Vidacup News: Robert “Bob” Gries of Gries Investment Funds Chats About Vidacup International & Network Marketing In General

A few weeks ago, I have the privilege to invest some time with one of Tampa’s most famed businessmen Robert “bob” Gries, the founder of the Gries Investment Funds. I first learned about Gries, when one of his companies Public Power merged with Viridian Power to become Crius Energy Trust. Crius is now one of the largest international energy trusts to be a part of the direct selling industry and network marketing profession.

Editor’s Note: In the video I mention Jackie Valdes, that is a mistake and I am truly sorry. That should have been Jackie Ulmer.

With the success of the Crius Energy Trust brands, why back a start-up like Vidacup International? Well listen to the video interview as the “Warren Buffett of Tampa” explains in detail why he feels that Vidacup will be one of the most successful stories in network marketing.

His belief in the leadership of Vidacup International, Jeff Mack, CEO, and Donna Valdes, CMO is one of the reasons he believes the company will be a huge success for Gries Fund clients who have enjoyed an average annual rate of return of 15% for years.

Vidacup International will be holding their launch convention April 12th & 13th in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Vidacup international
Vidacup Launch Convention

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