Uncompromizable NEXT Giving Drives The VeMMA Marketing Machine

What Drives The VeMMA Marketing Machine? Uncompromisable Giving! BK Boreyko, the Boreyko girls Karen and Lauren refuse to go back on their core beliefs for the sake of the almighty dollar. From their marketing to their charitable giving, the family, company and members all show the world they care for others, and are willing to give back to a crying world.

And since they believe kids and teens are the future generation of Network Marketing and Direct Sales, the Boreyko family have put their money where their mouth is. First they are one of a handful of companies who allow teens 14 years old and up to join their company as distributors.

This explains why Darren Hardy the editor of Success Magazine and John Flemming of Video Plus and Success from Home love this company so much, they share the same values.

When we review companies, we look for not just what the company is telling us, but what do other people have to say. Third party endorsement is more powerful than anything a company can create.

Now to prove kids really love NEXT and parents will keep buying it, and kids will drink it, what this short video.

Take a look at what others are saying about VeMMA and the Boreyko family. Click the pictures to read the articles.

Forever & Always mens health Magazine as-seen-in-cover-jewels

Now let’s take a look at Vemma’s charitable giving. I’m a firm believer that if we are going to talk the walk we need to walk the talk. SOme Network Marketing companies list on their websites, “who they plan on supporting one of these days”, yet, when you dig a little deeper, you find they have never donated money, support, product, or manpower to the cause.

The Boreyko family, New Vision and VeMMA take an active roll in giving back. Take a look at these videos and you will see what I mean.

We need more companies like VeMMA who are willing to give to others. If your MLM company is not giving to others, then ask them to start giving back today.

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Troy Dooly

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  1. HI I think you are right on about this company – My team say we are growing a great family that just keeps on giving & helping

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