TVI Express Insider Call Reveals Some Interesting Facts And More Questions

Breaking MLM Scam Alert: TVI Express insider call reveals some interesting facts and even more questions. As I listened to this call, I found it very informative, and well put together. The field leaders who ran the call stayed in control. However, the top distributor they were interviewing loved to dodge answering the questions head on.

The frustrating part about the whole call is it validates my original concerns about this company falling into the definition of a MLM Scam.

Over the last week reading the comments of some very sincere TVI Express reps, I was truly hoping I was wrong.

Let’s listen to the highlights of this call.

Now this brings up an interesting fact. If the number shared is correct, and 300,000 people have joined and paid $250.00 each. Then this company has taken in $75,000,000.00. No wonder all of a sudden their office is closed, weeks later they still haven’t opened a new office, and they claim server issues.

Seriously, even if they paid out 72% in commissions they still have $21,000,000.00 to run the company. They should not be having server issues or any other issues for that matter.

Here is the important facts from the call on this subject.

1. If they have been attacked, and did not disclose this to their membership base, they have violated state and federal laws in the USA (Their servers are located in Dallas Texas at The Planet.)

Express Limited, TVI
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA. 20172-0447
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Express Limited, TVI
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA 20172-0447
Record expires on 29-Apr-2011.
Record created on 29-Apr-2008.
Database last updated on 23-Oct-2009 04:33:03 EDT.
Domain servers in listed order:

It doesn’t matter how you try and defend the actions of this company, they are putting their membership at risk. I sure hope the TVI Express members did not have any of their information stolen.

Now this brings up a questions:

If they have stopped providing a Certificate (not sure if this is the $250.00 voucher) for the vacation, then exactly what besides a place in the Matrix does the $250.00 buy-in provide? This is a HUGE SEC Red Flag and seems to validate my concern of this being a pay-to-play scam, not a legitimate MLM.

Well this call does confirm the corporate office is closed and moving to…

Cyprus is a well know offshore tax haven. SO,if the US comes after TVI Express or anyone else for that matter, the money is safe. By the way TVI Express has their bank account in Cyprus already. Located in the UK, but they do they banking in Cyprus.

1. Where is TVI Express incorporated? UK, India, Cyprus, China? Where do you go if you have legal issues?
2. Why are their servers based in the USA, their HQ was in London, and yet they seemed launched in India and China before anywhere else?
3. Why is the only TVI Express site in English? English may be a second language for some folks, but if you are blowing the doors off in India and China, why English? Why is there not any other sites in other language? Or even a translation button on the website?

Folks all of you who read this or are a part of TVI Express are adults, you get to decide what you want to do. I just hope you do not lead people down a path, which they and you can’t return from.

Here is the whole call.

Living An Epic Adventure,


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59 thoughts on “TVI Express Insider Call Reveals Some Interesting Facts And More Questions”

  1. Guys TVI is dead ………. and they DONT have any offices in Cyprus as they advertise.

    I left TVI because there was no transparency in the company, and I joined a new one, Sunrise Travel Club (it is still in prelaunch). Hope this one is better! You can use my email ( to join the prelaunch fro FREE!

  2. Troy, you still around?

    When people can't tell the difference between selling and recruiting, no amount of education can convince them they're in a pyramid. All they care about is "recruit more people". They completely forget about the part about a business needs to SELL something… either a product, or a service. If all the business sell is the membership, with no tangible benefit, it is a pyramid scheme.

    And what benefit does TVI Express offer? None, really.

    The 7-day 6-night trip can be bought for $400? That's not a benefit at all. You can get the certificate from an outfit in California for $400 exactly, to the Caribbean, even. If you book on Orbitz or something you can probably get it for even less depending on the season.

    The travel portal? It's just private branded Travelocity. Travelocity is free to use.

    So what benefit does it offer? Nothing.

    Yet you are supposed to recruit for it, for a chance at $10000, if you got over 200 people under you.

    Sure you all can succeed… If you can find enough losers.

    And in TVI Express, 99.5% of members are losers. Do your own math.

    Oh, sure, call me negative. Call me jealous. I'll just call you "blind faithful"… like lemmings.

  3. Amen Bennie, I joined in December – really only to appease my friend who kept insisting on the opportunity it presented. I joined fully planning to never look at the program. On January 22, 2010 our up line who is VERY VERY successful with TVI who joined broke and is now already only 3 months later living a completely different lifestyle financially – He's not broke anymore. His comment to me when he called was – "Hey I heard your bark was worse than your bite, but I haven't seen Bite nor Bark." I laughed told him I had no intentions of doing anything with TVI – He was shocked to say the least. Why? He asked, you already made joined, you bought your 6 nights hotel package, why not at least look at what TVI has to offer. I agreed, we met, he showed me the program, I was confused which immediately intrigued me I had to learn this, I had never been involved in MLM programs and I didn't understand them. It has only been 2 weeks. I am at the top of the traveler board waiting to go to the express board. I am excited, I love the opportunity and IF this company is not what it says, I look at it this way – I have had my eyes opened to opportunities I never knew were out there, I have learned an enormous amount of information, I personally have not made any money yet, but I can tell you this, friends that were in before me ARE MAKING MONEY and ALOT OF MONEY to boot. I have seen the money. I know it's there. Take a risk if you are questing the validity of this company what do you have to lose? $275.00!!!! Big Deal, There is not one person alive who hasn't squandered that amount of money at some point in there lifetime. There are no guarantees in life, you cannot even guarantee that you will wake up tomorrow or even make it to the other side of the street when crossing it today. Jump in, learn it, who knows you just might be TVI's newest Millionaire, and if not, You didn't walk away with nothing, because if you learn the MLM you at least gained knowledge you previously didn't know. That in itself is worth more than $250.00. As for the Naysayers, you have no right until you join, work the program diligently and then and only then do you have the right to give a fully educated and first hand experience on TVI.

