TVI Express Associates State MLM Help Desk Missed It On The Compensation Plan

TVI Express Update: Troy Dooly, missed it on the TVI Express Compensation Plan.

Well, as our subscribers all know, when I make a mistake we clarify it, and do our best to correct the error.

Now, in the case of the TVI Express compensation plan, for whatever reason not one of the distributors (John Piro excluded) has come forth with a detailed explanation.

However, we did receive phone calls, emails and comments from compensation plan experts who have done their best to help all of us get a handle on things.

One of the most helpful in this area has been one of our community members “ARWR”, and my hat is off to them… Whoever they might be! (Some of our community members use code names, so they don’t have a million folks contacting them, with business opportunities.)

Let’s see if this newest set of numbers make an since. And once again, if we’re off, then I would hope someone one at TVI Express, who states the company is the greatest thing next to sliced bread, would come forth and give us a spreadsheet showing actual numbers from their organization.

If you have already watched the video above, you heard me state, the maximum contribution to the Express Board (where the $15,000 payout is generated) is $1,750.00 per position ($2,000 – $250 cash paid out in the Traveller Board).

So, if our current numbers are correct. it will take 8 positions in the Express Board to cycle out. $1750.00 x 8 = $14,000.00. Yet, TVI Express is paying out $15,000 per cycle. This seems to indicate a $1,000 “loss”.

Yikes, at first glance, that would seem to be a recipe for disaster. However, as I mentioned in the video, just like a bank knows all of it’s customers will not want all their cash back at once, so they run on a float.

The same type of situation happens when a company is using a Matrix. Each Matrix is at a different cycle, and the odds (although it could happen) of all Matrix Boards cycling at once is very slim.

Now the algorithm used to determine the float for each company is going to be different. But, as long as the front-end money continues to flow into the Matrix Compensation.

Now long story short, and if our numbers are getting closer to reality, to cycle off and earn the $15,000 a participant has to have 510 people below them in what is, essentially, a 2×8 with a $250 entry fee.

Which does bring up a question.

If there is a short fall of -$1,000.00 per payline, how long before the compensation plan would need to be tweaked in order to payout all residual and bonus income. Seems in the long run the company would not be profitable, and bonuses might not get paid.

I am sure this will raise some feathers for some. But, I am sure willing to get to the bottom of the real numbers if anyone is willing to share. Everyone should have the right to fully understand the compensation if they are going to join TVI Express.

Living An Epic Adventure,


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37 thoughts on “TVI Express Associates State MLM Help Desk Missed It On The Compensation Plan”

  1. Bones,

    The concerns I have raised have been raised by the TVI Express field leadership. Read the latest post.

    I also find it funny you would say I am "hellbent on ruining the lives of those who desperately need this financial help." Where do you get that idea? I am pretty sure we have posted on more legitimate MLM companies than Scam Alert companies. Which would show we are giving people plenty of solid info.

    However, I will warn folks so they can go into any opportunity with their eyes wide open.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  2. John,

    When you earn this money how about sending me a copy of the check, or account statement and I will gladly post it. However, I will also have to disclose this is not common and the results may very.

    As for your personal situations. I'll be praying for you and the boys. If you have followed any of my personal stuff you understand where I am coming from.

    As for the "Secret" I can see again you have not followed me very long, or you would know where I stand.

    John, why would I want to focus on you or my naysayers?

    If you take the time you would quickly see the legitimate MLM companies, Servant Leaders, legal issues and Training categories far out weigh the small Scam Alert section. Folks who come here, do not come just to hear about TVI Express, they come to get info, training, news and yes to laugh at some of the comments.

    I am sorry for the negativity in your life. But it does sound like you are driving though it. Again I'll be praying.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  3. John,

    It seems you started writing in the middle of a thought, so I am not following you on this comment. I can say I never "just take a shot at a company." I am not sure why you would even think those thoughts. Seriouly, if you read through our blog and are not just selfishly writing just about TVI Express, you will soon see we NEVER take potshots and I am always open to changing my mind when company's make changes.

    I do pull info from the members of companies who post here on the community site. Even when I wrote on Global Verge this last summer, we used info provided from reps, field leader, and corporate officers.

    And when new facts are given, or when we get the facts wrong we make very loud and bold corrections.

    John, you write some great stuff, but every now and then you write something which just causes folks to scratch their head and ask "Where did that come from?"

    I do have to bring one huge issue to light. I have no problem with you taking potshots at me personally. However, I can't allow you to talk down to our community members. Calling the folks who come here and read or post "Ignorant" is way out of line.

    As for corporate officers posting… Several CEOs, founders, officers and top field leaders post here at MLM Help Desk. Some have been from companies I have praised and others are from companies I have dogged.

    As a matter of fact I was contacted by the founder of Liberty International just yesterday and we are getting together next week so he can share some inside facts about their company.

    The founder of Global Verge reached out last summer and the CEO of Global Verge at the time called and we had great talks.

    So, you need to go back to the drawing board on your "Interesting realization."

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  4. John we finally found come common ground!!!! THis compensation plan is way to complecated. A huge RED FLAG!

  5. John,

    Now who is spouting possible fiction as fact. What proof outside of the website stating "We will reach out." John not one place on the website does it EVER state "TVIExpress IS supporting Unicef."

    John, now you need to realize if you read through all the numbers mentioned by TVIExpress reps, other experts and mine. So far no one has seemed come to the same conclusion. Everyone seems close. However, with the ability to use the $250 dollar TVIExpress voucher for an additional position, you still seem to have play money included in the scheme of things. This will cause the matrix to collapse sooner or later.

    Especially if they don't start accepting Wires pretty quick.

    I am glad you are the ONLY TVIExpress reps who understands the plan. When the FTC comes after someone all the other TVIExpress leaders who have posted or shot videos can point your way as the US Expert 🙂

  6. John,

    Help me out here. I looked at the post you commented on and did not see a #5, I went to my latest post and did not see one either. Exactly what did I not get straight?

    And in my latest post, I believe I asked questions, and posted audio clips, so any facts would come from the call which I do not control.

    Now if you are talking about my comments on where the company is growing. Those are comments based on you and others. So if those facts are in correct, they came from TVI Express reps, through comments here on the website. So don't point to me Johnny boy, look at what you guys are saying. There are several recorded videos and audios from "Top Leaders in TVI who talk about the success of India and China. Personally, I do not care where the company launched. Everything on their site refereences US and UK businessmen or political leaders.

    Which causes one to wonder why? If you review my post on the top 64 MLMs in the world, you realize very quickly they could have used several business leaders in other countries also. Especialy since they were "located in the UK." On the last call the leader explaining everything to you and others made it clear his largest organization was from India. (Unless I misunderstood, which you say I do all the time 🙂 )

    By the way, there is not any one here who dosn't understand your "hidden agenda" Just come on out of the closet and build your business 🙂

    Always spirited and enjoyable John. I respect your loyalty to the company you love.

    Living An EPic Adventure,


  7. Praise the Lord…Someone finally recognizes how powerful and how much good TVI Express is doing for the world economy and for so many people in need.

    How bout the people that are working their MLM's who have been working them so intently day in and day out for the past 6 months to 3+ years and still haven't netted their 1st $10,000 and how many people have turned out as $10,000 earners in as little as 13 days and how many have made this amount in less than 6 weeks?

    The world needs a TVI Express men and women. What good does it do the world to try to tear down something that is generating so much money into the mainstream which is enabling people to pull themselves out of foreclosure and pay their electric bills, oil bills, food for their families, etc etc. Christ almightly Naysayers!! Leave TVI alone.

    TVI Express is doing so many people sooo much good and those that decide to invest in a membership and decide not to suggest it to others still get something that is worth 4x's as much as what they invested in. How many people are actually losing anything here?

    So how bad does TVI Express really have on the world economy?

    I say back off and let the fools like me who are stupid enough to risk a whopping $250 in a travel voucher for a hotel stay and are allow themselves the opportunity of saving themselves from financial devastation. Right now I am looking at earning upwards of $20,000+ in less than 8 weeks ad so much more. I will still have this opportunity as so many others will if everyone just back off TVI.

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to not lose another house and to earn the money I need to get sole custody of my kids in the nasty divorce I am entering into from a woman who I believe is suffering from Munchausen Syndrome. MY kids need me to earn this money to fight for their safety.

    Thank you. My 3 boys (10 yr old and twin 9 yr old boys) will appreciate your concern and so many people around the world will thank Troy Dooley for all the positive vibrations his forum will begin to put out into the world.

    Has anyone ever heard of "The Secret"?

    WHy don't you try practicing its lessons Troy and let';s see the power it has on the world beginning with your forum.

    Maybe then myself & so many of your naysayers will begin to respect what your forum does as a positive impact on the world rather than spreading so much negativity on it.

    What do you say Troy. Wanna give it a try?

  8. Wow…see what I mean? Another mathematician at work. Great job Pele!!

    Isn't it amazing how many formulas there are to determine how much is netted?

  9. If that's the case they read your blog Troy they have to know that you are just taking shots at a business and pulling out information from its members so they can use information that may not necessarily be true to get their claws into a business due to people's ignorance.

    This is probably the reason why there aren't any corporate officers who will not post any information in your forum here because they are too smart to be quoted anything that can be twisted and called a fact.

    Interesting realization aye?

  10. Correction the travel website is powered by an affiliate company of Travelocity (Listen to )

    Other than that James, everything you typed is very well stated.

  11. Isn't the math amazing? How many different ways is this comp plan going to be figured before anyone gets it right?

    The answer? There are too may different variables to determine how many memberships are purchased which determines how much money will be generated to come to one definitive answer.

    My suggestion is for everyone to stop trying to figure it out. Let's just detail the facts of how many memberships are purchased when a position is compensated for doing its job in building TVI's membership base which equates to TVI wholesale buying power which its members benefit from.

  12. Good for you Bobby – and you are right – I keep forgetting about that too how TVI supports Unicef.

    That 64 number I believe is the least amount it can take for a position to cycle out thru its EB. Due to the variables on the boards it typically takes at least in the 80-100-120 range is the way I have it figured.

    I am at the top of an EB (Express Board) now and I have 81 in my org at the moment. I need 5 more TB's (Traveller Boards) to break B4 I cycle off the EB for $10K. I should also mention here I started to work this business just 6 weeks ago.

    The minimum I need to cycle out at this point is 29 new members which makes a total of 110. That's 110 x$250 = $27,500 that will have come into the TVI Express bank account before it pays me $10K. HHmmmm….interesting , isn't it? (that's only 37% but we also have to not forget the $250 it paid me when I cycled thru the TB too).

    But then how many more members will it take for the next two boards to cycle out the top positions of the their new EBs? Well – that's difficult to determine until my position cycles out. When that happens I will try to remember to do the math for everyone here reading the infamous Troy Dooley MLM Help Desk to determine how much will have come into the company before those next two positons cycle out. I know one thing…It's not going to be easy to figure it out w/o laying out some spread sheets. So why don't we just stop here and recognize all that has been stated about the comp plan up til this point in the posts here on MLM Help Desk don't hold water except for my post here simply because it is based on the facts. (Interestingly it only took 18 new memberships to get my position cycled out the TB. Interesting aye? Go figure how that worked out and I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge if it is in fact for sale!)

    Note: I am talking from the facts of what it will take to move not only my position out but for the next 2 positions to cycle out 16 more TB's will need to split to get the 2 positions under my position cycled out through the EB. Again, the number of memberships it will take will only be able to be determined once my position cycles out first.

  13. Troy – people are paying for their membership 1x and 1x only. They are not paying to play anything. If they want to refer the membership to a friend, colleague, etc they do not receive direct compensation for the referral .
    I'm not going to touch a couple of the comments becasue it will serve no purpose.
    #5 proves once again you don't have your facts straight. WHy do you repeatedly not have yuor facts straight Troy? SOrry buddy but I find it ludicrous for a person in your position to continually make erroneous statements. You are suppose to be reporting facts – not what you think you understand to be true. The company was introduced to the USA, CAnada & Australia in mid July. IT began promoting its membership in JANuary 2009 (10.5 months ago and has only been in the USA, etc for 3 months as of Oct we'll call it the 15th of that month).

    Remember I spoke of your hidden agenda Troy? Well you are doing a great job promoting yourself and I Know every time I make a post I am supporting you as well. I appreciate all you are doing for me too. Your forum here has really helped my hidden agenda too 🙂

  14. Bones,

    How do you know all of the above is happening? People are saved from Bankruptcy, foreclosure, chronic debt and layoffs… feed their kids & pets and help others who are not so well off?

    I've yet to see where average and ondinary people have talked about continually cycling out of the Express Board raking in huge amounts of money which have changed their lives. I have seen some big players who jump from company to company talk about huge money. But when you read what they write you wonder if all the money is from TVI Express.

