TVI Express Is Still On The MLM Scam Radar At MLM Help Desk

TVI Express is still on the MLM Scam Radar here at MLM Help Desk.

Now several folks have commented on the first Video we did, and have mentioned I got the compensation plan all wrong.

The confusion seems to come form my mention of “cycling out of the Express board to earn residual income.” I was not stating that a TVI Express distributor cycled into a new matrix to be qualified for residual income. But, all TVI Express distributors, do have to cycle out to qualify. The residual income will be explained below.

Now, I do need to correct one issue, because after checking with the team, none of us are sure we got this part right.

In the first review one of the benchmarks we used was to check the website to see if it listed the “Privacy Policy” and the Terms Of Use Policy.” At the time we posted the first article, none of us saw it listed.

We are going to take full responsibility for missing it, and assume the company had it listed and we just missed it. However, they still do not list who the owners are behind the company, and the site is still showing “private” and hosted at Network Solutions here in the States. Raises questions.

Ok, now let’s take a look at the “Revolving Matrix” Everyone seems to think I have wrong.

1. There is a one-time buy-in of $250.00.

The one-time buy-in give you the ability to earn your original $250.00 back, plus a $250.00 eVoucher for a total of $500.00 in face amount. However, the pure cash payout is $250.00 which is only 7% of the total cash flow to the company, which is a grand total of $3750.0o.

It takes 15 people paying $250.00 each to fill up the Traveller Matrix.

The transition between the Traveller Matrix, and the Expreee Matrix, also earns the TVI Express a rank advancement to Silver Associate.

2. The Express Matrix Cycle

When the Traveller Matrix is filled the first time (15 positions paying a one-time fee of $250.00) the TVI Express distributor cycles to the Express Matrix where they have the opportunity to earn an addtional $15000.00 payout.

However, this is not as easy as it seems. Let’s recap a second. In order to cycle to the Express, you have to attract 15 people paying $250.00. (No not you personally, your upline, downline, everyone in the matrix.) However, keep in mind, to qualify for your $15,000.00 payout, you do have to personally help two people cycle out of the Traveller Matrix.

This means to earn $15,000 form the Express Matrix cycle, you need 15 people, who have each attracted 15 people. In other words you need 15 Travellers Matrix filled. 15×15 = 225 total in order for your to cycle out of the Express Matrix.

Here are how the numbers add up. 15 Traveller Matrix x $3750.00 = $56250.00 in total cash flow into the Express Matrix, with a $15000.00 payout. This equals 26.6% payout of total money taken in.

Now, here is the issue with this compensation plan as it pertains to TVIExpress. So far there has been 225 people recruited into the Traveller and the Express Matrix, A total face amount of $15,500.00 has been paid to the out to one distributor, from pure recruiting only.

No where is personal sales to anyone outside of the compensation plan ever mentioned. At least not until the person qualifies for residual downline commissions. This is a HUGE FTC red flag, and case law has already been set.

3. TVI Express Residual Income.

The issue with the residual income stems from the following phrase as found in the PowerPoint and on the link above.

Pays Till Infinity, No Ceiling, No Cap, No Cuttoffs!

The above as stated is mathematically imposable. You can’t payout more than 100% of every dollar. And the above statement is very clear, there is a huge potential for higher than 100% payouts at the Gold Associate and higher ranks.

4. TVI Express Monthly Power-Pool Bonus

This bonus is 2% of current monthly revenues to the company. Although this is a very standard bonus, 2% of revenues is an ambiguous statement. Are they referring to gross monthly revenues, or net monthly revenues? And, if it is Net Monthly Revenue, what is the definition of “Net Revenues” for this company?

Although, very few of the total field force will reach this position, those who do, should be asking this question.

5. TVI Express Incentive Bonus

TVI Express does offer nice Incentives to their top distributors. The incentives above all start after a didtributor cycles out of the Express Matrix 3 times. So let’s do a little math recap.

225 x 3 cycles = 675 people. These 675 x $3,750.00 (the total buy-in of the Traveller Matrix) = $2,531,250.00 revenue generated to the company. Total payout to the cycling distributor 3 x $15,000 = $45,000.00 (not counting the Traveller Matrix payout.)

Well, the company is making fantastic money, a few top players are making huge incomes, and the rest of the folks are giving it their all.

Folks, to sum things up…

The parent company of TVI Express, from a distance seems to be a legitimate company, with brand named channel partners, which we stated in our first article.

However, I question the privacy, where the company is truly located and who is the real masterminds behind the game.

Based on current case law, I still see the Network marketing Arm, as an MLM Scam, and not a MLM opportunity which will last, based on what we currently see.

Here is the full TVI Express Compensation PowerPoint Presentation.

Although there are some hazy parts to the presentation I think I am pretty close to the reality.

If anyone feels I am wrong in the numbers please feel free to send me a spreadsheet showing the correct numbers and I will gladly update.

Living An Epic Adventure,


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72 thoughts on “TVI Express Is Still On The MLM Scam Radar At MLM Help Desk”

  1. I have tried to put all info onto the spreadsheet. Hope someone can elaborate further

    Traveller Board


    STAY IN TB Split New Entry Cycle Out PayOut Total $

    14 1 15 1 500 500.00

    28 2 16 2 500 1,000.00

    56 4 32 4 500 2,000.00

    112 8 64 8 500 4,000.00

    224 16 128 16 500 8,000.00

    Express Board


    RE-ENTRY Split New Entry Cycle Out PayOut Total

    0 1 0 10000 0

    0 2 0 10000 0

    0 4 0 10000 0

    0 8 1 10000 10000

    1 2 16 2 10000 20000

    2 4 32 4 10000 40000

    4 8 64 8 10000 80000

    8 16 128 16 10000 160000

    16 32 256 32 10000 320000

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  4. Every thing has good aswell as bad……so does the MLM industry

    i have gone thru various sites and blogs related to MLM scams…some sites listed dubli as fraud and some praised it…… so how do u decide????

    now the latest buzz is TVI Express…i have met ppl who have earned thousands in few months…i have met ppl who have used their travel package..

    most ppl don't understand tht in the travel package TVI takes care of ur 3 star or 5 star accomodation charges …and gives u some discount on ur travel fares…

    the product of TVI express is this accomodation package…coz definately u urself can't stay in a 3 star or 5 star for 6n/7day with juss $250…right??

    apart from cyprus , india the company is registered in indonesia ..where it has set erything on fire…

    so allegations , complaints , rivalry,,always follows a company which is growing sooo rapidly….coz its happening and investors r gettin paid for real…am expecting my payment in 2 weeks…

  5. Hello everyone !!!!

    well i heard about TVI from my uncle….so i went ahead and invested a week ago….now since i know tht there are lot of fraud mlm companies..i started doin research…and came across this blog and all ur comments…

    i see tht most of u have pointed out that Tvi is a big scam…and this scared the hell out of me,,,..thoguth some have supported TVI..but am still cinfused and not certain abt the credentials of the company…and as i said tht i juss joined TVI and haven;t gained anything from it so am not yet a fan of TVI…

    now b4 joining i verified few things…

    1) the company head office for Asia is in Banglore, India…….lot of investors personally visited the office ..coz ery1 wants their money to be invested at the right place. so the indian office definately exists CONFIRMED !!!