    I would love to talk to anyone who has interest, knowledge or would like to learn more about TVI whether you are a member or not. This is not a pitch to sign you up, however I'd be more than happy too if you decide this is a Travel Venture you would like to Embark upon.

    Shirley Crawford

  4. TVI Leader,

    This post made my day. Bernie Madoff would be proud of your posture and stance. Alan Stanford might even have offered you a job. Just because you made money, doesn't change the facts. Now as for the facts.

    1. Your own personal web portal where you book your travel is a private labeled Travelocity engine.

    2. Are you telling me you find it normal for a "multi-billion" billion dollar company to constantly have issues with their servers? Especially when those servers are based at The Planet in Texas? By the way my media servers are based at the planet, along with several MLM companies, who have not had any problems throughout the year.

    3. Did you not read the name of this site? We are all home based entrepreneurs and understand that in America home based and small businesses make up over 50% of all businesses.

    4. As for unemployment… 10% is not soaring rates, so get a clue. And as for your corporate America myth, get a clue. Every successful MLM is part of corporate America.

    5. As for judging… You bet I do, but not because I don;t know what I am talking about, it is because I do know the laws. You my friend, have just publicly informed the IRS, SEC and the FTC of the amount of offshore income you have earned in 2009. And since we record each IPAddress, even though you are not using your real name and did not include and email, it will be easy for them to track you down.

    So, I sure hope you are telling the truth, if you are a true American. By the way, $60K in 8 weeks does seem like a lot of money. However, if you can't keep buying additional spots, get people to give you $250 or the compensation plan collapses, then you are just like most home based business folks… Making a good income, but nothing to brag about.

    6. You are right we (USA) do operate with some pretty tight restrictions. Which is why for the last 200 plus years we have lead the world in business innovation, and have more six, seven and eight figure earners than any other country in the world. It is also why we have more legitimate MLM companies than any other country in the world.

    7. Now as for the REASON SO MANY COMPANIES OUT SOURCE… Is because in some cases we have become lackadaisical with our attitude, along with greedy. However, in the last 12 months we have started to get our act together and more companies are putting folks back to work, while others are launching into new businesses and MADE IN THE USA is starting to stand for something again.

    8. Exactly where is TVI located? I understand your lack of wisdom shines through in your writing, but just in case you have not read the above statements the TVI SERVERS ARE BASED IN TEXAS, which although it is a Republic in and of itself, does voluntarily abide by the Federal alws of the USA. Which means TVI must operate based on Texas and US Federal laws.

    9. As for shirts made in china… What gives you the idea any of us buy anything not made in the USA? Dude get a clue, talk about judgmental.

    10. TVI can be located anywhere and be a "valid" business. However, if operating in the USA, it has to abide by US laws. And if you do your homework, you will see EVERY foreign company operating in the USA falls under the same laws, not counting each of the 50 states. In the case of TVI, it has not even followed G.B. laws governing Direct Selling companies.

    11. As for Wall Street folks… you really have been smoking something. All of us got greedy over the last few years. Wall Street isn't the issue, it was our attitude. Just like folks going to TVI looking for the promise of quick cash without doing any type of due diligence. For all you know the owners could be human traffickers.

    12. As for the housing market… Just like Wall Street, people got greedy. They were buying million dollar homes on 50K a year, hoping to flip the homes and make a profit. Greed my friend, it can take down the best of us.

    13. I agree home based business entrepreneurs are willing to take calculated risks. However, without the rick of corporate founders, most home based business folks would not take very many risks. Every major corporation in the USA was built by a home based business entrepreneur who took the risk and build not only their fortunes by the fortunes of millions of others who believed in the vision and the dream.

    So, next time you craw out from under your rock, make sure you have the facts straight. Otherwise your lack of education will continue to shine through. I am always willing to let everyone share their views and opinions, because it shows their true wisdom, or lack thereof.

  5. I took m trip a week ago and it was amazing…we went to Paris from the USA. I wouldn't trade TVI in for nothing. $40,000 in cash plus $20,000 in vacation in 8 weeks. The $250 I invested was well worth it.

