ViTel The Benefit Network Is Truly The Walmart Of Consumer Services Of MLM Does It Again With Energy

The last couple of weeks I have been on the road speaking around the country. My first stop was Vitel’s corporate event in Dallas Texas on the 21st of July. I met some passionate and excited reps for ViTel. But what I really found impressive is that the corporate team and the field were all on the same page. Their desire to raise Inspire, Motivate and Train the field force to become one of the most successful in network marketer was the forefront message I heard.

Millions of people are earning while saving through energy, and now, You can too!

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ViTel Wireless

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154 thoughts on “ViTel The Benefit Network Is Truly The Walmart Of Consumer Services Of MLM Does It Again With Energy”

  1. Fantastic video! This is the best opportunity ever, we pay 1,275.00 a month in just bills plus make an income! That is a total of 15,300 a year in household bills that we eliminate, no other company out there is doing this!!!

    Si hablan espanol yo soy el leader de Latino America, me pueden llamar si tienen preguntas sobre el negocio. Tenets planes de ir international pronto. Se pueden contactar con migo si tienen preguntas.

  2. Troy -Great video and I enjoy listening to you.

    Vitel is making it possible for so many people to eliminate their household expenses with the products and service that we're already using on a daily bases. It’s a privilege to have knowing that you can bless anyone who sees this business. I would love to help as many people as I can so we all can become financially independence. God gave this blessing to me and I want to bless you as well.

    I would love to help anyone who wants to modify their life and totally pay off everything we owe,and create a wealth machine. If there's one thing that you would like to change what would that be?

    Please call me at 980-272-8093

  3. Thanks Troy You And Josh Helped Me in My Search For a real income builder with vitel guys if ur serious about joining vitel u can call 1-559-546-1245 then call me and tell me your ready 651-307-6782 over 2,000 people have already said yes to wanting to getting their bills paid will u be next to getting urs paid 🙂

  4. Just joined today. I have listened to Troy many times as well and follow his advice. My leader Brandon Ivey IS AWESOME.

    Vitel is where its at and going to be for quite sometime. I will work tirelessly to help anyone that see's this is the business for them.

  5. Awesome Video Troy! Thank You! People are getting their bills paid and having their income explode. This is just so fantastic! Grateful for Vitel and my team! Get Started Today! Vitel is No.1

  6. Vitel simply makes sense $$!! Either you're working a 9-5 or a different source of income, the ultimate goal is to make money to pay your bills…..again, Vitel simply makes sense because Vitel will pay your household bills including additional benefits….Vitel makes it possible!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Send an email for additional information…

  7. I am so thankful that i contacted Nikkie Stevenson to find out what all the hype is about! Vitel is helping my family reach financial freedom in a way that no other company could or would. We have the BEST TEAM in Vitel! Curtis Cross,Brandon Ivey,Nikki Stevenson, and Reginald Stinson their knowledge, time and energy to help those who are to do it BIG for their families succeed! The team support is what make VITEL so great. Scott Rogers and the team at corporate strive to do what they say and that is more than most other companies that I have been affiliated with in the past. Vitel is paying my bills and it’s the only company that does! I am so blessed to be a part of a company that is changing the lives of others and mine!

  8. I believe Vitel is the best! I have never come across a company that makes as much sense as this does and am amazed by the support team! They truly mean "You Are Not In Business By Yourself"! Thank you for not leaving us in the dust!

  9. Troy has touched on the very essence of Vitel- helping the average person where they need it the most and getting their bills paid so they can stay in their homes. What a great way to build a team as you build residual.

  10. Troy great video it was a pleasure to finally get a chance to meet you in Dallas two weeks ago. Vitel is truly a blessing from God this is what I've been waiting for a long time is a company that will pay our bills each month. This is an Amazing opportunity for anyone to do is to show people how to get their household bills paid and make money! I've been in the MLM industry for a while now and never seen anything like Vitel. I thank God for Scott Rogers and his staff for creating a REMARKABLE company and I'm glad to be part of the Vitel movement. I can see myself very successful and making lots of $$$ within a year.

    This is by far the best marketing plan ever!!!

    Thanks & God Bless!

    I want to help thousands all across the world make money and say NO to bills 4ever!!!

    Check it out now @ or call 336-618-7ROD (7763)

  11. Great article and video Troy! Vitel is a game changer in this industry. Vitel business is about helping people pay everyday household bills. In the process of getting your bills paid you can earn a serious income. Vitel is helping everyday people win in this industry. Vitel is helping people save money, make money and getting people's bills paid while helping us become financially free. Vitel makes sense.Join the Vitel Revolution movement today. Take care.

  12. Great Article Troy, Vitel is by far the best home based business in the industry!! The most simple home base business I've seen in a long time.

  13. Vitel-doing great things for many good people, what else needs to be said, except thank you for the opportunity!

  14. Great Great video! Thanks so much Troy for all you do. Love watching your videos. I know that you will always tell it like it is. I'm so grateful to be part of this fantastic opportunity. I'm so excited about what's going on here with Vitel and where the company is going. When I was first introduced to Vitel wireless I was blown away. It was a no brainer for me. I said I had to become a part of this phenomenal movement that is taking place here. I have been in the industry for a few years already. When I saw Vitel I knew I finally foun a home.This company is chaning lives and will change this industry. If you're looking for a solid company that is built to last you have found it. Your search is over. Take a SERIOUS look at what going on with Vitel. Do your own due diligence so that you will be able to make educated decision. I'm thankful and so blessed to be part of the VITEL REVOLUTION. I look forward to helping as many as I can ELIMINATE their monthly household bills.

