MLM Penny Auction Alert: BidiFy Allowing $100K Bid Buy Rumor Clarified By Frode Jørgensen

Last week I received several private messages asking if it is true BidiFy is allowing bid purchases of $100,000.00? Since that was the first time I had heard of such a thing, I reached out to Kevin Thompson the Chief Legal Counsel for BidiFy. He sent me directly to Frode Jørgensen, CCO of BidiFy for the answers.


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Below is the correspondence I received from Frode Jorgensen on this issue! 

From: Troy Dooly [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, May 28, 2012 4:18 AM
To: Frode Jørgensen
Subject: Frode, quick question


I have had a couple of messages come in from Facebook asking about a 100K max purchase of bids at BidiFy.

Can you tell me what your max purchase is allowed, and if you do allow a 100k purchase of bids?

Living An Epic Adventure,



Hi Troy, how are you doing?

We addressed these rumors in our latest newsletter I have added the part with the information you requested further down in this e-mail.
There is NO such thing as a 100K limit.

I’m also pleased to announce that ALL Bidify affiliates have completed their Compliance Course, which is mandatory for ALL, at no cost of course.
New affiliates must complete this before they get full access to the site.

If interested I can send you a link for it, so you can check it out.
This have been active for over one month now, and is working perfectly. J  Launch Smart are great people.

Also have a look at our latest Videos from Thailand Champions Getaway trip and our first Dream weekend Trip to Iceland  Iceland Dream Weekend   Champions Getaway Thailand

Here is part of the newsletter…


We had an amazing time with our top leaders in Thailand.  We really enjoyed bonding with all of them and Chief Legal Counsel, Kevin Thompson.

We want to take this opportunity to address a bizarre rumor about our sample bid purchase limits.  Apparently, Bidify is accepting million dollar purchases for sample bids!  This is completely false.  While we’re unable to prevent these sorts of rumors from spreading, we’re committed to providing you with accurate information when we receive word.

As we’ve said in the past, Bidify is not designed as an investment vehicle.  In fact, if you’re looking for an “investment” with appreciable gains, Bidify is a horrible example.  With 20% of all commissions going towards the repurchase of retail bids instead of cash, we’re fairly certain you can do better with your money elsewhere.  Commissions in Bidify are driven solely by bid sales, which are never easy.  And unlike our competitors, Bidify Affiliates are only paid when the bids are actually used by verified customers; thus preventing the ability for anyone to simply buy bids and accrue commissions with zero effort.

As you all know, we have been talking about a 10k limit on SB Purchases since the day we opened.  While in Thailand with our legal counsel, we will be imposing a limit before we go live with Bidsson to avoid the model from being abused.  While we certainly respect peoples’ ability to make their own decisions, there’s too much at risk if people purchase more bids than they really intend to move to customers.

So from today, we have decided to set the annual SB purchases limit at 25k Sample Bids. This limit does not include re-purchases made by setting re-purchase to on/off.  Keep in mind, with each 1,000 bids, there needs to be a verified customer.  And commissions are not cut until those bids are actually used, so if you’re looking to simply purchase sample bids and sit on them for qualification purposes, it’s not going to work here.


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at any time.

Kind regards
Frode Jørgensen
CCO Bidify

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7 thoughts on “MLM Penny Auction Alert: BidiFy Allowing $100K Bid Buy Rumor Clarified By Frode Jørgensen”

  1. @James A.

    There are always more than one way to see many issues facing the world today. It is through the different views we are all about to use critical thinking to come to a decision as to what is right business decision to make. I will be quick on this one, so not to waste yours or anyone else time. Plus I have a couple of radio shows to do today 🙂

    1. I am biased towards facts and information. Based on the early information and facts at hand, yes Zeek of the three companies I mentioned came out ahead. Since they are the only company besides DubLi who is willing to send continual updates, they get more air time. But my real bias is to the network marketing community as a whole, not a company specific.