    2) The company is registered as TVI Express Holidays Pvt. Ltd. and not as TVI Holidays Pvt. Ltd. as mentioned above in one of the blogs…

    3) The company is registered in India and also pays tax to the indian govt. for its services. I have got the copy of all the relevant documents related to registration and also the TIN ( tax identification number) of the company.

    4) Now , there is not a single owner or founder of TVI…its a joint venture…and in India..the CEO is Mr. Tarun trikha.

    5) TVI is not only into MLM . before gettin inot the MLM industry TVI is a holiday travels company..having lot of experience and name in the market. SO they can definately claim to send the investors for 6n/7 day holiday they have good contracts / link ups with the hotel industry…

    why am saying this is coz i have i have a copy hotel booking for an investor. also i have met ppl who have taken the free package wen they invest……..BUT TVI pays for ur accomodation ….not for ur travel expenses and not for ur food expenses……THTs the POINT….so i think TVI can easily achieve wat they PROmised for initial investment

    6) The investor gets a fully sponsered travel package wen 10 investors from his cycle ….cycle out of the express board……by the time this will happen the investor would have made lot of money from the boards

    7) Yes !!! u do get the INCENTIVES ………an investor from kolkatta who started TVI juss more than a YEAR bck ..has already achieved the incentive of PRIVATE JET. But he is an exception coz his networking skills were way ahead of wat we can think…U really got to slog everything u got to reach tht level….This guy am talking abt is frm india but his references come from dubai, america, france,,,,,he's got such gr8 contacts..

    AS i said folks am not a fan of TVI…so i really wanna make sure wats actually happening….am considering both good points and bad points……to make a final decision

    And remember ppl the global market is full of dirty competition ..keepin tht in mind the NEGATIVE comments and views u come across some organisation is not always could be rivalry..or it may be a fact..thts for u to find out …and thts wat am trying to do..

    so pls let me know more abt the weak points……….coz every coin has two sides…..

  6. Sorry, I made a mistake in one of the calculations in my previous post. It should read this way:

    8 X 6 = 48 X 2 = 96 + 1 + 1 = 98 OR 96 + 8 + 8 = 112. The GRAND TOTAL in this MINIMUM scenario would vary between 98 and 112 new members to take a new member from the bottom to the top of the TVI system.

  7. I would like to revise, somewhat, what I stated in my previous post.

    I had stated that it would require 15 Traveller Boards and 15 Express Boards to get a new member from the bottom to the top of the TVI system. Actually, this is the MAXIMUM number of boards, and the MAXIMUM number of new members, it would take to do this.

    On the other hand, It's possible that it could take AS FEW as 7 Traveller Boards ( 1 ORIGINAL Traveller Board + 6 NEW Traveller Boards ) and 7 Express Boards ( 1 ORIGINAL Express Board + 6 NEW Express Boards ). The tally of new members required in this scenario would be 8 x 6 = 48 X 2 = 96 + 1 + 1 = 98 OR 98 + 8 + 8 = 114. The GRAND TOTAL in this MINIMUM scenario would vary between 96 and 114 new members to take a new member from the bottom to the top of the TVI system.

    During his journey from the bottom to the top of the TVI system, each new member is actually only on 4 Traveller Boards ( his ORIGINAL Traveller Board + 3 NEW Traveller Boards created by splitting ) and 4 Express Boards ( his ORIGINAL Express Board + 3 NEW Express Boards created by splitting ). During his journey on those 8 boards, he is DIRECTLY ASSOCIATED only with 3 other Traveller Boards and 3 other Express Boards ( for a total of DIRECT ASSOCIATION with only 14 boards ).

    During the whole time the new member is moving from the bottom to the top of the TVI system, it is THEORETICALLY POSSIBLE that the first NEW Traveler Board ( created by splitting ) with which the new member is NOT DIRECTLY ASSOCIATED will lie DORMANT, meaning the board will not take on enough new members to fill up and split. Also, the first NEW Express Board ( created by splitting ) with which the new member is NOT DIRECTLY ASSOCIATED may also lie DORMANT in a similar manner. If this occurs, there will be a total of 8 NEW Traveler Boards and 8 NEW Express Boards ( a total of 16 boards ) which are never created, but the new member will nevertheless still be able to reach the top of the TVI system through the 7 Traveler Boards and 7 Express Boards with which he is DIRECTLY ASSOCIATED.

    Also, the TVI system allows a member to have MULTIPLE POSITIONS on the boards, as many as he wants at $250 each. So, for example, if a new member spends $12,500 and purchases 50 positions on the Traveler Boards, that would greatly reduce the number of new members which would have to be recruited in order for the new member to reach the top of the TVI system. Therefore, there can be no set number of new members needed for someone to reach the top of the TVI system. Each new member has the option of purchasing MULTIPLE POSITIONS on the boards, and it cannot be known ahead of time how many new members will chose to do this, or how many positions they will purchase.

  8. You are not calculating correctly the number of new members needed to be recruited in order to cycle a person off an Express Board.

    When a person joins TVI Express he is placed on a Traveller Board. Each Traveller Board contains 15 members when it is full, but when a new member is placed on a Traveller Board the board ALREADY has AT LEAST 7 members on it, and only the bottom row of that Traveller Board has vacancies ( the bottom row can have from 1 to 8 vacancies on it when a new member is placed on it ).

    As soon as this original Traveller Board is full, it splits into 2 new Traveller Boards. The member who was in the top position of the original Traveller Board is placed in the bottom row of an Express Board.

    This now leaves 14 members from the original Traveller Board to be positioned on the 2 new Traveller Boards. 7 of those 14 members are placed on one of the new Traveller Boards, and the other 7 are placed on the other new Traveller Board.

    This leaves 8 vacant positions still to be filled on the bottom row of one of the new Traveller Boards, and 8 vacant positions still to be filled on the bottom row of the other new Traveller Board.

    Once these 2 new Traveller Boards are full, they will each split into 2 new Traveller Boards.

    By the time a new member graduates from the Traveller Boards and is first placed on an Express Board, 14 NEW Traveller Boards will have been created in the manner described above. When you include the new member's ORIGINAL Traveller Board, the total is 15 Traveller Boards ( 1 ORIGINAL Traveler Board + 14 NEW Traveler Boards created by SPLITTING ).

    The 14 NEW Traveler Boards EACH require 8 new members to be full, so this comes to 14 x 8 = 112. The ORIGINAL Traveller Board ( which ALREADY had AT LEAST 7 members on it, and possibly as many as 14, when the new member joined ) requires between 1 – 8 new members to be full, so the total Traveller Boards tally can vary between 113 ( 112 + 1 ) and 120 ( 112 + 8 ).

    The same applies to the Express Boards. When the new member is placed on his ORIGINAL Express Board, there will ALREADY be AT LEAST 7 members on it, and possibly as many as 14 ( in this case the new member would be the 15th member on the board, making it full ).

    When this ORIGINAL Express Board is full, it will split into 2 NEW Express Boards. The person at the top of this ORIGINAL Express Board will cycle off this Express Board and will collect his $10,000 Cash and $5,000 Travel Voucher. He will then be placed, free of charge, in the bottom row of another Express Board which contains anywhere between 7-14 members, to begin his journey again to the TOP of an Express Board ( to collect ANOTHER $10,000 Cash and $5,000 Travel Voucher ). This cycle happens over and over, it never ends.

    Going back to the 2 NEW Express Boards which were created when the ORIGINAL Express Board split, 7 of the 14 members from the ORIGINAL Express Board will be placed on one of the NEW Express Boards, and the other 7 members from the ORIGINAL Express Board will be placed on the other NEW Express Board. This will leave 8 vacancies on the bottom row of each of the NEW Express Boards.

    Just like with the Traveller Boards, by the time the new member reaches the TOP position on one of the Express Boards and cycles off that Express Board to collect his $10,000 Cash and $5,000 Travel Voucher, 14 NEW Express Boards will have been created. There will be 15 Express Boards altogether ( 1 ORIGINAL Express Board + 14 NEW Express Boards created by splitting ).

    Just like with the Traveller Boards, the total Express Boards tally will vary between 113 ( 112 + 1 ) and 120 ( 112 + 8 ).

    The GRAND TOTAL thus varies between 226 ( 113 + 113 ) and 240 ( 120 + 120 ). This is the total number of new members who will join TVI from the time a new member joins until the time when that new member cycles out of the Express Boards and collects his $10,000 Cash + $5,000 Travel Voucher.

    Each new member only needs to PERSONALLY RECRUIT 2 new members out of that 226 – 240 in order to qualify to receive his $10,000 Cash + $5,000 Travel Voucher when he cycles out of the Express Boards.

  9. Lim gs,

    Looks like Mike Potillo is working with a new company. Two things come to mind, and neither are "red flags".)

    1. They are launching like several others companies right now, focusing on "fear of loss" and "curiosity" both which some folks gravitate towards.

    2. they have a great marketing game plan in place.

  10. how about this one????? any opinion…..

    must join before 15 may 2010, dont be late and lose this opportunity

  11. all these comments and people still haven't worked out the numbers required to get a person of the travelers board and out the top of the express board.

    With no jump overs it could take as little as 24 or max 31. to get out from the travelers and entered onto the express board.

    A board splits 3 times to pay out the top guy and he's gone.

    24 sales to create one position on an express board. Board splits you move up one.

    One guy suggested it could be done with 16, that would require bringing your two immediatelay and jumping a level but that is not the norm. In any case if you could do that,

    16 x 8 x 3 splits = 384 best case.

    but the norm would be,

    24 x 8 x 3 splits = 576 case scenario

    31 x 8 x 3 splits = 744 worst case.

    Now even though you can jump over less fortunate folks. the numbers the numbers till have to be there you can just get there a lot quicker.

  12. HI,

    TVI express has launched 2 new offices in india at bangalore,kolkata with all communication details

    Thank you

  13. Pingback: TVI Express – Fraud scam or genuine – New emerging trend in India
  14. There is no answer, Don. The new UK office claims to be in Uxbridge, UK (TVI Expres claims it's in Heathrow, but check Google Maps yourself, 20 miles from London), is apparently a virtual office, as Google Maps shows at least 14 other businesses at that exact same location, no difference in address at all.

    The Cyprus office shows at least three other businesses at that address as well, again, no difference in address at all.

    It's the same exact way their old "Marble Arch Tower" address works. A REAL address would have a floor number, a room number, or something. A virtual office would not.

    Also, under Cyprus law, the real officers can nominate stand-ins, so the real names need NEVER be revealed, unless ordered by a court.

    However, the fact that TVI Express's own terms and conditions says they are subject to "Cyprus and India Laws", would suggest that they are actually based in India, as the offices in UK and Cyprus look like virtual offices.

    I would not recommend you to visit India though. Some TVI Express distributors actually threatened me with physical violence, on a public comment forum, even though they seem to have mistaken me for someone else.

    For full documentation of the TVI Express Madness, see my blog

  15. There're a lot of TVI members comment here, what I need to know is the answer of Troy previous question, who is this TVI owner and where is the exact location is the head office?

  16. Sounds like you are on your way to collect. Great news!
    I am looking into this opportunity.
    Your blog sounds inviting to join.
    Have you collected?

  17. FACT ( 1) TVI Express claims to be based in London, However, there is NO SUCH BUSINESS registered in England by that name according to the UK business registry, and the office address they listed is NO LONGER VALID, confirmed by building receptinist.

    It takes 5 minutes to update a website, and it's been OVER A 6 MONTH since they have not updated new address.! What ******** excuse is that? And why can't you leave a forwarding address at the former location? .

    FACT (2) Nobody knows ANYTHING about who owns / run TVI Express. It's NOT on their website and as they're nowhere to be found in England even though they appear to be a British business. All "messages" are signed as "Management Team".

    FACT (3) NOT a single person in the world has ever gone on a trip through TVI . For a company which is one year old it does not take so much time to fulfill its comittment. This itself shows they are a bogus / fraud company.

    FACT (4) The voucher you get are NOT actually for travel, but for recruiting other people. The way this works is as once you cycle out company send you pins numbers.To redeem them one has to recruit new members and sell the pins to them, this way TVI does not loose anything from their pocket .TVI does not transfer directly to your bank account either .

    FACT (5) The payment processor for the credit card is a small bank in Cyprus, NOT England.So why does the company say they're based in LONDON, not Cyprus?

    FACT (6) TVI Express is already under investigation by Chinese authorities. In india FIR has been lodged in sikkim.

    FACT (7) [Unconfirmed, but undisputed] The money is transferred out of Cyprus to a company called TVI Services… based in INDIA.. You will be shocked to know that this company is registered in delhi address ,& under the name of tarun trikha ,rahul khurana ,khanna as the directors .These are the people who run the entire show in india.