  15. Troy, awesome!! I am super excited to have joined an awesome team with great people. I am looking forward to helping alot of families….

  16. @Roger,

    And I bet you grew and learned something through each of the first 12 to help you succeed at ViTel now!

  17. To share this is just exciting:

    Refer 3 and your cell phone service is free.

    Refer 6 and your membership is free.

    Refer 9 and your cable is free

    Refer 12 and your internet is free

    Refer 15 and your electricity is free

    Refer 25 and you drive for free

  18. Great video Troy!! Vitel Rocks!! In just 66 days I qualified for Vitel to pay my cell phone, business membership fee, cable, internet, & electricity bill each month!! WOW is all I can say … we are making a positive difference to people's lives each and every day!! Blessings!!

  19. Vitel is an amazing opportunity with great leadership. This is for everyone who wants to improve their family's financial situation. Everyone should be doing this!!!!

  20. It makes sense! Products you already use! For the people who want to improve their lives & family's lives if you put in the effort & stay the course! thank you Vitel!

  21. Vitel has made me a believer. This is truly a company that if you really believe in yourself to be independent and never work for another company again it is possible and all your dreams can come true. What company lets you market yourself in basically anyway that work's. Because only you know how to market yourself! I was truly moved by the video Troy made and I am ready to become one of the top earners in this company! To success!!!

  22. Paying the blessings forward via Vitel is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. It simply just makes sense to share this with everyone I meet. Who doesn't have a cell phone? Very few people! Who doesn't want to have someone else pay their bills? I don't know anyone like that. I love the fact that I know my daughter will always being taken of long after I am gone just because I went out and paid it forward to others in need. How awesome is that?!

  23. Truly a blessing from God! Vitel has been the best blessing that God has ever put in my path. I can not thank Scott Rogers and the others enough for this great tool that I will be using to bless everyone I know! Thank you VITEL!!!

  24. Vitel just makes sense.All of the other companies create debt.Vitel with the cell phone bill being paid,along with the option to go full time if you are really sucessful is a no -brainer.Then all of the other perks are just icing on the cake.Thank you to Mr. Rogers and all of the wonderful leaders .

  25. Vitel has truly been a blessing for me and my family. 2 months ago we joined Vitel and haven't looked back since. What a great feeling to help others and get paid while doing it.

  26. @Carla,

    I am truly blown away at the love and passion you all have for our work. Thank you so much!!!

  27. "Simpily Brilliant", has to be my first comment. Where else can an average person jump into an industry they know nothing about and start earning money as they learn. Having your common household bills paid by somebody else, are you kidding me? Vitel's business concept and how the pay plan works is truly remarkable. Vitel is only getting started, I can't wait to see where Scott Rogers, Larry Rogers, Jeris Coleman, James Pearson, the corporate stuff, myself and the reps will be taking this company 5 years from now. It is going to be an awesome journey.

  28. I am still in a state of excitement about Vitel. Just thinking about how far I have come with Vitel and the potential for immeasurable success is overwhelming. I am not new to networking marketing but never in my years have I seen anything this wonderful. No other company has paid my household bills.

    When you work this business you can alter the financial future of yourself, your children and your grandchildren even to the point of positive impact on your community.

    Thank you to my Power Team Group for your support!

    I thank the leaders at Vitel for this opportunity. What a blessing to us all!

  29. Thank you again for this wonderful article and video! Where else can one work from home, getting superb training and support, get a good portion of their household bills paid for by Vitel…PLUS earn an EXCELLENT income??? THIS is THE EASIEST program for today's economy…EVERYONE uses a cell phone…most everyone uses everyone of our services…it's true…. !!!!

  30. Great job, Troy. Im ready to resign up again! Wow! The heartbeat of Vitel is really strong because as I listen to video, I could hear it in your voice.

    I have been in the Networking industry for over 20 years! Vitel by far is the best one that I have seen because not only do they want their reps to succeed, they are willing to pay your BILLS at the same time, truly amazing!! This opportunity is a no brainer. Vitel has a system that people are already using, except they are not getting paid, Yet! Thats where we as reps come in to get the word out to the masses of the people, that their is a Company(Vitel) that will pay all of your household bills….

    Thanks to everyone who continue to make Vitel successful.

  31. Dereck,

    I agree wholeheartedly! We have THE best team in Vitel! Curtis,Brandon,Nikki, and Reginald give,give,give….anything you need, anytime! Team effort is what makes a company and we got it! I love being a part of something so huge, so supportive, and most of all something that does what it says! Vitel PAYS my bills and it's the only company that does! I am so glad I found my home in Vitel!

  32. I am excited to part of a marketing family changing the values in the lives of households when the economy is declining or standing still. I feel there will be a little peace of mind with Vitel making it possible for struggling families to have their bills paid.

    The choice is yours to select FREEDOM from the chain of bills and join the CHOICIES family by visiting: http://WWW.CHOICIES.COM or

    You may also send an email to

    Thanks again.