    2. Samble bids, just like any other sample product bought on autoship and used to promote the business, and not for personal consumption can be written off. I am not sure where the 50% would come in, but if that is the case, then someone isn't doing something right. But in traditional network marketing companies, distributors in many cases write off 100% of the autoship based on using the product for advertising, and the fact it is a mandatory business cost to qualify for the commissions. Feel free to check out for more info. Based on the $10K lifetime cap on bid purchases, I can see where someone earning $500K a year, would be repurchasing bids in the tune of $250K per year. By the way, the monthly subscription fee and any other fees are also deducible.

    Sandy Botkin is the top CPA serving the homebased business community and is a former IRS attorney, his sites are also great to review. By the way it doesn't matter if it is Zeek or BidiFy the tax questions will remain the same.

    3. The fact Zeek is in North Carolina the home of such great companies as ACN and Market America is really a positive. For Zeek to have grown as big as they have, even with all the red flags early on, shows that the legal and compliance team have made turn the company in the right direction. Without a doubt we all know the "no wiggle room" stance the Mr. Roy Cooper (N.C. AG) and his team has when it comes to protecting their residence. Without a doubt the regulators from both a federal and state level have had their eyes on Zeek for months. I track the IP Addresses here on this site and know who's is watching. But, I can also tell you that the legal and compliance team, (which does include a former Missouri AG investigator) continually keep in communication with those who are in the know at all levels.

    But, exactly what case are you referring when you talk about the N.C. AG being hard on network marketing companies? I don't know one AG that is not focused on enforcing their laws.

    Now I do want to correct you on a couple of items with BidiFy.

    1. Yes, they have opened a BidiFy LLC in the USA, which I believe is whole owned by BidiFy Europe LTD. This was a great move and from my understanding all accounting for at least the USA will flow through the US LLC. DubLi did the same thing when they merged their company into MediaNet Group, a public company in the USA. And although the Europe offices are now listed in Dublin, the CEO who based on the website runs the day to day operations is in Iceland. I do not see anyone listed in the USA as a person who is responsible for the operation or the behavior of the affiliates. I do know Kevin Thompson is the attorney of record, but there is not a regulatory agency that will hold him responsible for the affiliates actions or even the company for that matter.

    Which means, if there is ever an issue, the top distributors in the USA will take the brunt of the regulatory heat. This was also true with Lyoness, until they decided to move and establish a full operational team to the USA. Maybe as BidiFy grows they will find it advantageous to protect the US affiliates also.

    2. Yes BidiFy have hired Terrel Transtrum and David Tayler at LuanchSmart which was a great move, and one I would say Kevin Thompson suggested. However, it was only after Zeek announced that Kevin Grimes had created a compliance course for Zeek. Now of course BidiFy did launch after so we give them credit, you look at what the big dog is doing and try to do it better. 🙂

    3. Now as for the stress test, I do think that is a good thing. However, there is no way to stress test these sites due to the fact none of the auction houses know how much traffic they will get. I remember when Victoria Secrets went to Yahoo to stream their first online show. With all the servers and power, the traffic brought the site down. I do think testing is always best.

    4. Having a processor on hand at the launch of a company is not hard. It is after the growth hits, and the fraud risk rises that the issues come. This happens all the time. I do wish them the best, but in researching the cybercrime and credit card fraud issues worldwide, only time will tell for sure with BidiFy. Many of the things you feel secure with are great, but as you said the company has not launched yet.

    Now as for Paypal. They are an interesting company. Network Marketing companies can accept money for signups or autoship through PayPal, but PayPal does allow for the payment of commissions when it comes to certain types of network marketing companies. And again, this is all pre-launch before real momentum starts rolling.

    Once the internal fraud alerts are triggered that is when things can get a little sticky.

    Although subjective about the Zeekler site, I will say that it is kind of hard to do anything with the site, when the company is focused on the bigger issues of credit card processing, fighting the cc fraud, and moving to a large international bank. 🙂

    James, do keep me up dated as you move forward and BidiFy gets in full swing. We will continue to cover the company, so many information good or critical will help others just like you to make an informed decision.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  2. Thanks again for the thorough response. It appears that our primary difference of opinion is that we simply differ on what what proper due diligence is and how we interpret it.

    From your most recent response, it's clear you are bias towards Zeek and when comparing the Zeek and Bidify opportunity objectively side-by-side I honestly can't see why which is was forced to the conclusion I previously arrived at in my initial post.

    To date I don't have a dog in this proverbial fight. I don't have a significant amount of money or effort in either opportunity and I don't get all expense paid trips to speak from either company's stage. The reasons I haven't begun to promote either opportunity are different from each other. Let me explain further.

    I was sponsored in Zeek about 6 weeks ago prior to even hearing about Bidify. I initially purchased the Gold subscription and purchased 100 sample bids so that I could see how the daily cash rewards performed. During my due diligence on Zeek, I became discouraged on how the Zeekler auction compared to some of the other auctions in the marketplace. The website look and feel looked very amateurish and the quality of the auction items were very disappointing. Increasingly over the last 6 weeks, both the Zeek Rewards and Zeekler websites have had a increasing number of fatal errors when they are loading and going page to page. Increasing bandwidth is cheap and simple and I believe the issues have less to do with bandwidth and more to do with website and database structure. Since the Zeekler website is the actual product that drives profits and commissions, it is imperative that the actual product works quickly, efficiently and consistently. This is a much different scenario then a network marketing company simply using a website that may be slow for promotional purposes. The website for both Zeek and Bidify is the product, not the tool to market the product.

    During my Zeek due diligence I contacted a half a dozen leaders in the industry that I knew and one call in particular made me aware of Bidify. This was a guy who made well over $500,000 in 2011 in Zeek and he advised me that Zeek had been good to him, but there were some serious concerns that he had about his future with Zeek.

    1) He mentioned that he and his leaders became aware of some personal "potential" tax issues that were very concerning as a result of how Zeek 1099's their distributors. I'm sure you are aware of them so I won't bother going into detail. He is stating the company is advising distributors that they should "write off" the sample bids as an expense, but try sitting across from a revenue agent and explaining to him why you should be able to write off over 50% of your earnings as a business expense. The first thing he or she is going to ask you is, "Show me a sample bid" and then you are going to be in a situation of explaining how a penny auction works, how sample bids are given away and specifically who you gave those sample bids to as potential customers. Obviously you will have a slim chance to exiting that audit without serious changes to your tax return and now you have a huge tax liability on earnings that you might not have even withdrawn yet.

    2) Zeek being located in North Carolina, puts them in a particularly unique situation with the North Carolina Attorney General being historically one of the most aggressive towards network marketing companies and their state laws toward network marketing in general are some of the most stringent. When you have a penny auction that is not appealing to customers outside the opportunity and doesn't function smoothly and consistently, obviously this creates additional challenges if and when Zeek is challenged by regulatory agencies. Zeek is not just a blip on the radar screen of regulators anymore. They have exploded on to the scene and closer scrutiny is inevitable. With distributor compliance not in effect over the past year or more, they have significant vulnerabilities.

    At this point, I decided to take a closer look at Bidify, which is the company the previously mentioned Zeek distributor was looking at closely.

    Upon initial review, what I didn't like, was the fact it was located offshore in a tax haven. I also didn't like the fact that there auction wasn't live yet. However, their auction site and auction items were light years ahead of the Zeekler auction and their compensation plan and business model seemed to be much more lucrative and simpler. Since that time, I decided to take a position to start doing my due diligence inside and out and again purchased a small amount of sample bids. What I have learned since is the following:

    1) Bidify has opened a U.S. corporation in Delaware and are no longer located in the tax haven.