    Now, as for me personally. Before you decide to come after me with a comment like "Hellbent on ruining the lives of those who desperately need this financial help." You might want to take time to learn more about me.

    The means never outweighs the end. And Bones, my only focus is making sure people who decide to join TVI Express do it with their eyes wide open.

    By the way… It's not what you earn, that is as important as how much you keep.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  15. Hey guys!
    Regardless of the facts & figures & whether or not TVI is good bad or ugly, isn't it just plain wonderful to read & hear the untold stories of how people are up to this very moment still being paid by this company?! Saved from bankruptcy, foreclosure, chronic debt, layoffs.. & are now able to feed their kids & pets, & help those who are not so well off?! AND NOT ONE complaint about being ripped off by this company! To me the positives far outweigh the negatives! And here's Troy the millionaire, hellbent on ruining the lives of those who desperately need this financial help.

  16. I understand that as a new member, you get 7 days and 6 nights at a 5 star resort/hotel. Is this at any resort of choice anywhere in the world or do they have specific hotels that you have to go to? also have new members been getting this in reality? Just been introduced to TVI Express and the travel/vacation benefits would be my prior interest initially. Please advise.

  17. Kevin,

    I find your comment interesting for several reasons.

    1. TVI Express is not doing anything new. It's the same old story of BIG money for a little upfront investment.

    2. Most of the folks who make up the MLM Help Desk community are all about change. They are rock solid entrepreneurs who think outside the box and are growing businesses worldwide. Some have chosen opportunities I see as scams, but never the less they embrace change just like the team who keep this community rolling.

    3. You mention the company officers are on the website. Well I just got off the website and they are not listed. Please feel free to provide us the link, since you seemed to have forgotten that in your first comment. And I see you forgot to give the names of the people running the company. Exactly who are they again?

    4. As for the product… Yes you are given a booking engine. However, based on ALL the comments from the Pro TVI Express reps, I would have to fully disagree with the Booking Engine being the product. The free $250 voucher, which can be used to gain a second position in the matrix is the real product. I have not seen anyone talking about how great the Booking Engine is, how much money they are making from the money they are making from their Booking Engine.

    5. I find it very interesting that you try and compare Travelocity and Expedia to TVI Express. Let's take a look at each company. Expedia does offer a FREE affiliate account through Commission Junction. They do not charge any fee to join their affiliate. Then you have Travelocity. They offer a FREE affiliate also. And they offer a private branded engine through their World Choice Travel division. In the private branded engine it is all about building the private brand not the Travelocity brand. In all cases there is no upfront fees, nor do they offer some type of MLM compensation plan. Sure you can say the booking engine is the same, but let's not be naive if there was not a MLM compensation plan attached to TVI Express folks would not pay to join the company, when they can get the same type of booking engine for free from a name brand company. As for the savings being greater. I bet if you get a price from TVI Express and then call either of the other companies they will match the price. I know will match or beat the price because they advertise price matching.

    6. As for travel going online. Not sure where you get your info. The travel industry resources disagree with you 100%. Can you give us your resource? I find it interesting that YTB has filed with the SEC they may abandoned their Online MLM division and build strictly with their Brick and Mortar franchises, if most travel was going to the Internet.

    As for saving folks money. Just like any market when you have competition the end users save. However, I still have not seen anyone talking about the money they are earning from their online booking engine. Which is the same problem YTB has right now, and why the FTC, SEC and the AGs are after them.

    Thank you for commenting, I look forward to your feedback.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  18. It's truly amazing that when something new, something so radically different comes along and it breaks the mold of the same ol, same ol, how it becomes scrutinized. It just validates my thought that not all, but a good number of people are resistant to change. There are the learneds and the learners.
    The learneds are well equiped and knowledgeable for a world that no longer exist, and a learner is always moving forward and adapting to change.

    1) The Company Officers are on the corporate website so no need to keep refering to "no body knows who is running the company.

    2) The product is your own online booking engine for travel; hotels, flights, cars, ect…Look at it as a Travelocity or Expedia, but the savings are far greater. It is expected that most of US travel will be booked via the internet by 2010 – Reaching nearly 146 Billion dollars. Don't think there's a market with a product that can save people significantly more money over other booking engines?

  19. James,

    I truly appreciate what you are saying in your comments. However, ALL referrals are place din the matrix. This means there is no outside sales… Referrals who are not part of the pay plan. This is the #1 sign of a pyramid scheme as defined by the SEC & FTC.