  33. Troy Dooly! You are such a blessing in disguise to alot of people. I so appreciate your honesty about all of the different MLM's out there. The new video on Vitel is just awesome….you explain things so well and make it easy for people to understand! Those of you that are like me, that want to make the right choice, its right here… Vitel Benefits Network!!!! Let's get those bills paid!!!!

  34. Great video, Troy! Vitel has become my ticket to FINANCIAL FREEDOM! This wonderful company exudes VALUES from top to bottom and is second to none in leadership. Now, my #1 goal is to share this opportunity with as many people as humanly possible. I'm looking forward to greeting all of my fellow Vitel teammates AT THE TOP…LET'S GO!!!

  35. I understand one thing and tha is from paying my bills through Vitel Wireless I get paid. My wife and children will get paid when they pay their bills. Each of us will created a personal paycheck.

  36. Don't be a "Copycat" unless you're "copying the right Kat." Briefly, let me tell you my story.

    After spending nearly ten honorable years serving our country, I decided to get out. That was my first mistake, because had I retired from the military, I sure could use the pension now. But at the time I had no regrets. Uncle Sam paid for my undergraduate degree, and later I landed a position with one of the biggest pharmaceutical makers in the world, who paid for my M.B.A. I was making a nice six-figure income, driving a company car, and other perks while living with my wife and four kids in a half million dollar home. It was truly the American Dream.

    But then comes along the Great Recession of 2008. I lost that nice "cush job" in 2009; at the age of 52 and went almost a year and a half without work. Finally I landed a job with the state's DOT, doing marketing for their Turnpike. I love my new position, but I am only making half of what I made before.

    And, I don't have all the nice perks I use to have either. I drive an hour and a half one-way, every day to work, spending at least $20 bucks a day on gas. But trust me, I thank God every day to have a decent job and medical benefits for me and my family.

    Yet to make matters worse, my wife suffers from a very painful, chronic health condition that has recently forced her to have to stop working. Consequently, we lost her $50,000 contribution to our household income; and now we've reached a point where we are literally living from pay check to pay check; running up credit card debt, and on the brink of foreclosure.

    Would I like someone else to pay my bills? You're damn right I would.

    Selling our house would be a last resort, to live within our means, but we put down $100,000 for it. So if we were to sell it, I just want to at least breakeven. Yes, downsizing to a more affordable home would help us live within our means, but it would mean losing $50 grand or more. I am not willing to do that, as least not yet.

    But I am not the only one…

    While the economy is gradually improving many people are still struggling. I particularly dislike seeing soldiers return home from deployment and active duty to find that after serving our country, they too can't find work. There just isn’t enough work for those who are unemployed or under-employed today. Many people are seeking ways to make a decent living or supplement their current income.

    A lot of people are considering ways to work from home—online—in order to have the flexibility to work part-time on weekends, or before or after working their full-time job. That's where Vitel comes in for me.

    Like Brandon, my goal is to walk away from my day job within a year, and retire early. He did it in four months. So it stands to reason, by joining his team and following his leadership, while duplicating what he did to be so successful, I'm not being a copycat, I'm just following the right Kat!"

  37. Troy, what a wonderful video. The key to the success with Vitel is that we do what we do without changing the spending habits of the consumer but we PAY THEIR BILLS!! I have never seen a company like Vitel and neither have most of my friends and family so I am having a hard time convincing them to take a look at this business. We have been victims of the other companies that you talked about so your video really helps to change the mindset of many people who have been burnt in the past, including myself. Thank for sharing

  38. Hi Troy,

    I am a single mom who has a passion for network marketing. One of the reasons I got into network marketing is so that I could help others (especially other single moms) make end meets in this economy.

    I was involved with a different company (a VERY good company) but the two things holding people back seemed to be 1) The cost to start a business and 2) They had to purchase products that were not already in their budget.

    I am so happy to have found Vitel because with the lower cost to start, the fact that these are services most people are already paying for monthly and Vitel pays household bills in addition to commissions I KNOW I will be able to help so many more people!

    As Zig Ziglar says "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want."

    Vitel makes it easier for everyone to get want they want and need.

    If anyone out there wants to connect with this single-mom rocking Vitel all they have to do is email me at or call me at 614-633-5352!

    Thanks for all you do in our industry!


  39. Vitel is making it possible. I am so excited to be part of this top notch company. I am blessed to be part of the movement that Vitel is making possible. The integrity and leadership of this company is phenomenal. It has changed my life. Vitel makes the average person able to make money with its crazy lucrative comp plan. The vitel benefits is the best I have seen and its worth more than what it cost. Vitel business module is the best I've seen since I have been involved in the industry. Products and services you use every day and will continue to use regardless of what else is going on. Vitel is not saying switch over there is no switching. Vitel is simply saying you are going to pay your bills month in and month out why not pay them thru your own portal and get paid from it and help others do the same. Vitel is paying bills for their members. You can keep your commissions and let Vitel pay your bills for you. I never heard of a another company doing this its a game changer. It makes sense. Vitel is a recession proof opportunity. .I have been searching for real true home business to call home I have found it with Vitel. My Visions are coming true because of Vitel thanks Vitel your the best. Give me a call and hear how excited I am about Vitel. I want to help you be successful. 301-605-3363

  40. WOW! All the wonderful comments about VITEL! I agree with all said this great company and their leaders. To me Vitel is genius in it's design and it marketability. It just made so much sense to and find it very hard to believe why there are some who don't see this wonderful opportunity towards financial freedom. The leaders and friendships in Vitel simply increase the value of this company! I especially want to thank Latonya Genwright for introducing me to Vitel. Also, Curtis Cross, Latonya Genwright, Ebony Jordan and Nicole Stevenson you all have hearts of gold and without doubt have sacrificially helped others to grow and succeed. To anyone reading these heartfelt comments and you are not a part of this great company there should not be any more hesitation on

    your part not to become a part of this family! Thanks to the founders of Vitel for having us in mind! Bless you!

