TVI Express Insider Call Reveals Some Interesting Facts And More Questions

Breaking MLM Scam Alert: TVI Express insider call reveals some interesting facts and even more questions. As I listened to this call, I found it very informative, and well put together. The field leaders who ran the call stayed in control. However, the top distributor they were interviewing loved to dodge answering the questions head on.

The frustrating part about the whole call is it validates my original concerns about this company falling into the definition of a MLM Scam.

Over the last week reading the comments of some very sincere TVI Express reps, I was truly hoping I was wrong.

Let’s listen to the highlights of this call.

Now this brings up an interesting fact. If the number shared is correct, and 300,000 people have joined and paid $250.00 each. Then this company has taken in $75,000,000.00. No wonder all of a sudden their office is closed, weeks later they still haven’t opened a new office, and they claim server issues.

Seriously, even if they paid out 72% in commissions they still have $21,000,000.00 to run the company. They should not be having server issues or any other issues for that matter.

Here is the important facts from the call on this subject.

1. If they have been attacked, and did not disclose this to their membership base, they have violated state and federal laws in the USA (Their servers are located in Dallas Texas at The Planet.)

Express Limited, TVI
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA. 20172-0447
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Express Limited, TVI
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA 20172-0447
Record expires on 29-Apr-2011.
Record created on 29-Apr-2008.
Database last updated on 23-Oct-2009 04:33:03 EDT.
Domain servers in listed order:

It doesn’t matter how you try and defend the actions of this company, they are putting their membership at risk. I sure hope the TVI Express members did not have any of their information stolen.

Now this brings up a questions:

If they have stopped providing a Certificate (not sure if this is the $250.00 voucher) for the vacation, then exactly what besides a place in the Matrix does the $250.00 buy-in provide? This is a HUGE SEC Red Flag and seems to validate my concern of this being a pay-to-play scam, not a legitimate MLM.

Well this call does confirm the corporate office is closed and moving to…

Cyprus is a well know offshore tax haven. SO,if the US comes after TVI Express or anyone else for that matter, the money is safe. By the way TVI Express has their bank account in Cyprus already. Located in the UK, but they do they banking in Cyprus.

1. Where is TVI Express incorporated? UK, India, Cyprus, China? Where do you go if you have legal issues?
2. Why are their servers based in the USA, their HQ was in London, and yet they seemed launched in India and China before anywhere else?
3. Why is the only TVI Express site in English? English may be a second language for some folks, but if you are blowing the doors off in India and China, why English? Why is there not any other sites in other language? Or even a translation button on the website?

Folks all of you who read this or are a part of TVI Express are adults, you get to decide what you want to do. I just hope you do not lead people down a path, which they and you can’t return from.

Here is the whole call.

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