Vemma Founder Praised By Robert Kiyosaki For Help Folks Like Jessica Van Pelt Reach Their Dreams

Vemma founder BK Boreyko shot me an email this week sharing some powerful information on how they are helping Children worldwide with the NEXT project and KIDS (Kids in Distressed Situation) program. As I read his email, I received another email from my friend Vemma Diamond David Adams, who shared with me the success story of Jessica Van Pelt.

I am proud of the fact Vemma is willing to reach out and help children who are the victims of some of the worse natural disasters in current history. The Hatti Earthquake and the Tennessee Floods.


Through their partnership with Operation Compassion they are supplying kids with nutritional vitimans they need to stay healthy through these tragic situations.

Plus they realize the sacrifice our troops are making worldwide, and how hard it is for their families here in the USA, so they have teamed up with Operation HomeFront to support the families of our military.

It is because of this type of Walking the Talk which has caused Robert Kiyosaki to be drawn to Bk Boreyko. Robert has realized here is a guy, who doesn’t just talk a good game, but is not sitting on the sideline. He is leading the pack to change the world one person at a time.

Let me also mention another story. Back in February BK shot me an email sharing his vision for the enhancements he was making to the Vemma compensation plan to attract 20K new distributors who would be earning around $500.00 per month.

Well here is a story of a young lady Jessica Van Pelt, who has never been in MLM before, and now is moving close to the $500.00 per month mark.

Her boyfriend and Vemma Diamond David Adams shared this story with me.

David & Jessica VEMMA Convention 2009

The Vemma Success Story of Jessica Van Pelt

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8 thoughts on “Vemma Founder Praised By Robert Kiyosaki For Help Folks Like Jessica Van Pelt Reach Their Dreams”

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  2. Hey Jess,

    From our vantage point, my wife and I have seen that diamond quality in you for quite some time now. By the way that sure is a nice looking new car you were able to purchase and just think, Vemma in such a short time was able to cover the payment. ( WELL DONE ) Now the trick is to share/lead with the product, help others and to teach the Roadmap to Success. Now that's a thought, perhaps I will go dive into my Roadmap , refresh and see where it leads.

    Does anyone know what happens when you go to

  3. David Sr, you know that old saying ? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Looks like you did a pretty good job yourself. Jessica, looks like you have a bright future ahead of you.

  4. What a great story! Way to go, Jessica. It’s great to hear a $500 Success Story. Much continued success!

  5. David,

    She is a true Rock Star! You had better hang on to her 🙂

    Give your dad my best.

  6. That s a great story Troy. Inspirational stories like this should be posted more often. You never know which story will uplift a reader to change their life. I certainly hop Jessica's story inspires other 23 years olds that have never been in mlm to give this industry a shot.
    .-= Paul Douglas´s last blog .. Paul Douglas Awarded Leader Of The Month By MLM Wireless News =-.

  7. This is a good story, I like hearing about people who make it happen. Good for them!

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