uTHRiV Founders Joe Tessin & Brian Dee Share The Real Story Behind Their Partnership

A couple of weeks ago, I have the privilege of meeting Joe Tessin and Brian Dee in Atlanta Georgia in the Club Lounge at the Renaissance Concourse hotel. They took several hours to answer my questions, and to give me some real insight into the passion of launching uTHRiV. 

What brings a Boston Yankee and a Georgia Rebel together to launch a very unique network marketing company? In the interview above you can learn firsthand how Tessin and Dee became friends and then business partners. However, like the uniqueness of uTHRiV, is the backgrounds of Joe Tessin and Brian Dee. Who would have ever guessed these two would connect on such a deep level?

Joe Tessin, Founder - uTHRiV

Joe Tessin didn’t get to where he is today by accident!  His passion to teach, coach and lead others propelled him into facilitating the growth of several sales and marketing organizations, leading ministry and corporate teams, and coaching individuals and C-Level teams on how to reach their desired objectives and outcomes.

His driving WHY is to show people how to design their lives, instead of just experiencing what life throws their way! When I interviewed Tessin, one thing he said several times is “everyone ends up somewhere in life so we might as well end up somewhere on purpose”. I truly believe those are more than just words to Joe Tessin, they are his creed!


Before uTHRiV, Tessin founded the “Better Days Group”: a coaching and consulting company where he walked alongside individuals and teams to help them experience life clarity and overcome the unique dysfunctions that plague them. He also created what is known as “Monday Morning Champions.” The concept is to encourage people to maximize their quality of life especially on Monday’s!


Tessin is not only a co-founder of uTHRiV, he serves as President and invest his time leading the day to day operations of the company as well as leaning on his years of experience in the field to create a culture of excellence for uTHRiV brand partners and customers.

Brian Dee, Founder - uTHRiV

Brian Dee’s entire career focus is developing and managing direct sales teams. For twenty years, Dee’s focus was in the area of sports marketing, managing credit card marketing programs for MBNA America and Bank of America in conjunction with the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins and New England Patriots, along with many other sports teams throughout the United States.

As V.P. of Business Development at American Passage and Promotion, Dee managed hundreds of sporting events. Some of his clients included Coca-Cola, Starbucks, First USA Bank, as well as MBNA. Dee’s career highlights include managing credit card promotions for NHL All Star games in Boston, Denver and Los Angeles, Super Bowls in New Orleans and San Diego, NBA All Star week in Los Angeles, several World Series and the 1999 Baseball All Star Game at Fenway Park.

Brian Dee is also co-founder of VizConnect, which is a managed mobile marketing company based in Massachusetts. VizConnect went public in February 2013 under the trading symbol VIZC. Dee currently serves on the board of directors.

Dee is not only a co-founder of uTHRiV, he alsp serves as Executive Vice President and invests his time with uTHRiV brand partners in the field.



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  1. great video Troy! I love Joe and will follow him anywhere. Looking forward to working with him in this new journey!

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