TVI Express Is Still On The MLM Scam Radar At MLM Help Desk

TVI Express is still on the MLM Scam Radar here at MLM Help Desk.

Now several folks have commented on the first Video we did, and have mentioned I got the compensation plan all wrong.

The confusion seems to come form my mention of “cycling out of the Express board to earn residual income.” I was not stating that a TVI Express distributor cycled into a new matrix to be qualified for residual income. But, all TVI Express distributors, do have to cycle out to qualify. The residual income will be explained below.

Now, I do need to correct one issue, because after checking with the team, none of us are sure we got this part right.

In the first review one of the benchmarks we used was to check the website to see if it listed the “Privacy Policy” and the Terms Of Use Policy.” At the time we posted the first article, none of us saw it listed.

We are going to take full responsibility for missing it, and assume the company had it listed and we just missed it. However, they still do not list who the owners are behind the company, and the site is still showing “private” and hosted at Network Solutions here in the States. Raises questions.

Ok, now let’s take a look at the “Revolving Matrix” Everyone seems to think I have wrong.

1. There is a one-time buy-in of $250.00.

The one-time buy-in give you the ability to earn your original $250.00 back, plus a $250.00 eVoucher for a total of $500.00 in face amount. However, the pure cash payout is $250.00 which is only 7% of the total cash flow to the company, which is a grand total of $3750.0o.

It takes 15 people paying $250.00 each to fill up the Traveller Matrix.

The transition between the Traveller Matrix, and the Expreee Matrix, also earns the TVI Express a rank advancement to Silver Associate.

2. The Express Matrix Cycle

When the Traveller Matrix is filled the first time (15 positions paying a one-time fee of $250.00) the TVI Express distributor cycles to the Express Matrix where they have the opportunity to earn an addtional $15000.00 payout.

However, this is not as easy as it seems. Let’s recap a second. In order to cycle to the Express, you have to attract 15 people paying $250.00. (No not you personally, your upline, downline, everyone in the matrix.) However, keep in mind, to qualify for your $15,000.00 payout, you do have to personally help two people cycle out of the Traveller Matrix.

This means to earn $15,000 form the Express Matrix cycle, you need 15 people, who have each attracted 15 people. In other words you need 15 Travellers Matrix filled. 15×15 = 225 total in order for your to cycle out of the Express Matrix.

Here are how the numbers add up. 15 Traveller Matrix x $3750.00 = $56250.00 in total cash flow into the Express Matrix, with a $15000.00 payout. This equals 26.6% payout of total money taken in.

Now, here is the issue with this compensation plan as it pertains to TVIExpress. So far there has been 225 people recruited into the Traveller and the Express Matrix, A total face amount of $15,500.00 has been paid to the out to one distributor, from pure recruiting only.

No where is personal sales to anyone outside of the compensation plan ever mentioned. At least not until the person qualifies for residual downline commissions. This is a HUGE FTC red flag, and case law has already been set.

3. TVI Express Residual Income.

The issue with the residual income stems from the following phrase as found in the PowerPoint and on the link above.

Pays Till Infinity, No Ceiling, No Cap, No Cuttoffs!

The above as stated is mathematically imposable. You can’t payout more than 100% of every dollar. And the above statement is very clear, there is a huge potential for higher than 100% payouts at the Gold Associate and higher ranks.

4. TVI Express Monthly Power-Pool Bonus

This bonus is 2% of current monthly revenues to the company. Although this is a very standard bonus, 2% of revenues is an ambiguous statement. Are they referring to gross monthly revenues, or net monthly revenues? And, if it is Net Monthly Revenue, what is the definition of “Net Revenues” for this company?

Although, very few of the total field force will reach this position, those who do, should be asking this question.

5. TVI Express Incentive Bonus

TVI Express does offer nice Incentives to their top distributors. The incentives above all start after a didtributor cycles out of the Express Matrix 3 times. So let’s do a little math recap.

225 x 3 cycles = 675 people. These 675 x $3,750.00 (the total buy-in of the Traveller Matrix) = $2,531,250.00 revenue generated to the company. Total payout to the cycling distributor 3 x $15,000 = $45,000.00 (not counting the Traveller Matrix payout.)

Well, the company is making fantastic money, a few top players are making huge incomes, and the rest of the folks are giving it their all.

Folks, to sum things up…

The parent company of TVI Express, from a distance seems to be a legitimate company, with brand named channel partners, which we stated in our first article.

However, I question the privacy, where the company is truly located and who is the real masterminds behind the game.

Based on current case law, I still see the Network marketing Arm, as an MLM Scam, and not a MLM opportunity which will last, based on what we currently see.

Here is the full TVI Express Compensation PowerPoint Presentation.

Although there are some hazy parts to the presentation I think I am pretty close to the reality.

If anyone feels I am wrong in the numbers please feel free to send me a spreadsheet showing the correct numbers and I will gladly update.

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