    This is just one of many signs we have brought up over the last few weeks.

    To date no one person from the Corporate office or an Owner has cared to correct our info. This is not wise, because several SEC, FTC and IRS agents read our blog on a regular basis.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  20. Angie,

    Some of the confusion on the numbers is from the breakout of the payout, you are correct.

    However, because the company only pays out $10K, it does have room to continue the matrix for a while longer, as long as recruiting stays up.

    Now, my question, and you seem very knowledgeable, is this… Can the $5K voucher be used wherever a person decides to use it? Or is it only usable for TVI corporate events?

    Also, what happens if a person can't use the voucher, can it be exchanged for a lesser dollar amount?

    The reason I ask this question, is because I have a strong belief this matrix will not sustain itself, and I want to make sure the $5K voucher is truly the distributor who has earned it, and will not disappear if I am right and the company goes away.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  21. Ang,

    If you are referring to me. I did not take down any video. To take down a video where I was wrong and not allow people to see I make mistakes would be unethical. Secondly. My numbers were on the high side, which means there is less chance of the matrix sustaining itself.

    And, if you read all the comments, so far not one TVI rep has given the same answer for the numbers. So pre-mature? Could be, except I can afford to be pre-mature, because I am not in the matrix.

    Now, as for Kelly's presentations, we posted them. I find you do know how to market. After going to the site above and putting in my info, I find I am watching the same Kelly Williams presentation.

    Which by the way validates my point… This compensation plan falls under Pyramid Shceme as definded by both the FTC and the SEC, let alone most of us who have been in the Network marketing business any length of time.

    1. You have to pay to play
    2. You can stack (additional potions)
    3. you can use the $250.00 voucher instead of cash, which leaves a dollar shortage in the plan.
    4. The bulk of commissions earned comes from the Matrix, not from sales outside the compensation plan.
    5. Close to 9 months in the USA and no one knows who the owners or corporate officers are.

    The list goes on and on.

    But, we do live in the land of the FREE, you go my friend. I hope your reputation is worth it.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  22. James,

    I did not misunderstand Kelly and his explanation. I flat out was not sure about the $5K period. Which is why I focused on the $250 which is allowed for a second position. If every person who earns the $250 voucher, turns around and uses it for a second position, then this matrix will collapse because only 1/2 of the cold hard cash needed to payout at the top end will be available.

    Now, I have to admit, the US Government has been doing this for years, so there is a good possibility, that eventually all the players in the Matrix might be talked into never asking for their cash, and just keep playing, and going on trips.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  23. My thoughts exactly ! Also I believe Troy misunderstood Kelly Williams explqanation of buying in again with the vouchers. Only the $250 voucher can be used to re-enter. NOT the $5,000 voucher. That is for a Vacation only.

  24. Casper, The info he has given you is incorrect, twistd, and not true, notice he took his icky negative video off. The 2 boards below he is referring to are members that do not have there info correct, and will also be removed, or corrected explainations soon I hope.Sometimes people are a little pre-mature and put out, info they have not checked with true facts. If you want to know the Truth, watch this, and get on a call:Watch this presentation:, also at 2,7,10,Eastern Time calls US intial members, give live true facts, 1-646-519-5860, pin 6052#
    Any questions my email is

  25. Bob, As a fellow member of TVI Express, I would like to let you, and everyone else know, that all the confusion, is stemming from the $10,000 + $5000. These are NOT, REPEAT NOT TRAVEL VOUCHERS. The $10,000 are your 1st commission, the $5000 is an amount that the company banks for each individual that earned it and will be used for Travel expense's for the quarterly, corporate trips, and yearly funtions TVI puts on, and that member has earned to go on. There is only 1 E-Voucher, That is what a member will purchase to become a member. Please get this info out to all other members, that are advertising the wrong information about our company. It's no wonder the negative voltures grab this stuff up and make a hay day, of twisted information. Before anyone claims to be a TVI Expert, get the facts straight, Kelly's video's need to come off also until these correction are made accurate.Watch this presentation, also at 2,7,10,Eastern Time calls US intial members, give live true facts, 1-646-519-5860, pin 6052#

  26. (continuation of prev. post)

