Troy Dooly’s Insight Into Lead Generation

As the former Exec. V.P. of the world’s largest lead generation company to the MLM Arena, I have a little knowledge of how leads are generated, and what to look for when shopping for a new lead generation company.

After leaving ProSTEP in July of 2004, I researched and investigated most of the smaller lead companies who were started by former ProSTEP leaders. However, none of them had the dedication I was looking for. Most were just interested in the fast buck they could make selling leads, and a few used their companies as fronts to building their own database to promote their primary network marketing business.

But after about 18 months I found a man who was not only as passionate as I was about generating quality data, he was also willing to place his picture and name front and center on his website. He truly walked his walk – Enrique Garibay, founder of

Well, I just wrote an article Titled “The Four Keys When Considering An MLM Lead Company” over at Enrique’s blog.

If you are using a professional lead generation in your prospecting pipeline, or you are exploring using a professional lead generation company, I challenge you to read this blog post before making your decision.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly