TVI Express Leader Kelly Williams Reaches Out To MLM Help Desk

This posted has been updated as of January 16th, 2010. Mr. Kelly Williams reached out to me today and here is his personal insight as a well respected insider of TVI Express.

“I am requesting you take my TVI business review videos off of your site. For the past 6 weeks or so I have not only stopped promoting TVI but have tirelessly tried to get answers and resolutions from TVI about issues I felt critical for the long term success and viability or their company with absolutely no response from them whatsoever.

After repeated promises from support staff that a decision maker would get back with me and even several calls setup by a founding distributor in India that ended up with no one even on the call, it was apparent my determination to help is simply landing on deaf ears. This left me with very unsettled feelings to their legitimacy and commitment to those in the trenches building their company.

Further research and investigating on various regulatory agencies sites added to my uneasy feelings and I increased my efforts to get their attention, to no avail, leaving me then with the following personal opinion.

Take it for what it is worth…

What appeared from the surface when I first researched TVI and then read your review, was an “outsider” looking in and taking shots at what appeared to me to be a great program, has now come full circle. Perhaps I and others should have been less critical of your stance and more diligent in our research and demanding of TVI.

I have since come to experience something so different from the inside. What appears, by the eye catching website and sensitive tag line, “Touching Lives Globally” is simply a mirror with deceit behind it’s reflective coating. With founders and decision makers nowhere to be found and office locations with no TVI representatives there, coupled with a promoted product that very few have
actually used, the reality behind their existence screams quite loudly to me.

They were created for one reason only and it is highly unlikely they will come out and tell us what that reason really is, but we all know.

The sad tale behind it all is the fact they did it all in the name of goodwill. I believe TVI has put so many wonderful people simply trying to survive and help their families in today’s tight and turbulent economy and help others along the way in jeopardy of damaging or even destroying their hard earned credibility.

It is simply an evil thing they have done!

Many are calling what I have chosen to do by sharing my experiences and opinion, evil.

I guess we are all entitled to our opinions but I feel when I see a train wreck, it is my responsibility to warn the passengers.

So I ask you to please remove the videos from your site so that I might put this ugly chapter behind me. I appreciate your cooperation on this matter.

If you would like to discuss this with me further over the phone, I would be happy to do so.

To Your Success,

Kelly Williams
“Make It A Pajama Commute”

I believe Kelly Williams is a man of integrity, and this action was not one of quick judgment. Kelly in the past had called me to task, and even gave a great defense for TVI. When a insider of this level makes this type of public announcement, people should weight his words, and take a gut check.

Kelly you are a true Servant Leader.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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36 thoughts on “TVI Express Leader Kelly Williams Reaches Out To MLM Help Desk”

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  2. TVI Express is so full of holes already that shooting at it only attracts shills who refuse to see the situation for what it really is.

    There's only like what? Four or five of you still defending TVI Express in the forums? You all sound so alike I wonder if you all are the same person.

  3. Oh, and EmJay07, I see you've spun some bull**** here as well. What happened to your blog? Did you got tired of having every one of your blog entries blasted to pieces? Did you got tired of arguing in circles? Did you finally realized that you claiming bad distributors will be dismissed from TVI Express due to ethical violations means YOU should be dismissed for pirating TVI Express announcements?

    Link to part 4 analysis of EmJay07's faulty logic. (There are 7 parts)

  4. The only thing I see is your continued support for a fraud.

    Oh, puhlease… Your point about Uxbridge is what? It's a part of "suburban London"? That's like saying Rosemead is a part of Los Angeles. Quoting from the wikipedia entry YOU quoted:

    "As part of the suburban growth of London in the 20th century it expanded and increased in population, becoming a municipal borough in 1955 and has formed part of Greater London since 1965. "

    So it is NOT a part of city of London, but "Great London", which is like "Great Bay Area" or "LA Area". At best, it's NEAR London, but NOT IN LONDON.

    You clearly have NOT investigated Cyrpus at all. Did you know that Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda setup front companies on Cyprus, and used Cyprus banks to launder money? How about the Russian Mafia doing the same? Go ahead, look it up.

    You dismiss my "facts" as bogus, but you can't produce any facts to counter newspaper reports. Who's spinning bull****?

  5. Hello Tom,

    I'm totally in agreeance with your post.

    Some people just have a lot of time and energy to pick on something which may be doesn't interest them personally or have probably failed at (of course, because of their own reasons).