  6. All of these post are the most ignorant post I have ever seen. I stumbled across this sight and wondered what people were saying. I have been a member of TVI for 8 weeks and I have made $40,000 cash and $20,000 in vacations. First, we do not book our purchased ($250) vacation through Travelocity we book it through our own personal web portal. Secondly, any server issues that TVI has had, ALL , members were notified throughout the entire process. Thirdly, America really needs to get their head out of their asses. Home based business ranked in billions in 2009 alone while unemployment rates soared. Corporate America paid me $32,000 for the entire year of 2009 of which I probably actually brought home $26,000. Whereas TVI has paid me $60,000 in 8 weeks. So while you guys are so busy judging something that you know NOTHING about, you could be in my shoes. Also, every time I've called TVI, I gotten an answer. I don't have to wait days or even minutes for my money it comes instantly. The USA is the only country that operates with such tight business restrictions THE REASON SO MANY COMPANIES ARE OUTSOURCING YOU IDIOTS. So why open a business in a country that where it may cost you triple the amount to start in another country. NONE OF YOUR IDIOTS COMPLAIN ABOUT HAVING TO WEAR SHIRTS MADE IN CHINA SO WHY DOES TVI HAVE TO BE LOCATED IN THE US TO BE A VALID COMPANY. Maybe you guys haven't been paying attention to the news lately. Wallstreet execs steal billions of dollars from everyday working people, or maybe the housing market has crashed, sound familiar!?!?! But yet Home Based Business made billions of dollars by taking risks and not putting out money in the hands of the evil system we have here in America.

  7. TVI folks, what about the product… Has anyone cashed in on their vouchers and taken a trip? They should be like this company called DreamStyle, who is legitimate. They have a real product and the payouts are almost alike. DreamStyle payouts are $5,000 and $16,000. But the only thing is, you can take a trip and the product is great. Check it out… or call 888-774-7170.

  8. I just don't get how so many people fell for this one, I guess the allure of "something for nothing" is just too powerful.

  9. Just for your information here is the latest Leaders Conference Call on TVI EXPRESS

  10. Harry,

    My focus on using the phrase "people have ethics or they don't" was focused on the corporate leader and owners for the most part. I am sure there are some field leaders at the top who are also involved, but they could also be the founders of the company.

    I fully agree most folks who are involved in TVI see a way to earn some fast cash, and are great folks.

    I hope the latest rumors are wrong, and the secret founders of the company have not closed down and left folks without their money.

    Sadly, but expected we are not seeing several of these companies launching all over and folks jumping on the band wagon.

    Everyone should keep in mind, MLM travel companies are under the watchful eyes of the FTC and state AGs right now.

  11. Hey troy,

    Sorry it took so long for a response the J.O.B. had me captive!

    Ok Now when you say people have ethics are you speaking of the mysterious owners of TVI or the people pushing it. I wouldn't consider those pushing it unethical. In there minds they do not believe they are scamming anyone, they believe they are helping them. Just like any other MLM. Now if they are using misdirection and lies then i would say thats unethical, but we can talk about alot of MLM company or most and point issues of ethics. I dont wanna mention any names but one rhymes with Blobal Ferge
    Now the guys running the company if they take up and run away of course unethical. should be hunted like animals.

    If people get involved and know they are responsible to work and build and then don't or cant then its their fault. When people join they are aware of there obligations which must be completed in order to accomplish their goal. Anybody getting in any MLM and not working has no right to complain. but they do anyway.

    Well if these TVI folks are running then its eventually going to cause a breakdown of the system , but as of today TVI is still up and running and people are using the site, these guys are even sending out emails to the reps with server updates and whatnot.. it could be the end. i dont know. And if it is the end then it sucks to be the last guy in.

    I like your site Troy i visit often and appreciate the hard work you put in to help the unwitting fellow networkers.

    Products – good question , now you can talk to reps that claim the vouchers are good and they get vacations out of them and have used them. Do they? I find it hard to believe so many would turn a blind eye to the vouchers not being legit.
    Everyday people search the internet and want out of there shitty job. Every MLM companies shows the guy on the boat , nice house , cash out the ass, and loving life. But as you know the truth is 98% make squat and become satisfied with just covering there auto ship.

    I speculate what drives these TVI reps in 10K , and it being attained pretty often. So in a way i look at it as a almost a gambling sort of drive. Pay $250 make 10K , if i lose out so what its $250. but you increase your odds as long as you work at it. TVI gives what most MLM cant, 10K. Any average MLM person would die to make 10K in 2 months . If you made 10K in 2 years you would be very proud of yourself. So with TVI the money is there if you set out to get it. Well it almost like an easy way or perhaps smarter way out of traditional mlm.

    10k is pretty good money, i wouldn't start to compalin about the other 5K, It not greed its making money and alot of people need it now, so go for the 10K it will cost you $250 and some time, when your on the balls of your ass and out of work all you got is time. might as well try to make some money online. 🙂 also go for interviews and better yourself. get a real job, making money should be a part time goal.

    I looked at the list of top mlm and it my understanding that in order to receive a check with some that i recognized you have to be on autoship for a certain amount of volume in order to receive checks from them. or buy a specific amount every 3 months. ( which basically is autoship)

    and yes Global Verge needs to be put out of its misery. Poor reps brain washed. not to mention a mobile carrier war is on the horizon. its only a matter of time before everyone offers unlimited everything for $80. GV rep, you are no competition to the top 4 companies. sorry 😉

    Lastly i looked at Rod Cooks site. (BTW that link dosent work).
    Lots of info there and i wonder where it comes from. If its true then what can you say.

    The one thing that erks me about that site is the design! Constructive criticism no offense Rod it does the job and the info is what really counts. But presentation goes a long way as well. I suggest an overhaul of the site, even a simple template would dramatically change it. If your strapped for cash i got a great program for ya only cost ya $250 and you can make 10K in 2 months 🙂 lol

    Have a great day.


  12. Harry,

    Great comment. I do have a few questions I would like to ask to better understand your position.

    1. Why is calling TVI Express a scam unfair? People either have ethics or they don't.

    2. How do you come to the conclusion "nobody gets involved thinking they are going to do nothing?" People do this all the time, in some form or another. Which is why these types of schemes continue to emerge time and time again.

    3. Why do you say these types of schemes only fail when the legal folks get involved? There are plenty of professional shell game creators who know when to fold the house and take their winning long before the legal agencies arrive. Which seems to be what is happening now. The fire has been turned up, and they have disappeared, from London, and were smart enough in the beginning to have their money in a protected location.

    By the way, my goal is to get high search ranking when we do these posts. I want people to be informed. I agree 100% with you on the fact people are adults and can join what they desire. However, when the frenzy is going on, its the unknowing we want to inform.

    If people got as excited about legitimate MLM businesses as they do these MLM schemes they would all be rich. However, as we all know legitimate businesses of any kind take some work.

    Now you mention "TVI reps don't want to deal with crappy products." Exactly what are they dealing with right now? They are paying $250.00 for a travel voucher which are available for free in other places. Plus, the reality is, no receives $15,000.00. They get $10K and the compy banks $5K for future company trips. Seems a bit strange to me.
    do agree "it's all about the money." Hey, isn't that what got us American's in so much debt? We wanted more, and Wall Street was willing to give it to us. Now look where we are. Greed, breads more Greed!

    By the way, if you review the top 64 companies in MLM, you will find the oldest and most successful do not require any form of autoship. Maybe that is why they are billion dollar companies!

    I have no rebuttle or questions about your Global Verge statement 🙂

    Here is a follow-up post I did on TVI yesterday from Rod Cook. It is interesting

    I agree TVI is not a real company, but calling it a scam is unfair..

    Nobody gets involved thinking they are gonna sit around and get paid fro doing nothing. But some find it more difficult then others to succeed. which is basically getting others.

    Most who don't succeed accept it and move on with there lives. The only time people get screwed is when authorities step in and shut down the operation thus causing a loss for everyone. or the company runs off with the money, which hasent happened people are still making money in TVI. And its not me, i dont see it as a vehicle for me to make money.

    Dont get me wrong but people enjoy this type of scheme so it seems and it flourishes despite these topics Troy posts on his site, which are in the Google rankings i might add. people are informed about TVI and choose to join.

    So what is the problem? nobody is complaining except people on the sidelines that arent even involved. i know some TVI members have valid issues but there minute compared to the happy TVI reps or whatever you call them.

    Nobody pays the price. People obviously enjoy this money making scheme, scam or whatever you want to name it. TVI people dont want to deal with shitty products. Its all about the money. Once a rep in another company starts losing money first thing to go is AUTOSHIP! TVI no autoship.

    Seem like it boils down to jealously or something along those lines. Let people be and back F*** off! And remember i haven't made a cent with TVI. But i know when to mind my own business. maybe some of you should too.

    PS. Global Verge is a shit shop. I'd rather say i was in TVI then involved in that disaster. 🙂


  13. Maybe some people just don't think those "red flags" are such a huge deal. Maybe they choose to ignore them because they have taken chances before and things panned out for them, even when others pointed out "red flags". Lets face it, there are as many pessimistic, negative, over analyzing people out there as there are positive, optimistic, dice rolling people – and thank goodness we have those dice rolling people, otherwise we might still be living without electricity, phones, computers, stove, cars………and the list goes on, remember someone must have told all of those people that what they were doing wasn't going to work – but as we know they did work! I'm not comparing joining TVI to making a historical invention, but hopefully you do see the "dice rolling" comparison.

    As for everyone having the "same opportunity" – I suggest we ask ourselves this question, does everyone really have the "same opportunities" in every day life? I mean really, they try to tell us we are all born equal, but the fact is we are NOT all born equal – in more ways than one! I've personally seen some people in my downline move forward and make more money faster than the people above them. Certainly a few people who got in this thing a lot sooner and who have worked harder at promoting it are probably making a lot more money than the rest of us – but once again ask yourself, doesn't the CEO, CFO, CIO, President, Vice President, Director etc make more money than their downlines (staff, the people in the trenches, the 20% doing 80% of the work) make – of course they do, and no matter how hard their downline works they will never make as much as those folks (unless of course they are lucky enough to be promoted up the food chain, NOT).

    Now stop worrying about all things being equal and just go get your own little piece of the pie! One piece is often better than the entire pie:-) Less calories too!

  14. Troy – new members can sign up by opening a Liberty Reserve account. TVI accepts payments for vouchers via Liberty Reserve. I don't think a lot of people care much for Paypal, and we all know how easy it is to "dispute" a credit card charge – so I understand TVI doing what they can to minimize fraud and charge backs, any prudent business would do the same.

    TVI has NOT stopped taking money – they are simply tweaking the methods in which they will accept the payments. I know from experience that previously a lot of people were wiring money directly to the TVI bank account and they were NOT including all of the pertinent information that TVI requested so that they could track these deposits and process the vouchers correctly. It was a high volume and probably messy due to the lack of information that these people were sending with their deposits. I applaud TVI for suspending that function quickly to avoid an even bigger mess and delay with signups.