    2) Prior to even launching their auction site they are requiring affiliates to successfully complete a compliance course and test before even being allowed to become an active affiliate that is eligible for commissions.

    3) They have delayed the launch of their auction site to fully "stress test" their auction site under load (the product that drives commissions). This to me, shows a tremendous amount of management discipline to resist the temptation to prematurely open it's doors before they are ready.

    4) They have the ability to accept credit/debit card for both the affiliates and customers. Also, PayPal will be a method of payment for the auction site for customers. PayPal has a very strict policy against network marketing companies, so the fact that Bidify is able to utilize PayPal for it's auction site is not insignificant and shows that Bidify intends on making their auction appealing to customers outside the opportunity. To date, Zeekler hasn't shown any interest in making their auction site appealing to customers outside the opportunity.

    At this point, I have made a decision not to build Zeek as a business as a result of my due diligence. I do like how Bidify is shaping up as a business I could quite possibly build, but until they launch their auction site and I can review additional features, functionality and how the sample bid bonuses perform, I will not be actively build Bidify as a business.

    Hope this answers your question(s) and my concerns as they relate to Zeek and Bidify.

    I'm looking forward to more videos in the future based on the additional info you receive from both companies.


    James A.

  3. @James A,

    Fantastic response!!! However, you must realize you are asking questions, that if were not raised, folks might pass over, and never realize while reading this post. But I believe in Freedom of Speech, so we will need to address your very valid points.

    1. The content of the message is sounds and 100% in favor of BidiFy. The fact I am not focused on anyone's name (including pronouncing Zeek COO's name wrong all the time), does not change the fact the editorial clears up a huge rumor. The fact the Frode has never backed down from any questions I have raised also shows his willingness to get the facts out.

    2. As for using the words "sport" immature" or "ignorant to the facts" actually when used inside the context of my comment are not out of bounds. "Sport" is not a negative term at all. Immature is based on your judgmental conclusion, and ignorant of the facts, has nothing to do with your intelligence, but the reality that again, you assumed a conclusion prematurely without having all the facts.

    3. The additional due diligence, would have been to read the post from a couple of weeks ago titled "Tom Chenualt Asks If Troy Dooly Is Endorsing Zeek Rewards & DubLi Network" this would have given you just a little more info.

    Now I can tell you I did make it publicly clear before BidiFy hired Kevin Thompson and became legal in the USA, that between BidiFy, Co@ Rewards and Zeek Rewards, if they were the last three companies in business, I would pick Zeek, due to the fact they were based in the USA.

    4. Now as for taking my word or anyone else's I can understand your point. However, if you are not going to take my word on one issue, then why would you hang out and listen to anything I say? Either you trust what I am saying or your don't. Anything less is really a waste of your time.

    Now let's look at the Zeek issues you brought up.

    1. Zeek is having issue processing credit cards. False! They are flat out NOT processing credit cards, due to the amount of fraud they had hit them at both Zeek Rewards and Zeekler. They have been very upfront that they are working to secure a solid payment gateway. Red Flag, would be if they did not share the facts in an open forum.

    2. Not sure of what technical limitations you are referring, you might want to add some more info on that.

    3. As for the banking issue, making a subjective conclusion is not near as beneficial as a factual answer. How would you have liked it, if I had reported on the rumors of BidiFy using the same subjective conclusions you are using with Zeek?

    If you study the capitalization of banks, it is easy to see why a small town bank can be outgrown. And banks are far more concerned, when dealing with offshore foreign corporations (especially ones who's executives has already been hit with legal issues in the USA, than a homegrown company. Although when it comes to the unique bid niche, I am sure all companies do get a critical eye thrown at them. All comes down to the leadership at the end of the day.

    By the way, in a day or so I will put up an interview with the Zeek executives talking about the Banking changes, it should help you and others understand better. So instead of getting the bigger answer lost in comments most folks never read, I'll save it for the editorial.