  41. Great post and video Troy. Documentation beats conversation, Vitel has been a great opportunity for myself and my team. We are finally helping the average person have success in the industry. I thank Vitel, the leadership and corporate team for making it possible, it's truly a dream come true to be able to achieve success at a young age, and see other young people have success thanks to Vitel and be able to be one of the first leaders to take this to the Latino market!

    Vitel Makes It Possible!

  42. I have followed you for some time Troy and find you to be fair in your comments and recommendations. I read your observation of Vitel and am pursuing through the Vitel program my desire to help myself and folks like me have a better life. Thank you!

  43. I joined Vitel after trying another business (one that does not deserve to be named!!!) and Vitel totally blows it away!! The other business made promises of paying your bills, but Vitel actually does pay your bills!!!! There is no other place where you get your bills paid and get paid too!! I am so grateful that my true friend Mark Everhart shared this business with me! Gonna rock this and give someone else the opportunity like i was given to build their future and get their bills paid!!!!!!!!!

  44. ViTel is just awesome. This is the future folks. and now ENERGY; ENERGY IS P O W E R!! let's all get some. Vitel definitely makes it possible

  45. I recently joined Vitel and I must say I've procrastinated. But after reading these comments about what everyone is doing my procrastination ends today. I want my bills paid too!

  46. Troy, thank you for your heartfelt feelings about Vitel.

    I have been with other MLM companies prior to this, but when I saw the compassion of the company, leadership, and representatives speaking from their hearts about how Vitel has changed their lives, it was something I could not pass up.

    Alot of companies make promises and dont keep them.

    Alot of companies ask you to spend a great deal of money each month to stay an active part of the company.

    Vitel doesn't do any of these and has constantly kept every promise that it has made.

    You see, my husband and I were laid off almost 3 years ago. As no jobs surfaced we needed to look into other avenues of creating an income for our family of 8. We watched some of the leaders in Vitel and were amazed at the compasion to help others get their household bills paid by simply training them to do the same.

    There isn't a catch, there isn't a bait and switch to this company. Is it "too good to be true", well in a sense, YES. What I mean by that is, with a little bit of effort, we have shown others who are struggling like my family just to put food on the table get involved with Vitel and have Vitel pay their bills for them. Who's boss or J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) ever did that? I cannot say that any of mine or my husbands did.

    My family has been blessed by Vitel and we would like to help anyone who wants, deserves, or needs a blessing in their life today. We believe in Paying It Forward and that is the name of our website: take a few minutes, check it out, and we will get back to you within minutes.

    Penny Kyle

  47. I am so proud to be part of a Company that truly care's about their distributors and that follow through on what they say they will do. The Leaders are top notch and we have great training for seasoned and new reps. Coming from a company in which I was a top rep, it's refreshing to see a company with servant Founders that wan't each one of us to succeed. Let's make it happen. Great article Mr Troy Dooly.. Keep up the great work that you do for the MLM industry.. You Rock!!

  48. Vitel is so powerful. Not just the business but people within the business. I have not met one sole on Vitel yet but you couldn't tell with all the help and tools we have access too. It's incredible!!!


  50. Vitel is an incredible company that has changed my life and my families for the better. It is getting me on track to get out of debt and the benefits network you just can't beat. So many useful discounts which helps out our family. The Vitel support is better than any MLM that i have ever seen. We are truly one big family.

  51. This is absolutely the greatest MLM company that I have seen. Helping people has always been a passion of mine and I can truly accomplish this now with Vitel. People getting their bills paid! How awesome is that.

  52. I must be going insane… I have tried 2 different computers and 3 browsers… I dont see a video from Troy about ViTel

  53. ViTel is my second experience within the Network Marketing Industry. I have been with ViTel for less than a month and I can honestly say that it far exceeds my expectations! I am excited to see what lays in my future by following in the footsteps of people like Troy, Mr. Brandon Ivey, Mr. Reginald Stinson and Mr. Curtis Cross! I would love to extend this amazing opportunity to anyone who is looking into ViTel! If you are interested, please visit my site at and take a look!

  54. I am eligable to get my cell phone bill and business PAID by Vitel and look to get the rest of my bills paid for as well. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

    I've not been involved in HBB's long but the short time that I have, I have never experienced the sincere passion and genuine concern for your success as Vitel has displayed so far.

    The Vitel group of Power Team Marketing is energentic and motivating keeping you enthusiastic and encouraged. Hense the name Power Team is most appropriate.

    I truly look forward to SUCCESS in VITEL because once Vitel your Vitel for Life!. Thanks for all you do Troy for getting the word out about this diamond in the rough called Vitel. They do make it possible.

  55. Troy, thank you for showing the vision of Vitel. I have been in numerous Network Marketing companies in the past…some with success, some without success. However, I have never seen a platform that resonates so easily with people…Vitel wants to pay your bills. Who doesn't want their bills paid??!! In the first week I qualified for my cell phone bill to be paid. This company has been a blessing and now I look forward to sharing this blessing with everyone I come in contact with. Vitel for life!

  56. Wow O Wow. I am jacked about this company called Vitel! I believe this is the silver bullet to network marketing. The company is focused and wants to pay the reps what they are worth. The benefits network is awesome. I believe in Vitel and I can tell they believe in me to succeed. I have dealt with network marketing for about 10 years now and this company is the first that true excites me to the core. Thank You Vitel!

  57. I had to come back to reply again because Vitel is just that AWESOME. This is my testimony.

    Vitel is about to change my life tremendously. The job industry is not a place where you can prosper. I have been wrapped up in the job industry since I graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. I went on to pursue my Master’s and graduated March 15, 2012 with a 4.0 GPA hoping this would allow me to excel.

    All this did was get me further in debt. I went through the necessary procedures for County Corrections and was rejected. I took that rejection and praised God because I saw it as the wrong direction for me. When praises go up blessings come down because Vitel was presented to me the very next day.

    I have been introduced into a new world with some amazing people and Vitel it is. Vitel has changed my mindset. Right now I need every benefit that Vitel has to offer. I know that I am not the only person in need of a blessing. Don’t let this be you “Waiting & Struggling” when a blessing is right here with Vitel.

    Vitel is set up to help me help you get if not all, some of your household bills eliminated. So if you would like to be FREE and have the ability to save your money by someone else paying your bills for you and make money in the process then Vitel is definitely for you. If you are a believer that God has set you up to be blessed, trust me when I tell you Vitel has been set in place to be a blessing. I am here to help you get started

  58. Thanks Troy for all your research. Vitel has truly become a force in this industry. I will enjoy my road to RVP.

  59. Thanks for the Great News about Vitel!!! WE are moving as fast light! Go Vitel" the benefits network"

  60. @Carlton,

    I am blown away at the passion you all have 🙂 Keep rocking and changing the world.

  61. Vitel has definitely OPENED MY EYES to a whole new world of Network Marketing! I've searched for years for just that right company that I could grow with and become successful in and after years of searching I have finally found it! Vitel has allowed me to truly began dreaming again. The dream to be able to quit my 9 to 5 job, spend more time with my family & kids, and become financially independent. 2 months into this business and I already have more fellow reps in my downline then I've ever had in any other MLM, and getting my cell phone bill paid on monthly basis by Vitel and have already jumped 2 levels in the Comp Plan to "Area Sales Mngr"! Vitel is truly, truly a dream come true! Thank you to all of our Vitel founders for this wonderful opportunity!

  62. Troy, As an avid Fan, over the years, it was a pleasure and an honor to finally meet you… I understand With the right vehicle, Financial Freedom can be Achieve through persistence and time! This video helped to remind me of that and refresh my drive and my goal, Thanks Troy for an awesome video. Vitel…The Business of the 21st Century. Visit: for more information)

  63. Vitel Vitel Vitel this is the phone company i've been waiting on! Everybody wants there bills paid.

  64. What a great video about a great company. After seeing your video before the summer. I was like WoW they are paying people bills Huh… and car almost seal the deal but it was the webinar that did it for me PTM.

    I been around the block a couple of times. And I'm glad I found a home with Vitel . This company is changing Lives and leadership is great ,and will continue to grow. I look forward to becoming, a great leader Here and making Vitel a Billion dollar company with in the next five years.


  65. Troy thanks for all the info you share about the industry we love so much.Also thanks for the information you provide about Vitel. This business has given many the opportunity to make a difference in their life but not only theirs but the lives of others. People really have an opportunity that makes sense. Gives people the chance to leverage their time and money. Thanks

    Vitel will be around for a very long time. #teamvitel

  66. I am honored to have had Vitel literally fall into my lap! It is a definite life changer, not only for finances & bill paying but for the benefits as well.

    I'm watching the Olympics right now & Vitel definitely gets the Gold Medal!!

    To learn more about this & how to eliminate your bills, inquire within.

  67. Absolutely a powerful tool… Helping others helps us all grow, and Vitel is the outlet of all outlets when giving back in a useful manner matters…….

  68. Absolutely a powerful tool… Helping others helps us all grow, and Vitel is the outlet of all outlets when giving back in a useful manner matters….

  69. Troy, I just had to come back and say a few more things.Thank you for your informative videos about Vitel and the networkmarketing industry.I thought I would never fall in love with another company since 2005. I am confindent to say that I made a good decision for me and my family. I look forward to help changing families lives through this opportunity. My trust is not in network marketing or Vitel AWireless but its in my ability to give it all I got to be elite and Vitel Wireless is just the perfect vehicle to pave the way!! Thanks again for all your research and supportive videos.

  70. get started!!!! single mom to success in 58 days i made nse driving for free in 29 days … wooohoooo loving ths two car winners on my personal team.. where can the average person go get this done .. it is all possible…thank god for vitel…. our team is rocking and vitel has taken charge

  71. It's great to be a part of Vitel. We have a unique niche in the industry because we're the only company that

    offers the Reps the opportunity to get most of their bills


  72. Great message……I am super excited about ViTel and what the company is doing. What other company will pay you and pay your bills. I am so glad that Janelle introduced me to this company. ViTel makes it possible!

