Troy Dooly’s Five Principles for Success in Network Marketing

The definition for success is so subjective, that every company and leader has their own definition. Personally, I believe success is adding value to those I come in contact on a daily basis.

I never equate financial gain to success, because when we tie money to success, then we start to judge those who may not have as much as we do. On the other hand, in some cases we judge ourselves as failures because we do not have as much money as others.

1. Raise The Bar of Excellence

What brought you this far will not take you to the next level. You have to stretch and break out of the status quo if you are going to take your career, team, finances, health or personal relationships to the next level.

You have to raise your own bar of excellence, before you can equip others to raise theirs.

2. Admit and Remove your Limited Beliefs

You can have the clearest focus and objective in the world, with a written plan to accomplish it. But…

If you have deep seeded limiting beliefs, which are causing you to fall short, pullback or self-sabotage your outcome, then you will never feel like you have succeeded.

These limited beliefs manifest themselves in the emotions of fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and a negative attitude.  An example of a limiting belief, which may hold you back, is as follows: You have a burning passion to become financially independent, never having to worry about money again. Yet, inside you have a belief your parents instilled in you which tells you “Rich people can’t be trusted. They earned their money off the backs of good hard working people.”

Identify and admit you have this limiting belief, which is causing the conflict. Once you have dug deep and located what it is, now you can realign yourself with your true values. What you believe, not what others believe. This will take time and may take outside help.

3. Model Proven Strategies

Don’t reinvent the wheel, find someone in your niche who has accomplished what you desire, and model their every strategies. How many times have we heard “success leaves clues?” Well guess what – so does failure. I have never met a failing person who is modeling the strategies of successful people. Instead, what I hear is “I’m doing it my way!”

When I wanted to grow as a speaker, I did not go to my wife, who is a successful best selling romance writer, and who does not like speaking in front of crowds. Instead, I started getting close to great Catalyst speakers, asking questions, listening to their answers, watching what they did before they spoke and after they were finished. I have models some of the greatest speakers, teachers, and preachers who are influencing the world today.

Find a leader in your niche and study everything you can on how they went from the bottom to the top.

4. Intensify Your Passion

Listen we all have our days when life throws us a curve ball and it hits us right below the belt. It may be our best leader left, the company went bankrupt, the FTC hit us because of overzealous reps. Or as in my case, my son was convicted on numerous felonies, and the time my daughter was diagnosed with a pediatric kidney birth defect. It’s at these critical moments we get to see the type of person we truly are. Do we retreat into our cave of depression, or pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and move forward?

Dondi Scumaci is a great example. A few years ago while she was on a speaking tour, and while walking to her hotel room, was attacked and beaten badly.  She had a choice to make, let the attacker win, and never leave her home again, or become an advocate to others and keep living life; well, today she is one of the greatest female speakers in the world, and has authored several bestselling books.

She intensified her passion to change the world one person at a time starting with herself. It is during these moments in our life, that the true self come out. Intensify your passion to WIN!

5. Give To Those Who Can’t Give Back

This may be the most important of all of my success principles. It is what we are willing to give to others unconditionally, which truly sets Servant Leaders apart of Egotistically Self-Serving Leaders. Servant Leaders influence change in people they serve, while Egotistically Self-Serving Leaders manipulate people to act out of fear of the consequences.

If you are struggling to succeed, and it seems that every time you get close you fail. I would question how much you are giving to others unconditionally.  If each day you get up and focus on helping at least one person who can’t repay you, I’ll bet by the end of a month, you will have experienced some form of personal growth, which will move you closer to your objectives.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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1 thought on “Troy Dooly’s Five Principles for Success in Network Marketing”

  1. Troy this is great information. If there is one thing I've learned through all these many many years of network marketing is that if you have a strong enough "why" the "how" takes care of itself. The "why" creates the passion to take action. After many years of trying to succeed… in 1987 I almost gave up on network marketing. I had gone through a bankruptcy, lost a home, lost the car, almost lost my family. I was a "victim" and wallowing in my misery. I took a deep look inside myself and realized I had positioned myself only to see what network marketing could give to me. I was "in" network marketing but network marketing was not "in" me. There is a huge difference. It was then I realized I had to flip this thing around. I made a decision to see what I could give to network marketing. I decided I didn't care if I made money or not… network marketing was inside me… I became an evangelist of sorts. Everything changed from that point forward. I've noticed over the years that whenever I get selfish and make it about me… things stop… go backwards. When I become unselfish… make it about others… how to serve… and so on… that it just happens… it flows… I stop having expectations… I stop getting disappointed. Once again thanks for the wisdom you are sharing here. All the best, Art Meakin

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