    4. As for the website bandwidth. Since bandwidth goes both ways, there is no doubt based on the Alexa ranking they are getting hit with massive traffic, which will slow down any site. As a matter of fact I had that very issue yesterday with the fastest growing site in history. When a site grows, it will always be working to balance the bandwidth, Lord knows I deal with that here myself. Now, since BidiFy hasn't been in business near as long, there is a good possibility once they gain more momentum they will also experience these growing pains. By the way, you might want to text your bandwidth too. I know that can also cause some issues at times.

    5. You are correct Zeek was very clear on the commissions issue. I always find it amazing when a company exec team will get in front of hundreds of their affiliates and speak so transparently about the issues. One thing about those Red Carpet Days, Zeek Affiliates get answers. I find it amazing that as fast as the Affiliates are growing the company, they are processing as fast as they are. Why do you feel being 24 hours behind of commissions is a huge deal? I know legacy companies which went through worse issues than this, and are now some of the world's largest companies.

    On a side note, why haven't you started growing a team yet, at either company?

    6. You bring up the technical issues. You are correct on an average day correcting issues are pretty common. However, when you are dealing with the complexity of the auction platforms and the huge numbers of affiliates, it is not as easy. Having run one of the largest tech companies in network marketing I also have a little wisdom on the tech side of things. And, there is a real good possibility BidiFy will experience some of the same or different issues as they start to hit momentum. Of all the top brass I have talked with at the shopping sites and unique bid auctions, they have all been through the firing squad when it comes to tech issues. Which is what I love about my role in the network marketing community, I can make calls and executives, unlike their affiliates sometimes are willing to collaborate together for the betterment of the whole community.

    7. ROFLOL… This time I did laugh out-loud. Since you are not building a team, and have little or no footprint on the net when it comes to Zeek Rewards, you would not see any evidence of the compliance team doing their job. However, again if you do a little due diligence, you would quickly find what has taken place. I get emails daily from Zeek affiliates shut off because of compliance issues. And if you start doing YouTube searches for Zeek you find less and less videos from affiliates because of the compliance teams.

    It is not about how fast a compliance course is, or even how fast it gets up. What is important is that when it is fully implemented, it provides protection for the affiliates and the company. I know from working closely with Kevin Grimes on the compliance course that the regulators feel it is the most comprehensive, and when it comes to compliance, fast is never good.

    By the way, the compliance team has been in place for months. However again, since you are not building a team, and have not held a public meeting you may not have met them yet. Of all the vulnerabilities that Zeek might have, compliance is not one of them. You are correct I have not only seen from the inside the documentation, I have been the one receiving the phone calls and emails from friends who have been suspended and terminated due to not being willing to follow the guidelines. And in a few cases, some good ol' boys, have decided to move on to other companies who are not as tight on compliance.

    8. Since I can't validate your statement on what commissions you earn or not earn, you have me on that one. However above you have stated you have not built a team with any company. And although, you are still entitled to earn personal commissions, you might not be eligible to receive RPP revenue. So for clarity, are you publicly stating the following has not happened and you are receiving RPP revenue.

    "* A Qualified Affiliate" is a Preferred Customer or Representative who is currently enrolled in one of our monthly Premium Business Center subscription plans (Silver, Gold or Diamond), has enrolled Retail Customers or joined the Customer Co-op, has given away a minimum of 10 Zeek Sample Bids as samples, and has placed a qualifying advertisement for for the current 24 hour period and submitted it through his or her ZeekRewards back office. Affiliates who have not yet qualified can earn retail profits while they watch their Bonus Points grow daily, however only Qualified Affiliates can qualify to earn daily retail profit-share awards."

    I might also mention the daily placement is not on a midnight to midnight schedule. So although you might have felt you missed a day, you might have still been within a 24 hour period, if your facts are accurate.