  73. I started with Vitel Wireless 05/01/012 and I am almost at the TOP level NSE. I absolutely LOVE working with this company. I wasn't excited about the money! I just wasn't that for me. The value and benefits that this company has to offer was more than enough for me to roll up my sleeves and get to work! The simply fact that Vitel Wireless is going to pay our bills FREE and CLEAR every single month was more than enough for me to get to work! NO JOB will do this! United Way will not do this. Not even my Church will pay a bill for me (just keeping it real). But Vitel does! I knew TONS of people who can beneft from such an amazing blessing and so it was my honor, job, and duty to spread the word and share the blessings. Vitel has already paid a few of my bills and man I am forever grateful and thankful for this. I am VITEL FOR LIFE!

  74. Vitel Wireless has really come and changed the Game. It feels great to have someone else pay your bills for a change. This is Truly gonna help change a lot of families current economic situation. Thanks Vitel for giving me and my family this wonderful Opportunity

  75. Troy, it was certainly a pleasure meeting you in Dallas/Fort Worth at the Vitel "Energy Is On The Rise" Super Saturday Event this past July 2012. You showing up there as the guest speaker has solidified my decision even more that Vitel is where it's at in the MLM Industry!

  76. I recently joined the business and so far have seen how the company is growing by actual people who are experiencing its potential and rewards. Great business and I am excited

  77. Excellent Video Troy! Thanks for your professional input on Vitel.

    WOW! I am so excited about Vitel and what they are doing eliminating your household bills. Never in my career of network marketing have I come across a company so powerful and passionate about their reps. Scott Rogers is very intelligent and thinks outside the box. I am honored to be part of the Vital family all working together. I'm Vitel for Life, Why? Because Vitel Makes It Possible!!

    Let's Make Money & Save Money, Ready Set Go….give me a call now. (717) 414-2688. Take the stress out of your life.

  78. Thanks Troy, your message was very powerful! I could not have said it any better. Since Vitel has added the Energy to what they already offer, this business is going to explode. Once the word is out about what Vitel is all about, many are going to be joining.When I was introduced to Vitel I must admit that I went and did my research.Once I did that, the light bulb came on and I immediately joined. It's a no brainer to not join after you have been exposed to Vitel. Just to peak your interest, Vitel pays all your bills on top of your commissions. If you want to know more about this exciting opportunity and the company I am available to help you know more. We have a wonderful team that is willing to share and help you achieve your goals.

  79. This is incredible. I never thought this would be possible. No company could be that generous right? Wrong they are doing it. check it out for yourself

  80. Thank you Troy, for all that you do. I always look for your reviews before I join a company. I must say, Vitel have been paying my cell phone bill, month after month. They really do pay your Bill!!!!

  81. Troy your video was INSPIRING! Vitel is going to change the world…This company is so POWERFUL that its going to have the President talking about it~ WATCH~ "Vitel has paid this nations bills" Lol. Get those household bills paid at WHY? Because no other company does it like VITEL!

  82. This is a great video Troy! I loved the plan of this business when I saw it and got the chills. I had to join. I am on my way to taking care of my family again and helping others in the process. You can't beat that. LOVE THIS COMPANY!

  83. Thank you for recognizing what an AMAZING company ViTel is!!! It is truly a blessing that I am greatful for and I absolutely love sharing it with everyone! With ViTel it it possible for EVERYONE to Save Big money and Make Big money in a big time way!!! You are AWESOME and THANK YOU AGAIN MR. DOOLEY!!!

  84. Hey hey hey Troy thanks for sharing the good news about vitel we really are making things possible. Like making it possible for me to get my cellphone bill paid by vitel whooo hoo. I finally can say I really helPing someone taking away something they were gonna pay until they passed away. Oh and here is the link to the interview we did. I really had tons of fun so thank you for being you and keepin it real. Oh and p.s. guys Troy Dooly is one of the most humblest,straight forward, educate and informed person I've met in was a pleasure and an honor to finally me u. Jeff Trills Mr. Go Hard or Go Homeless! I'm throwing my V up! Who's with me

  85. I must admit I have never succeeded in a Company this fast in my years of Network Marketing. The best part about it is that I feel good about it in the morning. I didn’t scam anyone out of their money or put them in a position or situation where they would not succeed. In fact I am helping tons of People work toward financial freedom, Become work stress free, and best of all I am helping people ELIMINATE THIER BILLS!!!!! What a wonder Company to be involved in!! I Thank God That My Mentor and Big Bro NSE Christopher McCoy Introduce this Gold Mine to me. Vi-Tel For Life!!!! Thank You Troy For allowing us to Tell the Good News Of Vi-Tel!!! If you are not a member I encourage you to come aboard This Gravy Train. I Promise You It will be the BEST Trip you ever took!!!! GOD BLESS!!!

  86. @e,

    Vitel is far different than any of the other companies. They are a benefits network, similar to a membership based company where you pay a monthly membership for specific services. They would be classified a direct marketing company more than a direct sales company because they do not sell proprietary products or services. Vitel does offer a portal where folks can come pay for their wireless, cable, utilities, etc through their company and/or buy their benefits membership package. They are more like a Market America or Team National in their business model. In other words Vitel reps get paid for you to stay in your contract or prepaid company, you just pay through their site.