    FACT (8) TVI is registered in bangalore (india ) under the name " tvi holidays pvt ltd ". not under the name " tvi express india pvt ltd "(if it is a mnc) . If you look at any mnc compny eg. pepsi is registered in india as " pepsico india holdings pvt ltd . in sri lanka under the name " pepsico srilanka holdings pvt ltd. Unilever as " Hindustan unilever ltd " in pakistan under the name "pakistan unilever".So tvi holidays pvt ltd is a totaly different company which handles india operations as their distributor ,not tvi s own office.

    FACT ( 9) Any income earned through mlm is taxable. co. has to deduct tds then make payments to distributors .tvi is not paying distributors diectly ,what they do is send pins ,to redeem the amount which is totaly illegal.

    FACT (10) What was the reason for starting in 150 countries without having any experience in mlm ,or without even getting succesful in a single country .as if the world is going to end tommarrow. this raises lot of doubt about any company would start localy then spread its wings to other part of world.

    FACT (11) being a big mnc why all mails from tvi is addressed as "team tvi express " .this looks foolish as being a corporate all the correspondence has to be addressed or signed by a particular department (with a designated person ).look at any simple corporate mail u will find this.

    beyound this there are 1000 reasons to point that tvi is scammm. Stop working .For more information email at :

  18. Thom,

    You sound like some defendants I have brought to the courts to be tried. Let's take a little deeper look at what you wrote.

    1. You say "I've collected over $40K" Who cares? None of us have questioned people are making money, we question the legalities of the method used to earn the money.

    2. You like most do not provide any proof of your claims, but you sure are fast to defend your position.

    3. You did not answer any of the questions asked.

    And now that you have publicly stated how much money you made, if you live in the USA, I sure hope you claim it on your taxes, because the IRS will sure be checking.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  19. You professional moaners are so lame. Man I'd hate to have any of you losers on a jury where I'm a defendant. You'd hang me before the opening gavel slams down.
    Anyway, I've collected over $40,000 in the last 4 months in TVI and I did it by not wasting my time talking negative. The only people that aren't making money in TVI are the ones that jump in and don't do a freakin thing to work it. You can take any biz opp out there and call it a scam if you paid to get in and then did nothing but sit on your arse and think you're going to rake it in.
    Shit, I've already wasted 5 minutes here and all for not. see ya

  20. I've come to the conclusion that it IS a scam and people are only getting paid by selling their vouchers to other people. There is no money being paid back directly by the company. I found this out after I cycled out of the Traveller Board. I made a payout request on Dec 20th and after three emails to support, guess what? I still haven't been paid and it's Jan 8th! I threatened them that I would expose them and they still won't pay me. I have set up a webpage with actual screenshots of my back office and support tickets for all to see. STAY AWAY FROM TVI!

  21. I've come to the conclusion that it IS a scam and people are only getting paid by selling their vouchers to other people. There is no money being paid back directly by the company. I found this out after I cycled out of the Traveller Board. I made a payout request on Dec 20th and after three emails to support, guess what? I still haven't been paid and it's Jan 8th! I threatened them that I would expose them and they still won't pay me. I have set up a webpage with actual screenshots of my back office and support tickets for all to see. STAY AWAY FROM TVI!

  22. Ive yet to see proof of a bank statement or check. Ive seen people's back office say "requested" or "processed" but never proof of it actually reaching their account.

  23. Can you please send me the customer support number? I keep trying to reach them via support tickets and all of my tickets have gone unanswered. I have a niche market that I know I'll be able to market the trips to, but I need the information on the availability of certain locations.

  24. -I'm tempted to do TVI because I KNOW the money is there. My friends that are involved are gonna be WAY ahead of me for the next year or maybe even two years………..
    – BOTTOM LINE…Everyone who has joined TVI knows deep down that they've compromised their integrity to do so. If you really need money, just be content knowing that you're not alone, Do anything except TVI. There are legit forced matrix comp plans out there. Don't feel obligated to do a pyramid just because you think you'll never see the pay plan again. There are at least 4 others I know of that are huge and ripping people off as we type.

  25. Let me guess …Your a TVI Cheer leader who has money invested? Now your wondering aren't you.
    It is what it is ..I have been scammed by Ken Russo as well as Travel offering before .
    I haven't had to dig too far to find people complaining..Yeah its their fault for even having any hope these type programs even work. Guess Barnum was right ..A sucker truly is born everyday

  26. WorldClassMembership,

    You are not paying for a membership, you are paying a one time fee of $250 to join the matrix. Then you are given a Voucher and told you paid $250 for it. Kind of like buying a $250 ballpoint pen for $250.00 and getting a FREE ticker to a sports event from a scalper. The vouchers are given away for free all throughout the travel industry daily.

    And because you are not able to retail travel from your booking engine (which is free through the same company TVI uses, why pay anything? Unless the whole reason everyone is joining is for the chance of earning $15000 ($10K net cash).

    As for the Bible… I really don't think you want to go there. There is a whole lot more in the Bible about money, stewardship, risk and the list goes on… than about"taking a break."

  27. WorldClassMembership,

    None of us have said anything about a person's right to join this company. How come you find the need to defend joining, instead of defending the company for not being transparent?

  28. … But here's my number one question to all the TVI naysayers: What in the world is wrong with getting into business with MONEY as the main priority??? Somehow I think the electric and gas and phone companies of the world, just to name a few, would understand that question!! And also, the compensation plan I used for my employees — if it worked for me and for them and we were all in mutual agreement, was that a problem? Hmmm — work — get paid — weekly — monthly — conditionally or not — our decisions, right? I love this life. I was born into it with no guarantees and I'm not sure how long it will last but I choose to continue the risktaking that being alive allows me!

  29. As for TVI, what's wrong with purchasing a membership that will give me my own website for reserving the travel I choose at discounted prices? It's not a retailing site for me to sell travel to others — it's just a travel site for my personal use. It certainly seems like a win/win situation to me both for those of us who purchase the membership, receive the 6 night/7 day trip (well worth the $250!!) and for the travel industry — we go there, occupy their rooms, generate work for their employees (maid service, restaurants, hotel clerks, etc etc), and in general keep the travel industry active. In this economically challenging day and age, everybody is benefiting from this plan! Well — maybe not the health industry — people who vacation just might not be so stressed and therefore not contract as many stress related illnesses as those who don't get away. Even the Bible promotes taking a break, right?!

  30. Glad to hear your comments. Those willing to read the website, think out their own questions and answers and not just be swayed either by hype or by naysayers stand to be very successful. Having had a brick and mortar business for over 20 years, I can tell you that NO business has a guaranteed lifetime — as a matter of fact, how many businesses even last 20 years, come to think of it?? We sold both products and services and both were well worth the money the customers paid. Why do so many people think MLM businesses selling a service are not viable? — I just don't get it.

  31. I have just come to know about the TVI Express 4 days ago. I was doing research on this company and comp plan, though the compensation plans and incentives are very attractive but there must be some proofs, as i will join and start convincing my friends, obviously they will put thousands of questions on me, so i must be made clear about all of queries.

    1) Who owns this company?
    2) Where the company is saving its money? (There must be some bank)
    3) How the company is earning? (without selling any product and service)
    4) If the company is there in London and it is having a building then there must be some legal status, any proof in Paper form like registration?
    5) Why the company is not using the credit card option for the sign ups?

    Kindly reply me and i will join this company if anybody having answers of all the above 5 questions

  32. since you work in lodon would you mind going to the address listed on TVI's website as there address and attempting to talk or see if any representatives of the company are present there perhaps even snapping a few photos and posting them up for those of us worldwide to see for ourselves

  33. you state to be dposited to your bank account on november fourteenth and you posted the comment on october 31st …. november fourteenth is still ten days out from today.. I will however be interested to here if it posts in 10 days when you set your depoist to hit

  34. Hi Tours, I am very concerned with your comments regarding TVI Express being under investigation, that is a very strong allegation – of course we know that "investigation" doesn't mean they are "guilty" of any wrong doing yet, but it still concerns me. Could you possibly get more details from your Met-Police friend and keep me posted? I certainly do not want to suggest this program to anyone else if there are problems.

    Curious to know how long the investigation has been going on and how much longer it will take for them to come to a decision one way or the other? Because if their investigation determines illegal activities I'm sure they will be shut down in short order, but if their investigation determines TVI is operating within the law then we can put this fear to rest one way or the other.


  35. @Tours:

    If this is true that would be good news. I know sb. from Germany who has informed Companies House about all the things when he´ve found out that the so-called company is not registeres at the address given on the TVI website.

  36. TVIexpress is an obvious pyramid scheme.

    The "company" tries to pretend that the business is about selling travels, but if you read their web pages, in particular the FAQ ( ), it becomes obvious that the whole thing is about recruiting members who will pay in 250 US dollars, and the members are promised that they will thereafter receive money when other members are recruited; In other words a classic pyramid scheme, and clearly illegal according to the laws in most civilised countries in the world.

    The company claims to be "a leading multinational conglomerate headquartered in London, United Kingdom", but you will not find it in the UK telephone book ( ), and the company does not exist at the address stated on the web pages (office building Marble Arch Tower, 55 Bryanston Street, London). You can check this by doing an "advanced search" in the UK directory for businesses at 55 Bryanston Street in London.

    Additionally, you will not find this "company" if you do a search in the UK company register ( ).

    So much for a "leading multinational conglomerate headquartered in London"!

    One of the persons behind this pyramid scheme is named Ken Russo (see ).

    This person Ken Russo has run, or has been pushing, a number of Ponzi- and pyramid schemes, which is easily seen if you google "Ken Russo" + scam.

    Conclusion: An illegal pyramid scheme and guaranteed to collapse. STAY AWAY!!!

    Chinese authorities are already cracking down on this pyramid scam.

  37. I have just heard of TVI Express today from a friend who works with the Met-Police here in London. We were talking about network marketing companies and he told me that the company TVI Express was under investigation by both the Financial Services Authority and also New Scotland Yard. Best to keep your money in your bank account and avoid TVI as best you can…Cheers!

  38. I am a member of TVI Express for almost 2 months with 4 positions purchased. One of my positions has cycled out to Express Board while the rest are stuck in traveler board. My TVI Express ID is "USATVI" so you can look it up IF TVI Express ever comes on. Anyway, I did receive $250 "cash" and $250 voucher. However, I have requested to have $250 cash to be deposited to my bank account in United States on November 14, 2009 under "financial manager". Guess what, NOTHING HAPPENED for 15 days so far! I have opened tickets three times with TVI Support Center for the past 2 weeks, but I got zero response. I decided to investigate further on the company including interviewing with my upline and downlines. I am starting to believe that TVI Express is a scam. Here are the reasons:

  39. I am a member of TVI Express for almost 2 months with 4 positions purchased. One of my positions has cycled out to Express Board while the rest are stuck in traveler board. My TVI Express ID is "USATVI" so you can look it up IF TVI Express ever comes on. Anyway, I did receive $250 "cash" and $250 voucher. However, I have requested to have $250 cash to be deposited to my bank account in United States on November 14, 2009 under "financial manager". Guess what, NOTHING HAPPENED for 15 days so far! I have opened tickets three times with TVI Support Center for the past 2 weeks, but I got zero response. I decided to investigate further on the company including interviewing with my upline and downlines. I am starting to believe that TVI Express is a scam. Here are the reasons:

    1.) TVI Express website went down far too often. It is also down right now for the past 3 days! No update. No under construction. Just nothing on the screen and kept getting that their site took too long to response. In other word, their server is gone! Disappeared! This should raise a red flag, because today's technology and business world, this is not how it works!

    2.) Based on what I found: We, humans, are TVI's PRODUCTS! We do not earn money directly from the company! We are actually selling worthless vouchers. The question is how do we earn $250 cash or even $10,000 cash? By believing a lie that we should convert "10,000 cash" into 40 vouchers so we should sell voucher to our people downline. That is how we earn UP TO $10,000! We do NOT receive $10,000 cash directly from TVI, really! What about the so called $5,000 travel voucher? It is not even real anyway. According to TVI website before it went down, it said that they no longer honor travel vouchers until October 31 (that is this Saturday). Yeah, right!

    3.) The FREE 6 night, 7 days travel voucher we received upon joining with TVI isn't even valid! We could not use it right away until we first hear something from TVI on places where we want to go. And when we do, no response! Have anyone here have gone on vacation by redeeming their vouchers yet? Not likely!

    4.) TVI Express use the same "generate software" to grab prices for airlines, hotel, ticket sales, from the big boys (expedia,, Hotwire, etc.). TVI either mark up little or nothing to make it appear attractive. Beside, TVI Express already making so much money from US by doping us into selling their VOUCHERS!

    5.) Have anyone got incentives yet? What about new laptops? Cars? Villas?

    6.) And most of all, there is no TVI Express office in London, England. I have checked. Have you?

    My advice is…. DONT JOIN TVI until you check out the facts. The reason why TVI have 100,000+ people join up is because many claimed that they did CYCLE OUT of Express Board (and they did it many time) but being deceived to CONVERT their "$10,000 cash" rather into VOUCHERS so they must "SELL" it to make $250 dollars or more apeice! They did NOT get money directly from TVI.

  40. Watusi, Honestly this is great news. On a personal level I am glad you are about to earn some high dollars. Now let's look at the examples you used. On the surface you are completely correct they seem the same. Companies opting to pay customers to do business with them is normal business. However, your examples is not the bank paying you $200 for referring to them another customer, it was to you personally for opening a new account. And they never promised you more than a one time $200.00 for opening the account. They did not promise to pay you the $200 over and over for doing nothing but opening the account.

    As for Sam's and Costco I believe they do have a member appreciation program where you can earn points and vouchers. And they do offer an affiliate program.

    I agree TVI offers a Booking Engine where you can market travel. However, in reading all the posts on this site, I have yet to see anyone talking about the money they are earning from retailing travel.

    You do bring up some great points, and it gives folks more than one opinion as they review their decision to join. Thank you for taking time to post.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  41. Watusi,

    Honestly this is great news. On a personal level I am glad you are about to earn some high dollars.

    Now let's look at the examples you used. On the surface you are completely correct they seem the same. Companies opting to pay customers to do business with them is normal business. However, a

  42. Update – my upline sponsor cycled off the Express Board last weekend and received her $10k cash. I am personally sitting at the top of my Express Board, which I expect to cycle off in the next week or two. So I can tell everyone that I have seen the real money. I understand some of the trepidation because the compensation plan does appear to be based on the "boards" – my thoughts on that are this, when you go to the gym or even the bank these days they offer you discounts and rewards if you refer people to join. As a matter of fact I received a check for $200 from Chase Bank that they said they would give me the $200 if I opened a business checking account with them before it expired. My point is that a lot of companies are opting to reward "existing" or "new" customers with cash and prizes if they bring new customers to the company. This is NOT new marketing, it is actually cheaper than TV and most internet advertising. The difference with TVI is they choose to track their members progress using "boards". Costco and Sam's DO NOT pay their members to bring in new members, they don't have to pay them for that advertising the cheap retail goods do the advertising for them. If you see something at a friends house that you like, you ask them where they got it and they tell you Sam's or Costco, you tell them what you paid for it and your friend will probably go buy one. The difference is you DON'T get paid commission for that. TVI sells discounted travel thru the back office tools the members receive when they sign up – there is money to be made in that industry, just look at Orbitz, Priceline, Travelosity and a lot of others. So yes, there is a product/service being sold here, and it happens everytime someone books a trip.

    I'd also like to address the comments above about the company location and customer service – I have called the TVI customer service and I have spoken to them, they are friendly and very helpful. I have also opened trouble tickets with their support staff from the back office website.

    In closing I'd just like to say, this opportunity is definitely NOT for everyone, but for those who understand the potential and enjoy this type of work it's been a great experience for me so far, as well as the 115 people in my downline at this point. We are enjoying meeting new people and using the travel tools as well.

    Good luck to those who live life as an adventure, it's only one time around, make the most of it:-)

  43. Debbie,

    Great comment! YOu are working TVI Express with your eyes wide open. This is truly what our goal is when we post on all companies. It's not to tell people what they can or can't do, but to allow them to decide with their eyes wide open.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  44. I am in TVI Express and admit to being hesitant to sign anyone up until I find out the facts. I am prepared to go by the "roll of the dice" on the risk verses reward ratio, however, this does seem to be running extremely close to the line when it comes to legit mlm verses pyramid. How close? No one knows yet… I'm prepared to "have a go" for my money but I am concerned to find out that involvement is a pyramid can result in participants being charged.
    Yes, there is a real product that offers value to the buyer. The concern, apparently of the FTC and other watch dogs is when the payment plan takes precedent over the product. I know I am more interested in 10K than I am in a discounted holiday.
    There are so many concerns out there that are not being addressed by TVI publicly.
    I also wonder why a multinational company cannot get a legitimate credit card service up and running after 10 months? And what about paypal? All companies have methods of dealing with credit card fraud or they wouldn't exist.
    Yes, people are getting paid. That happens in pyramids as well. I admit some things don't add up so well here.

  45. Who are the executive officers of this so-called legitimate company? Where is their head office, as it doesn't seem that anyone has any record of their "office" in London? Why can't you use a credit card if this company is legit? What Todd writes is correct.
    Also, comparisons to legitimate Network marketing companies is ludicrous. It is a billion dollar legal industry with legitimate products. Yes, people do sign up, but we sign up for Costco or Sam's Club memberships to be "customers". The only thing with network marketing is that if you get a customer, YOU get the commission from that sale.
    TVI Express is an llegal pyramid scheme that is trying to appear legitimate, but with no "CEO's, no location, no phone numbers……hello!!! This too will bite the dust……

  46. The reason it doesn't have longevity is BECAUSE it is most likely not legal and will be shut down once it gets big enough to attract the attention of the Feds. If you know it won't last and are sleezy enough to keep recruiting those who don't know any better, shame on you. Thank God for Troy, to send out a warning to the MLM comunity. I will take his credibility over yours any day of the week.

  47. I have one question
    What happen to the comp plan if the recruiting stops?
    No monthly fee no auto ship when the recruiting stop the plan collapses

  48. John if this program got shut down tomorrow would you be surprised? My point is every single person involved knows TVI EXPRESS is not a legit company? stop defending it. Your gonna look silly when it goes down the toilet.

    John another question have you even spoken to a customer rep for TVI?

    Furthermore can you explain why people are sending cash and paypal to each other to join rather then just paying the company??Why are individuals selling vouchers?

  49. Watusi,

    You are correct. This was explained in a couple of other posts.

    So far these new facts validate our concerns.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  50. Your understanding was INcorrect from the beginning ARWR. It's always been $10,000 cash + $5,000 in travel vouchers. Once a person cycles through the Express Board they become qualified for residual income. I am not clear on this area of the compensation plan myself so I will defer to those who are receiving this residual income to explain it.

    TVI Express is a private club membership which provides its members with access to their wholesale travel search engine. Ingeniously the company wrapped a compensation plan around it which allows its members to earn cash and travel vouchers to use to purchase vacations from its dbase of travel products when sharing the membership benefits with their friends, family and anyone who becomes aware of this opportunity by another member to earn vacation travel and money to support their travel habit.

    BTW, Troy's math is still way off above. There are many variables to consider how many positions it takes for one position to cycle thru to receive the holy grail of $10K cash + the $5K in travel vouchers. My sponsor and I have figured it to take approx 79+your own position to be paid to move a single position thru the Traveler Board and up thru the Express Board. It is confusing so to use mathematical formulas includes using variables to come to an average number for a position to cycle out the top of the Express Board.

    If you're a skeptic, TVI is not for you. If you are "open" and interested in having the opportunity to earn $10,000 + the travel vouchers which has been proven many times over that I have personally witnessed in the last 8 weeks then why not roll the dice and hop in and take your chance at it. My guess is a $250 1X investment risk (NO AUTO SHIPS OR MONTHLY FEES ETC) is just a drop in the bucket compared to what most have gambled on so many other opportunities before TVI.

    The question is "WHAT IF" you are successful? "WHAT IF" you do double your $250 investment in just a few days to less than 2 weeks? How much will any one person really lose ($250) vs how much does a person have to gain (10's of thousands)??

