VeMMA Truly Offers A Generational Family MLM Business With The Intro Of Verve

VeMMA truly offers a generational family MLM business. In today’s MLM profession, finding a company which will last more than a few years seems like a thing of the past. Sometimes because the company doesn’t stay ahead of the trend, other times because of mismanagement. And other times because the field force just stops working, they become complacent. But at VeMMA…

BK’s crew realized they needed a marketing strategy which could incorporate old school MLM and new school MLM, and here is what they created.

Think about this for a second… Who can better share the story of VeMMA than the founder? This is a great way of showing great people in a party like atmosphere the VeMMA business opportunity.

Tom Alkazin took this to an all new level with what he does after the party, or one on one. Anyone who tell you “Old School MLM is dead, has never seen this master at work…

Now, here is the fun part… Tom’s way of building VeMMA is right for a boatload of people. However, what about those who want to build it in a different manner?

Check out how Brad Alkazin has taken what he has learned from his dad, and added his own personality to his approach.

See the difference in the marketing message?

Now, look at Brad’s testimony which his team uses to get others excited.

The Boreyko family has truly created a generational family MLM business.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

I want to thank Success From Home for their research and creativity.

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  1. Thanks so much Troy for an honest and insightful story! I am a member of the Vemma Family under Ruth and Jeff Elliott and you hit the nail on the head. This truly is an awesome company and I feel very blessed to be a part of it!

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