    Solvei on the other hand, is trying to go down a road, that has been traveled before and left many dead bodies. The MLM Wireless Wars of 2009-2011 were ugly and hurt a boatload of folks.

    The business model is not one that I believe based on the statistical data will make it. The company seems to have great leadership, raised several million in startup capital, and the market buzz is hot. But when four carriers control the market, and you have so many MVNOs and others dipping into the pot, there is not enough money coming from the end users to keep the company afloat. And with the majority of SmartPhone users being iPhone users and the rest of the large players losing market share, I do not see how internal consumption can keep the company afloat long enough to hopefully turn a corner.

    Plus, if folks look at the find print I would take a calculated guess the $49 unlimited, text, talk and data, does have limits, especially on the data.

    So, take the $200 to $400 per phone to break the contract, then the fact most folks will need to buy a new phone for another $200 to $600 bucks, and it is an expensive buy-in.

  87. Troy that was an AWESOME video! We all can count on you to tell it like it is. Vitel is the BEST thing since Jesus Christ and the Truth don't need know support and thats coming from the 1st Lady of Vitel! YOU ROCK!!!!

  88. Mr. Troy Dooley, Thanks for sharing your Wisdom. I am sooo excited to be in Vitel… This business is a True Game Changer. We now Have all of our Bills getting paid by Vitel and I am now seeing people smile again because most people were turning away from Network Marketing Companies.. It was time for a Company to Present themself as a Friend to the Reps and Do what they said they would do.. Vitel has done what they said for us and MORE… Thank God for Scott Rogers and The Vitel Community I CAN NOW SMILE AGAIN!!!!

  89. Troy -AMAZING VIDEO!!!!!! Vitel is Amazing!!!!!! Never in my life I've seen anything like this ever!!!! Scott Rogers is a very intelligent man to come up with this extraordinary opportunity to help people eliminate their monthly bills – a grand total of $15,300 back in your pocket a year.We have products and service that can serve everyone on daily bases.Learn how you can get:

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  90. Troy, You are spot on about this company Vitel. I have been in this industry for 2 years and have been in another company and Vitel is amazing!!! Scott Rogers is a genius to come up with this Marketing Plan! You always tell it like it is and for that I thank you!!

  91. Hey Troy (and the rest of you), how do these wireless network marketing companies like Vitel, and the newest pre-launch company Solvei deal with the challenge of getting people out of their existing service contracts? Some companies charge you a couple hundred bucks to break the contract.

  92. Hello Troy,

    I love Vitel I have found my network marketing home in this great business. Troy it was great to meet you and talk with you in Dallas. Most of all thank you for your honest views of not only Vitel Wireless but all companies in our industry. I have been following you for years and vaule your opinion.

  93. Troy, Love this video and love this company! I have been in MLM for 1.5 years, when I saw Vitel I knew this was the place for me! I am truley helping people and helping the needy not the greedy! That has been my passion and gift from God, now I have the vehicle to do it! Thank you Vitel for the opportunity! I would love to help anyone get started 919-730-2191

  94. @Francis,

    Thank you for the kind words. I truly love the passion I see from the home office crew to the field… You are all rocking it right!

  95. Thanks Troy for an awesome video. You always seem to tie things together and make a great point. With the "horses" in Dallas and now "Walmart" It is so to the point and a no brainer! I am so gratefull for the vision of this company (not greedy as most companies are which ultimately take them out, but a sense of giving & blessing others), and the awesome leadership we have on our team. Thank you for telling the truth about ViTel and the people behind the company! If anyone is looking for a business home this is it. Join the ViTel movement with us on this powerful team and you will not look back. ViTel for life! 502-552-9535

  96. Guys this is not rocket science!!! You've heard it from the man himself Troy Dooly and if you need more 3rd party verification you can see what we're doing @ but guys Vitel is paying $15,300.00 yearly towards people's HOUSEHOLD BILLS! Imagine never paying a cell bill,electricity/ gas, internet, TV, & Car note! Imagine earning from multiple billion dollar industries at once! What if for once there was a company leader with vision enough t see that if you eliminate the reason behind divorce, foreclosures, & bankruptcies, you not only change millions of lives, but you truly have the recipe for unlimited success! Folks Vitel is that company! Do yourself, and everyone you know a huge favor, and go to then give me a call @ 216.420.3781


  98. Im so happy to be apart of Vitel. Since joining I have created a family business. Our goal is help 1000 families eliminate all their household bills. Thank you Vitel!! I love this Vitel Lifestyle!!!

  99. Thanks Troy! Vitel is truly amazing. I needed this opportunity and it came at the right time a few months into my retirement. I feel so excited and blessed that someone is paying my household bills! And also that I have a new stream of income that is recession proof in this economy!

  100. Thanks Troy for the word you speak about Vitel. I joined this company almost 4 months ago and have never seen the greatness I see with Vitel. We are changing the game in MLM and getting our bills paid for by Vitel. There are real leaders that care from the heart and really want to change life's. This is the first company my husband actually think is real.

  101. Indeed Vitel has come along and is doing amazing things. We have a movement. I call in the Vitel Pays Your Bills Movement. Our reps are working to get Vitel to pay as many peoples bills as they possibly can.