    So does it really matter if TVI Express falls by the wayside at some point when the rewards are so incredibly high and the risk so ridiculously low?

    Let me ask you "THE MAGIC QUESTION" my friend….If you had the opportunity to earn $15,500 in the next 2-4 weeks wouldn't you be interested in at least doing your due diligence YOURSELF and give it a shot if it meets YOUR criteria to take your chances like you do at the casino if all you could lose is $250 on a single spin to earn yourself $10K if there were only 2 numbers on the wheel? …and not to forget you have the chance of at minimum doubling your money in that 1 spin (ie just a few days) if you had the opportunity to increase your odds & built your org BEFORE you even invested any money at all?

    Again, the risk is super low and the reward is extremely high.

    Take both Troy's & my advice and roll the dice!

    John Piro
    SKype ID: john.piro (weston ct)
    P.S. Don't miss the webinar tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 6th @ 4PM EST) when I interview Jannedy. Contact me on skype for the link.

  51. It is my understanding, and I do believe I am correct, you will receive $10k cash and $5k travel benefits when you cycle off the Express Board. I don't believe TVI has nailed down all of the details regarding those $5k travel benefits, remember they are in pre-launch. I am hearing that it might be some kind of group travel that you can join using your travel benefits.

    There is a residual income plan as well – you will qualify for residual income after you cycle thru the Express Board (attain Gold Member Status). The amount is between 5% to 10% for each NEW distributor who comes on board under your downline. The bigger your downline gets and the more people who cycle thru the Express Board under you, the higher your residual income is.

    One other note – yes, you can use your free $250 evoucher (when you cycle thru the Traveler Board) to purchase another position on the Traveler Board.

    I hope these tid bits help:-)

  52. Hugues,

    You are 100% correct… We do need to upgrade the site, so it can be translated into different languages.

    I'll get our team on it ASAP.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  53. well well

    This is really very great reading all this discussion, and helping people well analyze their view on the opportunity.

    Sorry for my English l could make some error, am a french speaking, l would have been very glad if l could have all this in french.

    Am From Cameroon , central Africa region, l got in contact with TVI trough a friend in Ivory cost. I really was never interested, specifically because is too Flashy. cars,yard, houses etc…. am always afraid of such Big attraction in MLM. as well reading what it takes to get that, that show very very very few people will reach that stage if ever the business last for long.

    Personally l see revolving Matrix as not really Good, and it favor a small number of people.

    from some Back experience With Club freedom where at a moment board get stock not to move any more, because people just fill tired of filling the board and other factor.

    Now many leader of Club Freedom come to TVI and stay another story, TVI is best , is Fast, is only 2boards, forgetting Board is Board, 1 board or 10 boards still Board for me, loooool.

    An so much in Math, but if the company says just 2people and teach them to do same and so on, why does someone recruit More that 2 ?????

    for me that means you do not get confidence that it realy Work with just 2 looooooooool realy funny.

    Why Fraud could make them not accept Credit card? instead they need to work it out and work to secured the payment so to fiet again Fraud on credit card with some security method. For me l think thier Not claer surly the Bank will like ask for proof of company.

    Yet we don't know the CEO, already 7-8 months and the people are still not known,

    their Base in UK why did they launch in China and India ????? l really ask my self ??? funny

    for me l don't care about an Office, since they do in with services, so l don't much see the used of an office for them, But to say they have an Office and many can find it well Is not Good

    Some friend in France called them unfortunately no one speak French and they say to be international business,they dont wanna put money to translate the web site into various languages, sure that is alot of money going out ahahahahaha

    so they say to my some contact in france whom called that they are transfering to a new street in LONDON, to Famous and VIP Resident Area, and the reasons for them to re locate is deu to the on waiting increase of people joing the program

    for me it does not make any sence to relocate dew to the increase in registration, what does that do with the office??? are this people been stock into the offices LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ,,????

    I really have much to say about this Program because l have been trying to really found out

    well to really get them, so l can join if ever is really

    as a mate said upward, run far for still making research about.

    Thanks for this website, is really interesting reading people ideas and feedback

  54. Hi Watusi:

    I just read your post and have a question: Are you saying that when you cycle off the big board you get $10,000 cash and $5,000 in travel vouchers?

    I thought you got $15,000 cash. Has the payout changed or was my understanding incorrect from the beginning?

    Please advise.


  55. watusi,

    Ouch! I do know fraud runs very high in those countries, and a couple of the wireless companies have experienced it first hand. That can hurt a company's over all growth. It can really hurt distributors, if the company realizes they will need to implement "charge-back" policies to protect the overall integrity of the whole team.

    I did talk about the fact not everyone will cycle… I called it the "float". I just don't have any way of knowing what percentage of float TVI Express uses in their numbers. But your point is very valid. If enough people do not cycle out of the Traveller Board, which is where the HUGE breakage is (Company brings in $2000, payout $250 in cash.) This can keep the company rolling, possibly for years.

    Now, your personal numbers do show solid activity right now, and that is a huge benefit for those who may only get the minimum 2 as required to earn commissions.

    Now, let me get this correct… You can use the $250.00 voucher to purchase additional positions in a new cycle?

    Also, you also opened my eyes in the Express Board. I know John Piro had mentioned $10K cash and $5K in vouchers, but I could not find that in the presentation. It just states $15K to your eWallet.

    With you being the second TVI Express rep to share this fact (John did ot respond when I asked him about this), this will change the numbers considerably. Instead of taking in $14,000 and paying out $15,000. Now, we see the payline is $14,000.00 and the cash payout is $10,000. This leaves the company with $4,000.00.

    Which takes me back to my original post. If the company is paying out a true 72% of every dollar coming in, they are cutting their margins way to thin, and I still question long term viability, especially, if your deduction is correct, and they have been hit with fraud. The increased merchant account fees, and buff account the merchant may require could really cause issues.

    I want to personally thank you for sharing today. As I have said the underlying services look very viable for the public. I just question some of the other issues.

    By the way, I saw a comment about one of the leaders being paid $12.50 per person in their downline. Can you shed some light on this payment. Is this commission from services to the public, or just folks in compensation plan?

    I ask this question, because if the residual income is coming from JUST folks cycling and coming back into the compensation plan, this is a HUGE red flag, because no commissions are being generated from end user sales, outside of the compensation matrix, and the FTC have won every court case in this issue since the 1970's.

    Your insight will be very helpful, so we make sure we are only presenting facts.

    Living AN Epic Adventure,


  56. Troy – I believe the reason for no credit card function on the website is due to fraud when they did have that function. Remember, TVI launced in China and India before it came to the US. I believe they are in the process of trying to put that function back on the website in the most secure way, maybe just for North America, not sure yet.

    As for your numbers – you forgot one key variable, not everyone will cycle thru the Traveler Board, nor will they cycle thru the Express Board – now the question is what percentage of the members will fail to cycle and therefore fail to get paid? If you can find out what that number is then you might be able to calculate a more accurate financial picture.

    I can give you this fact – I joined 3 weeks ago and I cycled thru the Traveler Board in less than 2 weeks, and I only signed up 4 people, the rest of the people were signed up by other members. I made $250 in cash and received a voucher for $250 which I promptly purchased another position with. I am currently one position under the top on the Express Board – I expect to cycle thru and receive $10k cash and $5k travel benefits within the next week or so.

    I hope my info has helped those of you who might be considering joining TVI – and I do agree that no one knows the potential longevity for this financial opportunity, it could be weeks, months or years, but remember we do not know the longevity for much else in this world – now go live life to its fullest!

  57. I am glad that people have sites andre not afraid to share thier opinion and insite as their are to many programs like this that take advantage of people that are trying to make it online and do not research these type of progarms that well.

    The TVI craze has been pitched to me many times. I am not saying it is a bad program at all.

    Maybe it can work for some, keyword some.

    I tend to go with my feelings, my feelings say run as far away as you can from this and learn from it at the same time.

    Alot of us tend to jump from program to program, myself included.

    Watch out, the ride will be Bumpy ………

    Scott Crawley
    Skype scwealth

  58. John,

    Quick question if you got a second.

    I understand the cycle out. But, where does the $12.50 per person in the downline come from? It's my limited understanding that TVI Express charges a one time $250.00, is there a lower monthly membership fee being charged as a sort of autoship?

    Or is this coming from additional sales to retail folks?

    I looked over the presentation again and just can't get my brain around this part.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


    p.s. Another red flag is when an upline sharing their financial numbers… FTC calls this incitement, because the odds of duplication are so high. But, if he is an US resident, some of the IRS Agents who visit our site might keep an eye on his upcoming tax return.

  59. Thank your post Juritha.

    I just spoke to Jannedy.

    Jannedy has cycled 8 times for a total of $82,000 in cash + $42,000 in Travel Vouchers in less than 8 weeks…

    Additionally, he was paid into his personal bank account $6,000 USD in residuals for month of August on 480 people in his organization at @12.50 USD per person at the Gold Level.

    Jannedy (as he prefers to be called) now has 22,000 people in his organization as of Sept 28th and he is an International Diamond which pays $18.00 USD per person for the month of September…

    That alone is a $450,000 residual income payout.


  60. A Random Walk Rant,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Now we're getting somewhere. If we can get other folks to start putting pen to paper, they also might start to get a little clearer focus on this. I'll have the team go back in and we'll recalculate using your break down above.

    However, even with lower numbers, it's still a "pay to play" with all the commissions coming from folks inside the compensation plan, and none or little money coming from real sales to the public.


    Truly thank you for bringing this up.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  61. Juritha,

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. My wife would tell you I never "look for hair in my soup, or anyone else's, I just eat it."

    And I have never questioned the validity of the TVI Express business. See what I have found so interesting, is not one person has questioned the Red Flags I raised. And not one person has given a solid answer on why a person can't use a credit card to join the business. And I never stated the business wasn't honest, nor did I allude to the fact.

    Now, as for my math, as of this date, not one person have come forward with a spreadsheet showing me different numbers. I've already stated with some things left out of the presentation my numbers could be off.

    Compensation is based on math, and math is a logical deduction. So when someone else comes up with a different numbers I'm sure willing to post it.

    But, if I can't use math as you state in your comment, then how should it be done?

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  62. Hi Troy, it´s too bad that there is always someone who is looking for the "hair in the soup"! People , TVI Express is one of the best business in the industry. A lot of people have recognized that , worldwide! The run to TVI Express ist great because it is very good and a honest business. And the great and cheap travel offers from TVI Express – I have never seen an offer like this!!! Stop doing your math, Troy – you can´t do it that way!

  63. Hi Troy:

    Thanks for the great investigative work. I've been warning people away from TVI every chance I get.

    However, I do think that your math might be a little bit off. The "Payline" in a matrix/board such as this is the bottom row of 8. You can't calculate the entire 15 members in the matrix/board because the $250 can only be "used" once. In the case of board deals (and 2×2 matrices, too, btw), it's the bottom level that is the payline off of which the accounting/cash flow is determined.

    So, in this case, there is $2,000 to work with (i.e. 8 x $250), rather than $3,750.

    Other than that, keep up the GREAT work.


  64. Troy after watching your video I'm convince to stay farrrrrr away from TVI. You just Validated what I have been thinking about this program!

  65. John,

    Thanks for stopping back by.

    I was very clear in this video as the last. Can my numbers be off? Sure the presentation is a little ambiguous in some areas. However, since it is a matrix, and not any type of Hybird compensation plan, it's real easy to do the numbers.

    You have 15 positions in the Traveller Matrix. To cycle out, it has to be filled. The Express Matrix has 15 positions, each of those postions are filled by someone cycling out of the Traveller Matrix. Simple math 15 x 15 still equals 225 people for one person to cycle out of the Express Matrix.

    So, although, I have no problem with you stating my numbers are wrong, until you or anyone else can provide what I'm missing they'll stand.

    Now, if by some chance you are correct and it does take 16 and not 15 people to cycle out of the Traveller Matrix, then it will take increase my numbers, not decrease them. So I would have error on the conservative side. And your 31 number is double anything I used in my numbers, based on the TVIExpress.

    So, again if you are right, it takes even more people to cycle out of the Express board.

    Thanks for posting this John, maybe others can get their head around the numbers.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  66. You numbers are way off base Troy. You really need to do your homework a lot better before you report on something because anyone that is in the system who listens to this video will shake their head and say "This guy obviously has no clue what he is talking about".

    Troy, your credibility needs to be questioned.

    I see your note at the bottom which reads,

    "If anyone feels I am wrong in the numbers please feel free to send me a spreadsheet showing the correct numbers and I will gladly update."

    I'm not going to do your homework for you…that would be cheating.

    Do yourself the favor and before your report on anything make sure you get your facts straight because after hearing this video I now have to question your reporting abilities. Your math is waaaayyyyy off base. So far you scored an "F" – so back to the drawing board & get educated before you report back again.

    How much time did you put into investigating TVI's comp plan? 20-30 minutes? Cuz that's what it appears to me being on the inside.

    Once the original 7 are established, my math says it takes a minimum of 16 to cycle out the traveler board . My math also calculates it can also take as many as 31 total to get pushed out to the Traveler Board once the first position is taken on the 1st level after the board splits.

    Keep in mind, I'm not Albert Einstein but your math above proves you have no clue what you are reporting. Some of the other information is interesting but who says something has to have longevity to be legal?

    Kind Regards,

    John Piro

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