    All this rant is anyway not going to overshadow the truth that TVI Express has IN FACT come up with a brilliant and revolutionary concept. They pay you for the hard work and determination you put in while giving you an opportunity to holiday with your family in any of over 6,000 3-5 star hotels/resorts listed in their inventory.

    Comeon! Where do we get such opportunity?

    Let's get some facts STRAIGHT here!

    K. Chang, let's look at your comments now, which anyway don't deserve an explanation nor my time but still since this is a common forum, I want people to understand how useless and full of negativity your comments are:

    1. You say that "* TVI Express being SUED by its alleged partners: Lufthansa, Avis, and Marriott (as reported by Spanish newspaper Mallorca Zeitung)"

    Do you have any information about this? Can you prove it? If yes, please furnish that. Had companies like Lufthansa, Avis and blah blah as aforementioned sued TVI Express, TVI Express as an organization would have lost its existence long ago. Makes sense?

    And yes, if you have picked this from some newspaper, how are you going to validate that it's true?

    If everything in newspapers/independent bloggers' websites was to be believed, then guess the word "rumour" would not have existed.

    2. You commented that "* DOZENS of TVI Express members arrested for pyramid scheme in China (multiple sources) at least one was convicted and sentenced to one year in prison"

    ^^ is an absolute rumour. Have you got any proofs or do you just post WHATEVER? BLAAAH

    Well, I could go on and on about your comments but then they are all just BASELESS and I feel drained out to comment on something non-sensical!

    Coming to the main agenda here – KELLY WILLIAMS!

    As many know, he has made LOADS of money from TVI Express and just when he thought he could venture into MLM himself and start his own company (using the money he made from TVI Express), he started talking BULL**** about TVI Express.

    Not just that, he sold blocked vouchers to his downlines and that too not one person but in fact, same set of "blocked" vouchers to more than one downline. SHOCKER!

    What does it say about him? Scammers like Kelly Williams don't go a long way. That's It!

  6. I applaud the Australian Authorities (ACCC) for clamping down on these guys and prohibiting them from further promoting this scheme.

    Well done ACCC. We hope others can catch up and bring a halt to this load of bull.

  7. Except the message above is simply about how sucky TVI Express is, not to promote KW's new venture.

    In fact, YOU were the one that brought it up, so it is STILL irrelevant.

  8. Well if you had been privy to Kelly Williams Pre-launch Webinar for his new venture (as I was) where he made it clear that this was a project he had been developing and preparing while he was a still leader within TVI Express you would know it wasn't something he chose to pursue "AFTER" he abandonded his team.

    My only agenda is to expose people like him who flip flop from one opportunity to another for their own benefit at the expense of those they leave behind…a trend way to prevalent in this industry.

  9. The only real pattern I see developing Kasey is your vendetta against TVI.

    You pretend to be well informed and yet you continually put out false and inflammatory information. What is it that has you dedicating virtually your entire blog site to a continual vitriol against TVI?

    You refer to "facts" but if the best you can do is to produce unsubstantiated third party reports from some obscure Spanish newspaper or a web reference to some bogus report out of (that shining light of democracy and capitalism) China..let me try to educate you a little….those are not FACTS! Because it says so in a newspaper doesn't make it true…try doing some real investigating if you are going to make "factual" claims.

    Your rant about Cyprus above leaves me confused. Thank you for the geography lesson but as a reasonably well traveled individual I have a very clear idea of where Cyprus is positioned and I at no time suggested it was anywhere near London? I also never suggested that TVI had anything more than their "registered" financial headquarters there, which does not need to have a physical presence. This is standard practice with thousands of international companies who look to take advantage of the tax haven status offered by the Cypriots. This is simply good business yet you somehow want to criminalize anyone who chooses to do business there? Are you one of those people who believes that the only real business that is conducted globally must be based somewhere on the North American continent to make it legitimate….Newsflash! Its a global economy!

    As for the economy of Cyprus and Greece being in the toilet…welcome again to reality. You obviously did not notice we are in a global recession. Countries all over the world are in trouble….and in case you didn't know, the American economy has been flushed down the toilet and is now flailing around in the sewers!

    Whats your point?

    In fact the success so many people are having with TVI has been a rescue for those who have been left destitute by the economic collapse. You ask why TVI are choosing to operate in third world or poorer countries….this is why:

    Watch how these ordinary folks have earned significant amounts in Indonesia and beyond.

    As to your problem with the names the company uses in different regions for TVI….do you realize this business is just 1 year old? They have experienced phenomenal growth and have had to restructure and re-position the company to best deal with this expansion. Have you even bothered to look at the information about the company on their readily available website ( ) or do you just prefer the sound of your own whining?

    The fact that you are gong to even claim that Heathrow and Uxbridge are not within the greater London area is grasping at straws! Time for your geography lesson: In fact they have been since 1965. The fact that this office simply houses a small administrative staff and a customer service call center is the reason they have chosen to locate themselves in a fully serviced (not virtual as you claim) office with Regus (a very successful purveyor of these services internationally) in this location is again just good business….again, what is your point?

  10. Ad hominem attack is irrelevant. What Kelly Williams choose to pick up AFTER he quit TVI Express is irrelevant to why he quit TVI Express. Your logical fallacies only serves to demonstrate your own agenda.

  11. Oh, puh-lease. Clearly you are NOT aware of the following facts, which TVI Express is NOT about to tell you, but you can look up yourself!

    * Cyprus is closer to LEBANON than to London. Go look on a map.

    * Cyprus economy is going into the sewer, because it is closely tied to Greek economy, which is about to capsize. Why? The portion of Cyprus that joined the E.U. is mostly Greek.

    * Cyprus have one of the laxest laws in E.U., and has long permitted "offshore" companies that registered in Cyprus but do not physically exist there, just to dodge taxes and such.

    * Long before TVI Express moved to Cyprus, it had members wire money to TVI SERVICES account in a Cyprus bank. Who is TVI SERVICES? Nobody knows, and TVI Express never explained.

    * Cyprus address has three other companies listed at the EXACT SAME ADDRESS. it is very obviously a virtual office.


    * the address TVI Express lists as in "Heathrow, UK" is actually in Uxbridge, more than 15 miles from downtown London. How can it still claim to be "headquartered in London, UK"?

    * The Uxbridge address has over a dozen companies listed at the exact same address, including a virtual office provider, Regus. It is VERY OBVIOUSLY a virtual office.

    * TVI Express is NOT a registered company in UK, as confirmed by

    And even more bad news TVI Express will NEVER mention…

    * TVI Express being SUED by its alleged partners: Lufthansa, Avis, and Marriott (as reported by Spanish newspaper Mallorca Zeitung)

    * TVI Express investigated as one of two possible pyramid schemes in Hungary( as reported by

    * DOZENS of TVI Express members arrested for pyramid scheme in China (multiple sources) at least one was convicted and sentenced to one year in prison

    And for a bit of local news…

    * Deitek news of Indonesia have reported that TVI Express is clearly NOT operating legally in Indonesia, as it is NOT registered with the government

    Also note: TVI Express has specifically targeted some of the poorest countries in the world for its launch: India, China, and now Vietnam and Indonesia. Do you see any pattern developing?

  12. Well "Not-to-be-duped"….I am afraid to say your friend is being duped!

    But not by TVI…that simply is not how their compensation plan works…there is no "entertainment tax", or any other tax or deduction made by TVI against the commissions earned by associates. I would look the person providing her with this information as it is completely incorrect.

    The company is not registered in Indonesia. As with a number of global businesses (TVI is active in more than 160 countries) it's financial head quarters are registered in Cyprus, EU (the reasons for which are clearly stated on the company website – – a perfectly reasonable and sound business strategy.

    In addition, they have corporate offices in the UK and India:


    Corporate Office

    Lakeside House

    1 Furzeground Way, Stockley Park

    Heathrow UB11 1BD


    Corporate Office

    TVI Express Holidays Private Limited

    First Floor, Hara House

    No.1 GAT Street, Hosur Main Road

    Wilson Garden, Bangalore – 560027

    Marketing Office

    148, Jessore Road

    Satgachi Mor

    Nager Bazaar

    Kolkata – 700074

    Associates commissions are indeed paid in to an e-wallet and are simply and easily transferred to any personal bank account globally through the services of Solid Trust Pay (, a well renown facilitator out of Canada, utilized for this precise purpose by a number of international companies and other MLM's.

