Vemma is Breaking Records and BK Boreyko Credits the Vemma Brand Partners

With companies leaving direct selling and MLM at what seems like one a week, and other companies merging just to keep things rolling, it is exciting to see a company like Vemma come out of the MLM Recession of 2008-2009 with such massive momentum.

The power behind this massive growth all started when BK shared his mission of creating 20,000 new distributors earning $500 dollars per month. BK, understands that the power behind direct selling and especially MLM is creating a compensation plan which will reward not only the top builders, but those new Brand Partners just getting started.

This next video really explains how BK got the momentum rolling with their Momentum Bonus.

But he did not leave out the Vemma builders, and created the Builders Bonus.

Now, you may be asking… Troy this all sounds good but what about the Vemma products. Well, if you have watched the video above you noticed my grand daughter Lena drinking Vemma Next. Well take a look at these last two video and you will see what the Vemma Formula is doing to help children in the USA and Haiti.

I personally believe this is the wave of the future… Company founders like BK, Karen Lauren Boreyko who find ways to create a true business opportunity for the average MLM distributor, by providing great products and services that will make the world a better place to live.

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Troy Dooly

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  1. Hey Troy – Great video on BK. Thanks for all the Vemma plugs.

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