    Who would ever had imagine that a company would pay our bills DIRECTLY and the rep having to take their hard earned commissions to do it!

    Vitel For Life!

    I was a pleasure to meet you in Dallas, as well.

  102. Wonderful video troy with all of these opportunities out there it is tough to find the right vehicle. Getting behind the wheel of this Vitel V8 muscle car has been a dream. I am a single dad and I coach three sports. I was born to teach but as everybody knows the pay wasn't enough. Vitel has changed all of this for me. The key is the time I put in I have wonderful team leaders who all the work by supplying all the information for me all I have to do is just broadcast it and share. That gives me my time!!! MLM is like the NBA …It's good to be on a pro team but only one team wins the championship. You wan't to be on the right team at the right time, and considering they just doubled our commissions tonight there is no better time to join this dynasty in the making. Anyone who doesn't know a Vitel Rep. 828-317-1128 your problem has just been solved! Call me and I will show you how to eliminate a common problem we all have BILLS!

  103. Vitel is HOT! We have some awesome leaders and the training is pen & paper ready. I am very excited about helping other people eliminate their bills. After being turned down for a jobs in Corrections Vitel was presented to me the next day. From that point, I knew Rejection just meant wrong direction for me. Vitel is my stability. Come & Get Stable!

  104. Thanks Troy You And Josh Helped Me in My Search For a real income builder with vitel guys if ur serious about joining vitel u can call 1-559-546-1245 then call me and tell me your ready 651-307-6782 over 2,000 people have already said yes to wanting to getting their bills paid will u be next to getting urs paid 🙂

  105. Hello, I try to visit MLM helpdesk everyday for news that matters, and HAVE watched a couple of vids on Vitel Troy put together.

    To all Vitel Affiliates, if there is anyone in South Florida

    from West Palm Beach, to Miami, and you are NOT IN ZEEKREWARDS MEANING AN EMPLOYEE OR AFFILIATE






  106. Vitel is making it possible for the average person to eliminate household bills by being the real deal!! i suggest that if what your doing is not working for you check out Vitel!! You will not be dissapointed!!

  107. Great Great video Troy! I really enjoy watching yor videos. I can always count on you to tell it like it is. Vitel is blessing so many people. I'm so grateful to be part of the Vitel movement. We are rolling FULL steam ahead! Thanks again 🙂

  108. I love Vitel because it has put me in a position to gain much financial success to be a blessing to my family, it has surrounded me with great leaders to help me succeed and is helping me see all my dreams come to pass. Thank you Vitel!

  109. Troy, You're the Main Reason I even took a look at Vitel, and Now I could not be happier. I have been blessed to have had this opportunity for a little over sixty days and I'm a simple man that is hooked on Vitel. Thanks so much for your Leadership and strightforth attitude.

  110. Great video Troy Vitel does again they just paid my cell fone bill WOOHOOO!!!!! I just saved $125 bucks Vitel really makes it happen

  111. BEEN in less than 24 hours.

    REALTALK: THIS just MADE to much sense.. to leave it on the TABLE!!!

    BILLS BILLS.. everyBODY got Bills

    …. BUT not for LONG!!

    Can you say PAID ….. Holla

  112. @John,

    Well said my friend. ViTel and especially the front-line field force, is doing something to eliminate the poverty cycle, instead of sitting around just talking about it.

  113. @Maurice,

    This is great news. Congrats my friend. Lord knows we have been down a long road together 🙂

  114. Troy ever since I have known you you have been a person who tells it like it is. I have found a great sponsor in Vitel and also a great team. With all that is coming for Vitel this is a great opportunity.

  115. Troy, everything you said in you video is on point. Those are the very reasons why I choose to join Vi-Tel.

    No other company is eliminating their distributor's household bills while helping them to create wealth.

    Scott Rogers and Vitel is awesome..

  116. Vitel is breaking the poverty cycle by helping people eliminate $1300 per month of their household bills. Vitel Revolution. Let's Build it BIG!!!! Vitel is taking over!!!!

  117. Vitel is the Greatest Company I've have ever been apart of since i been in this industry!! and it is helping a boat load of people. its all about helping people. and vitel is helping lots of people. Vitel Rocks & Vitel makes it possible. Great Video Troy You Rock!!!

  118. BOOOOOOM!!!!!!! If you're reading this and you've been thinking about Vitel, I ENCOURAGE YOU, don't wait on this! Get back with the person you know who is in Vitel and get started TODAY!!! It's going to be HUGE!!! If you don't know anyone in Vitel hit me up!! 336-455-1471 (no calls from other companies, NOT INTERESTED, trust me)

  119. Awesome company, I had the honor and privilege of meeting and chatting with Mr Dooly and the statement he made "you can't ride two horses with one ass" has been stuck in my head every since the Dallas event. I've finally found what works for me and I'm able to bless many many more VITEL for life!

  120. Excellent article! Thank you! Yep, Vitel is THE PLACE to be…I have NEVER experienced such success, training and support as I am experiencing with Vitel! LOVE, LOVE LOVE it!!!


  122. @Brandon,

    I am so proud of the leadership role you have taken at ViTel. Talk about leading by example!!! You are the real deal sir.

  123. Great video Troy! 3 and a half months into Vitel and I have been able to walk off my job and secure a 5 figure a month income. Vitel makes it possible!

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