    I personally don't like the Liberty Reserve method, it's a bit cumbersome for some people who are not familiar with that type of payment process, but if that's the safest method at this point then I say lets use it. That's exactly why a lot of people who have made their $10k are choosing to turn that money into vouchers because it's easier than wiring money and it's faster, it happens instantly in your back office, you purchase the voucher and you immediately receive the voucher numbers that are needed to sign up a new distributor – it's quick and efficient.

    I've been a TVI distributor for 2 months now, my experience has been good so far. I certainly would like to see the free vacations available again soon (as they have promised) – I will hold my judgment on that until I see what they do, I believe in giving folks a little wiggle room. That said, if those vacations are still not available by the end of Nov I will be on the phone complaining.

    In closing I'd like to say that even though my experience has been good so far I am not by any means ignoring the fact that this ride might not last forever – but if it last long enough for me to make some extra cash and take a couple of free trips well I'm happy:-) Lets face it, even if some people don't make any money, an investment of less than $300 should not be anyone's life savings:-) When you go to the casino you know the house has the highest odds in most games, but we enjoy spinning the wheels and turning the cards, so maybe some of us just enjoy moving up the boards:-) I say we are all grown adults, let us spend our $250 the way we want to spend it if it's not hurting the earth or another person:-)

    Now go live life like it's your last day:-)

  15. Watusi,

    One of the TVI leaders John Perio posted the link here on in the community, and I listened after the fact. From listing to the call, I do not think this was a regular call.

    I will do some checking.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  16. TVI Express is a pyramid scheme – why? Very easy: sponsors can make money only by recruiting new people for the system. There are no products or services a common-or-garden customer can buy if he is not a member (= sponsor) of TVI Express. All money is made in the system – not outside with real customers. In nearly all civilised countries this is illegal. You don´t have to be a lawyer to see this. So any person who promotes TVI is acting criminal and should be accused.

    Network marketing is not very well accepted in the public. Cunts like the TVI backers are the gravediggers who scuttle this interesting distribution scheme. All straightforward network companies, their employees and countless partners pay the price for the profit of a few scammers. The fight against MLM tricksters is not only a judicial but also an economic affair.

  17. Hi Troy – how did you get the phone number and schedule for this conference call? I would like to attend these calls myself if they happen on a regular basis? Can you give us details regarding that please?

  18. @Mark: First thing every reputable business man or woman wants to know is WHO the company is he or she is dealing with. What´s so extraordinary asking for such information? … ah yes I´ve forgotten: networkers are no business people, they´re just idiots or gamblers. Is this the thing you want to say? I guess not. So don´t kid honest networkers who try to run their business not like swindlers.

  19. @ Bennie: … I´m sure you wouldn´t like my intensions why I´m here on this board, so just this: I don´t need advice what to do with my time boy OK?

    … but while you're at it: will YOU please answer my question WHERE this so-called company is legally located? So don´t haver – JUST GIVE US SOME REVISABLE INFORMATION! That would be usefully spent time.


  20. Mark,

    Amway was never called a scam by the grass root people within the profession of MLM. I was charged as a pyramid and after making some small changes became legit. Amway never used a matrix compensation plan to pay people either. Since the very beginning volume was the basis of payment.

    Now, you left out two other kinds people who are in the game. The ones who run the show behind the scenes, who we never see. And then there are those who are part of the game from the inside, but are not afraid to share the good, bad and ugly, so other can learn from their insight.

    And, if we keep it within your word picture. Then there are the support staff, field cleaners, financiers, security staff and the list goes on.

    No matter how you play the game there are always more people involved then most people realize.

    At least we are all willing to play.

  21. Mark,

    Can you provide documentation to prove your claim as to when the company started and where. Plus 3rd party proof (like form the software company) to prove how many people have signed up. Also how many are still active in the matrix and how many are still joining?

  22. TVI started January of 2009. Distributors as of November 1st 2009 A WHOPPING 284,000 Ask yourself the question? Am I Missing Something?

  23. You know what is really funny about all this. They said the same thing about Amway years ago but look what it is today. The real funny part is all you people who are knocking TVI now well your neighbours are getting in, your friends are getting in, your relatives are getting in. You know what you are going to say later> I wish I would have. There is only 3 kinds of people in the game. The outsiders looking in the skeptics, the Fans, & the Players in the Game. What would you rather be?

  24. Bennie,

    Since Osama Bin Laden is not just a terrorist, but also a billionaire, there is a good possibility one of his many shell corporations owns TVI Express. Since you brought up is name, and several folks have told me "if you knew who owned TVI Express, you would not be writing about it.' Maybe, just maybe he owns it, and you are trying to get us from digging deeper.

    But, seriously if you have solid information, which can be validated, then why don't you provide it, so great ladies like Donna will know the truth? Why do you come by and comment, and not give solid facts?

    Instead you tell Donna to find something better to do. Are you concerned that the truth?

    I am glad you have joined because you have the right. I truly hope we are wrong and you are right. Because now that you have read what is written, you will never be able to use the excuse of not knowing what was going on.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  25. Dear Donna, you and a many others need to find better things to do with your time. Help the US find Osama Bin Laden, something that will make a significant difference in life. Once again, because you and others do not know how to go about finding out TVI's official data does not make it a scam. So I'm not going to continue to indulge in such speculations, I've joined and look forward to me and my team cycling over and over. You are more than welcome to join our team or any other team for that matter, or continue in the programs you're involved in. Be Blessed and wish you much success!

