UniVera Sciences Called Him A Disgruntled Distributor I Call John Terhune A Leader

UniVera Sciences called him a disgruntled distributor I call John Terhune a Servant Leader. John is willing along with Marshall Douglas and Joe Land, and standing up to a company with a long history of abusing their Distributors and saying enough is enough. See Lawsuit Press Release.

John Terhune

Troy’s Truth: What makes this case so different from some of the others is the fact John Terhune is a former Trail Attorney, and is not afraid of a fight. Especially one he knows he can win. Someone at UniVera Sciences should have done some background work!

Like other former Amway Distributor’s Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, these guys are fed up with companies who while they are building their respective business to “talk to everyone”, “go after everyone”, then when the field leaders get fed up with the abuse, decide to take the business they built to a new home decide to use every means in their power, like termination, holding commission checks, slander, propaganda, Intimidation, Bullying, and Unfair Trade Practices to keep them from talking to their own team members.

However, unlike when Orrin & Chris left Amway and went to war over when, where and how they communicated with their former Amway team members.

UniVera Sciences, is really at war with their former CEO Derek Hall, who resigned a few years ago and who this year launched a new Network Marketing company – Qivana.

So, think about it for a second. If the CEO who the top distributor’s loved, resigns, then decides to launch his own company, doesn’t it make since that he would contact these close friends and tell them what he is doing?

And doesn’t it make since, that if they buy into his vision they would tell their friends and together they would all launch a new company?

And, yes, if I ran the former company, I would be going nuts, and want to figure out a way to stop the mutiny. But, this is America, and even though we have seen some crazy changes in the Free Enterprise System over the last few months, I still believe we as distributors who have used our sweat and blood to build our own personal Marketing & Distribution Home-Based Businesses, have a right to go where we believe our teams will continue to grow.

I look at this in the same like as Agel telling Randy Schroeder he can’t join his long time friend Dallin Larsen in growing MonaVie.

Yes, it sucks to see top leaders jumping from the companies they helped to launch. Randy Schroeder left Agel. Robert Dean left Noni. Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady left Amway. Reco McDaniel left lightyear, and now John Terhune, Marshall Douglas and Joe Land leave UniVera.

Why can’t the founder and officers of these companies realize the issue is not the leaving of these great leaders to other companies. It is the break down of communication and trust that has taken place over months if not years before the final decision to leave takes place.

And, NO this does not happen at all MLM companies.

As a matter of fact I was on the phone with a million dollar earner from XanGo this last week, who was sharing with me a situation that should be the leading example for ALL OTHER NETWORK MARKETING COMPANIES!

See, XanGo had made a change in their P&Ps over the last few months, that went 100% against distributors. In the stroke of a pen, XanGo went from being one of the top distributor friendly companies to one of the worst.

So, some of the top leaders (who are members of the DRA) contacted us at the Distributors Rights Association to see if we could help. We contacted XanGo’s compliance officers and had a very good conversation. After the conversation the company called their top distributors into the home office, along with three of the founders and their corporate staff.

After giving great gifts to the top distributors, feeding them a great meal, everyone got down to the business of reviewing the issues with the changes in the P&Ps.

The meeting lasted for over an hour, and as the meeting was coming to a close, the distributors were told “we’ll review your requests, and get back to you within 30 days.” However, one of the Founders said, before we let these distributors leave and go back home, I would like a sidebar.

The officers and founders left the room for about 20 minutes, and upon returning, it was decided that instead of waiting 30 days, the company had already came to a decision…

The Founders of XanGo and their top Executive Officers, decided that the changes the distributors had asked for, would be made, and the company went back to being one of the top distributor friendly companies in MLM.

So, why can’t other MLM Companies realize that the relationship between Distributors and the Companies is really a partnership? Maybe if more Founders and CEOs would take back control of their companies from the money hungry attorneys, who on their best day, couldn’t get past the first rank advancement of any comp plan.

Maybe now would be a good time for everyone reading this post, to join the DRA and join the only association in Network Marketing focused 100% of the time on acting on the behalf of Distributors, both with the companies and in Washington.

$50 dollars a year, tax deductible is all it cost to protect your future. Look most of us waste $50 a year in food we don’t eat in our fridge.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly
The Maverick Leader

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