    You also get a position in their TVI "referral" matrix. All they ask you to do is refer at least 2 "customers" who do the same. Instead of paying referral fees each time you send them new business, ( as many businesses do ) they instead pool the profits and pay them out as the matrix fills. If they were only paying you a $25 referral fee for doing this, everyone would think this was a legit deal. But because they have come up with this ingenious system, that allows us to make some serious money , …….. everyone is freaking out and thinking it's a scam. I don't really care what country their offices are located in. When and if, they decide to do business in the US …. I will worry about the FTC. Until then ….. let's go make some money! (email me if you want more info ….. )

  27. PLEASE READ – To each of you, Mr. Troy …. and anyone else who reads this – Everyone has missed one VERY important point. There is NO "Fee" to join TVI !! We do not "Pay" to get in. In my opinion, this is more of a referral network than it is a traditional MLM. There are no distributors, we are just Members. TVI is a Travel Club. They make their money by selling Vactions and by people using their website to book travel. You simply purchase a promotinal vacation voucher, which gives you a 6 night vacation at a 3 to 5 star hotel or resort. The cost is only $250 and the value is easily 4 or 5 times that. The vacation is yours. AFTER that as their customer, you get to register on their website with your voucher number, to get a FREE membership to their Travel Club ( travel website is powered by Travelocity ).

  28. B.R.,

    The person doesn't get paid $500.00, they get paid $250 in cash. However, this is funny. There are so many numbers flying around these days.

  29. B.R.,

    You make a great point. However, I do not believe this argument will work in the eyes regulatory agencies, based on past case studies of MLM Travel cases.

  30. $250 gets you a 7 day 6 night stay at a resort hotel of your choice. That's all you get but that's all you pay. Then you go into the cycle boards and if you can refer 2 more sales of hotel vacations you are qualified to get paid.

  31. Get a pencil and paper… You start on the bottom row of 8 and move up each time the row of 8 fills in. You are right, each person comes at $250. You have to move up 4 rows before you cycle. 8 people coming in at $250 equals 2k. That has to happen 4 times for 1 person to get paid $500. Now, 2k 4 times equals 8 thousand dollars. That leaves $7500 to roll into the Express broad. Now the same thing has to happen to cycle out . That's $60,000 for each row of 8… Once again remember that it takes 4 rows of 8 to get a single person paid. So, 4 times $60,000 equals $240,000. Then they pay you $10,000 and 5000 and roll you right back in again…

  32. This is simply a spin on gifting. Boards … LOL!!!

    What product is being sold to an end consumer? The product is money movement. And don't get caught on a slow moving board. The things people do to make money simply amazes me to know end.

  33. Bobby,

    I'm laughing at how many folks seem to have so many different explanations to what on the sufaces looks so easy to understand and accomplish. So what you are telling us, is people don't have to cycle once, but twice in order to get paid?

    I understand the personal requirement, which is a great move on the part of the company.

    And thank you for clarifying the $15,000 split. The presentation is very clear on the first $500 from the Traveller Board, but only talks about $15K at the Express level. This is great to understand.

    Again thank you.

    As for UNICEF, I think most folks who understand the organization, understand that over the last few years, they have experienced some of the same bad publicity as ACORN here in the States. One situation which got international attention was their relationship with the Guatemalan President, his wife, and others in leadership. Now we have thousands of Guatemalan kids dying of drug abuse, child molestation, and malnutrition. Not to mention over 70 US children who have been stolen here in the states, found in Guatemala, and UNICEF has taken a "hands off" position.

    Yes, they have done great things over the years. But lately politics have sure got in their way.

    Again, thanks for the great info.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  34. Still haven't got it correct!
    A member has to go thru both boards twice for a total of 64 to complete the cycle and move off the express board. But, A member has to recruit 2 members to qualify or they get jumped by qualified members and don't move until they do get qualified. Troy it's not $15000.00 cash, it's $10000.00 cash and $5000.00 travel voucher. So 64X $250.00=$16000.00-$10000.00=$6000.00 profit to be used for residual income, bonuses & administrative costs.

    TVI Express members take note!
    Helping members on your board get qualified is the key! So after you get qualified, it's in you best interest and the boards to get your first 2 members qualified and so on down the line.
    Remember, all you need is 2, then help those 2

    Funny how nobody mentioned that fact that TVI Express supports:


  35. Thank goodness I am not wasting my time. Don't say you were not warned when the FTC or the government comes after you for selling a ponzi scheme.

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