  26. @ Bennie:

    Quote: "Lets give this company or any other company a chance to prove itself …"

    What company? There is NO company! Every legal business is registered in the trade register, has an official postal address known by the authorities, has a company number, a tax number, a sales tax number and a person who is the legal representative.

    Travel Ventures International has NOTHING. It has NEVER been existed as a corporate body in the UK. It´s only a fantasy name without any judicial acceptation.

    So what´s wrong to criticize this? It has nothing to do with ´ignorance´or ´not giving a company a chance´. Every reputable new company shall get a fair chance, indeed!. But a company which seemingly does not exist? Travel Ventures International is a fake – made to cheat people. Or can you imagine other reasons why they play such a peekaboo?

    But maybe YOU can give us information where this undefinable heavenly spirit called Travel Ventures International is legaly situated – post it here with all the details I have menshioned above. If you can´t you better should keep still.

  27. Mark,

    Thank you for this link. However, it is not owned by Travel Ventures International or TVI Express. See Below.

    Advanced Info Media Co., Ltd.
    1108/42 Sukhumvit Rd. Prakanong
    Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Advanced Info Media Co., Ltd.
    1108/42 Sukhumvit Rd. Prakanong
    Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
    66238225009 Fax — (662) 382-2500

    Technical Contact:
    Lerdpaisarnwong, Udomsak
    Advanced Info Media Co., Ltd.
    1108/42 Sukhumvit Rd. Prakanong
    Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
    66238225009 Fax — (662) 382-2500

    Domain servers in listed order:

  28. Mark,

    You have me laughing on this one. If you research all of the current or past scams you will find the majority of people involved were praising the scam and the leaders who were running them. Enron, MCI, Stanford, Madoff, real estate scams and the list goes on and on. Inside of our great profession we have seen what happen to IGP (Institute of Global Prosperity) and PQI. In the early years people praised Dave Struckman and Claudia Himer for sharing with them "How to beat the taxman." Yet, when the chips came falling down people committed suicide and went to prison for tax evasion. Families fell apart, and reputations were lost forever. Yet, in several of these cases the leaders were wined and dined by political leaders, social leaders and religious organizations for all they gave to help others.

    The internet is a great tool for seeing how things played out in history. It is great for living streaming news. However, if you use search engine searches to decide the truth in a situation, then you are way behind times.

    The way to see what people really are saying, then hit some of the social sites and I think you will see both sides of the coin.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  29. Valerie,

    How do you know TVI Services Limited is the same company as Travel Ventures International?

    As for your comment on the Alexa rankings… That holds no water. The servers are hosted at "The Planet" which has one of the best redundancy ratings in the world. Twice in 3 years my media servers have gone done and were back up in a matter of minutes. Yet it always seems at least once a month or more the TVI Express site goes down.

    Now we could assume the first time it was due to a hard drive crash. But every month? Not! Make one wonder if they are 30-days behind on their hosting bill.

    Let's take a situation which happened yesterday. Shepard Smith (news anchor) on Fox News, told his viewers to hit the and vote on a specific issue. He went to commercial came back on laughing and said… Thank you folks, you just crashed our servers. He did a 10 minute segment, went to commercial and when they came back the site was back up and he said… "Let's see if we can do it again. Which they could not.

    Moral of the story… FoxNews is a top 500 website in the world, and are back up in minutes, TVI should never be down more than a day.

    So back on topic… How do you know this is the same company?

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  30. It is a registered company in the UK under the following info:

    Company Details – TVI SERVICES LIMITED
    Registered No.06844674

    Tel: We do not list telephone numbers. Click here to search for a telephone number at
    Type: Private Limited with share capital
    Incorporation Date: 12-03-2009
    Status: Unknown
    Last Accounts Filed up to: –
    Last Accounts Analysed: –
    Nature of business SIC: 93050 – Other service activities not elsewhere classified

    As this company has either not or only recently filed they are not yet analysed by our system, so we are unable to offer a credit report. If you would like to be informed by email when the report is available, please click here.
    Filed On Description Price Buy
    This document is in Adobe Acrobat Format 05-09-2009 Notice of change of directors or secretaries or in their particulars – 1 page(s) £18.00
    This document is in Adobe Acrobat Format 01-07-2009 Resolution to adopt or alter Memorandum and Articles – 12 page(s) £18.00
    This document is in Adobe Acrobat Format 29-06-2009 Annual Return made up to 26-06-2009 – 3 page(s) £18.00
    This document is in Adobe Acrobat Format 13-03-2009 New Incorporation documents made up to 12-03-2009 – 15 page(s) £18.00

    I found all of that through UK and here is their the company phone number…
    : +44-2032899918 this is the company UK phone number

    Just because things are done differently overseas than they are in the US does NOT make them illegal or scams. This company is obviously registered in the UK, as for the domain reg in VA, how do you think any domain gets listed on various countries rankings??
    Check it's Alexa rankings, then ask again why the servers are having difficulty keeping up with this growth.

  31. If you think that TVI EXPRESS is so bad then just type tvi express in your Yahoo, Google, or MSN Search Engines and you will see more positive stuff then negative about TVI EXPRESS!!!

  32. TROY you mentioned in your video above that TVI does not have any Web Sites in other languages well here is Thailands Web Site

    Each Country has it's own web site

  33. itself is offline acconding to itself. You hate that TVI is paying folks or you just do not have a life.

  34. Bennie,

    Thank you for commenting, you bring up interesting points. But I have a few questions to ask regarding your train of thought.

    1. What benchmark are you using for "ignorance?" I ask that question because if you read the comments on each post you quickly find several of us have dug very deep. Checking legal paperwork, tracking websites, and following the money trail.

    2. When you state "has not shown itself to be a scam", can you name a scam which DID show itself to be one, until after things fall apart? Scams are run better than most companies so the money continues to roll in.

    3. Why are you down on "America?" Several of those who have dug deep are from Australia. YOu sound as if you would rather live in a different country than America.

    4. What benchmark are you using when you refer "quick to slander?" As for me personally, I have not slandered TVI Express. However, I have asked some very powerful questions and I used solid benchmarks to list them under the Scam Alerts. What slander are you referring?

    5. In my latest post I play the whole insider call, where their own leaders are asking the same questions I have been asking for months. And on the biggest issues, the red flags remain. So again I ask you… What benchmark do you use to say "Without the fact?"

    Now to answer your question about "Who is Troy or anyone else that they must answer to us" No one has to answer to me. But they do have to answer to their distributors. But at the same time when a company, which promotes itself as a highly successful enterprise hides common information in the same manner as organize crime organizations who work the internet, rather than providing transparency, then expect questions to be raised.

    I understand you are new to our community. If you stick around you will see our focus is on asking questions which help potential representatives of any company enough information to make an informed decision before they join a company.

    And for someone who seems down on America I would think you would welcome this type of information. Where would people be today had a grassroots blog been around when MCI, Health South, and Enron were hurting folks? Those companies were not seen as scams during their prime either. As a matter of fact average everyday folks just us here at MLM Help Desk, were buying stock, telling our friends to buy stock (Which increased our stock shares) and then BAM! It all came down.

    When a company launches it should be ready for the hard questions. To date those questions have not been answered. You do not give people time to come up with answers. You either have them or you don't.

    Based on your train of thought, it seems you don't ask questions when you enter relationships? This can be very dangerous.

    If you handle your personal life like you seem to do your business life, there is no telling what secrets people in your life might have. Hope that doesn't come back to bite you.

    And if you have kids, I sure hope you ask questions of people you let around them.

    Now going back to your comment on "America" I do have one last thing to say on that note…

    I am proud to be American Born, and Southern by the Grace of God! It seems you have an attitude against this great country.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  35. I find it rather amazing how quick we are to come to conclusions based on our own ignorance. TVI Express has not shown itself to be a scam as of yet, but we here in the "know it all America," is quick to slander a company before finding out facts.
    I'm saying this to say, who are you Troy or anyone else, that TVI top officials have to answer to. It's obvious that we are small pawns compared to whomever these people are. Lets give this company or any other company a chance to prove itself as being a scam before we start labeling it as a scam.
    Come on people, get real and get a life. If you don't like TVI or wish not to join, then don't. If you're willing to take a chance in joining then do so and do it with your whole heart hoping for a positive outcome

  36. LOL! People – since some hours TVI´s website is down. I´ve got information that the site had been blocked by the internet hosting company of Try to check! More information about the background how it all came to this soon! It´s an interesting story …

    Let´s hope that they never will re-open this bloody scam page.

  37. Thomas,

    I just got an email on this new company. Right off the back I can say, at least travel ventures International has a name which sounds like a professional travel company. Anyone who calls their company and is trying to call themselves a travel company, should go back to the drawing board.

    Let's see what turns up.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  38. Ah yes! And do these guys possibly have – an office? Or do they work from home with the children at their feet?

    OK let´s forget that Travel Ventures International is not located at Marble Arch Tower, 55 Bryanston Street, London W1 H 7AJ. And never was. Or are there any entries of this so-called company in the records of Companies House? There aren´t!

    Only a company which was legally formed is real. So Travel Ventures International never has been existed as a corporate body in the UK. It´s only a fantasy name without any judicial acceptation.

    And give a shit on it that this is criminal – that some wirepullers of the undefinable heavenly spirit called Travel Ventures International try to make the people believe „We are existing“ . Although it´s a lie.

    But now – finally – we have our Mr. Wisenheimer! He is telling us that he knows all the big bosses of this so-called company. He is telling us that Travel Ventures International does exist as a legal company. But where Mr. Wisenheimer? ? In your dreams or somewhere outside your brain? Make us believe this by giving us some simple information!

    Here is what we want to know:

    – Company name
    – Legal form of company
    – Street Address including phone number
    – Company number
    – Tax number
    – Sales Tax Number/VAT number, if applicable
    – Legal representative

    Now hurry up man – the world is waiting for some educational news!


  39. Oh damn, i just love to read those comments. Myself I am a member of TVI and I think i run a tight ship. But now I am not going to get into the whole discussion you guys have cause I am not here to defend anyone or point fingers, but I do have to say one thing. If TVI is such a bad company then I can't wait to hear your side on That is TVI carbon copied. With a few changes but basically the same. And I heared it is based out of the USA. Now if the FTC will chew up TVI, i can't wait to see what they do to

    Keep us updated on that Troy.