    James, again outstanding comment! Agian you help folks to make an informed decision based on their own risk tolerance.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  4. Your prompt response was appreciated, but the fact remains in previous videos you have pronounced his name correctly and in this video you pronounced it differently as "Fraud". His name isn't phonetically pronounced this way, nor is this the way you have previously pronounced it, so I don't have an explanation of why you would have decided to pronounce it this way differently than you had previously. Obviously, if my assumption based on this information was incorrect, I now stand corrected and apologize. Calling someone "sport", "immature" and "ignorant" doesn't seem to be the most productive way to deal with my post, but to each his own.

    Not sure what additional due diligence I could have done to find out if you are a distributor or being compensated by Zeek, but simply taking someone's word for it isn't what I would consider due diligence. That being said, I have no proof either way, so I guess I will just have to form my own opinions based on the information I have.

    It just seems to me that when a company pays your expenses for you to speak from the stage at a Red Carpet Saturday event to their affiliates or distributors, it is easily interpreted as an endorsement of their business opportunity. When you combine this information with other information on your website, including listing Bidify under your "High Risk" category, while leaving Zeek out of that same category it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Zeek presently has many more red flags than Bidify so I am simply making the logical assumption based on the information at hand.

    Currently, the Zeek business model has numerous issues that any layperson can see as red flags. I am an distributor/affiliate with Zeek and Bidify that hasn't built a team in either company, but I do see numerous issues that are happening with Zeek that are greatly concerning.

    1) They are having difficulties processing credit card payments which is more than likely due to limits and/or concerns by their current payment processors OR perhaps another plausible explanation would be technological limitations Zeek currently has. This issue has potential significant distributor commission ramifications.

    2) They are switching banks which is more than likely because their current banks are not comfortable with their business model. This switch doesn't seem to be one that was voluntary since their accounts will be closed. I mean why would they be closing their accounts and requiring distributors to cash their checks on those accounts prior to being closed. Why wouldn't they simply keep those accounts open, while their new bank accounts take effect. Most likely, their banks are pulling the plug on them and not the other way around as portrayed in your most recent article.

    3) The Zeekler website is slowed to almost a standstill, most likely due to lack of resources, bandwidth or both. Actual customers aren't able to effectively navigate the site, let alone bid on auctions effectively. Yet, somehow they are still generating enough revenues from these auctions to pay hundreds of thousands of affiliates.

    4) Daily commission runs are becoming slower and slower by the company's own admission and they appear to have no game plan to address this issue. Once the daily commission runs exceed 24 hours, they are in a situation that will cause a real mess.

    5) Website errors on both websites are happening more often every single day as a result of the issues outlined above. Coming from the tech industry, correcting these technological issues is not something that is incredibly difficult for competent developers. Yet, Zeek has been experiencing these issues for months and haven't communicated a game plan to the field, nor have these issues shown any improvement and have only gotten worse.

    6) Until the last 30 days, Zeek didn't have a shred of distributor compliance and to this day they are not REQUIRING distributor compliance to maintain an active distributor status. I have seen no actual evidence at all that Zeek is policing public meetings or terminating rogue distributors. Obviously they are going to tell you that, but telling and showing are two different things. This is a huge vulnerability for Zeek from a compliance and regulatory standpoint.

    7) On numerous days I have neglected to post my daily ad, yet I have continued to receive my daily cash rewards on most of the days I have posted my ad. The daily ad requirement seems to be a way of attempting to show that the Zeek opportunity is not "passive", but the tens of thousands of ads being posted daily that are simply being copied and pasted to a a couple of dozen websites is a weak attempt at showing that actual customers are driving the auction profits. There is just no way that when comparing the Zeekler auctions with any other Penny auction that customers outside the opportunity would choose Zeekler as their auction of choice. The Zeekler auction is without a doubt the lowest quality auction I have seen when comparing it with at least 20 other penny auctions. They have an extremely low number of auctions comparatively and the quality of their auction items are of much lower quality.

    So, there you have my 2 cents at the due diligence I have conducted on Zeek and I look forward to completing my due diligence on Bidify once their auction site launches.