    Isn't it great in fact that your friend has, in a very short period of time, been able to not only recover the cost of her initial membership…but also by choosing to participate in the business opportunity offered to those who purchase TVI's product (a lifetime membership to a discount travel club with your own personal booking engine in the members section of your replica website) and by simply introducing others to this product, now has the potential to go on and earn $10,000 in commissions, residual income from overriding commissions paid on sales from her team and other great incentive rewards?

    I am afraid she is correct with one thing though….so much of what is communicated on blogs such as these is born from ignorance or to feed the agenda that is being promoted.

    Please congratulate your friend for me and pass on my best wishes for her TVI adventure.

  13. Troy, when you do get to speak with Kelly Williams and you have heard his tale of woe and established how many hundreds of thousands of dollars he earned from his involvement with TVI….be sure to ask him about his new venture that he has launched…strangely enough its a travel based MLM. Also be sure to ask him how many of his down line in TVI that he successfully terrified with many false accusations against the company were enticed into joining him in that new venture?

    This is just another case of an unethical MLM Leader jumping ship to line his pockets in the next best thing to come along….with little or no forethought for the people whose efforts earned him the thousands he made.

    Keep watching TVI Kelly… may be surprised at what you see over the next few days and weeks.

  14. And it has now arrived in Indonesia! 🙁 I have a good friend, who is highly educated, but is blindly smitten by TVI Express. Yet, she cannot explain to me why her US$10,000 “income” can be paid out to her in cash after a deduction of US$9,000 “entertainment tax”. Now, where in the world and on earth does “entertainment tax” of 90% exist???? The company is allegedly registering their existence in Indonesia, and if so – or successful – they should pay private company taxes just like everybody else. And I doubt it is 90% tax withheld. 😉

    Anyhoo, my friend claimed that she had received US$500 so far (from recruiting members) and has opted to “mature” or “invest” her earnings of US$10K (of “-e-money” … as opposed to real money in her own bank account in country) instead of cashing out and quitting after getting her initial $500 (which of course, already a 100% return from her initial “purchase” of $250 to become a member).

    I believe TVI sends their members earnings to “e-wallet” accounts or in vouchers. Not in individual own bank accounts so definitely cannot use own ATM cards to draw your own “e-money” off your TVI incomes. Sheeesh!

    My friend's comment when I showed her sites similar to this? “They are blogs and nonsense stuff written by ignorant people”. I guess one can only go so far to enlighten others not to be duped by other people’s greed.

    Btw, thanks for putting great posts in here! I really appreciate the various sharp and critical questions!

  15. I just got involved two days ago with TVI through a friend and then I read your comments. Now I'm afraid that I just put $250 down a black hole. Did you ever receive any commission? what do you mean that the commission is not paid in cash?

  16. Well this is really sounding like a crap shoot!!! Every body is shooting at the target with no amunition!!! We don't use Liberty Reserve we use Solid Trust Pay and the money is transferred onto Solid Trust Pays own Visa Debit Card All monies for vouchers are transferred in the back offices of TVI Reps through personalized E-Vouchers paid directly to each TVI Reps Solid Trust Pay Account onto their Solid Trust Pay Visa Debit Card You might as well get the facts about TVI Express yourself:

    View the Video Presentation on How You Make Income. You will need this password to view all videos: tvirocks

    Take a free tour of the phenomenon at my web site using the link below:

    Then come to our live Webinars to hear from people who are making $10,000 USD per week or more!!! Register here for the live Webinars <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  17. I accidentaly found about TVI express. I read all pages of the company.
    Now, please tell me who attended to the meeting in "regular" Hawai?

  18. Juls,

    I respect your stance. However, for those who are not involved, maybe they should wait until the website is back up.

  19. Yes, Troy i don't want to make any false statement here i think all we have to do right now is wait and see.

    To those who not yet involve in this program, you have to trust your instinct if you have a bad feeling about this program then don't join. Don't start giving any bad publicity about it unless somebody ask your opinion i think that would be fair to everyone. That's all i can say….

  20. Juls,

    Hos is TVI Express going to make anyone money, if the site is down, money is not being accepted and they have no way of paying folks?

    Let's hope it Nov 1st is the magic day for all.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  21. Kevin,

    Please go into detail. Share with us the numbers, so we can get a new picture. So far each person has given a different rendition of the numbers.

  22. Yes, it does seem a bit lofty, but feel free to continue on with your gold watch and silver plaque excitement level. The numbers add up to make it possible!

