Wireless  is  a  direct  selling  company  and  focuses  primarily  on  taking products and services directly to the consumer through sharing and referring.

ABOUT Vitel Wireless

Vitel Wireless is a leading direct reseller for wireless products and services.  Vitel Wireless is the destination for the best priced wireless products and innovative cell phone reseller programs as well as home of one of the lowest unlimited everything wireless plans on the market today. Vitel Wireless provides business owners their own website to market and sell their products as well as introduce others into their business. The company also provides sales tracking, training, support, direct deposit, and many other business related tools to a vast network of resellers. Vitel Wireless delivers a one of a kind turnkey wireless online business instantly to all new Independent Business Owners.


For more information visit or by phone 877-778-8997

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