    However, so far the efforts and results I have been able to review for Bidify have been far more promising when comparing compliance, quality of their auction site (I reviewed their site in depth while it was up in test mode), technological capabilities, compensation plan and vendor alliances with Kevin Thompson & Launchsmart.

    With your resources, accessibility to each company and industry contacts, I am looking forward to your future analysis of each of these opportunities.


    James A.

  5. @James,

    Sadly, I am not at all clear on what you are referring. I admit with a Southern drawl, some names do come out sounding different than they might be spoken in their home countries. But, the way I do pronounce his name is with a Long "O" not a "au" sound.

    The interesting thing, is, that Frode and I talk, and he polity shares how to pronounce his name correctly, because he knows where I am coming from. While someone like you automatically see through negative glasses and make a really immature assumption.

    Seriously… A rosy review, then a subtle editorial on BidiFy? Both got the exact same front page attention!

    You do bring up a great point on compensation 🙂

    1. Yes Zeek does cover my expenses to come speak and cover their events. And my disclosure statement on this site makes it very clear, I do accept payment for my travel expenses. I also accept product from companies which under FTC advertising rules I also disclose.

    2. As for the spokesperson… You might want to review my background a little more so you can realize I am a spokesperson for the network marketing community. You might also want to watch each video on Zeek and BidiFy to see that I am focused on presenting the facts on both companies, not in endorsing any company.

    3. BidiFy hired my personal attorney Kevin Thompson, and I reported on that also. Making it clear, I believe that was a great move on their part, and we would be watching and reporting. BidiFy has made a corporate decision, that they do not need to send press releases to me to report on, so the only reporting getting done right now, is when I get emails and messages from BidiFy affiliates, former affiliates, critics and more than likely competitors who want to discredit BidiFy.

    So instead of doing what every other blogger and reporters seem to do with the Unique Bid Auction niche, I reached out to the two people I have contact info on, and took the question directly to them. Frode, responded in a very straightforward and professional manner, as he has each time I have contacted him.

    4. Well sport, you really showed your ignorance with your comment"distributor or both." If you could get your emotions under control, and take a little more time doing some due diligence, then you would realize I am not a distributor with any company period. ALthough, I do have my life insurance with a network marketing company, own stoke in several, use 21Ten, Youngevity, Limu, Vemma, Yoli and Watkins Products on a daily basis. I also use many of the training products from L.I.F.E., and my family uses makeup and skin care from several network marketing companies.

    5. Earning the trust of founders and executives of companies take hard work. Do you really think Frode would speak to me at all, if he thought I had some hidden agenda?

    Where you or anyone else likes it or not, ALL information must be covered. You call the Zeek Editorial "Rosy" yet, I doubt Zeek would feel the same way. Having to report on the fact any company is having to move bank accounts on such a short notice is not the most "Rosy Situation!"

    But, I am sure you are way to busy to do any due diligence before you comment.

    Now as for your opinion… I have never worried about anyone's opinion. I do not report and cover the profession based on what others think. I do it so those who are willing to do their due diligence can find the information most other sites will not provide.

    Do we cover both the positive and critical info, you bet. And if anything we tend to lean towards the positive side of things over the negative, because I know what its like to try and present a network marketing opportunity, when all folks seem to mention is the negative.

    So, we welcome you to this community, but next time make sure you fully know the facts and intent, instead of acting as if the glass is half-full. Sadly you are judging me, as the critics judge all of network marketing.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  6. "Fraud" Jorgensen? That's pretty low Troy. I have heard you pronounce his name correctly before several times in previous videos and now you repeatedly pronounce his name "Fraud". This on top of "rosy" reviews and updates for Zeek and subtly addressing supposed rumors for Bidify. It's pretty obvious you are being compensated by Zeek either as a spokesperson, distributor or both. Until the last few weeks I have looked at your reviews as fair and honest. However, that opinion is changing rapidly.

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