    Thanks Thomas Lierzer

  40. Mark,

    This is one of my points. If a company is not accepting new money and are still paying out money, eventually the plan will collapse if new money does not start to flow fast.

  41. TVI Express Support Division


    Dear Member,

    The list of our Management team members along with their designation is given below:

    President & CEO – Bill Hemming
    Sr. Vice President – Sam Cooper
    Director (Sales & Marketing) – Kevin Tyler
    Head of PR – Sarah Wilson

    Best Regards,

    Audrey Charles
    TVI Support Team

    Cyprus has always been there Bank!!
    Never Ever accepted PayPal.
    Why wire Transfers are on hold — as per that audio u listened to

    Many people were sending mis information when wiring from bank to bank — numbering in the thousands per day — There bank needed this to stop –until a better system was in place and all messed up transfers were corrected —they will resume

  42. ROFLOL…

    Seriously do you really think I am going to take down anything on this blog because someone threatens to tattle? The top leaders in TVI Express have been very profesisonal and have come by more than once to talk, correct, and debate the issues surrounding TVI Express. If the owners, and corporate officers have not seen these posts, I would be completely surprised.

    But since you are concerned with the "false information" why don't you correct what is false? And while you are at it, fill in the blanks below.

    1. The owners of TVI Express are _______________________
    2. The false information I posted is __________________________________________________________
    3. What laws have I violated in the USA ______________________________________________________
    4. Why should I be worried about the owners and what I write? Are they cyber-criminals?_______________

    Now, you are correct on one issue… I do not know the owners. Nor is it public information. But even if I knew the owners, it would not stop me from posting my thoughts.

    By the way… Mark why did you use the email instead of your other email

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  43. I hope you are ready for a Law Suit from TVI as I am sending this site to TVI head office and if this false information is not removed from this site immediately be prepared for a MAJOR LAW SUIT from TVI Obviously you do not know the Owner of this Company or you would not post this information!!!

  44. I am very intrigued by all the information on TVI Express… Now I am not saying TVI is a scam however there are many unanswered questions and red flags. My question is WHY?? If everything is legit and on the up and up why is there so much misinformation circulating? This is a huge problem for any company legit or not. The Most important thing in today's Internet Based Global Economy is Transparency… and I feel and see a real lack on TVI's part. So.. TVI would be extremely wise to clear all these issues and quickly before it does irreparable damage. I hope, for all the TVI'ers out there, that they get it together and handle the fears of the market place.

  45. Bambi,

    Just because I have not personally been shot by a terrorist, doesn't mean I can judge them. When a company states they are going to be a billion dollar company, and then are not prepared for the growth, there is an issue. When a company has collected close to $75,000,000.00 dollars and if they paid out all 72% of the commissions, should still have close to $21,000,000.00 for net operating costs, they should not have any issues.

    I am glad you believe I am wrong. And for your sake and many others I pray you are right. See, I have no problem being proven wrong, when peoples financial dreams are at stake.

    But, from listening to this latest call, it sure sounds like the TVI Express US based leaders are concerned about the same issues I am.

    How can you keep up with demand if you are not accepting credit cards or wire transfers? Can you just send cash or money Orders? Now that would be a red flag.

    And, I am not sure why folks always use "I haven't heard anyone screwed over by the company" as a benchmark for a scam. I can't think of any major scam who screwed over their victims during the scam. It was when the scam fell that the complaints come in.

    I am glad you stopped by to comment Bambi.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  46. In a world market, saturation of almost any product or service is unlikely.
    Yes..The possibility of earning a yacht or jet with a 250 dollar investment is almost impossible
    But it makes sense if you understand the true context of the comp plan.
    There are many scams out there.
    Perhaps we would do better to focus our attentions on the ones that have been operating out of the nation's capital.

  47. Oh forgot to suggest you listen to the TArun Trikha interview Tarun explains how Travelocity is related and indirectly involved w/ TVI.

    The travel vouchers are not able to be used to purchase vacations – that is correct. THey are used for company sponsored events. This is also addressed in the interview.

    Is Ken Russo on the TVI management team or a member of TVI? I haven't headr his name as one of the DIrectors of the TVI management but that may or may not be true.

    There is no possibility of anyone being a victim as they have the value in the membership they purchased.

    IT's clearly obv you also have no clue about the comp plan bonuses adn before you make erroneous statements like you are doing Mr. DeBunker you might want to do your homework and while you are at it put some money under your lids pillow and tell them there is no tooth Fairy….

  48. How many times have you called a large corporation and the telephone operator left hand doesn't know what their right hand is doing?

    Enough said.

  49. You people are cracking me up… I would say if you haven't been in TVI, you shouldn't judge them. I signed up and our team has had huge success. Many have made $10,000 and TVI has done everything they have promised. They are opening offices all over the world and trying to keep up with the demand of sign ups. You can spend your time putting TVI down, but you are wrong. Show me someone that IS a member of TVI and has been screwed over by the company and then maybe I will listen to you. So far, I haven't found any member of TVI that can say that. I wish you success in whatever you do. Bambi Gleason. Hope to see you on Skype or Facebook.

  50. Wrong again Troy…everyone has the same opportunity to earn as much as the people at the top. We all make our own by producing. Those that produce reap the rewards if they know the secrets to educating their team(s) to succeed in the comp plan.

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