  23. Please don't overlook the fact that your NOT buying into a matrix, your buying an actual product of good value. The matrix income opportunity is a by-product

  24. I really appreciate all of the commentary on this "opportunity". Can anyone confirm or deny that 3 of the backers of TVI are Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson (founder of of Virgin) and Saber Holdings?

  25. Did you say 20,000? in vouchers? Holy crap thats insane. I know it wasent all your money and people gotta understand but WOW! Now your rep is shot.

    I belong to forum where people are going crazy and loving this thing. I still cant get past the fact with these vouchers. who would pay cash and not think twice. its a hard sell and is unethical.

    where is that guy J. Piro perhaps he can help you get in touch with TVI leaders and get your money back. He believes it legit and fought Troy about it. lol . This guy is plastering the web with his person info promoting a scam. When it goes down authorities wont have to look far. Some people will do anything for money. I remeber him promoting another company call We NEt Profits. Another scam site.

    Troy thanks for stepping up and creating this site. you must have helped 1000s by now.

  26. How many red flags is needed?

    First of all, i'm actually a TVI member myself, and im sorry i did not do my due diligence here before i jumped onboard. Now i feel like a sucker, for bringing all this people in to what's starting to look more and more like the biggest SCAM since PIPS.

    So back to the flags.

    Flag 1: Virtual Phone, No answer

    Flag 2: No real address

    Flag 3: No answer from support on tickets and emails, heck i wired 20 000 USD to the company for vouchers, and have NOT received any, and a week after i read that they have closed the bank accouont?? Whats that? and still no answer from support…

    Flag 4: All money from bank account in Cyprus are Wired to India.

    Flag 5: Only payment option is Liberty Reserve

    Flag 6: No names on owners or management

    Flag 7: No commission is paid in cash from company, you have to buy vouchers for the money, and sell those to your friends & family…

    Flag 8: Website is up and down constantly.

    So what has really happened?

    1. Reason why site was taken down for a longer period of time was to remove digital tracks in the server, and changing details on certain positions.

    2. Bank account are closed down and no longer in use.

    3. Liberty account has changed

    4. NO more answers on tickets or e-mails


    And for those interested, try to search for the username thomas in the genealogy… there you see the top. That position is sponsored by "root" which is NO POSITION at all.

    Very Frustrated "ex" TVI Distributor

  27. I just think something is fishy about anything that offers me a house and yacht in their sales presentation.

    Chris Kilber
    Home of 101 Traffic Generating Strategies

  28. TVIJames,

    You hit one of the nails on the head. If you can't join or buy a product without joining and entering the compensation plan, then it's not legit. I am not talking about paying for a training kit, or an annual administrative fee. Sometimes these are websites, marketing collateral, or a company run online system.

    However, legit MLMs do not charge just to join and become a part of the MLM matrix.

    I am looking forward to talking to Mr. Williams this coming week, and maybe he can clear up some of the very bright issues we see.

    Great comment.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  29. Greg,

    What a "fresh of breath air" Yes, you read that right. I said it backwards hoping all those who read Greg's words will read what I wrote and understand I said "Breath of Fresh Air." Because they are the same ones who just don't get it. Greg is right and no matter how or what numbers used, they do not work. Short team people make cash, and they are happy. But is that ethical?

    And if it is ethical, then why is Standford up on trail and why is Bernie Maduff in prison?

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  30. It seems many are very gung ho about TVI..I assume Troy and I are the only ones to see the numbers don't work..I have been reprimanded several times by very defensive members trying to sell me on it.I have been involved with travel deals before..With pretty much horrible results.
    It still amazes me the way the herd runs for every new offer only to lose more money.
    This should be a real money maker for the owners..I'll be watching from the side line waiting to tell people …"I told you"

  31. Hey Just wanted make a quick comment,

    I was approached by a TVI member by a friend of mine. I was very interested. But got turned off by the fact that my friend was searching his contacts to buy a voucher to get me in. It was strange with out this voucher i couldn't join!

    Now i dont know much about MLM marketting but i cant see how this is legal. I mean even if i did get involved where would i get voucher?, how would i explain this to my new members. My friend was telling me to paypal money to a stranger in exchange for a voucher. WTF?

    how do you market this then in turn ask your people to send money to strangers to get a voucher.

    this is no different from the pyramid schemes i seen many years ago except its a global and on the internet. I know people are making money but this by no means legit. Please dont respond back saying it is because everyone involved in TVI knows it is not.


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